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@louisgray Awesome job, Louis! You sure got some serious traction during the workweek!
We’re excited to have made @Fortune’s “Change the World” list: If you have any questions, let us know!@elvynmejia Thanks for your interest in joining the Fitbit team! The best way to apply is via our Jobs Site: your form this #FreestyleFriday with a 20 minute workout from @FitStar. #SeizeSummer Congrats on the weight loss! #happystepping #fitbitfriends@xkatiejanex We're excited for you to get #backontrack!
Find out how celebrities like Adam Levine get their workouts in: of all the steps you can get while your friends are at work. #Fitbitisms Great job on hitting your daily goals! Keep it up! #happystepping@gpetelaw Well done! #happystepping #fitbitfriends@meganoneill Fitbit loves you, too! #fitbitfriends
Think companionship is the only reason to celebrate your pup? Think again. #NationalDogDay grumpy? A new study shows that bad food might be responsible for your bad mood. Yay! #happystepping all the way to the top! #fitbitfriends
What workouts earn a spot in the Top 5 Activities Across the Globe? Find out here: these smart habits to keep your summer health kick strong for fall. #SeizeSummer You may try these wearing tips: to help improve the heart rate accuracy.@CaitlinKimmet Lovely!@adampapa60 That Surge loves you, too! #fitbitfriends #happystepping@WhatsUpMattDiaz #happystepping
@TheArtofCharm Sorry to hear this. Can you share your case number with us so that we can have it looked into? Hope to hear from you soon!You already have everything you need to succeed #MindOverMatter #MondayMotivation Oh, might be that the automatic app update is enabled in the app settings.@bribritherunguy Happy Birthday! Fitbit loves you, too! <3 #happystepping
@scottedelman Thanks! Consider the following tips when travelling with your Fitbit: Safe travels!@Linzomatic Sure thing!
@scottedelman Sorry about that. Fitbit trackers automatically reset at midnight. Have you changed your time zone?@YoyomanMichael No worries! Let us know if there's anything else we can assist you with.@ashleyhcp Good job! Way to go! About time to level up your goal! :) #happystepping #fitbitfriends@YoyomanMichael 2/2 You can still get credits by manually logging your activity: Hope this helps!@YoyomanMichael 1/2 Hi! For extreme activities, we don't recommend wearing your tracker as it may cause damage.
If you’re looking to gauge your fitness in the new school year, @nytimes recommends Charge HR: dietician @foodtrainers' casual dining picks that are diet-friendly & delicious You're very much welcome! We hope to see you back on track soon.#SeizeSummer in just 15 minutes with a totally awesome total-body workout. #FreestyleFriday Woohoo! Keep it up! #happystepping@onemikefitz 2/2 If so, we'll be happy to help by reaching out via email through 1/2 Sorry to hear this. Have you tried finding your tracker through these tips Thanks for your remark & we appreciate sharing your voice about this in our community:
@Linzomatic We'd like to see what we can do for you! Please email us by visiting you need us, we’ll be at the mall. #Fitbitisms #PeruseWithPurpose what other Fitbit users do to find their fit? Explore the 2015 Fitbit Activity Index™:
@iTittaySlappdYa Thanks for the update. For any questions, we're a tweet away.@Linzomatic Oh no! Have you tried these search and rescue tips: Sorry to hear this! Please send us email via so we may better assist you from there. Keep us posted!Celebrity trainer @harleypasternak got people moving at his studio in LA. What’s your go-to workout? #findyourfit You're welcome! This has been suggested to our developers & you can share your ideas here: more ways to #SeizeSummer? Take your workout somewhere new. Oh no! Have you tried these syncing troubleshoots: Also, what mobile phone are you using?@MMMarathoner 2/2 It's also best for your skin if the belt clip stays clean & dry. We hope this helps!@MMMarathoner 1/2 No. The One is water resistant but should be removed before swimming & showering.@lizmarieee Sweet! #fitbitfriends
@tylerjanderson Good job! :) About time to level up your goal. Keep the steps coming! :) #happystepping #fitbitfriends@agoldfisher You check out these info regarding Sleep tracking: Hope this helps!@MMMarathoner Good job! But has your One been damaged? You can try the tips here: Hope this helps! :)@lowcarbtraveler Please don't hesitate to send your request to It'll be forwarded on from there!Take a page out of the back-to-school playbook by packing your bag & heading to a fitness class. #SchoolYourGoals We've made improvements on how active minutes is measured. Check it out here:
@PushingThePen We're glad to have you on board! #happysteppingTry something new. Find an activity that makes you smile, that makes you want more, & just do that. #MondayMotivation We're sorry to hear this. Please email us via & we'll be glad to take a closer look.@ashedryden 2/2 Also, please reach us at We'd like to assist further.@ashedryden 1/2 We're sorry to see this. Please stop wearing your tracker & see our care tips at Thanks for the love! #fitbitfriends #happystepping
@eyeonannapolis You're most welcome!
