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Consumer tech writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. http://t.co/tF5ip8HMAa

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A long term review of the Nexus 6 reveals brilliant ideas and bad mistakes: http://t.co/3sifjhjRnv http://t.co/41kIekwYZc
Retweeted by Gordon KellyA new Apple patent hints at an upgrade to its TouchID sensor: http://t.co/AOIFMlb3Wd http://t.co/uiodSd408U
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@fplhints @official_Noddy Yep. 12 minutes :( Don't think 17 points today is going to keep me inside the top 15k somehow!@cjdoris7 @fplhints nearly went there instead of Bony. So could've been worse!@FPL_simon432 @fplhints Still there. Should've really used it when the injury crisis hit, but felt too close to Jan WC.@cjdoris7 @fplhints possibly sell and redistribute funds. Will at least have 2 FTs!@FPL_simon432 @fplhints Yeah was my captain that week. That GW lost Aguero, Chambers, Fabregas, S Taylor, Duff and someone else. Derailed!@maaverix http://t.co/jFGpH402eD@cjdoris7 @fplhints yep and HAD been going v well until injuries and suspensions wrecked my team 2 weeks ago. http://t.co/xIhDEPCU7C@FPL_simon432 @fplhints been going well til lost 7 players last GW to inj & susp. 8pt hit since backfired horribly! http://t.co/L41VPNcWsF@aravkharkwal @fplhints Then you've so far scored 10 more points than my whole team!@fplhints I captained Bony. My team also LACKS Toure, silva, MC DEF, Downing, Austin, Eriksen and - for future reference - Hazard and Costa!
@RockinMommy3 many thanks!@Ewan @nulpointsnet @_JayMcgregor @PaulTassi @killyourfm @erikkain MY EYES! MY EARS!!@nulpointsnet @Ewan @ForbesTech @_JayMcgregor @PaulTassi @killyourfm @erikkain no, but from the name I kinda wish I was!Most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @Ewan @_JayMcgregor @PaulTassi @killyourfm @erikkain @RMac18 @maxrogo @Marcwebertobias #FF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly(*Hat tip* Robert - real 1st place) "@Forbes: This week's most popular writers: @GordonKelly @ericschiffer @Ewan @killyourfm @PaulTassi #FF"Is pay-per-view journalism the way forward? - Great Q&A with @GordonKelly on @PressGazette http://t.co/GsMfFjgJot
Retweeted by Gordon KellyA long term review of the Nexus 6 reveals brilliant ideas and bad mistakes: http://t.co/WO1hvEVfp6 http://t.co/lrKqgEYbSU
Retweeted by Gordon KellyA new Apple patent hints at an upgrade to its TouchID sensor: http://t.co/LscgEnMeeB http://t.co/hglp425T8p
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBig change coming? "@ForbesEurope: New Apple patent hints at upgraded TouchID sensor http://t.co/ciTDwTAwDq @GordonKelly"
New Apple Patent Hints At Upgraded TouchID Sensor @Forbes http://t.co/YjiSMZ3eP6@c0reysc0tt I agree. The phablet seems too early for the evolution of iOS but even a 6in with Android 6 would've had great symmetry.@davidmacdougall very true. Maybe a lot of stockpiled oil and gas! Or something from their fine history of automobile manufacturing? :)@TheNamesEnz thanks. Exactly my thoughts!@GordonKelly fantastic long term review on the Nexus 6. I to wished there was a nexus 5 refresh, still using my nexus 5 as my daily driver.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@CMRLee @magacious @mark_samuels crazy! That was actually a pretty new and nice building... well, 14 years old :)This is the big one... "@ForbesEurope: New iOS 8.2 video shows update looking good http://t.co/DMNVlsHK1f @GordonKelly"One of the first decent reviews of the @Google Nexus 6 and the future of phablets by @forbes' @gordonkelly http://t.co/nVyH9BBs2I
