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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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@Brian_Sussman you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blowsLindsey Graham says new congressional report on Benghazi is full of crap, because 2 many sacred cows are protected gop/dncFor the past 6 years America has experienced what Chicago governance is likeAt least Tony Soprano feared the feds...Obama is in charge of the fedsJudge Jeanine to Obama: ‘Stop with the Smug, Tony Soprano-Like Threats’ – http://t.co/W2rKLjS8vT@KrankenBruder1 Perhaps it is the only fair thing left to do...put a community organizer in charge of dod@EDinCali @joewmiller ¿What if moderates muslims are who misunderstand Islam and Isis,Boko-Haram,Hamas,talibán et al are the real muslims?
Retweeted by Ed If there was real justice-Dems warn backers: Obama could go to prison! http://t.co/iZCavEC4dL via @worldnetdailySNL Recreates ‘Schoolhouse Rock,’ Except with Obama Tossing Bill Down Stairs https://t.co/CGYvarNYSD"Stupid voters"-Obama: One Great Thing About America Is ‘We Don’t Have Real Long Memories’ https://t.co/TjC1m6kYFiHang cop or face consequences-Giuliani Warns of Nationwide Riots: Ferguson ‘Grand Jury Under Incredible Pressure’ https://t.co/Nbr2AoI29aYOU are the problem-Sen. Durbin: Dems Lost as Voters ‘Have Given Up on Washington Improving Their Lives’ https://t.co/iONEvwgtq0Leftist Statesman Pitbull Lauds Obama at AMA’s: ‘We Can All Stay, God Bless America’ https://t.co/8sNtsol3tpWhiskey Tango Foxtrot-Gay Rights Group: Immigration Deal Leaves Out Too Many LGBT Immigrant Families http://t.co/bmdAwL992J via @joewmillerWhat part of illegal doesn't obama understand?-Flood of Illegal Immigrants to Pour Into NYC Schools http://t.co/h31WLvTmn9 via @joewmillerReligion of "peace"-In Kenya Attack, Terrorists Killed Those Who Could Not Answer Questions on Islam http://t.co/Aq0KOr0Qiq via @joewmillerThe wrong con man?-New York City Awarded Ebola Clean-Up Contract to Con Man http://t.co/N4cAmNk1KL via @joewmiller"Mistakes" always in their favor-Push for more openness after Obamacare data mix-up http://t.co/qedOIMllJm via @POLITICOTime for Chuck Hagel to move on...His work is finished at dodThe real cost of "green energy" is hidden w/govt subsidies & hikes in your utility bills. Green energy is economically unsustainable #tcot
Be a good little subject and don't believe your own lying eyes....believe the democrat talking points #tcotthis is hilarious to us up here in Alaska @Carbongate @EDinCali @DougGillespie7
Retweeted by Ed @JessicaGG25 @MemlikPasha The enemy of my enemy is my friend@DougGillespie7 @EDinCali Global Warming Affects Alaska http://t.co/BKo3GJ4E7C
Retweeted by Ed @RedAlert @HarleyLeBon Even maggots gag@XtyMiller @EDinCali Either way, blame America first...
