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@MathasGames lie
@JamieLSigler Sigz. We have a daily obsession with Beau in our house.Alright Mrs. Chen...I mean @JulieChen #BB16 #ALSIceBucketChallenge http://t.co/Xgh7TwX5znWho is Will Arnet? #BB16Jacosta's facial expressions scared the disc off on that last one. #BB16NICOLE HYPE LETS GO! #BB16Someone please knock off Jacostas. #BB16I'm hoping Nicole wins this thing. She has a shot to slide in if she survives. #BB16@lilambro Thx K!@Jam_Halpsly A+@ilanaharkavy lulAll the fake hugs! #BB16@TulaneTerry Don't worry bro. Once she sees your glasses...@cassgallagherrr @ZacBaltz Be nice CassWho are these people in the jury house? #BB16Final thoughts on Zach: He was a lot of fun to watch and did something a lot of HGs forget to do...entertain us! #BB16You can vote out a man but cutting up his pink hat? That's crossing the line. #BB16Ahhh just turned on what did I miss? #BB16@Lor522 @jlouisenatalia No I'm not. Have a wedding rehearsal. :)@ThatGirlKorie @wizards_magic Ya. Collected Revised back in the day! :) Working on finishing it. You?@danidONAT0 Happy belated bday!!@jackieepatton Well played.Won't be live tweeting #BB16 with the East Coast tonight. http://t.co/VrQKSdQgl7Let's Play: The Binding Of Isaac Road to 100% - EP #21 [Panic]: http://t.co/LJNCr8ZotC via @YouTubeNegotiate hard every time, the worst they can say is no...or they can give you exactly what you asked for. ;) http://t.co/5LKQi0EKegLet's Play: Project Zomboid - Episode 10 [FIN-A?]: http://t.co/W1OS0RwoxZ via @YouTube@MisterRoberts @JanellePierzina Have Janelle sell it for them!@holyswifts MEH.@JanellePierzina TRICK QUESTION - there has never been another Janelle like competitor.@JanellePierzina Side note: who do you think is the best Janelle-like competitor this season?@JanellePierzina Hahaha, all is well and back to normal at the U. :) But if I know anyone who does I'll send them your way!@JanellePierzina Congrats on the new gig Janelle!Need it! RT @telltalegames: Your choices will decide Clem's fate. Who will YOU become? #MyClementine http://t.co/fvREzH3cSS@HeleneBergeot I will be there Helene. You? :)@djWHEAT @SirScoots Scoots talked me into playing my 1st MM yesterday, its freaking fun.@TrishEady @MorningShowCA Thanks Trish! :)Back on @MorningShowCA in a few minutes talking #BB16 - if you're in Canada tune in! :)Let's Play: The Wolf Among Us - Episode 14 [NOSE]: http://t.co/g5uDOhzIjZ via @YouTube
@BequiJ @britney_haynes Sheeesssss limpppppUm...nevermind. Have to catch up on last week's. Missed that Litt episode. @Suits_USATime for the @Suits_USA finale! Team Specter.Best thing to happen next: Zach or Nicole come back and win HoH. #BB16Wow what is Frankie thinking? Why would you insult a potential jury member with a poem like that? #BB16It's hard to watch a Zingbot episode without thinking of @britney_haynes crying out of fear and then laughing later at #Heatstroke.Zach just got steam rolled. Not looking good. #BB16Frankie is ready to make a big move with a smart veto play...right into the jury house! ZING! #BB16Cody just got lit up. #BB16Did Donny just say "bumfuzzled?" Thinking only he can pull that word off. #BB16Kathy Griffin zinging like none other. A+ #BB16Wait...I don't like this Zingbot. #BB16Zingbot is the best Houseguest of all time. #BB16Zach and Donny working together gives us a shot to see this not be a lop sides game the rest of the way. #BB16Donny with that Skittles zing! Well deserved. #BB16Team America challenges like this are fun to watch and cause chaos. Prefer these to "game based" ones. #BB16@SirScoots Thanks for the help Scoots! MM is a ton of fun even getting rektd. LMK about tomorrow.They are finally