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Concert friends won't put a time limit or frame on how long you can talk about a certain moment from shows. #concertweirdosI love how seeing your favorite band again is like a huge concert friends reunion. #concertweirdos
This could not be more true! I am truly at my happiest at concerts! :) @ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/NusDxu4xvK
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U know ur an @ConcertWeirdos when happiness is finding out ur fav band is coming to ur hometown & a **happy dance** commences.
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Enter to be guest listed at one of @paradisefears upcoming shows! #weird4PFears #giveaway http://t.co/CyvDH84euLStarting off with 'just one video' on YouTube and then all of a sudden, it's 6 hours later.. 😳 #howdidthishappen #concertweirdos
Headphones in = don't talk to me. #concertweirdosBesides a ticket, I don't have anything physical after a show but I'll always have my memories. #concertweirdosYou know how guys take a peak at boobs? Today on the bus, I realized I take a peak at music players to see what they're into. Oops.Photo: Today’s band of the day is @RadnorMusic! http://t.co/sazCvI0TZd
Go check out @allaboutabubble on tour!! :) http://t.co/Z9KeYbRWfr"My idea of a perfect song is one that makes me forget where I am." #concertweirdosKeeping front row is just as important as getting it in the first place. #elbowsout #concertweirdosDon't forget to enter to win tickets to an upcoming @paradisefears show! Info below. #weird4pfears #giveaway http://t.co/wXXNoUKJZP
Non-concert days are boring days. #concertweirdosI'm going to be broke when I get out of college because half of my income is going to concerts @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™No one and nothing gets in the way of me seeing my favorite band. #concertweirdos
Don't worry, fellow @paradisefears fans! More chances to win coming up. Information in the photo! #weird4pfears http://t.co/Fu4QdUx32rConcert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/1Eai7EILmf Stories via @ConcertWeirdosCongratulations to the first winner of our Paradise Fears ticket giveaway, @nataliafordays for the 9/4 NE date! Check your DM for more info!
RT for Demi and fave for Ariana. I wanna see who wins....Why is that on concert days I can stay up for days at a time no problem but on normal days, I can barely keep my eyes open? #concertweirdos@ConcertWeirdos I can relate to this ----> https://t.co/KCZWQkHnXt
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@miradyan yes you!! On my birthday :)Some of those are signatures are from the summer set, stereos, lights out, rocky loves emily, Debby Ryan, Amely, we are the in crowd!Aw I found all these nice signed items and letters that you guys have sent me over the years ❤️ thank you! http://t.co/XTXWh4D55g@500daysofMary it's equivalent to getting a free ticket but without the ticket. They just have ur name on their list :)Enter to be guest listed at @paradisefears shows starting Aug 25th! Make sure to include #weird4PFears & #giveaway! http://t.co/VEXE72txFsPhoto: Today’s band of the day is @Emarosa! http://t.co/ukEhLQHD9M
The louder, the better. #concertweirdos http://t.co/MXiFQv8uedTrying to buy concert tickets but.... @ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/z0r6WuqJEj
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Front row or go home. @ConcertWeirdos
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#Music #concertweirdos http://t.co/FUHJWHuIzB@mintaburst 👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👍👍👍😘2 most stressful moments for @ConcertWeirdos : 1. the seconds before tickets go onsale; 2. the seconds before doors open & u want front row
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™This sounds about right. @ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/i5a6EFQllw
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@K_Faye_B we see all entries and keep track! As long as u enter!@mads_jonesy You can enter now but there's a better chance of winning by entering close to the date you want! Make sure to #weird4Pears!Enter to be guest listed at @paradisefears shows starting Aug 25th! Make sure to include #weird4PFears & #giveaway! http://t.co/7CeoJDcZn3RT if you need a concert 🙋Good music doesn't have an expiration date. #concertweirdos
Win @paradisefears tickets for you and a friend! #liveforevertour multiple winners! #weird4PFears #giveaway http://t.co/Gwf2T3EU8J@ConcertWeirdos literally like my fav account!! So relatable🙌🙌
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Photo: Today’s band of the day is @OLNBand! http://t.co/hABfEUatEU
@miradyan @paradisefears 😘😘😘😘 youdda best. Way to hook us up!I believe @williambeckett is on that Paradise Fears tour tooooo??..... 😊we’ve got a @paradisefears giveaway goin on over at @ConcertWeirdos! http://t.co/C3WSXC5Zdw
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™You & a friend want to get guest listed for a @paradisefears tour date?!? #weird4PFears #giveaway http://t.co/Uj9a2MgGch@LovelyMetalhead @MoshItUpClo hook me up and we can run a giveaway for promo! I've done this w/ many clothing brands before :)Here are the details to win a pair of @paradisefears tickets to your desired tour date!! #weird4PFears #giveaway http://t.co/yY3uBQgEgaConcert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/OwG2VxVPwK“@awesomed92: @ConcertWeirdos details on the PF ticket giveaway?” Later tonight!! :)@mads_jonesy any minute now!Giving out free concert tickets to the @paradisefears tour dates!! Multiple winners! Don't miss this. #weird4PFearsSo what would you do if I told you that you can win @paradisefears concert tickets?!? keep reading....!!! #weird4fearsConcerts shouldn't have to end. #concertweirdos http://t.co/PYRQ15SAbc
http://t.co/sLRfXzVKBsConcerts are an emotional experience. They take your soul, take its hand, and convince it to come outside and see the world. #concertweirdosI really want to go to a concert with @ConcertWeirdos one day tbh
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™The question isn't whether to go, it's how many times. @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™The best feeling is putting your headphones in, turning up the music and tuning out the world. #concertweirdos
And look at that! Why thank you @adelitasway for showing some love to us #concertweirdos! Who is next?...@MargaretMessler @ConcertWeirdos @RickADeJesus of course we do!
