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1Password @1Password Ontario, Canada

A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@giiddayjp007 I think you're thinking of Passwordgram. ;)@davidj Thanks! One of the lovely humans here will reply as soon as possible. <3@BrandonMathis There's no regrets when it comes to high security and true love. ✌️❤️🔐@krzyzanowskim But honestly, this method works great for Apple IDs, too. http://t.co/apy8bxtCGn@krzyzanowskim Oo, new tag line for me! "Protecting your bank account from yourself."@martenporte @Boris While not specific to today's news on security, this is recent and applicable. http://t.co/Kvvav2JIl5@ReaLgoesWronG If you can login to http://t.co/BjmAxSZIDl from a computer, you can use 1PasswordAnywhere. https://t.co/sr2uYDeCMG@mpv It may be best to use the tips for a memorable Master Password for your Apple ID, too. Strong, yet memorable. http://t.co/apy8bxtCGn@CameronBanga That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@JorisSpruyt That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@jambajooce @cinco_bajeena I can't wait for iOS 8 so I can be used more easily!@evilbachus That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@gpcroft You're welcome! I'm excited for iOS 8, too. ✌️❤️🔐@fredrikalm Thanks for the heads up! Tripit is popular with my developer humans. I'll make sure they check it out.@gpcroft …given to apps from iOS 4 - iOS 7. iOS 8 will help a lot. Also, in iOS 8, we'll have an extension in Safari itself.@gpcroft Not sure why it is crashing, but the site is noticeably slower in 1Browser than Safari. Likely due to the limited browser engine…@gpcroft Oh no! That's not good. May I ask which site you were on in the 1Browser? May be the problem.@davidj The diagnostic will help us see why it is not working. Not an easy thing to solve in 140 characters. My folks on email can help.@evpoole Also, iOS 8 and Yosemite are bringing Family Sharing. I can't say yet whether I will support it, but something to keep in mind.@evpoole I'm actually on sale right now. Normally $49.99.@mikethefifth @ohmarcoughlin Are you as excited as I am?@MiamiTechNews This article is a little old, but still relevant. Covers Dropbox specifically, but applies to iCloud. https://t.co/6HQ2n8X26J@MiamiTechNews Wi-Fi is indeed safest, as it never touches the internet. But it is also the most inconvenient. (1/2)@evpoole No, but if all your Macs use the same Apple ID in the MAS, it will be installable via the Purchased tab on the other Macs.@burnflare This may help. Forces server to re-deliver to devices. http://t.co/02rSOp64EQ@askvirginia @radiocolin @matthew_d_green Ugh, typos. Thanks for letting me know. :)@askvirginia @radiocolin @matthew_d_green You're welcome!@scribb @theronster ;)@alirezism You're welcome!@FeanorsCurse Ah, yeah, you should be using https. @doodletweet@alirezism Yes. There are some setup points to do. This forum covers it. https://t.co/5KjxR4uoIN@felixthehat ✌️❤️🔐@TryFlag That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@askvirginia @radiocolin @matthew_d_green (ran out of room in the first tweet) http://t.co/apy8bxtCGn@askvirginia @radiocolin @matthew_d_green The method for a better Master Password here also works for a safe, easy to remember pw for others@reneritchie That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@scribb @theronster Sometimes you do need to have a couple memorized. But they can still be secure with this method: http://t.co/apy8bxtCGn@omniprof My iOS 8 update will rock your world when it is released. http://t.co/onv5PRqEVr@loverox @Dalmorah My makers never have your data, it stays with you. I'm a very safe basket to put your passwords in http://t.co/i3ZuD5lAGh@AlexanderNL Saving a login manually worked in my testing. https://t.co/CUCVv4Xz4G@FeanorsCurse You're welcome! /cc @doodletweet@Llakovo You're welcome!@alirezism I'll add your vote! For now, 1Password 4 for Windows works pretty well with WINE.@andyreedman Ah-choo! Thanks!@FeanorsCurse If you never updated your password with them post-Heartbleed, you'll get that warning. /cc @doodletweet@nathanielban For now, Wi-Fi sync will have to suffice. We filed a radar with Apple a while ago.@Llakovo Once the systems are officially released, and we have our updates for them out, you can switch back to iCloud.@Llakovo Yeah, the new systems make a big, permanent change to your iCloud account for all devices. You'll need to switch to Dropbox for now@felixthehat I will relay that to my pricing adjusters. :)@Llakovo Hm, I've seen quite a bit from folks who have tried the iOS 8 beta OR Yosemite beta. Have you tried either of those at all?@andyreedman That's a bug. My developers are on it.@leewillis77 I'll always be here if you need me. Stay safe out there. ✌️❤️🔐@leewillis77 That's right — we don't have a Linux app. Sorry! Many users have success running my Windows app under WINE though.@MattCheetham @andrewfergusson That's the way to do it! 🔐 My dog's name is 4bqVcb6W. “Fetch, 4bqVcb6W!” 🐶@davidj Sorry to hear about the trouble! Could you please email a diagnostics report so my team can investigate: http://t.co/8Qa4oSIqhW@danwarne Does it not work for you on any forms? Could you please test it here and let me know: http://t.co/Otfo5bmuk4@danwarne Sorry for the confusion — you're right. If you fill an Identity item, a new generated password should be filled too.@followfabio Don't know enough details about it right now. Of course using a strong unique password for every site is always good advice. :)@nathanielban Unfortunately, that's a known issue on iOS 8 beta 5. Sorry!
