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Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor New York/Los Angeles

Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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@RhyminSimonGR oh, dear. I would be sad, too.@HollandTaylor just saw that wendy davis posted this yesterday. I just now saw and wanted to share w/ u. http://t.co/fLpm9V5dIX
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@RhyminSimonGR where did she go?For @HollandTaylor (courtesy of @VampyreVamp) http://t.co/3LWRRQyLTk
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@RhyminSimonGR HA HA! Where d'you live?Urban lake http://t.co/2QR9z9G3CX@HollandTaylor Your symptoms are very concerning! Perhaps a nice cup of tea would help? http://t.co/fVfo7Jrnd5
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@KevinYounge oh, so not.@RCJackson0045 no, I don't. What happened?@jennifer_ehle are you in a show at the moment?@HollandTaylor oh my. That gave me such a swoosh of lovely feeling. Yes, please. Xx
Retweeted by Holland TaylorPerhaps you,@RhyminSimonGR and @LilyinLDN should meet.With Ben Platt, phenomenally talented 20 yr old (give me a break) son of divine 4 or 5 hatted Marc Platt. At Studio. http://t.co/YYOYaogSz4We should have a drink. I'm glad you are on the planet @jennifer_ehle@kyrstenlouchen out of my mind on my mind, kiddo.Rembering at Studio in its early days, seeing a guy go down on another on the dance floor. Unbelievably hot. Right here.At Studio 54 Below, (known by me as 54 Blow) for Ben Platt's show. Remember dancing here for hours, out of my mind. http://t.co/k6jOJChLSKCan't hardly get outta this store. #NYCHaunts http://t.co/kg3VajxrpB@hueynym night time, while asleep dream.They knew, that while I eschewed a desert, a tiny sweet was perfect. #BergdorfGoodman http://t.co/WKVVHpI11bWhen someone you know dreams of you, it might really be somewhat about you-- when a stranger tells an actress about dreams of her- It's not.@Debbiejanemaver very fine.@chilibeanie67 81?@MetLaugh @CecileRichards @NTXProgressive the reward was to me thank you.A certain calm descends... http://t.co/H71URzEOCUBreakfast What...? http://t.co/bzKlnu4ydEThe mists begin to lift... http://t.co/I822TvZNvfGood Morning New York. http://t.co/qt8dQw9YEI
Our minimum wage is appallingly low. GOP Senators who vote against raising it are contemptible. http://t.co/5riERpd6KcPeople don't grasp yet that airlines only increase # of SEATS- not space for your STUFF. Check your gaahhttdam bags!! http://t.co/cdqwHozvdDSTEPBACK SUNDAY: Greg Abbott's history of targeting black, Hispanic Democrats in voter fraud cases that go nowhere. http://t.co/9r2fMy69IL
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@JanvierNoir @quietude good -but I bet you could pitch some...@AtlantaKim the best ones...
@xtinaddicted When you are older, you might reconsider! Ideal to be hot for any age.@XanxiuZ you're far too beautiful to work for free, mostly.Stupid damb day to run errands, fool. I'm dyin'!So these girls will take quite a risk for the illusion-- of height! http://t.co/792nBpCPpO@1_SweetnSassy ah, yes, that's the answerIf both hearts are lopsided... http://t.co/qLD0bNfrRf.@jenniferbeals #JBfanFamily Have a nice weekend! 💛 (pic credit once again by the talented @HollandTaylor, ty x) http://t.co/8MA7RUSiqC
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@HollandTaylor @QuiltingMuriel the world is a better place with a dash of Muriel b
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir pretend fendingNext Saturday after this. http://t.co/yLjcIoptNz@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir @antiphonist Well, I'm relieved you've cleared THAT up. Trying pathetically to do paperwork,~you distract well.@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir @antiphonist uuhhhh....@quietone02 @TheFuckingCat dry spellYou seem to be a bit on edge lately. May I make a suggestion? GET LAID.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@Bruce35dc could;t print as pdf.DisGUSTED.@missrhonda1968 you are correct!Will someone tell me why my printer works fine but will NOT print either google or mapquest maps?? Or so faintly that they cannot be read??Guild Hall. East Hampton. From a spot on Mecox Bay. Sept 6th. 8pm? http://t.co/FT6fDQGokC@littlefluffycat It's as good a reason as any.@LilyinLDN Oh, Lily. If I could just kiss your spotted ear...@HollandTaylor If that song gets stuck in my head today, I'm coming over there Ms Taylor. Much Love to you! oxxo
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@maresp601 small silver spoon.@LilyinLDN Nurse Lily!!! I am feverish. It may be a hot flash. I need your cool ministrations!15 minutes. http://t.co/ozQJtU5JGthttp://t.co/4Rs0kvUj13@JanvierNoir @whatoneloves I love that you have them!I get my politics from @HollandTaylor ...she tells it like it is...