Retweeted by Gordon KellyNew iOS 8.2 Video Shows Update Looking Good @Forbes http://t.co/CkYtTexsZt@techcoolness Thanks. Funnily enough, me too! :)@GordonKelly that title captures my thoughts about the nexus 6 perfectly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyMe for "@ForbesEurope: Nexus 6 review long term: A big, brilliant mistake http://t.co/R1rf9PMhNQ @GordonKelly"@davidmacdougall surely Finns will want to import a lot more from Russia with the ruble nosediving, or not an option?@drsnazzy really? *sigh*@drsnazzy @Forbes that level sounds like a fundamental difference in writing styles and US to UK English. But typos welcome.@drsnazzy @Forbes no, not on contributor posts - it's a self publish system. But I'm happy to fix any you care to point out.@Backflip9960 Personally I'd have launched the Nexus 6 with Android 6.0 (nice symmetry!) which was phabletastic to blow people away.@Backflip9960 with Apple I think h/w - it's locked. But with Android the Nexus inspires third parties who then fragment with phablet tweaks@Backflip9960 *hat tip* and don't get me wrong - big phones are the future, but the Nexus 6 should've come when Android was built for it.@Backflip9960 (2/2) has to be high on the list of priorities for iOS, Android and WP development next year. Big shouldn't mean impractical.@Backflip9960 I think it's a crude workaround that'll look silly in future, but it's the best thing we have so far. Phablet usability (1/2)@Backflip9960 not me, but the ramifications should be thoroughly discussed. The Nexus 6 is a size step up from the Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus.
@KermodeMovie TMNT passes the Bechdel Test and Megan Fox a symbol for female empowerment, say it isn't so?! http://t.co/Y6R6u0JBeI@killyourfm @Ewan @JamesEnsor Sorry, meant 9. Nvidia chipset has quirks & build quality/camera iffy but should only get better with updates@Ewan @killyourfm @JamesEnsor yes & the Z4 update if you can wait a few months. Nexus 7 still credible on budget side. Nexus 8 flawed sadly@killyourfm @JamesEnsor @Ewan thanks Jason, can't see the question I'm afraid. James' account is protectedBy me: 'Nexus 6 Review Long Term: A Big, Brilliant Mistake' for @Forbes http://t.co/3jyJ6LWmiK http://t.co/Sin6C1KICj
@wonky_donky always believed you :) Wonder what else will eventually come through !@Squawka No Palacio? For shame!Very nice analyse: iOS 8 vs Android 5.0 Lollipop Review: Material Difference http://t.co/3SlENbCFSI via @forbes @gordonkelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@MortSchubert thanks. I always said it was neutral ;)@BonusFPL @fplhints Yep and no Hazard, Costa. I do have Azpi! Bye bye top 5k...@dragon376 exactly. That's what it needs, but I don't think it delivers on that. At least based on what I've seen so far.
@dragon376 needs it. Seems a very sceptical audience.@RavenSteveZ sadly, yes.Birthday treat! "@Forbes: Week's most popular writers: @GordonKelly @matthewherper @Ewan @PaulTassi @zogblog @ScottMendelson @ericschiffer"@PaulTassi @Ewan @ForbesTech @erikkain @_JayMcgregor @maxrogo @iblametom greetings all from Reykjavik! #luckofonemegpostMost popular in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @Ewan @PaulTassi @erikkain @_JayMcgregor @maxrogo @TechWriterGeoff @iblametom #FF
Retweeted by Gordon KellyThis week's most popular writers: @GordonKelly @matthewherper @Ewan @PaulTassi @zogblog @ScottMendelson @ericschiffer @susanadamsnyc #FF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@DavidMcClelland @ABridgwater nope!@mhelft @Forbes congratulations!@ABridgwater @DavidMcClelland I actually got that release!
