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Humanist, news groupie, concert addict and pescatarian foodie living the champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

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Roll Call: Who will I see at the Interpol and @GeminiClub show at @ThaliaHallChi tomorrow?Contest is still live! Want to see us and @Interpol Tomorrow? RT now to enter to win 2 tickets! #Lolla @RBSoundSelect @SPINmagazine
Retweeted by Christina GaceWe've got sold-out tickets to #Lollapalooza! Enter by 8PM EST today for a chance to win a pair of 3-day passes: http://t.co/Fz5fkREwef
Retweeted by Christina GaceArt Alliance Presents: Provocateurs brings 40+ artistic trailblazers into one space. 7/31–8/4: http://t.co/YFhvHxV9gH http://t.co/rakCmkcTXa
Retweeted by Christina Gace@spencerspellman @Uber I use it even when I'm home. #expediachat@spencerspellman A7: The outdoors, hiking, Lake Las Vegas et all. #expediachat#Chicago! You’re invited to our FREE #PandoraSummerParty featuring @ColdWarKids. RSVP here: http://t.co/lkxe6wSnbU http://t.co/9MwzCZqgs1
Retweeted by Christina Gace@AudreyAdair @Expedia @SPDelvecchio Too many to name, but RM Seafood was our favorite. #expediachat@Expedia A6: I'm going to mention dining again. @SPDelvecchio and I went on a celebrity restaurant crawl. #expediachat@Expedia A6: Spas! Aria and Mandalay are two of my favorites. #expediachat@spencerspellman ... But Cash Spin is so fun. #expediachat@Expedia A5: Check out the dining scene, #Vegas has some of the best restaurants in the world. #expediachat@Expedia A3: Be open regarding your travel destination. #expediachat@Expedia A2: Las Vegas, Miami, Montreal and NYC. All great 3-day trips and all short flights from Chicago. #expediachat@Expedia A1: A wedding, a lost passport and talking our way through customs with @SPDelvecchio on our way to Montreal. #expediachatLet’s not forget why these child #refugees are coming to the US. Most are fleeing for their lives, escaping violence in Central America.
Retweeted by Christina GaceCongratulations to the @chicagoideas Bluhm/Helfand Social Innovation Fellowship Semi-Finalists! https://t.co/RMCTTu2Yct
@RGMartinJDM J will be in touch.@RGMartinJDM Lucky man! Are you in town this month? Julien and I may be making a quick trip up.SPIN is giving away a pair of @lollapalooza tickets to one lucky reader. RT between now and 4pm ET today to win.
Retweeted by Christina Gace.@VibeMagazine I'd love to see OutKast reunite at @lollapalooza! #VIBEGiveawayI'm fuming! Treatment should be between a patient and Dr. IL Medicaid restricts who can get game-changing #HepC drug http://t.co/22kvQlnvqdAugust Starts Free In-Flight Entertainment on All Delta Routes http://t.co/yGzNmcsx7B via @jaunted
JUST IN: Judge rules against Clippers owner Donald Sterling, OKs sale of team to ex-Microsoft CEO (via @AP)
Retweeted by Christina Gace@JessicaGalliart Yet another reason I love Richard Branson..@VirginAmerica files IPO: http://t.co/UYpi5ImpCG
They may seem scary, but sharks need our help. Shark finning is endangering the population. #SheddBLU http://t.co/MK9sqSIib9Celebrating marine conservation with @tamj at #SheddBLU http://t.co/yMsyK2pPJY
Powerful photo: Doctors bow in reverence to 11-year-old cancer victim who donated organs http://t.co/Ly8KTG8thH
Retweeted by Christina GaceEnter to win tix to @Lollapalooza + secret @CageTheElephant show: Follow @LakeshoreBev + RT // http://t.co/NuchTCVguX http://t.co/YipSR670m8
Retweeted by Christina GacePssst.... @kimbramusic tickets at @LincolnHall are on sale at 12:00. She stole the show from Goyte last time she was in Chicago.Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass: http://t.co/swwrWj1UZZ via @YouTube
