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“@apalmerdc: Evangelicals road test 2016 strategy - more door/door & online - try to remain politically relevant http://t.co/m9VLj8RsRz"These are all folks that vote with me. They have supported my agenda in Congress." - Obama on Sharpton's radio show re: Dems in tough races
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @susanferrechio: Government has paid millions for workers to stay home http://t.co/FSuFuGMvjE via @DCExaminerRT @cnnbrk: ISIS launches attacks against Mosul Dam, Sinjar mountain range in northern Iraq. http://t.co/sAhhhLDm0yAccording to this http://t.co/bSirMZH02e, @OrmanForSenate a featured speaker at a Dem rally in KS on 10/25. #KSSENCorrection to previous tweet on @GOP fundraising: The RNC reported $9.7 MILLION cash on hand as of 9.30.New Bluegrass poll shows U.S. Senate race remains a dead heat with McConnell enjoying a 1-point lead http://t.co/ml0VtGjTYM
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@MattDeLuca @GOP $9.7 million. oops.@PeebsY0 @GOP I don't follow you question. Clarify..@GOP raises $13.5 million in Sept. Reports $9.7 cash on hand as of 9/30.McConnell booked $2.1M in TV for #KYSEN's final 2 wks. Grimes at $1.4M. MM in more markets/greater mix of cable: http://t.co/ZYzpDsnSSiMcConnell on track to vastly outspend Grimes on TV during final 2 weeks of #KYSEN: http://t.co/ZYzpDsnSSiRT @philipaklein: How toxic is Common Core? Andrew Cuomo, in super safe gov race, knocks in new ad. Via @daveweigel http://t.co/IrJ84tHqiJIRS no longer allows direct linking to 527 reports, so you gotta use their search to find Bloomberg's $1.37M to DLCC. http://t.co/NOBNlPlfXy
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @MarcACaputo: Oh man. @MarioDB just compared @CharlieCrist's election effort to "Sharknado 2.".@repcorygardner's #COSEN pre-general fundraising report: $1.28 million raised (10/1-10/15); $1.87M cash on hand as of 10/15A barkeep, a petition and a tweet. A quintessential DC story from @josephlawler: http://t.co/0DBfNHCUCERead this => “@SeanTrende: The polls might be skewed. But that doesn't help us predict this election. http://t.co/DkaXC9zjga
New: White House: Ron Klain work handing out stimulus money good experience for Ebola czar. http://t.co/5k2Y2SzD0A
Retweeted by David M. Drucker
So so good. #VineCliff http://t.co/jpyhPRAN9c@CahnEmily OMG what were they thinking.The CDC used to be a well-liked agency. It’s now slightly more popular than the IRS. http://t.co/pbqNSP5RIA http://t.co/1iVite0jlK
Retweeted by David M. DruckerThe Grimes campaign says anti-immigration ad ran it's course/ end didn't have to do w. meeting with imm advocates http://t.co/I7GKS5NgFx
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @edatpost: Let there be no doubt: @MichelleNunnGA reaffirms in a Q&A with me that she voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. #gasenRob Ford asked to leave Toronto polling station for allegedly breaking campaign rules http://t.co/2MEZynpkIK #TOpoli http://t.co/P4TC0sw0v9
Retweeted by David M. DruckerThey're either losing or not on ballot MT @ChadPergram: Various members of both parties demanding Congress convene to deal w/ #EbolaMT @nickconfessore: Very helpful @CitizenCohn piece arguing travel ban, even a well-intentioned one, is a bad idea. http://t.co/IIuO2lcRy6@adambeam Love it. Nice pic..@susancrabtree w/ a scoop on White House breach by tourists that happened in summer of 2008: http://t.co/4vzo7IaNRvMT @SenLeeComs: All Judiciary Cmte GOPs sign ltr urging Obama to cease issuing visas in West African countries #ebola http://t.co/X12n44YMCoAlison Grimes camp meets with imm. advocates about ad. Apologizes. Won't say that's why they are taking down ad http://t.co/I7GKS5NgFx
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @jamiedupree: Hagan is the second Democratic Senator to back a temporary travel ban on Ebola, joining Sen Bill Nelson D-FL#NCSEN RT @jamiedupree: Sen Kay Hagan D-NC issues statement calling for temporary ban on travel to US from 3 African nations hit by EbolaRT @ReutersUS: U.S. Supreme Court allows gay marriage in Alaska to go into effect: court orderGood read frm @samyoungman on @AlisonForKY's attempt to keep KY libs in fold while pursuing conservative Ds: http://t.co/xyHCWMtBEr #KYSENJeff Sessions ties his statement on the Ebola czar to immigration executive action http://t.co/Ol3UYTp3R7