Very wise. "@TracyGamble: Think I'll heed @GordonKelly's advice and just hold off on that iOS update http://t.co/tmtI6PJqrI"
Are you ready for a supercharged Samsung Galaxy Note 4? @gordonkelly has more on @ForbesTech http://t.co/eguftmqqsi http://t.co/q697zLawQY
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@Jason_Malan yes. Using a Nexus 6 as my daily driver atm (long term review coming) and it is a big step too far.@Jason_Malan so do I!@garyandrews @CMRLee the 'mirror vs feeling' stage.@Bindibadgi @Ed_Chester @mikejjennings I think they demonise both extremes. But all political parties utterly unappealing atm.@CMRLee @garyandrews yes, currently in the it's-prickly stage. Unsure whether to stay the course or shave off.@Ed_Chester @mikejjennings @Bindibadgi thought the scheme was expanded to offer it to more. Needs full context, not just numbers.@garyandrews not the growing, but the maintenance that gets me.@omerfateh @ForbesTech oh dear. As I feared, NOT the update affected users were hoping for...@tomkelk @ForbesTech answer in the article ;) #nextgenchipsetI just can't see it. Me for "@ForbesTech: Five reasons why Apple won't make a 4 inch iPhone 6: http://t.co/eIfEsIw65a"@omerfateh @ForbesTech Do let me know!iOS 8.1.2 isn’t the major fix that users plagued by ongoing iOS 8 problems have been hoping for: http://t.co/lkLsBQ0tpb
Retweeted by Gordon KellyUpgraded already! "@ForbesTech: Samsung is reportedly testing a supercharged Galaxy Note 4: http://t.co/UdsFr3qwV2"@raskarl889 thanks very much. Every prospective iPhone 6 Plus owner should read it! :)
Apple Releases iOS 8.1.2, It Will Anger Users @Forbes http://t.co/ZNAdNVqRzpMe for "@ForbesEurope: 4-inch iPhone 6: Five reasons Apple won't make it http://t.co/iGM3KBzqdn @GordonKelly"4-inch iPhone 6: Five Reasons Apple Won't Make It - me for @Forbes http://t.co/nsG7aI6mfU http://t.co/wRO7CPfm64
@jmcomms felt left out. Don't drink coffee or use a MacBook!Just the 3 MacBooks in my local Starbucks tonight. #Slipping@GuiaSilv I don't find the camera too bad. It's not in the top bracket but this very solid. At price most complete phone of the year IMO.
@MigNick17 @SpaceMonkeysFPL Fate. Tempted.Happy and confused! "@CMRLee: Howay the lads! Great performance. Happy @GordonKelly ?"
MIA @Ewan! #2nd "@Forbes: This week's most popular writers: @GordonKelly @PaulTassi @ericschiffer @ScottMendelson @DaveThier #FF"@Ewan @PaulTassi @ForbesTech @erikkain @DaveThier just imagine the crossover chaos.... http://t.co/DCAvYwSZ1m@PaulTassi @Ewan @ForbesTech @erikkain @DaveThier Apple and Android TV actually getting close! We need a Destiny smartphone :)Gordon snuck into #1 with 75 minutes to go!! @ForbesTech: Most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @Ewan @PaulTassi @erikkain @davethier
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@Ewan @ForbesTech @PaulTassi @erikkain @DaveThier so close! I expect a comeback when Apple Loop and Android Circuit get going :)Yes please! Women have smaller hands. @GordonKelly New 4-inch iPhone 6 Reported. 5 Reasons Apple Must Make It @Forbes http://t.co/Xiz2EOY12B
Retweeted by Gordon KellyWhat I made of my visit to the Bryggeri brewpub, Helsinki http://t.co/AGbgmj75mq HT @GordonKelly and @ehaaramo for intro'ing me to it
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBy a whisker! "@ForbesTech: Most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @Ewan @PaulTassi @erikkain @davethier @TechWriterGeoff... #FF"New 4-inch iPhone 6 Reported. 5 Reasons Apple Must Make It @Forbes http://t.co/l4DCPF7bemSamsung ups its game... 'Galaxy S5 Lollipop Update Starts Rolling Out From Cautious Samsung' by @ewan for @Forbes http://t.co/H3Dn31WopNNexus 6 vs Nexus 5 - a Google-powered Cain vs Abel from @GordonKelly http://t.co/3if9vwEuIb http://t.co/YeyS3z6C0z
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@dac101 ah, not on the upgrade list? :( Just watch out for the incoming M9... http://t.co/GhTQupIyW0@dac101 X not best at any category, but the most balanced of them all. 64 bit chipsets should be v exciting next year though...
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