@bethany_lang Also true. I'm noticing a trend here.OH at L'Patron: "Oh my god this place is mystical!" Yes, yes it is.@Uber_CHI @Patron Done. Is there a better way to celebrate National Tequila Day?Hi @BillyDec saw you on ABC TV's WCL http://t.co/DQDl4KR0IH & want to win your FREE TIX to #SheddBLU @Shedd_Aquarium cc: @tamj #belugasHere's What Every Trendy Restaurant Menu Looks Like http://t.co/Xe7djhjCUr via @Eater
@Expedia A2: All of them, but if I had to pick one The Galapagos. #expediachat"We believe that immigration has made this country strong and vibrant, and that means reform." - @SenWarren"We believe that equal means equal, and that's true in marriage, it's true in the workplace, it's true in all of America." - @SenWarren"We believe—I can't believe I have to say this in 2014—we believe in equal pay for equal work." - @SenWarren"We believe that students are entitled to get an education without being crushed by debt." -@SenWarren"We believe that no one should work full-time and still live in poverty, and that means raising the minimum wage." - @SenWarrenElizabeth Warren's 11 commandments for progressives: http://t.co/Uj5NSAKPMQ
New Job Title: Master of Cool Shit
“The best thing to do was to brazen it out, throw your head back, walk with a swagger...” — Sarah Waters
At @LambdaLegal Summer Ambition celebrating trans, senior and HIV legal victories! W/ @adriana9diaz @aprilscissorsProud to support @LambdaLegal YP Leadership Council at @StudioParisChi tonight. Tickets are still available at the door for $40.Guys, Billy has sold out P4k tix. Hi @BillyDec saw you on ABC TV's #WCL http://t.co/DQDl4KR0IH & want to win your FREE TIX to @PitchforkFestWant a chance to score a pair of Saturday @pitchforkfest tickets!? Follow, and RT this post for your chance to win! http://t.co/XjO4wwVO0m
Retweeted by Christina GaceDo you want to have an ultimate weekend? Of course you do. You can enter by clicking here http://t.co/M1vPQ4GFsS #UltimateWeekender.
Discussed tax reform and tobacco issues w/ the CVS CEO Larry Merlo, @CVS plans to stop selling tobacco by Oct 2014 http://t.co/AdudeiFykQ
Retweeted by Christina Gace@spencerspellman @SPDelvecchio @Expedia Only if I can stop by the iconic White House Subs. #expediachat@Expedia A5: Any place that serves a San Diego fish taco. South Beach Bar and Grille is a favorite. #expediachat@Expedia A5: Torrey Pines State Beach #Expediachat@Expedia A6: The Northeast for a lobster roll crawl. #Expediachat
@jenusellis @AmericanAir Do you need me to text you a @hoteltonight code?I just received the incredibly heart wrenching news that L'Patron is closed on Taco Tuesdays!Which is worse: The @Suntimes use of the words "bar maiden" or @DNAinfoCHI use of the words "gutter punks"?Seriously, @DNAinfoCHI you do good work, but you need to stop using the words "gutter punks".GIVEAWAY! RT for a chance to win tickets to @glappitnova's The Big Night event -- must be 21, following! http://t.co/3zkyR2OBdH #REgiveaway
Retweeted by Christina GaceI don't want to jinx it, but this is perfect festival weather.
@jenusellis Project: Kickstarter Rescue Chihuahua - almost scooped up a cute guy in CA, but his adoption fee was $500!@jenusellis ... is there kickstarter for Chihuahua puppies?@jenusellis Fingers crossed.@jenusellis Wait, Klingon on Kickstarter!? #betterthanpotatosalad.@cta plans extra service for @pitchforkfest. http://t.co/XfrCeAkZzs
Retweeted by Christina GaceT-minus 3.5 hrs until the big reveal! Follow & RT for a chance to win @pitchforkfest tickets! @pitchforkmedia http://t.co/judJmuc64b
Retweeted by Christina Gace@hm @AshBenzo Definitely #RockChic - an easy day to night look.
