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Is the iPhone 6 sapphire display the biggest myth yet? Evidence is mounting... http://t.co/VKkekGnyme@benrmatthews :) Update not showing up for me yet.@benrmatthews new? Material UIed?iPhone 6 Sapphire Display Myth Busted As Evidence For It Crumbles @Forbes http://t.co/OSVgywk0zh
By me: "@ForbesEurope: Battery life 'holy grail' discovered. phones may last 300% longer http://t.co/FyopvM4MI2 @GordonKelly"Have scientists finally figured out how to make better smartphone, tablet, laptop and (electric) car batteries? http://t.co/TU3ABqfZc0@danielwcooper @adamoram @dangrabham @m4tt @A51M it's back! Tweets went out last week. Also detailed instructions on @techjpr Facebook page@sportingintel absolutely. Dangerous game, but also strange to see top 4 determined to buy almost entire starting 11 of the team in 8th.@sportingintel such superstars, makes you wonder why they were stranded in mid table all season...
@olivia_solon @LSarif @RuthBarnett never forget the underscore #_@olivia_solon @RuthBarnett congratulations! That's a big job :)@RuthBarnett @olivia_solon do tell!
iPhone 6 Sapphire Display: Everything You Need To Know http://t.co/2Q9V32stoE via @forbes @gordonkelly #Apple #Mobile #Tech
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The most radical redesign in iPhone history; Professor Neil Alford, Apple consultant, on what will happen http://t.co/5ma2fg4ICZ #newtech
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@RMac18 @c0ates it's just a matter of time... http://t.co/ggu9uzH4yZ@c0ates Eric approves http://t.co/85YgW5zp90@c0ates you're looking a lot more like Kolo Toure than I remember! http://t.co/OdzkYYG4eV
@BrettCallow @trustedreviews pleasure. Superb device.#FF most read in tech this week: @paultassi @maxrogo @gordonkelly @erikkain @_JayMcgregor @kashhill @ewan @killyourfm @genemarks @kellyhclay
Retweeted by Gordon KellyI interview a professor for "@ForbesEurope: iPhone 6 sapphire display: everything you need to know http://t.co/dTbUr4BcPu @GordonKelly"My interview with Imperial College's Head of the Department of Materials about the iPhone 6 sapphire display: http://t.co/O1PLaxiwWViPhone 6 Sapphire Display: Everything You Need To Know @Forbes http://t.co/aX9uzUbNUd
RT @GordonKelly: .@techjpr Fantasy Football is back! £40 monthly prizes & £250 to overall winner. Reg: http://t.co/GAaHStu8Bv & use...
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Every iPhone Has A Security Backdoor. Apple Denies It Is A Threat @Forbes http://t.co/GqoT6BLlK1@RichTWarms @rtt oooh. Do tellHello Windows 9 start menu... http://t.co/KqGvFCdGQANew Windows 9 Screenshots Reveal Return Of The Start Menu @Forbes http://t.co/eAKP45YtzO
@wonky_donky @techjpr was it just £20 before? What wimps we are!@wonky_donky @techjpr double or quits with us, I remember. Forgotten the original size of bet mind!.@TechJPR Fantasy Football is back! £40 monthly prizes & £250 to overall winner. Reg: http://t.co/wfDrNJ0n1W & use league code 98840-61962@owenwaters @MelissaFoodie had many requests like that in recent years. They just want the SEO of inbound links from respected sites.@rtt @RichTWarms at a gig early that evening :s@superglaze I'd say Gmail on Android once Material Design kicks in. All those helpful transitional animations. No doubt will hit browser too@rtt @RichTWarms very cool, but no warning!
@MathewJRobinson @DanielSandison Midnight In Paris. #1 because it is the only candidate.@WilHarris there's an easy solution... #crosstothegoogleside@soph013k @lazyfoxfulham doesn't beat the ongoing Michael Bolton obsession!
Use Commas. Don't be a psycho. http://t.co/zOeWIXf2XS
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@JustReadNtweets @Forbes @kbadenhausen @PaulTassi @erikkain @susanadamsnyc @IanMorris78 @GregoryMcNeal @akosner most read articles
This week's most popular writers: @GordonKelly @kbadenhausen @PaulTassi @ErikKain @SusanAdamsNYC @IanMorris78 @GregoryMcNeal @akosner #FF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly#FF most read in Tech this week: @gordonkelly @ianmorris78 @paultassi @akosner @kashhill @erikkain @ewan @maxrogo @larrymagid @jeffbercovici
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@BCWUK @ForbesTech just Samsung, HTC, LG, etc ;)'How Nokia's Finnish homeland took the news of Microsoft cuts' http://t.co/EUGQKfU8ej Great article by @ehaaramo@BCWUK @ForbesTech not just better than the previous Nokia, better than any Windows Phone handset from any other maker.Keep the staff! Me for "@ForbesTech: The Nokia Lumia 930 is the best Windows smartphone yet: http://t.co/JiB1yjdQY6 http://t.co/Ql39vgCj0d"@siraj989 @ForbesTech actually much cheaper than an equivalent iPhone.A club statement following the tragic loss of John Alder and Liam Sweeney, who were en route to New Zealand: http://t.co/88Zw83KjYI
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBy me for "@ForbesEurope: Nokia Lumia 930 review: The best Windows phone smartphone yet http://t.co/HKlr7gsBrL @GordonKelly"#Pardewed "@MikeAshleyLies: Pardew's great at new beginnings, he just can't maintain them #NUFC http://t.co/6qGWZqHN2x"@fpldaily good stuff! Funny seeing a stat over and over again that Germany had scored 7 goals in the whole tournament! :)
@fpldaily ta. Been quite infuriating!@fpldaily still pumping this out on a loop? Sorry fella going to have to unfollow with this going on and on.@BrowniesHQ now live and shows the importance of testing with the correct receiver: http://t.co/ehCGTk0IkB@Lowdownapps pleasure@Lowdownapps I did, my bad. Just replied.
