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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@NerdRage42 @wilw @paulandstorm @donttrythis @Molly23 Instead you found a stub for a place where money was well spent. ;-)@MKColleen We hired one this week, yet I still did ALL THE THINGS today. That's going to take some getting used to. :-)I'm a disaster.My bag isn't packed but at least I've tripped over the cat and kicked the bed post w/my little toe. Everything is truly coming up Milhouse.@ChristinaBeeWho What a cutie!@laina622 I mean, I'm practically packed just by talking about it. Clothes in a suitcase is just icing on the cake at this point.Leaving at 7:30 tomorrow morning for a trip and I haven't packed yet. At least I'm consistent.@BrokenAussieGal Aww...yay!!@leebennett Woohoo!!I'm the person who got excited for cool, overcast morning and put on a sweater, jeans and boots and now it's 80 degrees and OH GOD TOO WARM.@Caoilfhionnn There it is. ;-)@wilw Oh my hell. I'll be going by their company store today. For..uh...reasons.YES. “@PascalLeroux: @AnneWheaton Here's a breakdown of the metrics that are totally accurate and not made up at all http://t.co/vi7KwxXf4G@Cantplaypiano Oh no!I'm using this opportunity to tell you this is my 48,000th tweet. As you can see, time well spent. *single balloon drops from ceiling*@CJIrving SWEET.@Fraize I know! That's the best. Well, that and the boot to the head. :-)@MykalBurns @wilw YAY!!
@BackpackingDad HAHAHA! *punt*@RachaelHeinan ARGH!!@Jennernugen Ooh, fun! Let's do that!@therealrpgguy HAHAHAHAHA!!@mercedesnp_ HAHA!Can't. Stop. Laughing. https://t.co/t78WTm1OUD@OcarinaHero Oh no! HA!There are some things on America's Funniest Videos that I can watch on loop forever. Thanks, Vine! https://t.co/C4Jtw6OSBNWoops. Marlowe needs TO represent a nerdy thing I love. Me words reel gewd mkay.(That cute heart on the side of Marlowe's neck makes her collar even better.)There's a lot of nerdy things around our house that Wil loves. I decided Marlowe needs represent a nerdy thing I love http://t.co/f4DCPjOHWt@serialnerd It's super easy to figure out. I did it to see how much I'm actually consuming in a day. Helps to make better consuming choices.Wil has anxiously waited for MONTHS to get his own GeekChic game table and they delivered it today when he's not even home to see it. DOH!My neighbor and his partner are going to Mexico with 23 of their "fabulous friends" and called it their annual "vaygaytion." I LOVE THIS GUY@ehurtley HA!There should be a shortcut post in MyFitnessPal for hangover breakfast. Salt, grease, coconut water, and alka-seltzer is just too wordy.SO CUTE!! “@dumbleao: I see you! @AnneWheaton @bonniegrrl #VandalEyes #cupcakes http://t.co/1SGu3qN1Y8@Jennernugen Wow, that's beautiful!@ClareKramer @bonniegrrl Man, this picture is good.@SeanAstin I love that you're doing this.I am easily amused.This is way funnier to me than it should be. “@jonahray: My outfits are comprised of clothes bought from Target; aka "Suburban Outfitters".”@hollyamos22 My own advice, I didn't remember.I had a drink called "Yoda's Staff" which was Amethyst Lavender Gin, Chareau, basil and mint. So tasty but oy, the headache.Now that I've mostly recovered from my giant headache, I can tell you the ingredients in my drink last night. (for those who asked)@KitsieDuncan Wow. Super dump. ;-)@krisstraub It's the ultimate "one of these things is not like the other" portrait.That time I went out w/ friends and came home w/ a picture from a photo booth and all I can think is "what the hell?" http://t.co/fLm9haDDf3