Retweeted by Ed Caught on Tape: 'Environmentalists' Not Sure If We Are Experiencing Global Warming or Cooling https://t.co/PUibhe3Oko
Retweeted by Ed Arctic sea ice extent viewed from satellite yesterday #climatechange http://t.co/dR5mYNwoe2
Retweeted by Ed @Tierrah46 @VRWCTexan @peter_upfield :)@joeconstitution No Buddhist extremists blowing themselves and others up?@Tierrah46 @VRWCTexan @peter_upfield As confused as a hungry baby in a topless barNow that's a conundrum !! @EDinCali @VRWCTexan @peter_upfield
Retweeted by Ed .@NumbersMuncher Perhaps a case of ...... Never Mind. http://t.co/LCJ6qJnaYb
Retweeted by Ed Follow @Raffiwilliams for cutting edge news and opinion #tcotOn Keystone and the N.S.A., Clinton Remains Quiet http://t.co/WKgDi1tlH9
Retweeted by Ed This NYTimes correction is hard to beat h/t @carlquintanilla http://t.co/2iy6cU9CpV http://t.co/oT7arMzWS1
Retweeted by Ed @Raffiwilliams Funny how they can get up on their hind feet and pontificate honesty AFTER they get out of officeFormer Dem senator: Obama should have worked with Congress http://t.co/DBkbZIs51X
Retweeted by Ed The Renewable Road To Ruin. Spain's Green Disaster a Lesson for America - http://t.co/evErnv6bGg: http://t.co/a2z7N016DT via @YouTube
Retweeted by Ed @VRWCTexan @peter_upfield Which side has more credibility in that room? The iranians or the obama administration?@Shgamha "Knuckle dragger, trying to keep up in a world which moves too fast" Use hashtag #TNOT to access Top Neanderthals On Twitter.@BarackObama is demanding illegal immigrants go through a background check, which ironically Obama never went through. #ImmigrationAction
Retweeted by Ed Iran Negotiator Zarif ‘Frequently Shouts’ at Kerry So loud bodyguards have entered the room http://t.co/namhhYCQ6X http://t.co/LwepYgQnOA
Retweeted by Ed I liked a @YouTube video from @thewoundchannel http://t.co/d1SEnHP74r Black Talon Ballistic Gel Test ** 45 ACP & 10mm **
Retweeted by Ed Imagine Josh Earnest as the proprietor of a pet store who sells a dead parrot to a customer claiming it was just "sleeping" #montypython@greta Depends on which teams you are talking about :)first #gruber,now#NFL;NFL tells fans in stadium when to cheer...must think fans are #stupid
Retweeted by Ed Hear The Sound Of Cancelled Reservations: Delta Airlines Tweets Support Of Obama’s Immigration Debacle http://t.co/N5vntLxgjO
Retweeted by Ed SNL’s Obama Shoves Immigration Bill Down Stairs of Capitol Hill http://t.co/G9jDhGrUAg
Retweeted by Ed ISF and Peshmerga backed by Shi'a militia forces have reportedly cleared most of Sa'adiyah and Jalula. http://t.co/pG5zbGeixE
Retweeted by Ed DVR'd #FoxNewsSunday , @GregAbbott_TX was terrific. he as bee a great AG and will be a great Governor. TY @GregAbbott_TX
Retweeted by Ed @SaltyBlackBroad That's a safe word :)@PatDollard Red manDid you know that "Oklahoma" means "Red-Skinned People" in Choctaw? "#Redskins" is the traditional Native Americans' name for themselves.
Retweeted by Ed This grandmother was booked on the Titanic--here is what she did instead -- brilliant http://t.co/iAgrzmrGYu
Retweeted by Ed @AEI and how can anyone believe either side at the nuke negotiating table? Iran/Obama/Rice/Kerry have no credibilityInveterate lying iranians sit down and discuss nuke negotiations w/pathological lying obama administration...Who to believe?@EDinCali Because they (O/K/R) need an agreement just for the sake of it to forge their "legacy".
Retweeted by Ed Iran playing obama/rice/kerry like a cheap fiddleChuck Todd Asks If GOP Should ‘Drop The Benghazi Conspiracy Theories?’ http://t.co/RCQuKcXFsI
Retweeted by Ed 30,000 Missing Emails Sent From IRS Criminal Lois Lerner Recovered http://t.co/3wmdB5tluW #tcot #teaparty #lnyhbt
Retweeted by Ed In the end....the majority of lemmings was proven wrong@BraveConWarrior @Pudingtane "Looters Law"@Carbongate @ShareThis Germany's financial minister was caught saying that solar is the path to bankruptcyGermany Desperate For More Coal Power To Keep Lights On http://t.co/MXLB2zA6Ys via @sharethis
Retweeted by Ed @coinabs @PecosRoyBean Why the AK 47...Why don't they have the latest American rifles? Obama?KURDISH WOMEN SOLDIERS PICTURED HERE ! I STAND WITH KURDS FREEDOM ! As #CanadianJews we #StandForIsrael AMEN ! http://t.co/WspJP1G07p
Retweeted by Ed Smartest birds ever. jupiter2: These two crows are having way too much fun playing in the snow http://t.co/D1Cwc6Z17p
Retweeted by Ed @jeanniemcbride Le enfante terribleCNN Interview With Palestinian #Ferguson Protester Turns Into Shouting Match || Wait, PALESTINIAN Protester? http://t.co/ps47NIWaqH
Retweeted by Ed Only the gullible dem base is-Bill Maher, Chris Matthews: ‘Gruber Was Right,’ Americans ‘Are Stupid’ https://t.co/3BQrA6cjIe@Smalltalkwitht When will obama recognize cair as a terrorist group?UAE Designated Terror Group Hamas-tied #CAIR Urges Muslims Not to Cooperate with FBI via Pamela ... http://t.co/x7mFttNJxF
Retweeted by Ed African Caliphate: Boko Haram murders 48 fish vendors in northeast Nigeria via Pamela Geller, ... http://t.co/pX9pDdT41y
Retweeted by Ed But it gets you stoned- WOW: What this new study says about second hand marijuana smoke is a slap in the face. http://t.co/pYRp5Fk6Di#MPStrong @MPTomahawkFball Out of the greatest darkness comes greater hope and light. A month ago, it… http://t.co/H9HSS8zOGa
Retweeted by Ed Obama approval tumbles to 39% http://t.co/V4SYm4FxUI http://t.co/ChOy8PRLot” - Who are the fools that make up 39%?
