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The man behind the button. Le 'Bob Bob' du Bob Bob Ricard de Londres. Never pretentious. Man of simple needs. Beacon of good taste.

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@FreddieBurns Thank you and my regards to your mum!@NicomyConcierge Thank you very much. PS. I may call on you for restaurant advice next time I am going to Zurich!
@Londonlawyer85 @FreddieBurns My trick to a successful dinner out with my mum is to get her started on the vodka before the food arrives.
@Ella_LaPetite As it happens, that's were I am having lunch on Sunday!@amr_Rach @modelrecommends Who are we to argue when a model recommends? xx http://t.co/HDC01sHzkxIf you are heading to NYC: a brilliant restaurant guide by @chtroesch. http://t.co/4sKOOZEtjm@tehbus Presumably, with a side of gin?@D8Iveta @ZoeTheBall @StrictlyITT @bbcstrictly Step away from the bowl and keep your hands where we can see them.@Lolly22Laura Or you can follow Selfridges's example and kick off the Christmas season on the 1st of September. We won't mind!@nickbarreto But there are always pictures!I want your job, @RobboLucy! x
@Love_London You do realise it would also require installing a waiter? x@wolfandbadger @Love_London @rawpressco I love it - beautifully done, great juices and lovely staff!@Love_London @wolfandbadger And they have a beautiful juice & coffee shop below their Mayfair store.@judeinlondon It is gorgeous! PS. We must have a little drink of Russia's finest vodka when you are in! xRT: @BritishGQ Which bars & restaurants deserve a GQ Food & Drink award? Cast your vote with the hashtag #GQFD http://t.co/BGxf4G8lR6@bimlabee You are most welcome, see you soon! x@tesswardchef Morticia Addams as played by Anjelica Huston is always a good guide! x@Ella_LaPetite Thank you! xx@petticoatandpie Better yet, Venison Tartare with caviar!@MissJayne1 You are so getting a kiss next time! x@karismatiramisu You are most welcome! Happy birthday! xI know what I will be cooking this weekend! Thank you, @Gastro1. http://t.co/G1SB3tXfkj
@PhoebeCherry Have a lovely evening! x@SmartLiveEvents That's the spirit!
@SmartHosp Oh, @PhoebeCherry, will you be saving yourself for us?@_CarolineReid_ Look forward to looking after you tomorrow! x
@Maude4Marketing The feeling is entirely mutual! x@ClaudiaBovey Why, hello there, young lady!@franstutts It is Ernesto - a fabulous scent with tobacco, wood and leather.@franstutts Thank you, they are Cire Trudon - my favourite!
@lillianakos I may have never used those exact words myself, but you have pretty much summed it up. x
@cupcakequeenSW1 Thank you, oh Queen of all les petits gâteaux.@garygoldsmith65 @JackkBarton @Ldoe1972 It sounds like we will have a run on Pink Lemonade laced with Russia's finest vodka.@HeatherMurphyPR @AliMurphy1 @LondontownLady I will not hold that against you! x@HeatherMurphyPR @AliMurphy1 @LondontownLady I hope you were behaving! x@cupcakequeenSW1 You don't have to ask us twice. x
@KateGlennie Is @mrthomhammond making you wait?@siobhana4 @StephDavies13 They may have champagne in Reims but the buttons that press for it are all in London.
@PaintedLtd Thank you! PS. I hope you are not dining blazer-less.@fawnjames @GodsOwnJunkyard Can't wait for it to be back up. Soho is not the same without it!@emmahdhughes @JontyFulminates Champagne does that to me as well.Are you certain you did not have a top-up this morning, Ms @RozieGyems? xHas Mr @JontyFulminates been plying you with Ayala, Ms @emmahdhughes? That young whippersnapper is stealing all my moves.
