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Photo: @kissmya is a gift from the heavens above and should be coveted as a national treasure. Thank you... http://t.co/Aa7xv9ZkSkI'M QUACKING UP!! "RT @OMGFactsAnimals: A duck's quack doesn't echo"@iDntHaveWifi its gotta be in nagging in the back of his mind
MY FRIDAY NIGHT IS LIKE WHOA! Special live performance by @missmya tonight (FRI 3/27)! I will be… https://t.co/ho2qpCjwWTPhoto: AIN’T NOTHIN’ MOVE BUT THE MONEY! 3/26/15 PC @loksi #instatrappin #largerthanlife http://t.co/yT9xZLuFlVPhoto: Kapoʻinalu Collection: Phantom Sandal Our sandal features the Halapepe print engraved into soft... http://t.co/J2l32SG1trPhoto: 0 3 . 2 8 . 1 5 Kapo‘inalu Collection By: @sigzanedesigns x @kickshawaii x @hurley Photog:... http://t.co/3OLblOx3RfPhoto: Kapoʻinalu Collection: Phantom Sandal Our sandal features the Halapepe print engraved into soft... http://t.co/v3BVptwUDHPhoto: #bts @wearehayn product shoot. 3/26/15 http://t.co/SXFoDNyREuCAT TELL ME NOTHIN' "RT @OMGFactsAnimals: A cat has 32 muscles in each ear."ON PURRRRRRRR-POSE?! "RT @OMGFactsAnimals: A cat has 32 muscles in each ear."
@itsbreetard HOWZITWe have access to more music than anyone in history. It's amazing. Stop wasting energy on hating. Find something you like and share it.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS#NP EARL, SWEATSHIRT "huey"#NP @HanniElKhatib "devil's pie (cover)"Photo: #airmaxday 3/26/15 http://t.co/MrGLWYmMSE@ESKEI83 SO GOOD! SALUTEDownload this if you haven't already .... @Fourcolorzack x @thefutureisokay 'Okayfuture Mix #009 Four Color Zack' https://t.co/3pdyhIfXpU
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSSATURDAY 3.28 https://t.co/jSjRdN6Ild @sigzanedesigns @KICKSHI @hurley #kapoinalu #kickshi #hawaii@stephstonenails aaaaaaand then I tried to play it off like the leaf walked out in front of me lulzSubstance, style & grace will always stand the test of time.More KICKS/HI tings... @kickshi x @sigzanedesigns x @hurley "Kapo'inalu" collection. 3/28/15… https://t.co/WprUYNz56GIt's sad that we live in a world where we'll add a word to the dictionary if stupid people use it enough.
@sosupersam @siik damn... Y'ALL SNAPPED!@NOIRFANCY ON EVERYTHING.Good taste. Discipline. Patience. Completion. Repetition.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@stephstonenails today, I was on my phone looking at instagram and walked straight into a huge palm leaf FMLPhoto: The @kickshawaii splash page just got updated with some new lifestyle photos. Hi Lindsey!... http://t.co/NgeLKLpSg7HO9909. AMAZING.@jami_season ain't no stoppin' this shit, bruh. Strong foundation.Incredible video: https://t.co/jSjRdNojcL. How do we get this submitted to @HIFF in the short film category?Photo: Happiest birthday to the only person I know who would travel all the way to London just to take this... http://t.co/WIM8YagrhA
Photo: And then there is the time I see Pharrell IRL, performing with N.E.R.D., in Vegas for a Puma x... http://t.co/at0UyYlcM9@stephstonenails @Flywheel get those toxins out and endorphins pumpin' quick fast!@stephstonenails whipping yourself in ze face with a sweaty ponytail has got to be an interesting sensation tho LULZPhoto: Or there was the time I ran onto Pharrell at Emporio Armani in Ala Moana… I GOT ISSUES™ PT.4... http://t.co/OM6USGCpEq@Anit808 that shit still bugs me (,-.-,)@XenGod bruh you snapped! LOLQuan...James Quan “@ComplexMusic: Rich Homie Quan fought a security guard at LIV then escaped on a speedboat: http://t.co/mHbDREMh8W
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@tittahbyte salamat poThat is a huge part of my drive - to put on for the home team.I make sure that when I'm spinning that its not only for me or the ppl in the venue but for Hawaii, in general.VERIFIED ✔️✔️💹💹🎉🎉 "RT @KIMPSSBLE: Also TY to @DJDELVE for killin it"@stephstonenails urite. V well played@stephstonenails that was a terrific use of emojis lulz@stephstonenails there is a Rae Sremmurd concert in Hawaii in April...@elizabethsmart_ she is 5ever queen status, especially in "heathers" and "edward scissorhands".And that, spring brokers, is how you tear the clurb all the way up! @jami_season #INLA ... LA ... LA ... LA ... WAIT TILL I GET MY MONEY RIGHT!!!