realizing Derrick is going to win this thing, now are they going to do anything about it? #BB16Playing my 1st CS:GO MM with @SirScoots coaching: http://t.co/aiVCUq3FXFGoing live right now trying to 100% The Binding of Isaac & maybe some CS:GO - http://t.co/aiVCUq3FXFHosting two actual Fish playing Street Fighter 2 on my channel until I go live at 4PM EST, because...why not? http://t.co/aiVCUq3FXF@ZenAndCyrreneLP @lovelykaitkim http://t.co/mIWXymOKqK@traceychieng Fixed! Thanks Tracey. I am hosting @FishplaySF right now, had to take a quick break to fix the FAQ. LOL. What is life.@JennyMizzi Contact @HeathLuman he's the guy.@JennyMizzi If that is your real job, that is amazing.@JahovasWitniss That's what @MrsJahova told me you tried to use on her.@JahovasWitniss http://t.co/sxZVVKoiqG@JahovasWitniss HMU. http://t.co/7aTBpMc1NX@JahovasWitniss 30/M/Detroit, you?@JahovasWitniss Fits so nice, so very nice.@KevinCwalinski Broken ice or broken neck.@Raynors_Raiders @KYR_SP33DY @JahovasWitniss Shots fired.#ALSIceBucketChallenge met @MathasGames! I'm challenging @FamilyJules7x @KYR_SP33DY @lovelykaitkim & @WilliamZabka. https://t.co/jnYWzGWqtZLet's Play: The Wolf Among Us - Episode 13 [MESSY]: http://t.co/lDP9L2JmrA via @YouTube@FougRyan A+ man thanks for watching!@FougRyan Really enjoying it! Glad you are too. Are you saying "come on" like hurry up 9AM? :)Just caught up on #BB16...Skittles?? Really??
@Albi_SideArms @KYR_SP33DY Speed runners with @JahovasWitniss ??Let's Play: The Binding Of Isaac Road to 100% - EP #20 [Blue Candis]: http://t.co/YDRETc8sbj via @YouTube@djWHEAT Zangief just made an epix comeback no joke!Let's Play: Don't Starve - Episode 9 [GOLDIE]: http://t.co/FfnRaYxtOj via @YouTube"Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden wins the award of Best 90s Song with the Creepiest Music video ever. That Barbie is burned in my head.Let's Play: The Wolf Among Us - Episode 12 [LEE DRAMATICS]: http://t.co/eDKB5VeZEw via @YouTube
Live for a little while from the home X1. Trying the @Xbox Gold Free games this month. http://t.co/aiVCUq3FXF@FitRPG @heathallyn Hey is the app dead? Reinstalled and still not workingLet's Play: Project Zomboid - Episode 9 [JONETTE]: http://t.co/0oGYkJWcyc via @YouTube@MathasGames @NorthernlionLP #TeamFreeDrinks@MathasGames Hate.@chrischenbae Hey you gotta follow real quick so I can send you details.Hey @chrischenbae @Ericaryd & @NJMcChillan thanks for spreading the word about http://t.co/zZ1TdlqA92 - check your DMs ASAP!Let's Play: The Binding Of Isaac Road to 100% - EP #19 [Psychic Run]: http://t.co/VXjzXunXcZ via @YouTube@trulime Hahahah Sal, I have been a loyal @bluehost user - but I appreciate the hustle. I have a lot of sites to move over, would be difficu@baef @Crumps2 You guys in for an X1 Madden weekly League? We at least one more streamer to tie out a division.@bluehostsupport No, I have the highest bandwidth/hosting option you support. Never thought it would be an issue for a 2nd time.@lagrandes @BigBrotherLeak It is the right link - but @bluehost can't handle all the traffic, and I pay for the highest package...weird.@groovyhoovie021 Thanks Amanda, I appreciate it!@JMitchey Hahah thanks Jack.@hrov87 GL with law school!I'll pick 3 people at 6PM EST randomly & contact direct. Thx for supporting Childhood Cancer Research on behalf of Tilly & @britney_haynes.I'm buying for 3 random ppl who RT @britney_haynes Today's the last day for #togetherfortilly fundraising campaign http://t.co/3ZLmWN3MDq@ReginaSilveira8 Hey Regina!Here is that letter ► http://t.co/qxSxXWSmtI RT @BigBrotherDish Zach: I read a letter by @DanGheesling to the future #BB16 houseguests
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