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@pkcapitol That is a longer conversation that cannot be contained in a mere 140 characters…A sample from my in-box this morning: "Why do you hate America, Ashley Parker?????"
The crowd is roaring to try to drown out Dreamer protestors, though Gov. Perry seems to think the applause is entirely for him.PSA II (but w less awesome weather) --> RT @AdamBKushner: @AshleyRParker PSA part 2? https://t.co/l39SI6Qnjt@teddyschleifer Not a scoop. But woah if true.PSA --> RT @sanfranmag: Pssst, pass it along: We're hiring a senior editor. Tell all your journalism-nerd friends. http://t.co/NhFu0BxhypMidway through the #IAFreedomSummit, @tripgabriel and I take at look at the unofficial start of 2016: http://t.co/8lApf0aVkG@JohnFeehery <— RINO!Ted Cruz gives a shout-out to his “best friend” and wife, Heidi, who I wrote about in 2013: http://t.co/JlWbwg0zEW@JohnFeehery I can’t believe you’re judging me!Sen. Ted Cruz gets the most raucous welcome here at #IAFreedomSummit before even saying a word...“Eye of the Tiger” for Sen. Ted Cruz.And… Rick Santorum walks out to “Happy.”Mike Lee: “The principled conservative we are looking for is not necessarily the guy who shouts the word “FREEDOM!” the loudest.”#WHAT?!@jonallendc I think that is what confused Trip.In which @tripgabriel and I argue over the color of Scott Walker’s rolled up shirt-sleeves, before finally turning to the photo. (White).Gov. Scott Walker’s 2016 #sixwordmemoir: UNION FIGHT, UNION FIGHT, UNION FIGHT.What I want to know is if these #IAFreedomSummit speakers got to pick their own walk-on music. Which I’m rather enjoying.…and into Jeb Bush and "nominating a liberal supporter of Common Core because he has a familiar name.” (2/2)NH Rep. Bill O’Brien rips into Romney and "nominating someone barely because he’s been nomination twice before.” (1/2)Sen. Grassley: “I’m Chuck Grassley and I am an Iowa farmer!… I am not a lawyer."
With an amazing kicker quote... RT @SamSifton: Modern Farmer ceases publication, and @kimseverson has the story: http://t.co/22dHHpdjp3."You don’t want to lose Jorge Ramos.” @calmesnyt on how the Walter Cronkite of Latino America instills fear in GOP http://t.co/WB17VAG2Dp
Retweeted by Ashley Parker—> RT @edatpost: GREAT @calmesnyt piece on @jorgeramosnews: For Republicans, "you don’t want to lose Jorge Ramos.” http://t.co/WIBliCGfjqSome DCA —> DSM reading: @tripgabriel and I preview Sat’s Iowa Freedom Summit. http://t.co/Ept5RSdh9GAs GOP 2016 hopefuls head to the Koch Brothers Palm Springs retreat, re-upping this on the “Koch primary.” http://t.co/r4tqrsOujY"Statistics on the shorts-in-winter trend do not exist…” http://t.co/QKB7PCTS57RT @kasie: Jeb Bush called Iowa GOP chairman on Wed. and was positive abt participating in Iowa, per @nytimes http://t.co/OXcwhhVO71RT @jmartNYT: Jeb and Mitt had a "cordial" lunch, but nothing of substance emerged re: their competing ambitions http://t.co/G2w1Uyt0SA
RT @tackettdc: Reid, bruised but emphatic: "I’m fully intending to run” in 2016. http://t.co/4vzUxKxKEbObama's "middle class" policies force Republicans to refocus on income inequality, w @jonathanweisman. http://t.co/eSVp7XrYWSTo the woman who carried her Venti Starbucks into yoga today and proceeded to sip between poses: Bravo. But also: Really??Breaking: N.Y. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver expected to be arrested on corruption charges http://t.co/E1sVBCSjNh
Retweeted by Ashley Parker—> RT @maggieNYT: SCOOP. @jmartNYT and me (in absentia), Mitt and Jeb slated for secret meeting in Utah this week. http://t.co/kUGyvXc2M6
But not too weird, bc that was briefly v confusing… RT @KateNocera: Stay weird United States Senate.RT @mikiebarb: Rubio blunt on "superior" Obama campaign in 2012 and Romney's 47 percent remark: http://t.co/snPBfxj9cr via @NYTPolitics@rebeccagberg And, famously, Romney in 2012.Team McConnell’s new PAC to help Senate Republicans hold and expand their major it, by @nickconfessore : http://t.co/3LPZjku0wjGolfing with Charles, dinner with David, trips to Wichita— inside the secret Koch Brothers primary: http://t.co/anNd6aFUhn@AlexKoppelman I think I will just go watch "Girls" for that...@AlexKoppelman The worst! What I needed after SOTU was like a vodka rocks. Not... formula (nutritious tho it may be).@dick_nixon A mitzvah...@BrendanBuck Why thank you! Though mainly I feel confused. And a little sad.I have apparently bought so many baby gifts recently that I am now getting my own Similac formula samples in the mail. So there's that.
