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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@ForstPenguin One thread is fine... whatever you prefer. :)@ironicsans No, all logins are displayed in the extension. But I'll let my developers know that you'd like this to be an option. :)@ForstPenguin Might need more than 140 characters... could you please send us an email or post on our forum: https://t.co/0rwqb4cnRl@lie07 The extension requires the app and helper. This guide explains further & includes a few troubleshooting tips: https://t.co/j9O4q5Z3IB@JDigital_ Thanks! :)@ForstPenguin What version are you using? We just released an update today that may fix this.@Truc55 I'm glad to hear it's fixed... sorry for the trouble! We'll keep an eye out for other users having similar trouble after the update.@bvandreunen Hmm... I don't think so. As far as I know, Apple always controls the international pricing.@CraiggyPops Thanks, Craig! :D@Truc55 Can you please try entering your Master Password in the main app, then try the extension again?@DonBrefo Thanks so much for your kind words, Don! :)@InternetOfErik Thanks for the shout-out, Erik! :)@heydonovan Agile Keychain design: https://t.co/1ZI4WVumjU OPVault design: https://t.co/3TtIywFqv1@heydonovan No CLI or API. Our data format is documented though, so I guess you could try interacting directly with the keychain.@bvandreunen For the App Store, Apple converts our price for each currency. We don't have any control over it, unfortunately.@bvandreunen Hmm... on our website or the App Store?@ralenda My team would be happy to help... please send us an email (support@ agilebits .com) or post on our forum: https://t.co/0rwqb4cnRl@rannowm Version 5.3 for iOS was just released today with major filling improvements. Coming soon to Mac and Windows.@Ashkaaaaan You're welcome! :D@eytanschulman The only major difference is iCloud sync. We list a few others here: https://t.co/RqnkRzCB00@neuronalphotog Yeah, that's referring to one tap on the website field. Sorry for the confusion!@neuronalphotog Not possible with a single tap, sorry. You need to tap on the item, then on the website field.@waako Uncheck the "Pronounceable" option for more complex passwords. :)@offby1 If that doesn't fix it, saving a new login manually might help: https://t.co/NvYUoxCkrn@GoTechHaven Sorry about that. It's on our radar for resolution in a future update.@au5ton Yep, you can install the beta if you want: https://t.co/dloJ764CKe@ChrisChiera You're welcome! :)@au5ton TOTP is coming soon to my Mac app. It's currently in beta. :)@ChrisChiera TOTP is currently available in my Windows app, and it's coming soon to Mac. :)@pointofg No sales at the moment, sorry! But I do always announce them here when we have them. :)@justincox One more thing to try: Save a new login using the main app (not in the browser).
@lie07 You do need the application to use the browser extension.@justincox What version of my browser extension are you using?@justincox Not sure if they're specifically trying to block password managers, but what they do makes it harder for us.@hakanozgul Actually, I just found out that we've removed this slow animation "feature" in the latest beta version. :)@chemik3r Thanks, Alex! Someone from my team will reply as soon as they're able to. :)@MMiszy You're welcome! ♥️🔐@Tony_Rassette You're welcome! :)@chemik3r That's strange. Could you please email a diagnostics report so my team can investigate: https://t.co/jFDlm3enDB@Tony_Rassette This guide should help: https://t.co/nRXkS2ODpr But please let me know if you still have any questions. :)@justincox Hmm... that's strange. Maybe try saving a new login manually: https://t.co/aSbXWJ3SDV Then edit to correct the username again.@edwardhorsford If it happens again, could you please email a diagnostics report so my team can investigate: https://t.co/jFDlm3enDB@edwardhorsford Hmm... you keep getting trial expired message on same computer? Do you use a cleaner app that may remove the license file?@Tworth23 It will keep the newest data. If you're worried about losing data on iPad, create a backup first: https://t.co/3Hfp1UrK2Y@glasserp Is the login form split between multiple pages? If so, this guide should help: https://t.co/IHFEpAsdaj@justincox After you edit the login manually to correct, go to Preferences > Browser and exclude citi .com from auto-saving. Does that fix?@justincox If so, edit the item in 1P and set the username correctly, then save. Does that help?@justincox I think they obscure the username with **** when you tab out of the field. 1P may have saved it with the asterisks.