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Stevie Wonder @ImDaBully North Carolina, Raleigh

Club promoter/host For booking contact @Diona_910 #WeAintBegginWeBuyin #flyishonly #nctwitter

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#CIAA Saturday night https://t.co/Tt0Rq9XlKB#CIAA Friday night at Label https://t.co/BzhD5iZv0H#TBT @alladreamnc @JerzyGod @imdabully... We make them bottles come... BULLY AND JERZY BDAY BASH… https://t.co/dhdn3DNNs0#Tbt me and @alladreamnc on our #bullshit;)) multiply the 2bottle by 50 Friday March 13th bully bday… https://t.co/dyMEQeL2wfTbt for real, @prettyassmo ohh_naa_naa @CandyLadi_Ravie quietstormquietstorm justmel14 we been #litthttps://t.co/YasyUiweOr
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder I just want a better life for me and my family. . I haven't asked for all this extra shit
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Think I'm bout to reopen my liquor houseLmao “@bhillyaheardme Bron Beijing artist A1”It's some bitch ass niggas on and off twitterNobody just speaking generally my tweets are never directed towards anyone that I don't @ ... http://t.co/xEnvntAFZOAnd not have money to pay for anything else “@NoWhiteFlags_ @ImDaBully it's smart to save for any occasion that's what grown folk do”I know a few people who save money all year just to go to CIAA and bike week.. That's has to be a horrible lifeU better than me I would've signed her breast Lls #WeAintBegginWeBuyin 😭😭😭“@DJKOOLSHEED I GOT ... http://t.co/ZiGZpj6lc7Oh my bad “@SPtheeGHOST Monti would whoop my ass”@SPtheeGHOST I told a joke lolOh “@SPtheeGHOST EL OH EL.... You funny "@ImDaBully: U coming to see bae or nah “@SPtheeGHOST @ImDaBully 👀”””U coming to see bae or nah “@SPtheeGHOST @ImDaBully 👀”Nobody will be able to borrow or get any money from me this week or two weeks after CIAA... U should have ... http://t.co/hhN3D5zc6ZMy bday party going down in Raleigh March 13 I appreciate everyone that's planning on attending@WadeBanner put that thang in rotation.... @YoungBreedCCCMoment of clarity granted by GodWho me just bet a band on Duke vs UNC.... Fuck itmy relationship with God is so important too me ..
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Me too “@Zhathkya i still bang the old jeezy, tip, hov, nas, pac, biggie, weezy, & juvie.. so ion ... http://t.co/CS0MZAWA6TOh “@SPtheeGHOST @ImDaBully I had 1 or 2 of those nites at Phantom... 😏”Lol “@SPtheeGHOST You ever leave the club so drunk that you gotta call ya friends on Monday to find out where your car is?”People post for kicks and giggles til they getting laughed at for getting that ass kickedBroke ni88as fuck all DA bisshhhes..and da wanna be Baller fuck no bissshhhhesss😂😂😂
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder 👀“@Zhathkya yall keep listening to them dumb ass IG post. i dont want no stuck up dude. but i do ... http://t.co/ugKQfYOJMbGn “@Zhathkya ok i think ima go to bed..”Too real “@MarcusTheMesiah Real RT @lenny_devito: No matter hw much u luv sum1, sometimes dat shit ain't meant 2 b”Oh “@Zhathkya but whatever. just dont play w/my feelings & dont break my heart. thats all i ask. bc im not gon do that to you.”Ladies u want street niggas so bad... That man break the law everyday so it's easy to break your heart #dontdebatemeWen dealing wita female, as a man ITS ALWAYS YO FAULT!!!!! deal w/it
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder I just be doin what the fuck I feel like.... #norulesSliding down the time line like #WeAintBegginWeBuyin
Who sliding off the road tonight trying to slide to bae houseiTeam DJs & @Mp3waxx presents @WadeBanner #Go7dPrint hosted by @TazzyOnTheBeat Download free at… https://t.co/gJA9ojp29Bwho going to see K Michelle tonight at the ritz in raleigh north carolinaI'm currently watching : The Boy Next Door #Yatse http://t.co/veB9FKYv0l#morningmessage #WeAintBegginWeBuyin https://t.co/Qj2Pnd0d1LPick the person u get snowed in with carefully
#nuffsaid #WeAintBegginWeBuyin https://t.co/hOcs1P8pToImDaBully “@BIGWORKENT Gamer tag: BIG357WORK https://t.co/8z1Z5mU5rzUNC thought this game was gon be snowed outIlluminati killed him so Roy could stay coach “@BB919 What happened to the real Marcus Paige?”And she a Tarheel fan >Nah twerk “@APaigeHigher @ImDaBully my 2 step? Meet me on the dance floor!”apply dat pressure! defense win games!!! lets go!