WHO WORE IT BEST?! Cc: @GoodWifeWriters https://t.co/2bUNTEtRMVRT @blakehounshell: Steve King says Michelle Obama is hosting a ‘deportable’ in her balcony http://t.co/4fLZZOW2l2Sen. Cruz says Obama takes a "more cowbell" approach to government spending and taxes. Cc: @MarkLeibovichRT @Paul_Lindsay: McConnell Allies Start ‘Super PAC’ to Keep Senate Majority http://t.co/kEcpQlYO2H via @NYTPoliticsRT @tackettdc: SCOOP. McConnell allies start super PAC to keep Senate majority, by @nickconfessore, @ashleyrparker http://t.co/7kbonLB8O9Golf rounds with Charles, dinner with David and his wife. @AshleyRParker takes us deep inside the "Koch Primary." http://t.co/WSP9cEwNbV
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRubio, Rand, and Cruz all invited to the secret Koch seminar this weekend. Notably absent: Romney. http://t.co/TVz6JsODO4Behind the scenes look at the "Koch Brothers primary." http://t.co/TVz6JsODO4
How many baby carrots equal one normal carrot? @SadGirlSearches
Is cottage cheese like the quinoa of cheeses?#Truth—> RT @samdolnick: Kobe, LeBron and King Lear. Sublime writing, as good as it gets, by @powellnyt. http://t.co/Scy2xk5vKdRT @jmartNYT: Deep @peterbakernyt look at Jeb and George W, brothers who took very different paths to politics. http://t.co/SkJqvXD4AP
Here's my guide for young reporters on how to conduct a proper interview with a politician. http://t.co/fX8PGmNT1p http://t.co/k1dCVE06yg
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
#FF @ericawerner, who had the good/mis fortune of celebrating her birthday in Hershey, Pa. with Jurassic-chocolate bars and GOP buddies…@dick_nixon @ChrisPKenny Might be tricky. Back in the day, @ChrisPKenny was the original peel pressurer...
McConnell says the Senate’s first move on immigration will be to try to pass the House bill.Joni Ernst, new senator from Iowa, will deliver the Republican State of the Union response.RT @davidjoachim: Why Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are skipping the annual GOP retreat - http://t.co/YjbRatQz8w @jwpetersNYT @AshleyRParkerAt the GOP retreat, some high-profile absences, and an already restive right-wing. W/ @jwpetersNYT: http://t.co/YjbRatQz8wOn A1 today from me and @mikiebarb: Christie's "relax" strategy to make it through the next month. http://t.co/BVhR9rLx3e
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
That moment when you call "hotel engineering" bc you can't figure out how to turn off the shower. And everyone hates you, including yourself@tomsietsema So you and Robert are related?!@RebeccaShabad Oh, it’s amazing. Best show on network television, IMHO.@RebeccaShabad @SadGirlSearches I know! I was mainly just proud I understood the joke. LOVE that show.RT @SadGirlSearches: elsbeth tascioni memesIn which @jmartNYT interviews two dozen Republicans about Mitt 2016 and the general message is “Don’t Do It.” http://t.co/K4CZ3LPkZb
“I covered Romney in 2012.” #FiveWordsToRuinADate“It’s just a little rash.” #FiveWordsToRuinADateI know, I Googled you. #FiveWordsToRuinADate
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@mikiebarb @jestei Says the person who may *still* have his BlackBerry...The must-read @FrankBruni take on Mitt Romney’s Take III. http://t.co/Ta55t5djm6@freedlander @moorehn Hey! I only lived in Bethesda in my youth… Or is that showing my age?@AlexKoppelman As a Bethesda loyalist (of sorts), I just sent a similar reply...@moorehn Baltimore? 301 is Bethesda!Nice explainer from @jwpetersNYT on how reporters talk to your Congress people http://t.co/T6OjcKXkke
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerPSA—> RT @testawong: Deadline to apply to be an intern at @AP expires Jan. 15. Don't miss the opportunity! http://t.co/TkwWXomOb9#ThisTown RT @GregStohr: Scalia misses out on delivering his two opinions today because he was stuck in traffic. #SCOTUSSpeaker Boehner, asked if Mitt Romney deserves a 3rd shot: "May the best candidate win."
Yes, my complaints about @WMATA are often trivial. But when sloppiness is tolerated endlessly, you end up with grave failings, like today.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@sarahlyall I know! And my “energy worker,” Reiki master mom would be so happy. Plus, I do love Oregano Leaf Oil…In which my sister informs me, casually over GChat, that she’s considering a career change to naturopathy…Assume Paul Ryan is not running for president out of respect to Romney, amirite?!?!RT @CarrieNBCNews: BREAKING from @AlexNBCNews : Paul Ryan tells her he won't run for president in 2016. Link --> http://t.co/JB3KTAzCmZBecause OF COURSE: http://t.co/uGahsMuaAfSmart Take RT @BCAppelbaum: By way of apology, why don’t we all go to Paris for the weekend?“Boyhood” won last night (!!!), and now I’m basically just playing this song on repeat, annoying all pod mates: https://t.co/HMjhxMbxRWRT @tackettdc: What you need to know about Loretta Lynch: “Nana’s going to jail.” Great read by @mattapuzzo http://t.co/U6nt6TWjZs
@IChotiner That seems like a v convenient (and editorially unfair) place for you to modify my Tweet, Mr. Chotiner!I realize no one turns to me for fashion advice, BUT... I don't understand what's so bad about Rosamund Pike's dress. Seems fine to me.
NYT Modern Love as instruction manual, or at least a good story: "To fall in love with anyone, do this." http://t.co/9EbWwPsVL9@ChrisPKenny @ScottCacciola An obvious and inspired choice...@dhm Story of my life.The Knicks are so bad, the NYT is sending @ScottCacciola on the road to chronicle good basketball. Send suggestions! http://t.co/KQrJVG9J8p
RT @nytpolitics: House G.O.P. Proposes Sweeping Reversal of Obama Immigration Steps http://t.co/hFXmee4RwuRT @politico: House GOP expands attacks on Obama's immigration actions: http://t.co/qJTEaVdSAX via @seungminkim and @JakeShermanHouse DHS plan: Undoes Obama's 2012 DACA; undoes his 2014 exec action; prevents future exec actions on immigration.
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