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“@CBSPolitics: FBI sources say they've traced Sony Pictures cyberattack to North Korea http://t.co/NNO06q3FRq
Lots of POTUS calls before vacation. He called Egyptian president al-Sisi and Iraqi PM al-Abadi, acc to WH.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker"Kim Jong Il may have been an eccentric ... He was, first and foremost, the cruelest man of our time." http://t.co/XJ3GpgyR9j
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @CivilBeat: Hawaii's Unemployment Rate Drops to 4% http://t.co/nfyrfJfxjv http://t.co/pqjbno6sFfGist of Secret Service report seems to be: A bigger fence would guard against future incompetence.RT @ZekeJMiller: The Secret Service Report Summary: http://t.co/BEpxfHANLCSuffering Washington football fans should convince Kim Jong Un to demand Snyder sell the team.Has "Homeland" been canceled yet or do I get to watch the season finale?"Boys! Avenge me!" https://t.co/3uBYUCqy33 "Avenge me!!!"
Retweeted by David M. DruckerIf Kim Jong Un doesn't get to them first RT @swin24: you can all come watch Team America and my and @timkmak's house.@fitzfam2000 @ActuallyNPH Unless they censor him.Rubio defends his stance against Cuba deal to SoFla: "If they want a Castro appeaser to be their next senator, they have a right to do so."
Retweeted by David M. DruckerDear scare banana republic leader: Maybe next time threaten bad reality TV.@DemFromCT Maybe someone should threaten them but promise safety if they don't go over 2 hours.Well, the Oscars ought to be interesting...Hoping Parker/Stone will produce apparently not satirical film on Kim Jong Un bringing Hollywood 2 its knees. Not that any1 will ever see itRT @MZHemingway: America is now a place where you can’t go see Team America. In 2014. In America. Heckuva job, people!That escalated quickly MT @voxdotcom: Paramount cancels showings of Team America in the wake of the Sony hack http://t.co/IWsqlOQZ0Y
Retweeted by David M. Drucker.@Harvard won't buy more Israeli company-owned water machines, which "can be seen as a microaggression." http://t.co/5zbU2lEncd
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @JTSTheHill: Earnest essentially confirms press conference tomorrow, says today likely his last briefing of the year
Retweeted by David M. DruckerSources continue to say they believe there is some sort of inside element to the Sony hacking case/we may be giving NK too much credit
Retweeted by David M. DruckerFeel like a lonely voice here, but I think Graham could be more important than Rubio in opposing Obama's Cuba policy: http://t.co/wfyqISsShZ
Retweeted by David M. DruckerU.S. Secret Service and Ugandan authorities dismantle international cyber counterfeiting conspiracy. http://t.co/jKHnSlP4oe
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRand Paul chief @dougstafford on Grimes lawsuit threat: "I think we will let her talk by herself" - http://t.co/AAYEJbLYPO
Retweeted by David M. DruckerIt required 2? RT @edatpost: This is neat, via @pbump: Everything the 113th Congress did and (didn’t do), in 2 charts http://t.co/rjV5vhIvqQRT @cstirewalt: Fox News First -- Jeff Sessions teaches a lesson in patriotic grace | http://t.co/AG2L8M1rSG #FNPoliticsObama has real talk with Raul Castro: http://t.co/WN7G79l8vo "I was very insistent with him" #CubaPolicy (AFP/Getty) http://t.co/MqPmxdiBR6
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @BenjySarlin: Baby steps towards redistricting reform in, of all places, Ohio http://t.co/q32gnwdzffRT @JGreenDC: Couldn't afford it RT @dcexaminer: Vermont drops plan to enact single-payer healthcare system http://t.co/FzYapcPj0W.@SonyPictures don’t cave, fight: release @TheInterview free online globally. Ask viewers for voluntary $5 contribution to fight #Ebola.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker“@weeklystandard: Special Editorial: Surrender to North Korea http://t.co/ugILEahtEdJeb might be able to overcome rustiness of 14-year gap. But probably won't be easy. Link: How rusty is Jeb Bush? http://t.co/IJH3uXnMta