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Show us “@APaigeHigher I ️twerk all day at the crib so as I hit the club im with the meanest 2 step ... http://t.co/YRBifiF9iWState sorry af too tho they supposed to be winning by 40Gtfoh Carolina
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Tarheels sorry afI'm currently watching : The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014) #Yatse http://t.co/d9xZLLnOfP@Diona_910 on instagram trying to break the internetBout to smash #WeAintBegginWeBuyin #ChefBully https://t.co/ZWywwLwagpU spelled successfull wrong “@ElleChanel Ladies 👉Big men cook too RT @ImDaBully #ChefBully http://t.co/JUWyFPAKSBYw “@Zhathkya @ImDaBully yes i stayed put bc the roads are bad. and she's doing much better 🙏 thanks for asking, i really appreciate that!”Just checking on u lil mama.. Did you stay put and how's your gma “@Zhathkya here i am 🙋 RT @ImDaBully: Where's @Zhathkya 👀”#ChefBully https://t.co/6BQeytFuDnWhere's @Zhathkya 👀#SnowDayChronicles #ChefBullyWitThePot #StuffedChicken ...post pics of pasta once I start to make… https://t.co/aBA81gZ6dfI think that's a good choice “@Zhathkya @ImDaBully i know right. i might just stay put & leave out tomorrow”Nah I'll never spend that much money and still be in NC 😂 “@_OwnzHerFade You turning up at #CIAA2015 dis weekend @ImDaBullyNot too bad but they're gonna get worse when sun go down “@Zhathkya the roads werent too bad this morning. i wonder how they are now.. 💭”Loud mouth niggas really be cryin to be saved.... All that talking cause u just want the World to know if u ... http://t.co/HhY6Mh864SCongrats “@_OwnzHerFade @ImDaBully lol wht u tryna say ?”Oh “@_OwnzHerFade It took me 7 boyfriends to get to the wonderful man i have today”I'm going to the store.... What u gon get u ain't got no money... I'm going anyway...😭😭😭😭😭.. #ThingsBoostinBitchesSayI only argue to get close enough to swing so if we ain't never fought we ain't never argued either #factsNiggas talk shit and swear u sucker punch themA lot of Lil niggas need to get puma'dIf her pussy good spend cake on itGoodnight “@Zhathkya going to bed now. thankful, loved, & blessed. 🙏 goodnight. 💋”What y'all talking bout
Oh “@TheLizzyShow I just want a nigga thats gone pay me to eat my ass and be wife for the rest of his life....”#WeAintBegginWeBuyin https://t.co/QmdRNNO2PIOh “@SPtheeGHOST Chicken fajitas for dinner tonite.... 😁”“@ImDaBully Everybody won't be at CIAA so come turn up with me this Friday night AT CLUB PHANTOM http://t.co/SRsPzfcV5qTHE HOTTEST PARTY IN THE 336 EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT IS inferno TEXT 9198166598 2B ON MY GUESTLIST.… https://t.co/WxB2Akfa7C
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Liz go to ig and dm her “@TheLizzyShow @ImDaBully @Beautiful_Aura paid or nah?”Looking for models for CIAA dm @beautiful_aura for more info https://t.co/MU2LfNLEMX#mycurrentsitiuation drinking at the endzone in Raleigh come have a drink with me#realitycheck #WeAintBegginWeBuyin https://t.co/0mRAs50zB7#dontdothis “@KaraPublishes Bow Wow seems like a loving boyfriend. https://t.co/qtrHFO3AvpBasically “@Mindyourtweeter @ImDaBully people can still walk on campus and do as they please there is no gate for that. So it's pointless”Aye unfollow me if ur in highschool...summa my tweets b rated R & can't b view w/o an adult being present
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder I just want to win at this thing called LIFE
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder CIAA weekend hmmmOh u not single no more “@Bang_Pretty These 5days bout to be bitter sweet imma miss Bae..”What that mean “@Bang_Pretty @ImDaBully 😯”U can send those to my phone “@Bang_Pretty @ImDaBully I will if I'm not to drunk.”All the hood shit happen on campus so they just locking it in “@Bigga_Vel05 “@Mindyourtweeter Saint aug has a entrance gate now 😂😂😂””Take some bad chick pics so I can 👀“@Bang_Pretty Yes "@ImDaBully: @Bang_Pretty u going"”I went to a CIAA school and only attened one CIAA tournament since its been out of Raleigh.. My check can't ... http://t.co/LSHy2s5OjI@Bang_Pretty u goingMore than likely no “@Bang_Pretty @ImDaBully 😔 oh ok”Idk “@Bang_Pretty @ImDaBully Lol u going to Ciaa?”Before y'all go waste money ain't CIAA give it to a street nigga to flip👀“@Bang_Pretty Can't wait to touch down where I'm from.”
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