@BrowniesHQ Asus PCE-AC68 tool for the job. My WRTAC1900 review potential: http://t.co/5D8TyCLatf My 880L review live tomorrow & matches it!@BrowniesHQ as such you're testing the limits of your USB receiver not the routers. AC1900 devices can top 650 Mbps.@BrowniesHQ quick heads up to say AC1900 routers need AC1900 compatible receivers. As a reviewer, your results are miles off their potential@dgillis98 my pleasure. I do make every effort to create traceable sources. Do chase me for anything else you spot with those eagle eyes :)@dgillis98 Sorry Danny, all sites list loadthegame as the source & with you both posting same day without a timestamp there's no way to tell@dgillis98 @TWIPnow I see gsmarena here: https://t.co/Wqw8K36wxz@dgillis98 nothing in your screen grab that I see http://t.co/Q6LgJND9WP@dgillis98 where are you spotting the logo?@dgillis98 I see loadthegame also posted on 12th. Neither site timestamps or cross links, but it has the screengrab http://t.co/YFjX071R03
@dgillis98 thanks, do send me both links.@dgillis98 to clarify: you took the grab and made the original observation? Do you have proof of that? Must check as word against word.@dgillis98 @TWIPnow thanks for the updates. Was the Amazon grab you? We're awaiting an Amazon response. Looking like just a Marketplace post@rubencodes @Forbes haha, thanks! Actually awaiting a response from Amazon.I'm sceptical. Me for "@Forbes: Did Amazon leak details of Apple's new iPhone? http://t.co/w0eTYQYQcW http://t.co/gO1xAoyRSq""@ForbesTech: The iPhone 6 specs that were supposedly leaked on Amazon Japan should be taken with a pinch of salt: http://t.co/jULu1Jo579"iPhone 6 Specifications Leaked By Amazon @Forbes http://t.co/OLieAHDFhu
The order of reporting major football tournaments 1. Scaremonger about unfinished stadia&crime. 2. Bemoan England 3. Set target to be like
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@ffmiphone @Clint_Hards how so? PS loving Android L. Google is even taking Apple's style card away from it. The substance was won years ago!
@ChaseFailey purely about comparisons to the 'other two' so understand it. But yep, agreed.Can we do a ceremonial snipping of Palacio's rat tail as punishment for losing?
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@JamesHorncastle Yep, but I can't get past it.@Everton_Damon @Greene_L Google it. Then immediately delete your browser history!@ffmiphone @Clint_Hards my Nexus 5 is always up to date ;)I didn't have a favourite until I saw Palacio's hair. COME ON #GER! http://t.co/GBz5a43GRa@jerradpeters *shakes head*...*checks bio*...*checks off media outlets never to read again*@ffmiphone @Clint_Hards after 5 iPhones I'd never go back!@RichJolly @Marcotti and an ex one@ChaseFailey Rodriguez edges it for me. Two skills in one, but love the Cahill thunder bastard.Almost makes me want to watch final on ITV. Almost. "@iammfj: For the three people watching the Final on ITV http://t.co/y7e3Se4knp"@ffmiphone @Clint_Hards guess those tests last year didn't come to fruition. Shame. Another season with Chrome for me.@larinum apparently not. Shocking business!
Maxwell, Luiz, Silva... PSG spent a lot to buy Brazil's defence.Goal difference may send them back to the group stages "@pkelso: Has anyone ever finished 5th after the 3rd place play-off match" #WorldCupPreviously possibly the worst 3rd/4th place play-off decision (Berti, 1990) http://t.co/6LQ2jtLRAX
Retweeted by Gordon KellyPlease be a hoax. Please! "@Marcotti: Assume this is a hoax. But still funny: http://t.co/YVHHZl0bO6 (via @che_stel )" #WorldCup
This week's most popular writers: @GregoryMcNeal @GordonKelly @kbadenhausen @ChrisSmith813 @matthewherper @susanadamsnyc @chrishelman #FF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly#FF Most read in Tech this week: @gordonkelly @kashhill @maxrogo @erikkain @paultassi @ewan @_JayMcgregor @davethier @parmy @killyourfm
Retweeted by Gordon KellyAnd they'll be tougher! Me for "@Forbes: Apple has been granted an exclusive patent to create "all-glass" casings: http://t.co/TxEt1dCbNd"
By me for "@ForbesTech: Microsoft announces the end of mainstream Windows 7 support in 2015: http://t.co/ilLNCDU8GK"@fpldaily Germany didn't score except against Brazil? ;)@duncangeere oooh. Looks like we'll be about :)@duncangeere ah them I'll never use that term when writing about you! PS 'plans' to visit the UK at any point? :)@duncangeere no I think plans is fine. There's far from 100% certainty in that term. We all have plans to do a great many things.Me for "@ForbesTech: One minute, it's a normal Uber ride in Washington DC. The next? A high speed chase: http://t.co/0Lvcsa6vCZ"Apple Plans All-Glass iPhone In Radical Design Shift @Forbes http://t.co/419jNEvipF
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