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@LeftyJd15 Santa always knows.Just ninja responded to a bunch of you guys on Snapchat! Still not a fast way to video reply but trying! (sc: dangheesling)@debneds Pink Berry and some Chicken place. A+@KipperAmos Delay on platform.@realajcampbell Hope so!@entrywaypublish :)@SFGNYYFan It's fun to watch.@HeathLuman Please....don't. The bad feels and smells.@gaborrr Daps!@cordellsimmons Yes as in fun to watch!Another fun live-show! Thanks for tweeting #BB16 with me. Now time to get ready for the speaking event in NYC tomorrow...Another fun #BB16 episode. This season has been really enjoyable on a bunch of different levels. From a cast stand... http://t.co/MDkVfauIyz@HeathLuman Your 2nd finest musical creation. :)@thenickandonly Nope, go back and listen to what he said.Derrick openly throwing it to Frankie, THIS IS WHY I LIKE HIS GAME. #BB16Why didn't Ariana Grande do all these songs? #BB16@TulaneTerry LOL.This is a great competition to FORCE people to play the game. #BB16@EmmettBlois Amazon.@Cassidy_Quinn69 Barely.Brittany seeing her kids...alright #BB16 you got me on that one. Heart strings pulled.I heard it's endurance tonite. Read my latest article on http://t.co/L8c5kSH3Br that looks at the physics of a common comp! @DanGheesling
Retweeted by Dan GheeslingBrittany saying other players are "scared" - it's OK for you to call them what they are: floaters. #BB16Really surprised that not one person has thrown a vote against the house to break up these unanimous votes. Need some chaos. #BB16@LHoggle I like how Derrick is playing the game.Brittany had some spunk to her and didn't really back down. Would have liked to have seen her go further. #BB16@CM_Roach You should be working...There is always a chance to mix it up at the end, seems like Brittany threw in the towel with that speech. #BB16Showmances: Ending Houseguests' chances at winning $500,000 since 2001.Hahahah that little Michigan cousin! Classic. #BB16Caleb telling everyone he feels safe in the house... #BB16For a few minutes we got a chance to see the game turn off in the house, that rarely ever happens. #BB16@dka78 No veto next week...Feeling bad for Frankie, tough to have that moment on TV...forever. #BB16Brittany should have thrown that 2400 goal challenge, would have been a great selling point for her to stay. #BB16Brittany picking Caleb as the most influential in the house...sealing her own fate. #BB16Donny is semi on to Derrick's game...The Beard is real. #BB16Cody having a meltdown over his own decision...pretty good indicator that you made a big game mistake. #BB16Would have loved to have seen the announcers face when he realized he had to say the word "offish." #BB16Really enjoy that clip of Donny doing work on Cody, it almost worked. I think they underestimate The Beard. #BB16Julie is happier than normal tonight, why? #BB16Hoping the house shakes it up tonight! #BB16@danidONAT0 A+@danidONAT0 Normally @JohnnieWalkerUS and soda...but tonight water. :-/ You??@danidONAT0 Breathalyzer says 0.10 by 9:30pm.@JoesDaily lul@bschackman Pinkberry & Kyochon?Manhattan takeout necessary before #BB16 - I'm not looking for a Carrie Bradshaw cafe - any ideas?@Slasher Hey if you're still alive let me know. I'm in NYC this weekend hit me up.Let's Play: Dark Souls 2 [Episode 81]: http://t.co/rtP9GaJoOX via @YouTube@smashwrestling @PlayerUno Awesome! I'm there about 1x a year - can I jump off the top rope?@SammLevine Wish I could watch but I have plans to watch that new Ice Cube video on repeat for 3 hours.@Skybound Is there a Manifest Destiny variant at SDCC?@cosmickid1987 What is it about?@EvelDick When does that air?@PlayerUno STARMAN HYPE? Got back into some Don't Starve & trying out Zomboid for channel...@EvelDick Is that like skid row?@PlayerUno have you played any good games lately or just been slamming people with steel chairs?@PlayerUno @Battle_War @NSPW @heavymtl @FightingBack613 @smashwrestling Tag team.@PlayerUno @Battle_War @NSPW @heavymtl @FightingBack613 @smashwrestling YokozUNO at any of these?@KatyWellhousen Airport is subtle though.The people watching at an airport is legendary.@resilienceisme Thx man!@brennadev What's it about? Hope all is well Brenna!@kimberlykabin Always do my best. :)@samicat_ What's G-Guide about? Also A+ on the cookies may have to go now.@kmbrly2212 A+ pro tip.@michaeljones_3 Was there last year!@AngRenzi @ActuallyNPH Alot of people recommending that - what is it about?@NorthernlionLP I directed that@cmm577 @ActuallyNPH NPH starring sells me alone - what is Hedwig about?@itsbrieliz @escaperoomnyc What is the Escape Room? Everyone says Mormon no idea what that is even about.Headed to NYC for a speaking event - anyone have a recommendation for any good shows while I'm there?Let's Play Don't Starve - Episode 2 - [STILL WET]: http://t.co/vJBt9r0Imn via @YouTube@Dr_Boughetto It's from Rounders the movie....The best thing you will see/hear all day. Morgan Freeman impersonator reading the LeBron James' letter: http://t.co/cJmo7kTb3A@Dr_Boughetto I prefer 30 stacks of high society.In 15 minutes I'll be on @MorningShowCA again this morning talking about #BB16 for any Canadians who want to tune in! :)Let's Play - The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 7 [ROASTERS]: http://t.co/dTnK3Up0hg via @YouTube@LloydKami :)Leaving for NYC tomorrow so I'm canceling the stream in the morning. We'll be back Monday!
Now is the time to take out Donny if you want to win this game. He's fun to root for but a lock to win in the end. #BB16This is why I like Derrick's game. Putting out a fire with no panic whatsoever. #BB16Frankie's damage control is to wake up Derrick. #BB16Cody just now realizing that he's acting in everyone else's best interest... #BB16Awesome to see Brittany take down that challenge. #BB16 feel good moment.The worst part of Brittany's punishment is the fact she is isolated to the backyard while on the block. Little game talk. #BB16@zeiler1218 There's always a way.Not sure if I'm more confused with Caleb's decision to take the money as a bad game move, or the fact he called it "5 stacks?" #BB16Cody getting the kick penalty will be a good reminder to him that his nominations made no sense. #BB16Victoria thinking she is going to get sent home? Uhhh... #BB16@eeelizziebeth Thats the only thing!Is this Staples commercial for real? I miss "the school bus is my limo" from last year. #BB16There is no such thing as "deserving" to be in the house, you play and compete for the right everyday. #BB16Why are they talking about shoulder rubbing instead of back stabbing? #BB16They're making this too easy to comment on the Caleb / Amber situation so I just won't... #BB16Brittany taking her nomination well with her face buried. Half this game is always working the house and looking for an opening. #BB16Still don't understand why Cody would go after Brittany? Seems non-threatening without many allies. #BB16West Coast here we go... #BB16I'll be live tweeting #BB16 with the Coast on the West today...you know the drill: http://t.co/pMeRWLaRzt
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