@FashCatherine Oh, Ms Hudson, I can only approve! xThat's quite a compliment, thank you Mr @Brightontim!Thank you very much, @AlexanderLucey!@Courtenayi Looks like a perfect Monday night line-up! x
@AnyaGarnisLA Haha! Will you settle for doing the Conga with me?@AnyaGarnisLA I can not believe you've sneaked in behind my back again! x
Thank you for your review, Ms @NutellaSoul. And all your comments are much appreciated! x@CulinaSophia Thank you for the review and your comments! x@LRandy From November 1!
@LlilaVis That's what we like to hear! x@leannelimwalker The @Missguided girls are clearly a lot wiser than they would like us to believe! x@natashandlovu We can always do a repeat! x@Tinnii @Lizzi_Wallace x@AdamMHyman I do hope that's on the bedside table?
@SmileyP_F And you are our kind of gal! x@Gastro1 PS. Happy to talk caviar at any time!@natashandlovu I passed you in reception and you were looking very glam indeed!@hotdinners Because we all know how important it is to test drive a lunch!@CulinaSophia "Almost" up? The proof is in the pudding!@xSarahHayleyx Oh, come here you, xxx.@Bright_Eyes_83 Oh, Ms Allen, be gentle with me. x
@WinoOfMaddox A phenomenal meal at Beast today! The king crab & foie gras gyoza with a glass of Krug will keep me coming back every week!Why, thank you, @ESgoingout. I may tuck into some Beef Wellington tonight myself to celebrate! http://t.co/xFTrWLxnIR@camila_carril And we love you right back! x@Robyn_Lynch Indeed we do and it's the same name as the twitter one.@AaronHiggins09 @howesannatoday @LoulouDundas @katherinegrazia With company like that you could not possibly go wrong!@Robyn_Lynch I hope you have a very lovely time! x@hotpatooties @Ella_LaPetite Haha, that's one of her darker secrets!@Ella_LaPetite Did @hotpatooties mention that her collection is named after me?Thank you very much, Ms @camila_carril! x
@CatMeffan @LydiaEmillen @NicoleScherzy @Missguided I hope we can expect a good catwalk turn while you are in! x@LondonWarbler I will be on my best behaviour! x@CocktailsandCaz @luxlifeblog Thank you for your comments. We have now put the minimum spend on tables of 6 and 8 down to £50 per person.@Nelliegoodfood Oh, Nellie, you know how to push my buttons! x@MDerevianko @zeningcyprus Was he doing Yoga himself?@AmyinLondon You need to get yourself some lunchtime, sister.@katy_red @sidrufdiamond Thank you very much, my sweetness and livelyness! x@sfakhro That's a relief - I have an unimpressible Mother, so I know what you mean! x
@garygoldsmith65 I do hate to break it to you, Mr GG.@amberlebon @JadeCalliva I am flattered, Ms @TamsinOEgerton, but I am a married man! x
@alicecamp2012 @TamsinOEgerton @amberlebon You will be a very lucky man if they show up at all, Mr @JadeCalliva.@GabrielleNYC Your sacrifice is much appreciated! x@helen_george @Yvette_Robinson I was most pleased to see clean plates at the end of the meal (I fear I'm turning into my grandmother). XBob Bob Ricard http://t.co/RlEqmJkgND
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We could not possibly hold a grudge after an apology like this, Mr Tom Parker Bowles. http://t.co/48msLrvsAC@tomparkerbowles Thank you for making my day. My Sunday morning espresso over a newspaper has never tasted so good.@dinawitalia @chalky64 Thank you! x@oliverpeyton @Richardvines @tomparkerbowles That's good to know, thank you!@francesca_ny You know where there is always champagne and caviar around at lunchtime! xx@KentsKitchenUK Thank you. Would go well with your steamed asparagus and poached egg!Not that I need much reason to crack open a bottle of champagne thirst thing in the morning. But this helps. http://t.co/u08D2mWHB7
@helen_george So lovely to see you and I loved your look today! xxxWhen lunching on Ayala Rose champagne and Petrossian caviar I always think of blinis as entirely optional.@ashleyljames Next time you are not leaving without a big hug! x@ChristianW Absolutely loved having you with us!Why, thank you, @FedeAmati! x
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