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @dwallbank: Obama's campaign schedule resumes this weekend; had canceled travel earlier this wk to deal w/ EbolaAlexander: "I will continue to work ... to make sure the licensing work for Yucca Mountain is not stalled any longer" cc: @SenatorReid
Retweeted by David M. DruckerAdd Sen @RoyBlunt to Republicans calling for "Temporary Suspension Of Travel Visas For Passengers In Ebola-Stricken Countries" #EbolaSen. Alben Barkley called Mr. Smith Goes to Washington "a grotesque distortion" that showed Senate as "biggest aggregation of nincompoops"
Retweeted by David M. DruckerJUST IN: White House official: Pres. Obama to appoint former vice presidential chief of staff Ron Klain as US Ebola "czar" - @marykbruce
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @RobEngstrom: BREAKING: US Chamber doubles-down in #nhsen w/ @MittRomney. WATCH & RT. #NewHampshire #Election2014 http://t.co/SXQl5gv6US“@ByronYork: Link: Governor Perry out of country as Texas Ebola crisis grew. http://t.co/em8CXA3Uio” // Another uniquely York analysisGood get from @SecretsBedard on @GOP transferring funds to Party's Congressional campaign cmtes 4 final push: http://t.co/xZ7dShwwymIn #SDSEN, GOP breathes easier as internal polling shows Rounds stabilizing, Pressler deflating & Weiland in 2nd: http://t.co/E2nbyPUFqrGood bet: @GOP doubles down on winning Senate, padding House lead, with $5m loan | http://t.co/YPdRfyWa9m http://t.co/2tuxQPiNwa
Retweeted by David M. Drucker“@RalstonReports: Nevada's unemployment rate now down to 7.3 percent, lowest since July 2008. #recoveryIn #SDSEN, Republicans claim to breath easier as Rounds sharpens effort & Pressler deflates: http://t.co/E2nbyPUFqr
@Bodhisattva_ny Because I grew up in L.A. and a Dodgers fan. I am genetically predisposed to hate all NorCal teams, especially the Giants.I hate the Giants. But the deserve to go to the Series.“@joshrogin: Insiders Blame Rove for Covering Up Iraq’s Real WMD http://t.co/uQBPRpWbve by @EliLake“@mkraju: Reid and DSCC have pushed Harkin to transfer cash to help Braley. He's said no. w/@BresPolitico http://t.co/p0dJu95G3w@scontorno What I was going for.@scontorno You just answered your own question, which I figured most people will understand. Give me a fact-check rating.What do Repubs think of their prospects 4 taking the Senate? Here's what the @NRSC's ED told reporters on Thurs: http://t.co/Fxsfyqb90pGreatly enjoyed this piece abt how #Royals executed their long term vision http://t.co/IqWxyteSjC important in 2day's "WIN NOW!" culture
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @joshledermanAP: WASHINGTON (AP) - Obama authorizes call-up of National Guard, reserves if needed to address #EbolaTotal Recall coming soon. RT @bradplumer Scientists can now delete and fabricate memories in mice. Next up, humans? http://t.co/sp6j0xfVPs
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @deirdrewalshcnn: GOP Whip Scalise pressing Frieden on whether or not WH considering a travel banRT @charliespiering: Majority Whip Steve Scalise now up - calling for a travel banRT @cimarcos: Text of Rep. Dennis Ross's (R-FL) #Ebola travel ban bill: http://t.co/6nyaAlgOTAProtestors call for ban on air travel to US from West Africa nations. (CBS photo by Erick Washington). http://t.co/AyLNmqsn9g
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@samsteinhp @Jerusalem_Post @philipaklein I reading the story (just now) it appears to me that the answer is "no."@samsteinhp @Jerusalem_Post @philipaklein Not sure; was just flagging as I do w/ certain news reports.Something that almost never works in politics: Telling public they don't have to be concerned abt something they're very concerned abtIsrael => RT @Jerusalem_Post: Preventive measures to be put in place to stop entry of visitors carrying Ebola http://t.co/eBvbImn0zjRT @BarackObama: Team #Obamacare needs you: http://t.co/6RotVX4JyOHouse Foreign Affairs Chairman Royce calls on @JohnKerry to halt issuance of visas for non-U.S. nationals from #Ebola effected countriesHave debate q's for @FLGovScott v @CharlieCrist Round 3 next Tuesday night? Tweet @CNNPolitics using #FLDebate. [insert fan joke here]