The #IN starting 2 guard @jami_season is back in town tospin a guest set alongside DJ PAOLO… https://t.co/hmCLMci75EBought the new @earlxsweat album but I can only play 3 songs. Y U hatin' @iTunes?Photo: PT.3 of I GOT ISSUES™… “Modern Heroines” #igotissues http://t.co/P6xaXdlDTH
This guy legit just ordered a McTeri without the sauce. WUToh my. RT @Riguez504: Marbury won Chinese league championship MVP but #neverforget 3 days ago Stephon https://t.co/cIGeZIhv4b
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSCan someone go to the Actual Pain warehouse sale for me RN?Photo: The I GOT ISSUES™ series continues… PT.2 “Come Closer”. #igotissues http://t.co/v4xUhnW3ro@kianto I just finished (,-.-,)
Let's kick off this Spring Break extra proper - by dancing our collective faces off at themanifest… https://t.co/YLYs6MdZUPIf you look hard enough you'll discover the #colorsofhawaii. @DJDELVE #instatrapping http://t.co/MWAKj1yvoI
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS#visitoahu where the showers are free. @DJDELVE #instatrapping http://t.co/40AKQQGjzQ
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSSEGWAY SALESPPL ARE THE WORST.Photo: I GOT ISSUES™ a new photo series. PT.1 “The 💯” #igotissues #fromwhereistand http://t.co/76uSdCzJyu
Update: she is standing on the sidelines trying to watch @Anit808 to make sure.Haha this lady just asked @Anit808 if she was acting (while she is IRL DJing this event at Emporio Armani). SMH"Hi I want a watch." "What kind of watch are you looking for, sir?" "I wanna watch you put your number into my phone..."@stephstonenails I think I watch more of the Netflix menu than the actual Netflix content lolwhen you get to the party late and they're out of casserole http://t.co/plJOzRSqDm
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSsuge knight going to double jail
Photo: Wedding: The Gathering. 3/15/15 #fromwhereistand http://t.co/bdKIrnIZee#NP HONDURAS "jetlagged"I just watched this 893,722 times in a row... http://t.co/BE79oPRkDI@Sulaiman_ Benny cheesin'Photo: But on this very day, the only thing that stood taller than @themjeans were them trees. 11/29/14... http://t.co/kGP36Y8pDG
Photo: ✌️LEGIT http://t.co/NihmbwTcrh2 LEGIT 2 QUIDDITCH@__krys yeah its happenin' AFAINFirst name: Janken... Last name: Po #hawaii http://t.co/liCKH2eTnr@MarleneKieu wrong.BEST. EVER. "RT @ThingsAKidSaid: HOW LONG WAS I IN THERE? 😂😂 http://t.co/6vZ3JNmAXR"@bamparmy check http://t.co/55EJMCre1g right now. Bring Chance the Rapper down.@beeFOWL bonus level: blink ONLY 182 times the duration of the show.@makanaalia http://t.co/aRWFbDCb60@dj_erok YOU SNAPPED!The hate is real but so is the love. #BAUEWYK
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSThe bol @SSSOLUTION just dropped "Stomp" to a packed @TheManifest dancefloor. There was almost a riot. cc @djscene @Fourcolorzack
@missgypsyone YOU DA HAMMAH>>>>>>>> WHEN GIRLS CAN "POP, LOCK IT", BUT SIMPLY CANNOT "DROP IT" (,-.-,)Um @SSSOLUTION &@jcabarteja got @TheManifest going corn beef and cabbage green eggs and ham RN.@missgypsyone HOW CAN?I think there is a dude with a prosthetic hand in here.I will be spinning at @Bar35 tonight for their St.Patrick's Day shindig from 8-11P! Let's get it poppin'! http://t.co/UdSQGKgUpbTonight I will be going green from 8-11P at @bar35. Be prepared to be underwhelmed by lack luster… https://t.co/wh9pAK44dGbruh https://t.co/krlDFsg42Q
ESPN 30 for 30: Bxtch U Scream Like Steffi GrafA pretty lady from Uganda came into the shop today and my friend flirted with her. I asked him "Uganda hit that?"@Creed_Chameleon yo you murked out last night!@stephstonenails OMG Zoey Grossman is one of my favorite photographers! That's so rad!Photo: I will be closing out the Incubus concert tonight (MON 3/16) from the @itsasafehouse DJ booth! Stick... http://t.co/rHfq02t66e
After the show djdelve spins in The Safehouse tonight. 21 & up with no cover once the show is over.… https://t.co/qXqmQL8rTA
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@missgypsyone aka HELENAS
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