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Dolphins are magnificent, intelligent beings. They should not be imprisoned for our amusement. Boycott all cruel "sea world attractions."
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintMy old man manning the barbie. We have some shrimp. He'll put a few on. Mate. @ Foz Do Arelho - Lagoa… http://t.co/CWQSwqNl15
☀️☀️☀️ @ Lisboa Portugal http://t.co/HU1tyZKcy0Got my lob on tonight. Sorry crusty. #lobster #holiday #yum @ Cabana Do Pescador http://t.co/mDxe1CMME3Down on the Silver Coast, they got a sayin' @ Foz Do Arelho - Lagoa De Óbidos http://t.co/nyMJHt8egLAbout to travel to our villa where there might not be wifi. Freeing but troubling... how will I make people jels without my Instagram pics?Finally going to finish these books #holidayreads #portugal @ Lisboa Portugal http://t.co/95ovpJOgr2
#Lisbonselfie http://t.co/S7rdypEO7dSeeing sights @ Lisbon, Portugal http://t.co/iBTtqVU2AvElevador de Santa Justa. Built 1902. The only vertical lift in Lisbon. http://t.co/pB5ZRpbThWFado Vadio. @ Lisbon, Portugal http://t.co/YhlGDaUnF8Me and my old man. #lisbon http://t.co/bWfU5yz7dzMorning from Lisbon @ YORK HOUSE LISBON http://t.co/MWtxo6h7uS
Arrived #lisbon #nofilter http://t.co/7UfhsFhwcaCheck in clerk:"is there anything dangerous in your bag?" Me: "No, just a dangerously stylish wardrobe" #nailedit #stanstedHanna is now in flightmode #portugal #lisbon #silvercoast #holiday @ Stansted Airport http://t.co/JdQKoZ8p1dI seriously need a new pose @evaksalvi #tbt #neilyoung #bsthydepark http://t.co/PTD0fN3FEL#tbt when the birthday boy wasn't having anyone mess with the music @harveynhaydon #heyheyheeey http://t.co/aboe7YGMJp
#iamgrootNever laughed so much in a Marvel movie #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyThanks @pbltd for the new bag and vouchers. Nice treat before my holiday #westfield #newshop http://t.co/IVrvzbQLc7
LAST NIGHT OF WORK. #thisjournolife #holiday #celebrate #itwouldbe #itwouldbesonice"started from reception now we're here" - 41 Things No British Person Can Ever Forget From Primary School http://t.co/AN56dg0FDy
@CharlieLanks It was this Planes 2 junket in Redhill - only spent 6 minutes in the air but it was fab. Next time I wanna fly it!@CharlieLanks @Daily_Express haha! I don't mind them doing the story but at least rewrite it. Wasn't like it was agency copy!NIce to see the @daily_express have copied and pasted most of my article onto their website http://t.co/AVer2UPIMm http://t.co/GWXhLrO1N7We have lift off. #helicopter #casual http://t.co/ugakeVkNOy@superpixelchris yeah TFL is branching out.#helicopterselfie http://t.co/lcePnReJgRI feel the need... The need for speed. @ Redhill Aerodrome http://t.co/1wmKvYlcBwOnly the promise of a helicopter ride could have got me on a train to Redhill this morning after working til 2am.
Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they really are.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintMaybe they should've got a staff member to sit with her? GOT's @Maisie_Williams criticises BA over Business lounge http://t.co/s4qO5Ny6O7@sarahfitzm Babe you look great! Hope you and @louise_saunders had fun! x@sarahfitzm stunned in a pastel blue dress as she posed with a friend at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Final. http://t.co/woB11vtU7HLove this one @julia_arabuli #latergram http://t.co/kQ6Bp5s8Vv
Sean Bean has confirmed my Game Of Thrones theory on Jon Snow. The lad really does know nothing.The people who complain about a western power getting involved in a foreign war seem to be the same people who complain when they don't.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintI predict a riot. #gaza #palestine @ high street kensington http://t.co/QdUsxMRFMl
How do you Fondue? #supperclub #markhix #blackcow @ Fortnum & Mason http://t.co/FB6WooqE1SDessert. #supperclub #markhix #blackcow @ Fortnum & Mason http://t.co/ryvIkHYvCSFiddler on the floor @ Fortnum & Mason http://t.co/ChbsjIbvqB
Absolute sausagefest http://t.co/OOzv3pE4WrHappy birthday joesandersearley pic by @kissysellout @ Hackney Wick http://t.co/A6lMTrqH3HOn the train to Hackney Wick - I swear I've got to Doncaster in less time #long #bored #atleastihaveaseatLondon Grammar's version of Kavinsky's NightCall is so good it creeps up on you.Just googled "bikini wax shepherd's bush" 😐
@AndyBizarre I remember doing a session with them in a park in Austin, TX, and birds were singing over Pompeii! Can't wait for @vfestival!Meet #Marvel comics' new #Thor - she's not what you'd expect! Learn more & see exclusive art: http://t.co/gB3qJ2G6ee http://t.co/7sDURs1z8p
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintFor Labour members wanting to send a message they'd like an inspiring alternative, here's great candidates for NEC: http://t.co/X6HnwrqwCB