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™I'll keep a tally and show y'all later. Keep tagging your artists! Maybe one will tweet us back and show the love! :)Tag your fave band member/artist and ask if they love their @concertweirdos back! Let's see which fanbase dominates!Getting front row requires patience, skill and talent. #concertweirdos
When you have a wardrobe completely full of tour tops you know you have to follow @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™The ugly merch choices are truly a test of dedication. #concertweirdosWhy is it that the bands I dislike have awesome merch I love, but the bands I love have bad merch I can't make myself want? @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™...you know you're a #concertweirdo when @ConcertWeirdos retweet you, and then about 50 other people do too :D :D :D
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™I so wanna save my concert tickets like this now! http://t.co/k5k4nxrivJ@i_love_tmills_ can we use some to make memes like these? Ur name will be on it! :) let me know http://t.co/9CZeYoJ9V3@i_love_tmills_ did u take those pics?@WATICWorld not selling that one but I do have another one! U may win this soon :) http://t.co/MKNNWEg0CxAlways have a place in my heart. #concertweirdos http://t.co/gf6eABVSchPhoto: Today’s band of the day is @youmeatsix! http://t.co/D5AxeMzDSOI love how we say summer is concert season as if we don't go to concerts year round anyway ;) #concertweirdosReally used up @paramore guitar pick from 2010 concert http://t.co/V6tL1ekiVbmay give fans a heartie if u like WATIC, ESTK, VE, AVP, breathe Carolina, a skylit drive, hey Monday, white chapel http://t.co/gtDGc6wctc
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™you say RV, I say Tour Bus @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Some pretty cool and even rare #HOLLYWOODUNDEAD merch/concert items. http://t.co/ueJqLQj7AnYou know your a @ConcertWeirdos when you fly all the way to America for your favourite bands show
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Wanna give a big thanks to the CW team! @askatergirl @mirandadyan @yourgirlpaigie @emily_skaggs13 @hameroncurley ❤️Some people read books, watch movies&play games more than once bc they love it. I go see concerts more than once for the same reason. #CWHaha I love this ...this is for all @ConcertWeirdos out there :D http://t.co/lWJ7vaRbtE
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@ConcertWeirdos and i get a +1 to every gig too :)
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™You should want to date a #concertweirdo. Our dedication is ridiculous plus we'll take you to concerts. 👌It's just a concert they say. So wrong. #concertweirdosFollow my personal if you please :) @MonicaValentine I'm pretty weird.Kinda heavy to send out but we'll see. #hollywoodundead #record #giveaway http://t.co/OWdB6amQXBPhoto: Today’s band of the day is @HWoodEnding! http://t.co/F6H4IiHAXHYou're a #concertweirdo when you know that the show is not over until the house lights come on.
This is so true Right up front is best spot! Just for a little while you can escape & forget reality! @ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/Z6Y74MIVVx
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™You know you're a #concertweirdo when PCD is a reoccurring diagnosis.You know you're a #concertweirdo when you don't know whether to be sad that it's over or happy that it happened.You know you're a #concertweirdo when "I haven't been to a concert in forever!" And Forever = last week.Who thinks @BuzzFeed @ifyouseekjaimie should write an article on "you know you're a #concertweirdo when..." ! Let them know! 👍 :)@ConcertWeirdos omg I never forget horribly fighting with myself to stay awake in a college class after a concert. #thestruggle
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™I need more concerts in my life
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