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Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor New York/Los Angeles

Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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@KevinPlantz Got it, thanks, Pal...never thought it would be read...who cares?But thanks for warning.@noblegraces thanks!!@KevinPlantz ooooops. !Phew. My own bed, coming up. http://t.co/sSJQF5gAps@koolisabella thankyou ! We'll see one another at the premiere. And please bring Chai. I love him!At the airport. http://t.co/2aZvf4b5X9Granny??? @koolisabella Lose my number.Further set dressing. http://t.co/FfbpOK8xba@DanaDelany Inorite?"Kepler's Dream" http://t.co/PceAMC4FGaThat last was a gift from Adam Arkin, on his own birthday.This..defies easy description~ https://t.co/4uGv5DlehA
@RCJackson0045 onehttps://t.co/FsATSBV9EC@RCJackson0045 ...? Was I there? ?@RCJackson0045 Wha...?Just one episode, y'all.Packing. Again. Have to lug everything to set tomorrow as I've two scenes to do before getting hauled to airport--> Going back for 2.5 Men.@keinnod ha ha -- you mean with my make up for the film!?http://t.co/cJxO8WQ56dI may have done a skilled make-up to play Ann Richards, but I can't do anything to get rid of these gahhtdamb mosquito bites. #NatureRules-! @wiredpup i need to stand on my head for my legs to look that good.Headed to new set... Almost the end of shooting for me in Kepler's Dream. And of New Mexico skies. For now... http://t.co/erLcjyGcs8Albuquerque Sheraton-- well, the sheets are a step up from the Doubletree. http://t.co/pgIAj6rfUf
@mrsangrymick It's a boy, he's been rescued!@AeshaMiller ooooh. Baby great dane?The women of Kepler's Dream- Amy Glazer, director--Nancy Schreiber, DP. http://t.co/VbLhCjvwmT@suz2311 was in the pound, about to be put down.@maresp601 he probably did.Have you ever seen such a face? http://t.co/B71OIVesXf@Etzebeth26 @strangeB not generally.Picture of rainfall. http://t.co/tCBqDhmMyYAncient gondolier. At your service, Signora. http://t.co/ygbmtwOWzx@ArtMusicLife Nah, they're cool.@Rambopolitan definitely. Martini at Musso?@Rambopolitan You do know I'm teasing... xoxGrousing is a human need. Superficial, to be sure, but probably genetic..@Rambopolitan I live in the moment Rambo & at the MOMENT I'm cranky. Now if it were a big issue, I would be philosophical. Off my ass!@whatoneloves My response exactlyDeeply resent having to pack and schlepp to Albuquerque on my day off and then pack and schlepp again for LA on Tues. http://t.co/o5btuEPee9@whatoneloves Had it forever~ I was shopping with a lover who has an even better eye than I.Filming under cloud cover is great... and then the sun comes out, and I, for one, can't even open my eyes. http://t.co/ZYF1YIAAduhttp://t.co/qcgzLPWaAW
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@whatoneloves well--she may. But she has intimacy issues ... http://t.co/JSV4k802Cz@RCJackson0045 heh heh.@RCJackson0045 It's a way of making company when hours of work are too intense for "social pleasures."@albertxd3 Another name for Bombay@roughtradeX NOT while driving!@tczzzz sweet!Herd. http://t.co/1ABvMA0vnMSerene. http://t.co/FpHjwuICD7Colors from Mumbai in waning light. http://t.co/yl9wB6ofsrFrom courtyard to courtyard http://t.co/8SpFqEpdazI'm in love. http://t.co/jtPB43fcptSimple fare, brainy women. http://t.co/1wT6G3ZzdeDora. http://t.co/aJnHwwKR5uOff to Tesuque!! http://t.co/qGPhBLUV5JMagnificent. http://t.co/GG6VEhB9Iq@ReallyFreedom no no! I thought it was some personal connection. Forget about it.@ReallyFreedom @ESShootMeMovie where can I get it.@ReallyFreedom @ESShootMeMovie who did that cartoon or Stritch at the pearly gates????@LaceyMillrain WOW!!!!! What a lovely animal. What part of the country is your home? How old is Chester?@LaceyMillrain The same way I did as a kid. Do you ride dressage?
@lakergrrrl Thoroughbred.Pretty head. One of the owner's more highly strung horses. Big tall mare. http://t.co/RZYYMbCXWYAnd then this shifting into burning coals. http://t.co/H1oenRyehuAnd in the same moments- the northern sky... http://t.co/ho9aQ63Lc5@MarieAxley I think the desert is doing pretty well on its own.@noblegraces Amazed you can see that. Using the "view?"@dragonsbe10 Environs of Santa Fe.@whatoneloves Favorite jacket.@RCJackson0045 I just left the ranch tonight. Still in Santa Fe, and will shoot more of this film in Albuquerque next week.Slack jawed. http://t.co/x2HaOBzHL6@noblegraces I love them.Opinions. http://t.co/EbYniH6cdnWaiting. http://t.co/fA9nlKZ7IAWounded Condor. http://t.co/mXV31HC0GmThey want me to wear these things up the muddy hill to the grave. Lucky for them I am being paid. http://t.co/BY3RwiYVzy.@JanvierNoir I don't. It may surprise you~ sometimes even I am surprised~ but I am mortal.Yikes! Another big lightning strike. Another thirty minutes.A window in my morning shower. Ranch life is rough. http://t.co/l2gPlzuv0TEveryone huddling in vehicles as the rain and hail continue.#SteamHeat. My hair will be suitably wretched in the desolate cemetery scene,We had a big lightning strike & ~rules are we need to wait 30 minutes before we resume shooting in the middle of an open field in nowhere.@VisionsOfMe It's in the works.Hate to leave this ranch tonight. But I have a feeling I will be back. Changing skies. New beauty. Expansion. http://t.co/6EEfvOUkGG@toetappin66 Ha ha Where is that store...? I'm in Santa Fe area, shooting a film based on a young persons novel, Kepler's dream.
@chrisswartout Kind prince.11:50 Wrap. Please God, no forced calls.The ranch is 3,500 acres. Seven Bedrooms and seven baths. Several out buildings. Pond. @RCJackson0045@JanvierNoir @HollandTaylor Oh, is THAT what you call @antiphonist now? Seduced by the bespoke suits and the pocket squares, mmm?
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@roughtradeX Sure..film based on Kepler's Dream, a young person's novel.@tchriste52 Of course, that's why we could not use the light...GiantCondor light leaking hydraulic fluid, unsafe & we must soon release the kids on set-child labor laws.#NotFunny. http://t.co/Bpg44nfj7Q#NMOS14 UNION SQUARE TO TIMES SQUARE THIS IS GODDAMN AMAZING http://t.co/JdIsl2Jqeq
Retweeted by Holland Taylor#BREAKING NYC looters defy rule of law, steal billions, leave thousands homeless. No teargas. No arrests. #Ferguson http://t.co/wO2T8QLcCX
Retweeted by Holland TaylorJust standing endlessly in this scene~ muggy late afternoon! Then, a needle in my thigh~ a teeny mosquito got me, right thru thick fabric!There are peacocks in this film. And not just the actors. http://t.co/Iejr871la4@whatoneloves I await. Wish you were here in person.@HollandTaylor hand crafted salt? Who are you ?!
Retweeted by Holland TaylorCan you see the rain way on the horizon? http://t.co/9ymkqcptrp
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