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@melbellend they were pretty great! Get yourself to one of their tour dates! They get people on from the crowd! X@FUERTESKNIGHT last time I did that I had to put Lip balm on my knees just to feel better.Thanks for chatting to me today @charliesimo looking forward to the next film soundtrack! @DawBellCharlie was always my favourite member of Busted! #interview #charliesimpson #teendream @ Sanctum… http://t.co/fTFSEA9OeIMy interview with @antanddec is up if you fancy a read, watch and chuckle! http://t.co/VA6rkzNeOr #saturdaynighttakeaway @DailyMailCelebDo you reckon Dave has LMFAO Party Rock Anthem in his head when doing the Cabinet Reshuffle? #EverydayImReshuffling
I canny believe it! @CherylCole marries French boyfriend after THREE months of dating http://t.co/8RLQYMSnJz via @DailyMailCeleb@steveleng Doesn't have the same RING to it :-)
Crowd (average age 45) is tame compared to last week's libertines gig. No need to halt the show. #neilyoung #peacefulappreciationNeil Young #bsthydepark bradley_stainton @evaksalvi http://t.co/dstbtcds7IIt's raining but we're still smiling #bsthydepark #neilyoung @evaksalvi http://t.co/egvbeRcZk7@LuluBlondeLDN @julia_arabuli go for it xRed-y for the summer #hairdone http://t.co/4nOQAR5tqxPedi @julia_arabuli @lulublondeLDN #pamper @ Lulu Blonde http://t.co/aKtAa0bKnAPamper day at the @lulublondeLDN with @julia_arabuli #girlsday #mani #pedi http://t.co/3w7PwDDy6T
West london girls rhodes9 renniestewy regram @julia_arabuli @ The First Floor Restaurant http://t.co/PjjqOIqJOzPortobello night with my girl @julia_arabuli looking forward to seeing rhodes9 #girlsnight @… http://t.co/F496SDog75So will the Begin Again soundtrack be sold for a $1 then? #lifeimitatingart5/5 night shifts done. That was intense.
@JosephKocharian see you at the Attitude party next Wednesday? XAbout to tidy my room. Where's Kim & Aggy when you need them?
'I’m not going to kiss your arse in those flats - get some heels on' - Essex insults. Jokes. #TOWIEOH SHIT. How is Ferne gonna get out of that one? #TOWIE@FinneyFitness sadface@FinneyFitness at work and having to write a commentary on TOWIE #killmenowIf Ferne's trying to get back in Chloe's good books why does she keep slagging her off, on national TV? #TOWIETOWIE timeMy birthday's come EARLY! Thank you so much @FayAvital @louise_saunders @NolaMarianna @JamesJourn @HannaInes #24th http://t.co/jLuNNBYc2i
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint
Just had a bite of Paddington Bear's marmalade sandwich. #warbeartons http://t.co/r1v7QgiSlLLoving the gramophone iPhone speaker at #NOTHSChristmas press day http://t.co/zOVMXunNvxJust interviewed Ant & Dec and I've never laughed so much. http://t.co/yWscmXMoaiBack in Chiswick where I grew up before the move North. May have to go visit Strand-on-the-Green primary while I'm here! #nostalgiaThis Mini Cooper is my taxi home #jokes http://t.co/pJo50s7al2@gregjames do the Dirty Dancing lift with one of the girls. Also perfect environment to whack on that Burberry anorak.
Lotta Bullshit goin' round, I had a ball sitting next to @victoriabeckham at Wimbledon yesterday! Truly Lovely!STFU!!
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint“@evaksalvi: 😂👌🙌 RT @lilahparsons: Wireless kids 😂 @evaksalvi ynnadnahc @hannaines 🔊 http://t.co/eEKt18MYz1” great photo tekkers.This is what Alcide from true Blood looked like in high school #saywhat http://t.co/KjZvAox8Is
Hey Facebook friends. Love you guys madly... But you really have to Stop with these candy crush invites before I candy crush ur ass :-)
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintNight one of five night shifts in a row. Wish I had Eric Northman for company.
Great job Netherlands! Only 2 wins left and I'm in the money!!!
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintNo matter what you think of him, Pete Doherty is a musical genius. #thelibertines #BSTHydeParkShoop shoop. #libertines #bsthydepark http://t.co/WCN5FnLwoDCan't Stand Us Now @minnaattala #libertines #btshydepark @ London, Hyde Park http://t.co/ojJEfdrGeMThe Libertines #BTSHydePark http://t.co/PgTB5ET1fbThe Libertines halt gig because someone passed out at the front. "We can't carry on unless you calm down" Pete Doherty #BSTHydeParkBritish Summer Time with @minnaattala #vipgarden #libertines http://t.co/0KjTuV6jMcOff to see The Libertines at Hyde Park with @MinnaAttala but the sky is looking ominously grey ☁️☁️☁️Lips @linda_farrow @minnaattala #afterparty @ Fitzrovia http://t.co/lNT7JCzbtWCheers. #wireless http://t.co/43VhrIeWuzGetting scandalous with that beauty @hannaines for @lillyclb's birthday. #love #drank @ The Scotch Of… http://t.co/uy7D6OC7fy
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint
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