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @OKnox: My latest: Obama is barely containing his annoyance with France, Italy, others over weak #Ebola response http://t.co/tLxvYmJtqR
Retweeted by David M. DruckerHas anybody learned anything from watching this #Ebola hearing? … Bueller?Operation Inherent Determination RT @BrianHughesDC: The WH mood at the moment? "Determined," says Josh Earnest.OK RT @ZekeJMiller: Earnest says in convos with Frieden, Obama was "Very focused on getting some basic answers to direct questions"RT @WaPoSean: Sen. Bernie Sanders will hold four rallies in NH next week. #2016@brianknewhouse @BrianHughesDC They need 2 give a btr reason 4 NOT implementing travel ban if they want the public to support that decisionRT @BrianHughesDC: Earnest also says a visa ban not under consideration. #EbolaNRSC head Rob Collins not worried about Nunn winning outright on Nov. 4: "The concept that she can win outright is a bridge too far." #GASEN
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@Crespo81 @EWErickson Worries he won't avoid a runoff. That's what I'm hearing.Ebola adds to angst - voters frustrated, angry, worried, dissatisfied... and ready to take it out on someone. http://t.co/lyZCrQAwfq
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRepublicans beginning to be nervous about the GA-SEN. Most ppl I talk to say the problems stem from Perdue’s failure to heal primary wounds
Retweeted by David M. Drucker“@anitakumar01: Timeline: How often has Obama canceled plans to handle a crisis? http://t.co/q2tYVYw9tIAbout 1,500 negative DSCC ads alone have pummeled Joni Ernst in Iowa, @Publici says. NRSC targeting Bruce Braley. http://t.co/GWdfkZaFeu
Retweeted by David M. DruckerIn Iowa, Republicans are narrowing the Democrats' Early Vote advantage. Will it be enough to win close #IASEN race? http://t.co/n8W2GFEOlgRT @Paul_Lindsay: NY Times: Late Surge of Money Buoys Republicans in Races That Will Decide Control of Senate http://t.co/fYWNgOWEH7@singernews @Bodhisattva_ny Our job as reporters is to report what we can prove. Not force people to disprove unsubstantiated allegations..@PRyan joins @PatRoberts2014 in Overland Park on Friday. #KSSENWeird. @Deadspin has "update" on story about @CoryGardner "lying" . Update contradicts entire story. http://t.co/SvthAoLLEv
Retweeted by David M. DruckerKnow who’s having a fun MLB postseason? The @KCStar’s page designers. via @drgooch41 @smorris1988 http://t.co/AUBHp9tfcG
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @lkramer: Two Ohio schools closed amid Ebola scare http://t.co/qfnSsKslFR via @usatodayGOP sees uptick in super PAC giving as enthusiasm builds. Altho late, 2012 donor fatigue dissipates: http://t.co/juCIPoL61bRT @mike_w_allen: Don't have a cow, man, but the Kansas City Royals aren't named after nobility http://t.co/oDqbjSToy2How a federal agency you probably never heard of spent your tax dollars: http://t.co/d9by3NiPxo h/t @lukerosiakNew #COSEN Q poll: Gardner over Udall 47%-41%. Gardner led last Q poll 48%-40%. Udall's lead w/ women is 49%-40%; was 46-43.“@SalenaZitoTrib: Ebola patient contacted CDC before flight, Agency says was OK to fly http://t.co/m7b1K8SJ3r per @NBCNews
Everyone seems so surprised by the shenanigans at the #FLGOV debate. I missed it. But c'mon guys, isn't it obvious? It's FLORIDA."We ought to respect the people of Nebraska." Udall on Keystone pipeline #COSEN"He is a social issues warrior and that has defined his time in office." Gardner on Udall #COSENIn #COSEN, Udall tries to paint Gardner as "too extreme." Gardner goes after Udall for "voting w/ the president 99% of the time.""That was the intent of the legislation." Udall, when asked why people couldn't keep their plans under #Obamacare #COSENUdall "worries" Gardner would join the "Ted Cruzes & Mike Lees of the Senate." #COSEN
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