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Technology writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. http://t.co/t4fghvVg8R

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Microsoft Windows 10 leak reveals offensive new emojis http://t.co/6dKaY8A0kN @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyApple is already killing off iOS 8.2: http://t.co/heLMqKrkB4
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
Apple Forces iOS 8.3 On Users, Kills Off iOS 8.2... http://t.co/xy0yVKBZaw@Backflip9960 yep, it's the same problem Windows has faced for years (though actually handles rather better!).Microsoft Windows 10 Introduces Offensive New Emoji @Forbes http://t.co/Z83e5n252Q@Backflip9960 Apple model suggests carriers should be able to be bypassed. Compatibility with phone makers' (needless) skins the issue IMO.@sofyanrahman_3 I loved the LG made Nexus 5, but never been a fan of LG's Android skins on its own phones.@Fr34kBlue interesting, thanks!@sofyanrahman_3 @Forbes you realise that makes no actual sense, right?@doobeedoo2 very probably. Sad though. Cases are a byproduct of poor design IMO.@doobeedoo2 leather not larger!@doobeedoo2 less so - larger, not glass. But all depends on how much you drop it ;)@Astrochologist @PKGM @PinayNoire my point exactly. Should've been a new line with an actual S6 as well.
@TheLadBible @Rumaana264 sounds familiar... Take a look at @FootyMemes's Tweet: https://t.co/OagMiCdtfB@doobeedoo2 I think cases are needed because phones are too thin and too slippery. Being thicker would also allow fitting a larger battery.@paddybarclay @MarcSDuffy @oldheatonian no fan who wanted Pardew out, campaigned for his unqualified assistant to be the replacement.@Astrochologist @PKGM @PinayNoire it's a fine phone in its own right, but doesn't have the traditional characteristics of a 'Galaxy S'.Surprisingly I must agree! #Android comparison article by @GordonKelly on #GalaxyS6 VS #LGG4 https://t.co/hmJZxHD6UM
Retweeted by Gordon KellyThe LG G4 might be a better Galaxy S5 successor than the Galaxy S6: http://t.co/TQbUhjgA1A http://t.co/P0xFMIeOXV
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@MikeRagon Hi Mike, no official word. I wonder if it could be about promoting S Voice? Investigating :)@HanoiToon maybe they could swap roles?@RobAgile @ForbesTech the answer is in the post ;)The root of the Samsung Galaxy S6's memory problem is how RAM is consumed and freed up: http://t.co/8pImAu7sTJ http://t.co/J5zfguiIwy
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@AustraliaToon1 @fplhints I think they will. No love loss there. Arsenal tempting, but rotation also a risk with Cup looming & league lost.@AustraliaToon1 @fplhints can't see them remaining to tight now the title is wrapped up. Then again Arsenal may rotate with the Cup final?@AustraliaToon1 @fplhints I see nothing wrong with your tweets, good questions :) I need to ditch one Chelsea defender to free up cash. I
@fplhints also a day where Chelsea win 1-0 via a Hazard goal and no BPS for Hazard, Terry or Ivanovic! I have all 3...Nailed it. #NUFC https://t.co/1sfeSMRiwe@AlAddictSupport glad to hear it! If you do ever need a WiFi guide... http://t.co/pFjB7xbgtO ;)
@MarcSDuffy inability for those to spot a) Pardew's boom/bust history, or b) his long term record at NUFC - remains infuriating.@MarcSDuffy got your back on that one ;)@ManLikeOscar @TransferSite we don't. All about who contributed what since they swapped places.@ManLikeOscar @TransferSite pop quiz: Cuadrado was bought for £27m for performing in which tin pot league?@ManLikeOscar @MisterOG_ @MahadRizvi @TransferSite that was my point@BonusFPL you should get more points for that ;)@ManLikeOscar @TransferSite I don't think you've been keeping up with things... http://t.co/GnaUVHxcoH@NUFC_Stats it's us or Sunderland. Imagine if we hadn't given them 6 points...@myFPL @stokecity useful@sportingintel guarantees safety early, late collapse ensures mid table mediocrity... #NUFC calling.@TransferSite loan out Salah and bring in Cuadrado?@BonusFPL Everton lasted about as long as Newcastle!@Squawka does one cancel the other out?@milesstarforth if Newcastle and every team below them won their remaining games 1-0 I calculate we'd go down. So out of our hands...Of course not.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@Squawka was the assist the penalty he conceded to Leicester today?@NUFC_Stats @NUFC except the two additional tweets in the subsequent 5 minutes? ;)Riviere takes his goal tally for the season to -1. #nufc@RodgersOutClub embarrassing.@FPLSWOT @SpaceMonkeysFPL they weren't protesting to have Carver as his replacement!Because everyone has a time they really need help... Help Lori Murdock Live https://t.co/F9wxFJD9cF@Picasso_week you're a strange fellow. I'll be blocking you now.@Picasso_week your loss@Picasso_week good comeback. Are all your losing battles fought so well? Go read the S6 Vs iPhone 6 review then rethink. Over and out.@Picasso_week my source is Samsung confirming a bug and fix for every phone. Your source is guesswork.@Picasso_week you've asked them all? Impressive stuff.@Picasso_week try this on for size: http://t.co/zBf5cQDbF0@Picasso_week I argue it's a great phone (better than the iPhone 6), but a bad S5 successor... I suspect you didn't read that far.@Picasso_week it affects everyone, that's the point. It's a universal fix rolled out to everyone.#FF Most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @erikkain @EmmaWoollacott @_JayMcgregor @JeffMcMahon_Chi @PaulTassi @UciliaWang @Ewan