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Watch the #TwoAndAHalfMen writers take the #ALSIceBucketChallenge w some help from the cast. http://t.co/zYxYiAEHay https://t.co/twGKErbdSg
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@JanvierNoir Boo.@QuiltingMuriel have I told you lately that I love you?So much fuck right back. Be Brave. @JanvierNoirDon't stop. @PlaybillBlakeThis kiss...from the boys at @playbill @PlaybillMichael and @PlaybillBlake http://t.co/xKbDWzbyxhYOU GUYS!!!! You do keep on making my day(s). What is this, your 10th ANN mock-up? LOVE it! #FlatteryIsGood @PlaybillMichael @PlaybillBlake@RCJackson0045 altogether twisted.@RCJackson0045 a good episode...@HollandTaylor @MsSarahPaulson I believe currently she is a brunette. The weak laugh maybe due to the fact that they have less fun.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@MsSarahPaulson Brunette... WHAT a relief.
AMMO is giving @JohnTierney a challenge! http://t.co/3mir1VUihxIt's not a space ship, it's a HAT.Was that a weak little laff, Blondie?@MsSarahPaulsonEvidence of drowning in West Hollywood. http://t.co/UiDtrXukdi@JillyEdw I don't see a DM from you.@JillyEdw no. If you send me your address, I will send you one. Use DM.
@makeart mm hmm@ladyvolhoops thank you.@Amy_Allen1976 i did already.@whatoneloves they ARE.@whatoneloves your e-mails are FABULOUS!!For God's sake. The spam is demoralizing. What list did I get on? The fucks. http://t.co/6yJ7p8TGX8@tjbaranski @Starbucks don't forget to p:u the cleaning...Mebbe LA. And think Annie Potts will do the tour.Well, now I'm like a drunk in a saloon. http://t.co/o8ql6c8XpTThere is absolutely no way to deny that America is financially & ethically broken when an 81 year man is cleaning a McDonalds. #LRT
Retweeted by Holland TaylorI'm over Starbucks. At least we can get a seat here. Good coffee. Better ambiance. Le Pain Quotidien. Our Daily bread http://t.co/uTWPRZJNhX
Loved playing Peggy. After the first appearance, written by great @RobinsonAngela, I was able to contribute a bit to the writing.@dhiggins53I've just been invited to go from Hong Kong to LA on this boat (having been flown to HK)... 12 days. Nov. Shall I? http://t.co/utCZnMLzI4Carefree. Fooled around unproductively all day& now getting yanked outta the house to drink & eat on Eurotrash strip http://t.co/OxoShwdbiy@CoConMiranda Ah, YES!Thanks for nothing google maps. Please, an actual map to figger my route? Maps as useless as Google Earth has become! http://t.co/gAsVLcj1b9If I could go back in time, I would... Yes, those hidden choices would not happen. Living in knowing is challenging. http://t.co/IutOd1Djhc@1_SweetnSassy That is a person I would be sorry to know.Wishing our Alumn and Board Member @MarkRuffalo good luck on his big Emmy night! #emmys #thenormalheart http://t.co/mB25jEhrr4
Retweeted by Holland TaylorPatients given Rx for 'mental health'have to get prescriptions renewed OFTEN by a psychiatrist at $250 1/2 hr. NOT their reg.therapist. $$$$It's not a throw away for doctors, hospitals & big pharm. Just ill people. RT @DrHornetBupp "mental health is a throw away in this country."To say a depressed man is 'not himself' is like saying Parkinson's makes him not himself. Our mental health care is ignorant & insensitive.@416pse @MrChrisBlackwel @daisyfroud Yes. One could scarcely forget...
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