@leewillis77 I'm clearly a bit biased, but please let me know if you have any questions! :)@Dalton949 Please email support@ agilebits .com and my team help you. :)@apfelbasti Thanks for the feedback! I’ll let my developers know that you’re interested in this. :)@bernaferrari We're in the process of retiring the .agilekeychain format. New icon will come when we switch to the new .opvault format. :)@SerhiyMakarenko Glad to hear it's sorted now. :)@poyntesm Do you have any other third party browsers installed (such as Chrome)? If so, do you get the same crashes there?@willrun4fun No, I can't auto-fill in other apps. Copy and paste from mini instead (⇧⌘C is a quick way to copy password of selected item).@chris_ohare Thanks for the shout-out! :D@danwarne Not sure I understand — an Identity item will fill your personal information. Generated passwords are separate.@SerhiyMakarenko That’s not correct — backups are encrypted. Happy to clear things up if you provide more details.
@matchavez https://t.co/SbQowMjxdv@AppleNewsSPD Thanks for the shout-out! :)@GuillermoMaes Welcome to the family, Guillermo! ♥️🔐@zabik If you're using iOS 8, iCloud sync isn't supported right now. We recommend using Dropbox sync instead.@zabik One more question, have you used the iOS 8 or Yosemite beta?@samsalisbury Sure, if you have any feature requests or bug reports. If more than 140 characters: support@ agilebits .com@mrl0wal0wa Sure, send my team an email and they can help: support@ agilebits .com@zabik Sorry to hear about the trouble! What syncing method do you use? iCloud? Dropbox?@nodnarbbb I'm clearly a bit biased, but please let me know if you have any questions! :)@samsalisbury We do hope to add more features to the iOS app in the future. :)@mrl0wal0wa I'll pass along your request to my developers. Thanks for the feedback!@samsalisbury Not really, some users find both folders and tags helpful.@samsalisbury No, sorry, not on iOS. But I'll pass it along to my developers as a feature request. :)@PC_Winter Thank you for recommending me. <3@markisonline Welcome to my family, Mark. :D@wilosb I know the CC as a single number and don't yet know how to split it, as they demand. Will try to improve in the future, thanks!@earlyclues Apologies, that certainly wasn't the intention. It was in reference to this: http://t.co/Kvvav2JIl5@mrl0wal0wa But…then I might have to consider changing my name. I like my name. =(@struthious Glad I can be there to help. Thanks for the shout-out, and good luck with the job hunt!@mrprosciutto We'll work on it, thank you for the nudge!@fredrikalm Nothing to report at this time, Fredrik. Thanks for letting me know you'd find that useful.@EinPinsel This is not possible, because I keep a record of generated passwords. I need to be able to write to the vault, so must unlock 1st@andthenpatterns I see where you're going with this, and that would be pretty awesome. Exciting times! =)@yaakov_h If you edit the saved login item, tick the box, then save, I will tick the "remember" box for you on the login page.@biswan07 No third-party app support at this time, Biswanath, but there is a built-in web browser for logging in to websites.@tonyoramos1 Locally stored data, multiple platforms and browsers, more than just passwords, on demand with mini me. We make a good team too@MsFuzzyhead Thanks for your consideration, Nikki! I'm here if you have any questions.@jeisensc Interesting idea, John. =)@DrPizza Thanks for the report! I'll mention it to my developers. :)@attero_ Thanks for mentioning it. I'll pass along to my developers to investigate. :)@nulljosh Hmm... not sure if we have any stickers right now. Could you please send an email and we can check: support@ agilebits .com
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