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@DjBigRuss @Twitch @Razer You're my favorite HS player@MelissaJoanHart I met you at Nickleodeon when I was a kid - you waved back. Me and my sister we're fired up - we loved Clarissa.@DanielleAlexisM Best in the biz.
@tdr67 No preference. You?@KasonAllTimeLow Orlvosky or bust@theexTIMinator Be sure to mute the music.@NicholasBarbati A+Let's Play: Madden 15 - Lions Full Season [Game 7 - Saints]: http://t.co/Lqc5mtYgJ7 via @YouTube@JonCozart As you should be.@KevinCwalinski Well played https://t.co/mOFrIZBnx2@JeremiahWehler Focus power.@MathasGames they're the size of walruses@MathasGames https://t.co/pQTWYC8k2k@AlBeastBerube That song thoughYou're welcome for the best song of all time (with bonus video): https://t.co/U7dmD4C20i@NorthernlionLP bought - blind faith@sarahkn Thanks Sarah :)@Captain_Mikedj Hey thanks Mikey, I really appreciate it! How did you find the channel?
Live with Week 7 in my Lions @EAMaddenNFL Season! http://t.co/aiVCUqkIZF@lovelykaitkim Hey how much was that knife you bought?@WilliamZabka Happy birthday Billy!@JeremiahWehler @StutteringCraig @ScrewAttack Thanks Jeremiah! You're an all around great guy to the 2nd power?@KasonAllTimeLow Strim tonight@VannaWard CONGRATS ON 1 YEAR :D@kevinbrokeit http://t.co/Clj7k8nnUR@Crystalross239 Understanding what drives them is part 1 - part 2 is figuring out what works to get them going@canadianchicksj Read@BB_Addiction @BigBrotherazzi Milania is life@paullucci Always need insurance!@JackMorrisM What if life?@Bintonb Don't@canadianchicksj Newspaper@peachykeenale Ask every new customer how their day is@mattman608 There's always a way@charmedjcat Write how many actual class days you have left then one thing you get to do for fun if you make it through@brenlydia ๐Ÿ˜ท@JUDDARMY no@RyanMahan8 Hey Ryan - hope all is well man...sad to hear about the festival@cyannide Or sent a thank you note to the person that interviewed you@cyannide Have you connected with anyone on LinkedIn from the company@Bintonb You probably never will@Dolphini2 Bank account yes - world hunger more difficult@BigBrotherazzi @BB_Addiction No@MGuerski Yes but i will respond with go listen to 10 hours of my best advice for free@VinnyNardi :)@Hellkaticus Because Michigan@jorgebdamian Found a way home@_LaLas_Land Nacho cheese chalupa - you?@givntofly_76 Good morning!@ralyssa11 :)@mattman608 What do you want@Crystalross239 There is no science just understanding@MissBeeOKC :)@charmedjcat How much longer@xheathxr What class@peachykeenale What's work@loveisvein ๐Ÿ‘@HaileyBylow :)@canadianchicksj What's black and white and red all over@BBWorld16 ๐Ÿ‘Š@Karmyslea A2 + B2 = C2@Trevkat79 :) Not sure but thank you for the kind words@CMNH_steph @CMNHospitals So cool! Good luck@taylorwhite_ What do you want from the day@lisagagnon23 Hang tight@patrickr2112 Not gonna help@charmnsunshine Listen to my free podcasts@mal056 thanks you too!@cyannide What is the name of the company and location?@colbysaur Not much of a literary buff - cliffnotes?@NiallsGENetics :)@brenlydia Not hungry@zvujic Yes if you are a legal citizen@tamara_reene :)@BB_Addiction Wrong response@BoomerSooner37 Iso@paullucci Hahah thanks Paul - just try to work hard and not be average. What do you do?@peachykeenale What do you want to be motivated to do?@IrrelevantAnth ๐Ÿ‘Š@zvujic Go listen to my free podcasts! :) http://t.co/2axE2jzXpZ@hopeamarie Ayyyyy@xAshtonsPizzax Tweet back all day :)@cyannide What's the job?@JoshLin91 Hey JoshWaiting for a meeting and have a few minutes. Is there anything I can help you with?@NorthernlionLP @YouTube Quit it guy@AbigailJonesYTC Is it helping??@CWOFame @lrobertsglobal @LizaFromer @Global_TV Looking good guys!@iKasperr It has changed my life for sure! @PatFlynn is legit. It's out there if you hustle for it.@iKasperr This may help: http://t.co/DOI8hHCRNL - find a way to build it yourselfLet's Play: Prison Architect - Episode 20 [Lets Go]: http://t.co/SJIv8TJkJQ via @YouTube@TinaaRonning86 its me
@hnsessler Yes along with @SonsofAnarchy@Thee_AR15 Congrats on the first win & TD. GP taught you better dances than that though.@loulou_nl I do. I also have the memory of a young squirrel.Probably the grossest thing we've ever seen on #TheWalkingDead.@underthetides @FAlTHTAYLOR I do read the comics! But I can't remember - that was so long ago. I just read about Carl the blacksmith!@xoashleyxx :)What the heck was that? #TheWalkingDead@CHill_BBfan :) Let me know what you think of it!!
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