Happy birthday @ellieINchicago. This is how I party. @tamj @MLvS http://t.co/A21qmFVf9q
What should I have on my summer reading list? I'm looking for a challenge - it could be anything from Fundraising to YA dystopia.Take me to @pitchforkfest @URChicago, I need to see @Grimezsz! #PitchforkFestFeel Good Friday: Yogis and and yoginis watch these pets interupt yoga practice. http://t.co/F2a2eWQqiqCongrats @eventbrite and @airbnb for making this list! 12 tech companies with high(ish) numbers of women http://t.co/JLuQhYiQ0q@adam_haun I was hoping you were still visiting after StartUp Weekend. We will have to connect here, there, or somewhere next time.Random idea- I want to do a "Brunch Crawl" at my spots- @Sunda to @Bottlefork to @Rockit.. Maybe bring 10ppl? RT if want to come!
Retweeted by Christina Gace
@Expedia A5: Breckenridge is great for hiking and biking! #Expediachat@Expedia I love trekking along the cliffs at Ocean Beach in San Diego, there are quite a few "locals only" spots. #Expediachat
@Sephora @TooFaced Beach Bunny Custom-Blend! #SephoraSweepsChicago fans, want a chance to win @lollapalooza tix for Friday + $50 gift card to @HRCChicago? RT by 7/10 to enter! http://t.co/YdnnpuUT1Y
Retweeted by Christina GaceEmanuel backs $13-an-hour minimum wage @CrainsChicago http://t.co/9OclapPUf4@chasinj Expressway.My Uber driver called me out for saying highway. "You weren't born here, were you?" Guilty.
States That Raised Their Minimum Wages Are Experiencing Faster Job Growth http://t.co/YHwDZByoaE via @thinkprogress
GIVEAWAY! RT for chance to win tickets to @djafrojack at Navy Pier Saturday. Must be 21, following us! #REgiveaway http://t.co/fp1K5lAat4
Retweeted by Christina Gace
Attorney general: ComEd wrongly asked customers to pay for employee bonuses http://t.co/vKRqmgHkP0Who's ready for the weekend? RT to WIN 2 tickets to @RWMusicfest! Check out the music festival here: http://t.co/PZ7wUKkjoc #RWMF
Retweeted by Christina GaceRT to be Entered for a pair of tickets to the AfroJack Music Festival. http://t.co/WAZshGSJd4 #NBCAfroJack
Retweeted by Christina GaceHey, Chicago! #WomenWhoCode launches in our fair city tonight with developer + speaker @antiheroine –– register at http://t.co/8jBhwsyFV6
Retweeted by Christina Gace
Tinder Just Suspended Its Co-Founder After an Ugly Sexual Harassment Lawsuit http://t.co/YGXJubrhvY via @intelligencerTrue story: Six reasons why Montreal bagels are better than all other bagels @Thrillist http://t.co/BX0nGucfGoThe @AntiCruelty is giving away cats for $1 July 11-13. So, you'll take 5? http://t.co/c9tWxVgZGs #petadoption
Retweeted by Christina Gace
@paigeworthy @Markewrobel @pang Well, @weatherchannel is telling me storm begin at 9:00 PM. I don't think I should believe them.I'm going home and reading Margaret Atwood. #HobbyLobby #SCOTUS#SocialUpgrade your way! RT For your choice of @AmericanIdol, @_MAXWELL_, @EarthWindFire or @SarahMcLachlan tix. Four pairs, four winners!
Retweeted by Christina Gace@WhoWhatWear @Halstonette I was emailed as the grand prize winner for Halston Heritage’s Who What Wear Contest, but never heard back. Help?
... called it. #WorldCupCosta Rica needs to stop faking penalties and wasting time and worry about scoring a goal, or they are going to throw this game. #WorldCupSo.many.solicitation.emails. Please stop.
Supporting Senator @DickDurbin at last night's YP event. #teamdurbin http://t.co/mZiWo1RHYF
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