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@Picasso_week it is a report on Samsung's OWN confirmation *facepalm*@FlyRy23 ah. Yep, definitely not me :)
#FF Most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @erikkain @EmmaWoollacott @_JayMcgregor @JeffMcMahon_Chi @PaulTassi @UciliaWang @Ewan
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@FlyRy23 you're *cough*@FlyRy23 your not slick with your research: http://t.co/zBf5cQDbF0@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech it actually was: http://t.co/vpwrt0OURF@KochharPulsar @ThusSpokeJon @Forbes @tim_cook I'm very glad to hear it, but your Twitter feed hardly cries out "Impartiality!"@JamesMack_NFL Hi James, you're very welcome. I'll be replying shortly.@KochharPulsar @ThusSpokeJon @Forbes @tim_cook yep, glad they were upfront. Slowdowns and forced app crashes is nasty. Fix ASAP it seems.@GordonKelly thinks that the #LGG4 might be a better successor to the #GalaxyS5 than the #GalaxyS6 is. http://t.co/9FT906Wvg2
Retweeted by Gordon KellySamsung Confirms Galaxy S6 Has Serious Memory Problem @Forbes http://t.co/ivhbhBIYOR@KochharPulsar @Forbes which is why I'm stating what I believe and it happens to be different to you. Opinions can be like that ;) TTFN.@KochharPulsar @Forbes is we can agree to disagree ;)@KochharPulsar @Forbes there's no hard and fast rules to this. G4 most viable option currently for S3/S4/S5 options IMO. But the great thing@KochharPulsar @Forbes you say different choice is valid, but then I'm wrong? ;) Different choice! G4 competes with the S6, not the Note 4.@KochharPulsar @Forbes comments on the post suggest many are happy to have 0.4-inch size for battery & storage. Leather optional.
Galaxy S6 Vs LG G4: Samsung's Failed Galaxy S5 Successor @Forbes http://t.co/lqRlCjE8F1Massive Galaxy S6 Edge Update Is A Samsung Game Changer @Forbes http://t.co/vjM7NXYtvV@HanoiToon @JacobSteinberg @MiguelDelaney @JamesHorncastle @mrdanwalker yep, talking about 2nd time at the Swansea game. Was glossed over.@JacobSteinberg @MiguelDelaney @JamesHorncastle @mrdanwalker to be fair, he's got a point... https://t.co/6Y151KI2uXWindows 10 will be able to run iOS & Android apps -- but the apps need to be ported to work: http://t.co/mnQ1YOwCA1
Retweeted by Gordon KellyPotentially a problem now solved... Me for @Forbes: https://t.co/M0unGp2v9k
@omrr82 @Forbes agreed, wholly in favour of it.Microsoft Plunders iOS And Android To Fix Windows 10 - me for @Forbes http://t.co/ro2CUvaAjq http://t.co/2fGeWBNtXa"I am at a developers conference, so I shouldn't complain.... but this is seriously dull"... @Verge MS live blog http://t.co/lzLnZY5IaFHey @RBinhammer. Here's that @GordonKelly story I mentioned: Microsoft Is The New Google, Google Is The Old Microsoft http://t.co/PAnLyTDL3B
Retweeted by Gordon KellyThe @Verge MS coverage going well "I think the live blog would be far better from anyone in this room who can code" http://t.co/lzLnZY5IaF
@OaktownTuro pleasureMicrosoft Is The New Google, Google Is The Old Microsoft http://t.co/OlbqlPyv3s by @gordonkelly of @Forbes http://t.co/xNXEWkZvFc
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@fireharejenny thanks very much! I suspect the LG G4 could be the phone S5 owners need, though at 5.5in it'll be bigger. Or Note 5.@OaktownTuro it's purely about what you value. If expandable storage & removable battery are key S6 isn't an option. Wait for LG G4 IMO ;)
Interesting read - Microsoft The New Google, Google The Old Microsoft http://t.co/W1PCTTJCY0 @gordonkelly @Forbes http://t.co/eL6QxNDYLC
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@stu122208 thanks Stuart!As a Samsung G5 user, this review has me thinking twice about upgrading to the G6 model http://t.co/LIVEN4yX46 via @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly'Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Galaxy S5 Review: Should You Upgrade?' My answer may surprise you... http://t.co/p6ACvRUOJR@mqcapps if an upgrade, not a clean install, it keeps everything.
Here's where @GordonKelly raises some good points. Microsoft Is The New Google, Google Is The Old Microsoft http://t.co/PAnLyTDL3B
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@stamford_drift @Squawka he has 2!
@VardyPartyCo @premierleague Newcastle don't!@ByTheMinNUFC another player to magically improve the moment he's away from the club.@mikewmckee @joaoluisc @google @Microsoft @ForbesTech @Forbes so cute. Actual logic being...?
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