@wilw Always.@_RealityBiter_ @KoppNolan Me too!@KoppNolan Oh, man. That's awesome.I love that I'm out having drinks with 15 beautiful ladies and I order a drink called "Yoda's Staff." #nerd@BadAstronomer @wilw That guy just doesn't appreciate fine wine. http://t.co/6mIdzGc5Mc@NikaHarper I will see what I can do. @bonniegrrl isn't with me though. She went home on Thursday. :-(It has come to my attention that the attire for girls night out tonight is "sexy dressy." Guess that… http://t.co/UnNzcuAZVn@kurt_W_hansen @FacesPics We follow each other because of our mutual love of faces in things. :-)Ok, I think my panic face is starting to return to normal face.@BackpackingDad @bonniegrrl NICE.@Suhaila I ended up taking most of them there after multiple post offices in Pasadena were so unhelpful.And by figure it out, I mean I will be able to use it when @sirwheaton, my tech support, arrives to show me how it works. HA!So, http://t.co/qojXp4mQ6k was suggested to me last year because of that horrible experience. I know I'll figure it out.The postal workers were super unhelpful, I had to individually apply stamps, and no post office would accept large drop offs.FAQ: I got the http://t.co/qojXp4mQ6k setup to print postage labels for shipping my rescue pet calendars. Last year, it was a nightmare.I can barely figure out this Instagram thing. How the hell am I supposed to figure out this http://t.co/qojXp4mQ6k setup bullshit thing?!Tech support is on its way THANK GODS.Fuck it. I'm calling one of my kids to help me. Technology seriously gives me so much anxiety, it's not worth figuring out.Oh god OH GOD. It says I can't use this setup because I don't have Macintosh Windows on my computer. ARGH I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING.Oh god, I'm already confused.My resident nerd is filming TableTop all day so he can't help me. I may have questions, tweety buddies. I hope you can help me!I have a love/fear relationship w/new technology, as seen here by me procrastinating instead of learning the http://t.co/qojXp4mQ6k setup.Search that led someone to my blog: "I will keep my fingers crossed for him reply." Well, alrighty then.THOSE FACES!! “@PasadenaHumane: ICYMI: Meet our Pets of the Week at http://t.co/apB6Cwpkd3 http://t.co/PcblbdDq2p #adopt #shelterpets
@Vamp_Vixxen HELLO.Hold my calls. http://t.co/YWe3J02OOcBet my kids didn't know "texts TO mom" would be an embarrassing thing that would happen. HA!I was out for several hours today so I asked @KoppNolan to check on my dogs. I'm STILL laughing at his typo response. http://t.co/wO9wBId9nm@geoffjohns Hello, beautiful gin.@tommckearney @KoppNolan Someone sent me that a few weeks ago. Image of me on TableTop making same face!@KoppNolan Funny thing is I make that face myself all the time.@NikaHarper HA!@gregferrell *dumps rest of coffee on other shoe to match*@malonloveslink HA! Seriously. :-)Clearly, I'm winning at Friday.I got that free coffee. And then when I was walking to my car with it, the lid popped off and half the cup dumped onto my white Converse.@akasha111182 You'd think but strangely, they neglected to do that.Me: (perplexed look) Nurse "Sorry about that. Here's a gift card to get a coffee at our coffee cart downstairs." Me: O_o"Ms. Wheaton?" (Jump up from chair, go to nurse at door) "We had some scheduling issues this morning. It'll be about 30 more minutes" Con't@litemater HAHA!"I sure am glad I got to my appointment on time, only to sit here waiting for over an hour to be seen." -Said Anne, seething with sarcasm."The American Heart Association would like you to exercise, eat right, and keep your chillies girl down." -New ad campaign for AHA.My phone just changed cholesterol to chillies girl. Yes. That is exactly what I meant. http://t.co/YmCQ0u08Ch@mcsqueal79 Hehehe... ;-)Turns out it is possible to play air guitar with a cardboard cutout of @wilw. Good to know. http://t.co/zPFIZIPTXs@KitsieDuncan It'll be a dump, that's for sure. ;-D@KitsieDuncan Pretty! Our leaves are nowhere near changing. I'm going to Oregon next week to see that. :-)@iamjoebuddah I don't know, probably?Damn judgmental technology.My Fitness Pal yelled at me again. I'm beginning to think our relationship is strained. SHUT UP I WANTED CARAMEL CORN AND BEER OKAY?!
WHHEEEEEE!!! https://t.co/d46pBsuztW@bcookin @bonniegrrl @wilw @GeekandSundry There is no audience for @tabletop filming. It's done on a closed set. :-)Starting my day doing an episode of @tabletop w/ @ClareKramer, @bonniegrrl & @wilw. Ending my day at @LAKings game. Happy Thursday, indeed!Sshhhh.... #VandalEyes on @tabletop http://t.co/oXrIvcwAr4
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