Retweeted by Ed Hysterical Democrats Suggest Unless Supporters “Stand With President Obama,” He May Go to Jail http://t.co/XYcbhvLJhI via @joewmiller@EDinCali @PatriotOutdoor illegal immigrant with gun issues yeah one plus one does not equal2right, 99.9% offenders wold be involved wth wht
Retweeted by Ed Abu Abdullah al-Habashi who said the Islamic State flag would fly over the White House....he is #dead. http://t.co/ZboZm1Cqir
Retweeted by Ed “@SaloumehZ RT: “@lucash6a: @hankishtwit All the President's Men?” http://t.co/STAv80JMsJ”RT
Retweeted by Ed @tahDeetz @DRUDGE_REPORT Voters sick of the smell of incompetence/corruption"on its own terms, instead of letting Issa do it. Give them to lssa at the same time you give them to the press with an explanation.."
Retweeted by Ed New DHS Immigration Rules on Deportation: Gun Offenders Not Top Priority - Patriot Outdoor News - http://t.co/qmXjnkDkv7 via @PatriotOutdoor
Rep. John conyers asking same questions as orher members, he would have known that if he showed up on time
Retweeted by Ed Monty Pythons dead parrot sketch, could easily star the obama admin https://t.co/zIxfcJfv9GSheriff Joe Arpaio Takes Obama To Court Over Immigration http://t.co/IGitmnAw1v via @po_stWatch Roseanne on ID... you could win $5,000! - http://t.co/hqj1yZFWWw via @shareaholic@wickwife @EDinCali @BarackObama Amazing 30k missing IRS emails found on Friday after congress goes home for the holiday, it's just Amazing!
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali I can respect that, we try and wish best for our children, but they choose their path, teach kids to think about what they do
Retweeted by Ed holder/obama turn us into police state-Leaked Emails Prove O Admin Intentionally Targeted Whistleblowing Reporter http://t.co/ZfAwSfGYhgHer goal was not to make a political mistake-McCain: Hillary Accomplished Little as Secretary of State https://t.co/VRCJgwkoNNTrue-Gingrich: People ‘Offended and Frightened’ by ‘Uncontrollable’ Obama https://t.co/qXWVZ2KhqiE Tu Jay Carney: Obama ‘Literally’ Doing What He Said Was Unconstitutional in 2011 https://t.co/zW7a4AH9wdFor child tax credits?-EBT cards? Subsidized Housing?-Luis Gutierrez: I Told Obama ‘My Job Now Is To Sign People Up’ https://t.co/jHgG27cRjZIt's all about him-Andrea Mitchell: Obama Has Made ‘Enemies in His Own Party’ with Executive Order https://t.co/3WRV4ubAnh@EDinCali Gerry Rivers' 'dreamers' provide a lucrative, much-needed career boost...
Retweeted by Ed Yes teach your children to obey the law-Michael Brown’s Father: ‘I Do Not Want My Son’s Death To Be in Vain’ https://t.co/vqeX9pBCcJHe would have beheaded Republicans-Earnest: If the President Was King/Emperor He Would Have Enacted the Senate Bill https://t.co/RvZeltynsrJihad financed Jimmy Carter: Hillary Clinton’s Defense of Israel ‘Concerns Me’ https://t.co/5y2WI9gbYy
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