Retweeted by David M. Drucker“@politico: Jeb Bush quitting Barclays http://t.co/DzjuH94frw@energydonk Thanks.For new GOP Congress, pressure to meet big legislative deadlines begins almost immediately: http://t.co/r7XIFk4rVY“@RobLowe: Wow. Everyone caved. The hackers won. An utter and complete victory for them. Wow.”Men who like spicier food are 'alpha males' with higher levels of testosterone, French report claims - Telegraph http://t.co/oZPPr3Lfri
Retweeted by David M. DruckerWhite House punts on anticipated methane announcement until at least January: http://t.co/0eZgzomr39
Retweeted by David M. Drucker"I’m worried that Democrats don’t see the problem ... There aren't a lot of white people." http://t.co/7HxaTjXZSE http://t.co/sWj54YNbDV
Retweeted by David M. DruckerIn an interview with @EJDionne, Chuck Schumer says his comments about Obamacare were misunderstood: http://t.co/32IfFsOfhH
Retweeted by David M. DruckerWhy did GOP leaders (& most rank-file) push so hard 4 #CRomnibus? Look at stack of deadlines they face in 2015: http://t.co/r7XIFk4rVY
SHOTS FIRED: Alison Grimes threatens to sue Rand Paul to stop him from running for president & reelection to Senate. http://t.co/aaRdcO4p5q
Retweeted by David M. Drucker“@ozchrisrock: I wanted to CHOOSE not to see The Interview.”About 80 here for "Run Warren Run" Iowa kickoff at Java Joe's in DM. Runs til 7 pm, hosted by http://t.co/NVzbUhj5W6. http://t.co/RFphiyddFC
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@Schwabcycler @AP They don't know it's "this is Hollywood." They and others now see this as a model.Inbox: "DFA officially joins, invests $250k in "Run Warren Run" campaign""White House is debating whether to publicly accuse North Korea of launching a cyberterrorism campaign against Sony" http://t.co/akjmyBralQ
Retweeted by David M. DruckerGrimes tells @WHAS11 (6pm tonight) that if @SenRandPaul tries to appear on same ballot for both Senate and Prez, she'll go to court.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker“@AP: BREAKING: US official says federal investigators connect Sony hacking to North Korea” // And the Norks win.“@MichaelBarone: Jeb and Hillary: Dynastic politics in America? http://t.co/TBQkRGyDSU@ChuckLane1 @JeffreyGoldberg In fact, most criticism has been similar to Lane's - that the U.S. gained zero in the policy shift.Sony = Hans Brix RT @Alex_Roarty: Good night to watch "Team America." (h/t @benpershing )RT @BecketAdams: Trey Parker and Matt Stone are going to have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun with this.RT @gdebenedetti: More CRUZ: "First Russia, then Iran, now Cuba - this is one more very, very bad deal brokered by the Obama Administration"#Awful RT @AriMelber: Breaking: Sony says it has "decided not to move forward" with planned Dec. 25 "theatrical release of The Interview."Sen Enzi will be Budget Chairman. In statement, Sessions says he's "deferring" to Enzi's seniority.House Foreign Affairs Chair Royce: “..still unclear what steps the Cuban govt is taking in return for this change...doesn’t look like much"Dem ex-Florida GOV and SEN Bob Graham, to @ktumulty: "I would have preferred if that this had been done on a more incremental basis." #Cuba
Retweeted by David M. DruckerObama just commuted sentences for 8 ppl, pardoned crimes for 12. Most about selling drugs, one involved counterfeiting Fed Reserve notes.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @ZekeJMiller: Inbox: Obama grants pardons and clemenciesTime to focus on re-elect: Sen Reid's office touts what he delivered for Nevada in lame duck. Money for tourism promotion, none for Yucca
Retweeted by David M. DruckerLarkin is an ex-Navy Seal RT @mkraju: More changes to McConnell's Senate. A new sergeant at arms: Frank Larkin, succeeding Andrew WillisonEarnest on an Obama trip to Cuba: "If there's an opportunity for the president to visit I'm sure that he wouldn't turn it down."