@son4321 It's possible Apple does consider it a security feature... we're not sure. If so, we're hoping that they'll reconsider.@Flowinho We don't normally discuss future plans, but I'll let my developers know that you're interested in this feature.@ironkeith Glad to hear you figured it out! Please let me know if you have any other questions. :)@Flowinho No, sorry. Wi-Fi sync is only supported between a computer (Mac or Windows) and an iOS device.@lie07 The helper facilitates communication between the extension and the main program. Kinda like 1P mini on Mac.@shmick Custom fields (such as passwords) in secure note items are not currently supported on Mac. But we'll be fixing this soon!@son4321 I'm not really sure why they don't allow pasting in some prompts. It's been reported to Apple as a bug.@son4321 If you want to copy and paste the password, cancelling and starting again is the only option unfortunately.@hakanozgul It's not possible to disable, unfortunately. But I'll pass along the feedback to my devs... we'll consider an option to disable.@dealingwith We've added their security notice to the Watchtower page: https://t.co/GIm800yMGN@chemik3r Hmm... do you have another application that could be using that shortcut already?@allisongrayce We're looking into better sharing solutions for the future! Sorry I don't have a better answer for you right now.@MMiszy You may be interested to read our blog post about this: https://t.co/ptwkuKZibU@headybow On Mac, yes. On iOS, not currently (coming soon though).@oschrenk No, sorry. There's no way for us to transfer your license to the Mac App Store, unfortunately.@ironkeith Do you have any security software installed, such a Sophos?@bdougherty Thanks for the feedback, Brad! I'll let my developers know that you're interested in BitTorrent Sync. :)@morganestes You're welcome! Multiple vaults are planned for the future, but no ETA unfortunately.
@morganestes It's not currently possible to add a new TOTP field on Android, but it will sync them from other devices and generate codes.@davechad I recommend making an Emergency Kit. Always good to be prepared. http://t.co/8m0GlEwEa1@danseals No, sorry... only the Primary vault is accessible.@morganestes TOTP is coming soon to my Android app (currently in beta).@AhmedElGabri TOTP is coming soon to the Mac app (currently in beta).@tedsvo We use CloudKit for iCloud sync, not iCloud Drive. CloudKit is not supported on Windows, unfortunately.@ronguest I'll pass that on.@MMiszy Thanks! (Though technically it is two-step verification).@passwordjesus @blangto Fear thou not, for I am w/ thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy password manager: I will strengthen thee w/ PBKDF2.@ronguest Partial matches under the Show more. No search necessary. It's matching against what is in the browser tab.@ronguest No, I mean it detects what URL is loaded, and matches it to what is recorded. Exact matches are surfaced to the top.@matt_hojo 👍@ronguest It actually serves a purpose. Partial, but not exact, URL matches are hidden under Show More.@jasonsjobeck Windows has it already, Mac app is submitted for review to Apple.@boydbme @chriscoyier Love it.@matt_hojo We're working on it. But I don't have an ETA for release.@chriscoyier And then next time: 1. Get new phone. 2. Sync 1Password. 3. ???? 4. PROFIT!@RonanShiels *hugs*@wagenet @rockbot To be fair, never claimed it was 2FA. I know it is more 2-step verification. https://t.co/ptwkuKZibU@rockbot I'm glad to hear you like my support of two-step verification! You're welcome!@schubter We'd like to make that happen someday. For now this is what was doable.@NetworkShadow My advice is it is always best to have a unique, strong password for each site, and that TOTP is a nice for some situations.@schubter Primary has to sync over Wi-Fi in order for secondary to come over, too. It's how the database is set up.@yunsyc My Core features are always free now. Pro features available with an easy in-app purchase.@conradstoll Yep.@rockitude You're welcome!@rockitude Any of these that have a software solution should be compatible. http://t.co/fTcuo4cjqF@schubter Start on Mac: https://t.co/ccIvBvEy31@emd @GlennF I'll note that while I am passing it on to my team, I'm going to leave the final decision to them. I'm only collecting opinions@schubter OS X & iOS already support multiple vault sync over Wi-Fi. But we are also looking at other services. No ETA.@johnnysunshine @emd I'll pass that on to the security team.@moiseschiu @SlackHQ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻@moiseschiu @SlackHQ http://t.co/BTRNM3NMUc@lemieuxster @SlackHQ I much prefer an encrypted vault. 😍
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