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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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The responses to that Q-Bert photo are PERFECT. elevator floor is favorite elevator., hey @Gen_Con buddies. I forgot to tell you I'm doing this. COME WITNESS ME TELL AN AWKWARD STORY."You have peanut butter biscuits?" WE LIKE PEANUT BUTTER BISCUITS." Either can I. HA!!@YuriLowenthal I paid for that for THREE DAYS after. WORTH IT.@polgeclement HAHAHA!Dance like no one is watching. Dance like your brain is 20 but your body is 45.'t have time to exercise yet and since my house is empty, I'm going to dance like the middle-aged version of my 20 year old self. WOOO!GODDAMMIT. Yes., I HAD faith in you.Fuckers.Don't comment, retweet, or favorite this tweet. I have faith you. LEAVE IT BE.Enthusiasts of the YousTubes! I will be on @tabletop this Thursday with our kids and that host dude that is also my husband! OH BOY!!I did a dumb thing this morning. "Spam Comments: A Brief, Dramatic Story" I know! That is the best ending to that story, for sure. :-)@PaulOutBox Homer. He was a hamster and I couldn't hold him because his claws gave me welts! #FunFacts@PodStalker Covering a sunburn w/ menthol shaving cream, leaving it on for 20 minutes & then rinsing takes the burning feeling away. Better?@bethfordroth He did. How awful.@rstevens Isn't it? And then they carted her off to live in an institution and no one talked about it for YEARS.(Not that I'm Anne. The Special Olympics thing.)I'm Anne, and that was your random fact for the day.A father taking his 23 year old daughter to get a lobotomy without telling his wife/her mother that he was taking her to do that is awful.I am one of those people who has random facts in their head. Knowing Rosemary Kennedy had failed lobotomy is one of those facts.Interesting fact: Special Olympics started by Eunice Kennedy Shriver after sister, Rosemary, had failed lobotomy. Oh god it does! HA!@mrsprucieboy @NikaHarper That is crazytown.@NikaHarper WHAT IS THIS SORCERY.@bonniegrrl @clockwork_ctr So cute. :-)@paulandstorm YES.NO. when I wonder how I lost my voice, remind me that I did this. things are still amusing to me. Monday to us ugly bags of mostly water! Have a great week!
Ever take a picture with a dinosaur and then all you can see is THE FACE IN HIS CHEST?! @blairherter YES. Thank you, Blair!!Sweet dreams! mother of dragons, there's something on my shoulders. road trip, ever. #Chobirthday favorite pic from last night with @jessicachobot, taken and embellished by @ashleyesqueda SHE'S…
@wilw Wil.You walk into a pole ONE TIME and suddenly you're the delicate one. GAHHH. #ChobirthdayHappy Saturday!
Movie synopsis: family spends weekend with other family, kids get virus, kill everyone, end. Wait. What? #TheChildren@WilliamShatner @heykim Uh oh. Mine too!@ashimilie NO MYSTERY, BABY.@geekfitgirl Yes you do. It's right there in my timeline. ;-) SO CUTE.@claireissa Fuuuuu......@claireissa You eat an extra 5 cookies for me. Only white, because somehow those taste better than the pink ones. #Logic@jessmajeski Not even dark out yet. #PartyAnimal@Tracy_Rowland I did mention it. Hence, the photo of my crazy night!@BrianThomasWise YES.@BrianThomasWise I don't know what a Mackelmore is but I'm guessing it has something to do with the damn kids today.@joshuamneff Oh, kitty.@kmcgivney Lady, I got some serious mad skillz.@redwingsdiva87 Cheers! 🍻No pics of my Friday night craziness? Psh. You seriously underestimate my #NoMystery policy. in my kitchen in pajamas, stretching, drinking beer, and listening to Hall & Oates. I am a beast at doing up Friday nights right.@JConner84 I'm going out of town early tomorrow morning and haven't packed either. Go us!!@CatFoodBreath Totally.@alisonhleblanc Cute! We had them printed on specifically because gluing them on is time consuming and then can pop off too easily if bumpedI just love @CatFoodBreath's pics and posts of "Tour De Couch" which are cat competitors in their own #Tour2015. Thanks for the funny. :-)YIPPEEEEE!! All the time. :-)BABIES IN MAH FRIDGE! Thank you @FoothillsBeer for including Seamus & Marlowe in your charity IPAs! @PasadenaHumane It is. :-)@michaeldinn I guess it just shows that there truly is someone for everyone. :-)@AgentOwen Aww...I'm thinking if you're looking for someone you can train and who will love you unconditionally, just get a dog.@AnneWheaton And they say romance is dead.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonSure, we date to until we find a good match but if a person is seeking out a significant other to "train them" that is just....yucky.Just saw a comment on someone's post referring to their own relationship as having "sifted through idiots until I found a trainable one."@Strahbary Oof. That's too bad.@Strahbary Fortunately, it didn't ruin my love for them. I'll just stick to listening to them on the radio. :-)Me, out loud while driving past building in Hollywood: "HELLO, giant, handsome face OH GOD THAT'S @NathanFillion HA! Oh no!Waiting to pick up my car from getting service and a pup in the lobby REALLY wanted to sit on my lap. HAPPY BLUR. @wilw I appreciate that. I didn't think comparing appearance of a 14 yr old to damaged voice of an adult who smoked heroin equates.@paulandstorm @shanenickerson It was tasty, that's for sure.@bluespacething Oh, it tasted amazing. Sitting in my gut unable to digest 19 hours later is my only regret. ;-)@dylanddesmarais Instead of pain and nausea from eating the tiniest amount of fat, I just get nausea if I eat too much fat at one time.@shanenickerson It was @ Messhall in Los Feliz. Super tasty but with or without my gallbladder, my gut can't handle that much fat @ one time@paulandstorm At typos.@paulandstorm I'm am the worst.I have short rib poutine gut of regret.@jstephe @stephkirchen @wilw Saying something shitty followed by "LOL" doesn't make it funny. It's still shitty.@SkepCdnChick It's possible. They're here tonight as well so maybe it'll be better tonight. :-)@autojim Bummer. We saw Elfman perform a year and a half ago and he was amazing. Maybe they just have their off days and it gets better.Search that led someone to my blog: "Why a photo or picture give thousand words?" Are robots reading my blog?@wabbit89 THOSE FACES!!@lartist It was. It sounds more like not taking care of his health related, not age.@_Aladdinsane_ GTFO? The pic is my previous post.PUPDATE: Lucy is 8 months old now and seems to have slowed down on growing. She's about 38 pounds now. As tall as our Marlowe, not as bulky.@niaudesigns EEEEEEEE!@dysphasiatic The first song he sounded a little off but then the rest of the concert was SO GOOD. We loved it. :-)PUPDATE: Lucy and her buddy are ready for the weekend. I hope so but that was 10 years ago, so who knows.@KaylaCagan They didn't. They did sing covers of several reggae songs though. That was an odd choice.
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