Retweeted by David M. DruckerSCOOP: Regal, AMC and Cinemark will NOT be showing "The Interview" and ask Sony to postpone release. Coming soon to http://t.co/tYqjA9IEQL
Retweeted by David M. Drucker#Silly MT @ZekeJMiller: .@PressSec: “It’s hard to imagine that anyone’s going to campaign for this office” on reversing Obama’s Cuba actionsRT @JoshBlockDC: Hamas Official: We Will Liberate the West Bank Just Like Gaza http://t.co/JLD7T78J6g http://t.co/IL0RQfbk7zRT @JaredRizzi: Earnest: "Certainly wouldn't rule out a presidential visit" to #CubaGreat @AlexConant shot too RT @clarkshadows: .@marcorubio fixes his tie before his press conference on Cuba http://t.co/JhnfS6YaOA
Retweeted by David M. DruckerLindsey Graham, incoming chairm of Senate Approps State Dept subcommittee, promises to block all funds for an embassy in Cuba.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerAnd @JebBush today: "I don't think we should be negotiating with a repressive regime" http://t.co/rCMx1LHUSc (h/t @adopolitics & @alecrider)
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @mkraju: Reid says he backs Obama's #Cuba policyRT @Joelmentum: Rubio challenges Pope Francis: ‘Take Up the Cause of Freedom’ http://t.co/fiymoZhIQpRT @daveweigel: Follow @MichaelCBender for all things Rubio and Jeb. He is… not having a slow week.Top Dem on Foreign Affairs Engel: I believe that Congress must see a greater political opening in Cuba before lifting the embargo. #Cuba
Retweeted by David M. Drucker.@SpeakerBoehner: “Relations w/ the Castro regime shld not be revisited, let alone normalized, until the Cuban people enjoy freedom" #CubaCuban President Raul Castro: "We have agreed to reestablish diplomatic relations with US" http://t.co/1iyT9SEspa http://t.co/zx8qKkIYR1
Retweeted by David M. DruckerBREAKING: @MarthaMcSally (R) defeats @RepRonBarber (D) in #AZ02 after recount; final unresolved House race of 2014 http://t.co/YFx8WZhuEh
Retweeted by David M. Drucker"Here we are, protected, free to make our profits without Kefauver, the goddamn Justice Dept & the FBI 90 miles away." -Hyman Roth #Cuba"Others have seen us as a former colonizer…" @BarackObama #Cuba"I do not expect the changes I'm announcing today to bring about a transformation of Cuban society overnight." @BarackObama #Cuba"I'm under no illusion about the continuing barriers to freedom that remain to ordinary Cubans." @BarackObama #CubaRT @peterbakernyt: Obama on Cuba: "These 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked. It’s time for a new approach.""This is fundamentally about freedom & openness." @BarackObama #Cuba"I've instructed Sec Kerry to review Cuba's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism." @BarackObama"Where we disagree, we will raise those differences directly." @BarackObama on #CubaRT @jbendery: "Pope Francis issued a personal appeal to me and Raul Castro," Obama says of forging US-Cuba ties.President announces US intel op imprisoned in Cuba for more than 2 decades also released today & back on US soil (doesnt name)
Retweeted by David M. Drucker"For more than 35 years, we've had relations w/ China, a far larger country that's also governed by" communists. @BarackObama #CubaMore 2015 fun RT @chucktodd: 20 years ago, the president exclusively could have lifted the embargo. But Congress codified it in the 90sRT @chucktodd: 20 years ago, the president exclusively could have lifted the embargo. But Congress codified it in the 90sLast race period RT @shiracenter: The last House race of 2014... any minute now #AZ02@sasha2000 You should try it some time. Twitter sarcasm is fun."We will end an outdated approach … and instead begin to normalize relations between our two countries." @BarackObama on #Cuba@sasha2000 It was a joke.#BlameCanada RT @davidfrum: "In a deal negotiated during 18 months of secret talks hosted largely by Canada …” http://t.co/VGgCgES8DZIt's December. Is one slow news day too much to ask for?RT @WNTonight: Obamas on Race: We've been treated like the help - http://t.co/fHPa5BJ3to http://t.co/BaNpMshSt4Gorbachev thought bubble: I should have waited the Americans out.From the White House release on Cuba news: "We cannot keep doing the same thing and expect a different result" http://t.co/OKWn40tLeh
Retweeted by David M. DruckerI wonder whether Obama will pick White House chief of staff & lifelong Latin American policy guy Denis McDonough Amb to Cuba
Retweeted by David M. Drucker
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