@YoyomanMichael You can do it! We're cheering you on! #fitbitfriends #happystepping@eyeonannapolis 2/2 Tweet us back if you have additional questions.@eyeonannapolis 1/2 Hi there! If you sync to a compatible smartphone (, then you will not need it.@gihangamos Hi! You can purchase a Charge HR via Amazon through here: Hope this helps!
@MWhitleyDesigns Is your distance too high or too low? Your tracker calculates distance by multiplying your steps to your stride length.#SeizeSummer & get beach ready with this 10-minute @FitStar core workout. #FreestyleFriday Which activities did you do? Here's how your tracker calculates your active minutes: Oh no! At this time, charging cables and other Fitbit tracker accessories are only available on us on 8/19 at our Engineering Open House in San Diego to learn more about available positions. RSVP here: 2/2 Setting your stride length may help improve distance tracking as well. Here's how: 1/2 Are you comparing your tracker's distance tracked using the MobileRun for Fitbit mobile app or another app?
Step counts over subject lines. #Fitbitisms
@jesterjules 2/2 And we suggest this on our Ideas Board: Keep us posted!@jesterjules 1/2 Thanks for reaching out to us! We don't recommend to swim with your tracker.Hear how rockstar athlete Alex Johnson uses Fitbit Surge to propel her rock-climbing career.
@MWhitleyDesigns Great catch on that! If it reoccurs, let us know & we'll take a closer look. Thanks for updating us!Can’t relax? Keep calm during stressful situations with these 5 breathing techniques:
Set a goal today. Make it official. Make it specific. Then chase it with everything you’ve got. #MondayMotivation by making one of these 8 recipes before the season ends. Oh, thanks for clarifying! Send us an email by heading over to We'd like to see what we can do for you.@itsDanBull Uh oh! Has it synced recently? These search & rescue tips may help you locate it: That's odd. Have you tried adjusting your stride length? For instructions, check out:
@LanceStorm Great job! Keep it up! #happystepping@SamVerschueren Thanks for reporting! We recommend heading over to and posting this issue in our Developer Forum.@LanceStorm Awesome! Keep on moving! #fitbitfriends #happystepping
@RNSchoolProbs Sorry to hear this! You should log that walk manually: You earned those steps!Giving a big OH YEAH to everyone who made their way through the Destination Races Oregon course! #RaceFit
@ElaineCrowley We're so glad to hear you're loving your new tracker! #happystepping #fitbitfriends@lindy1987 Great picture! We'd love to share it with our fans. Go here to give your approval: The link we sent you should be working again. Would you mind trying again, if you're interested in us sharing your image?Follow our @Fitstar #FreestyleFriday workouts to #SeizeSummer. First up? A 7-minute workout:
Who’s ready for the next #winecountryhalf? That's a great picture! We'd love to share it with our fans. Give your permission here: That's a great photo! We'd love to share it with our fans. Give your permission here:
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