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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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@DevinRhinehart @SportsCenter @WarrenBuffett they're the soul to all good men.My first role model- my mom. She broke every stereotype. In for equality? Pass it on – #LeanInTogether https://t.co/ppqzeznl8eRussell Westbrook has 3 triple-doubles this season in which he's scored 35 points; the rest of the NBA- 0
@AshokaESPN haha!@chinch77 good parenting.@adnanESPN haha! A future capologist.Looking through my son's stuff and found this. It's gonna be weird next fall. https://t.co/EvddgEXRS8@Wankleezy @smoothsteve333 @JustinHastings5 a phantom til the end!@Wankleezy @smoothsteve333 @JustinHastings5 completely makes sense now after his GV tweet.@Wankleezy @smoothsteve333 @JustinHastings5 over 85 sacks in his Eagles career- 2nd best in franchise history.In 10 years w the Eagles, Trent Cole played in 155 games. He missed only 4 due to injury. Gonna miss watching him sack the QB as an Eagle.Yes! RT @Independent: Scientists have figured out what makes Indian food so delicious http://t.co/FK8pbi28XD http://t.co/U80Fw3aaf9@NeetaSreekanth good meeting you Neeta! And I will ignore that last sentence. Welcome aboard!!@EliotShorrParks @SeanBrace975 I'd like to see locker get a legit shot in this system.@EliotShorrParks @SeanBrace975 I saw Sanchez already, keep an eye on Locker, he'd be great to have in camp to see what he could do w ChipIf you are praying for Max, please ask for good weather to help Rochester police in their search of water near Charlotte pier.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@TonyKhan sounds like I'd hang out with him to talk about Mike Schmidt, Randall Cunningham and how the '86 Sixers blew the draft.@TonyKhan and we all know 10 year old Tony is all that matters.Can't believe it's been 25 years since Hank Gather's abrupt death. He was a Philly legend, the future was so bright. http://t.co/J9Z4weYRCj.@AdamSchefter tells @ESPNFrontRow how he broke the #McCoy story last night. @KNegandhiESPN also shares his thoughts. http://t.co/Bc07MNg6Lb
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@MarineCorpsDuck that was in jest but not brought up when discussing w the insiders where we started the topic. Thank you for your service.@MarineCorpsDuck no narrative on TV. I brought up one of the things being discussed by many.@MarineCorpsDuck check my timeline the last 20 hours. Like I said, this trade can't be completely judged yet.@MarineCorpsDuck it's dawned on me. But not a top 5 pick.@JohnKincade @SECbooger it's gonna be ok John. Value of the RB has changed Booger.Over the last 5 seasons, Lesean McCoy leads all players with 6,155 rushing yards and 1,566 combined rushes and receptions.
@Lincolnsideup @damienwoody what rd is not the point. Finding a franchise QB for his system and judging what happens after is.Hinkie, Hextall and Kelly walk into a room…everyone in that room gets traded. Don’t go in that room! (Amaro can’t find the room.)
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@loisasaro that's the question.So Luongo left game with an injury, showered and changed, then told coaches he can go back in and then gets uniform on and is back in net
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@CMCKENDRY_ESPN @AshokaESPN haha! No one is ever safe under Chip. Well, maybe Mariota.Kiko Alonso and Ray Lewis are the only 2 players since 2001 w at least 150 tackles, 4 Int and 2 fumble recoveries in a season (via @VinMasi)A source close to McCoy to me on whether the trade news was a surprise: "Honestly we were under the (cont) http://t.co/qliOpGEGGi
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiA source close to LeSean McCoy on how the #Eagles RB feels about news of an agreement to trade him to (cont) http://t.co/2ETI3jBHcf
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@damienwoody yes it does.@wingoz @damienwoody let's see after free agency and the draft. They need to keep Maclin.@damienwoody that is what's so fascinating about all this.@wingoz @damienwoody no doubt. Hard to judge system without Chip getting "his" QB. And that doesn't just mean Mariota. A zone-read QB.@damienwoody but don't the Patriots have the philosophy of "next man up, our scheme will win". Let Chip get his franchise QB like Bill.One-cut slasher that gets the ball north/south in a hurry. What I anticipate Philly eventually acquiring at RB. #powerrunninggame
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiAnyone bashing this proposed trade never watched Kiko Alonso in 2013. If he returns to form, Philly will love him. Major defensive upgrade.Lost in today's news, @pro_hunt58 was a beast for the Eagles for a decade. He will be missed along with the magic of @cutondime25.@richarddeitsch @JasonRomano smart move.@ByDavidMurphy people don't know. If he returns to 2013 form, dominate.@richarddeitsch @JasonRomano so you're saying there's a chance!Chip Kelly, settling all family business.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@ADKredwing looking forward to seeing a healthy Kiko@richarddeitsch @JasonRomano whew! Thank God you didn't eliminate SI media critic from the possibilities.@ADKredwing Bills liked Shady last offseason. New regime but not surprised. Their other backs have not been durable.@JasonRomano exactly. Outrage now. Forget later.@ADKredwing Lesean provides big splash for Rex.@JeffSkversky different regime.How can anyone judge this potential trade without knowing what free agency and the draft will bring?I'm not the least bit surprised with the Lesean news. Heard last offseason the Eagles were looking at RB options outside of Sproles.I'm ok. Free agency will be fun next week. RT @AshokaESPN: Doing a wellness check on @KNegandhiESPN and @CMCKENDRY_ESPN #Eagles #Shady@Tom_McKean we sure do!!@SECbooger @RoFloESPN @ESPNDari you're part of a special fraternity now.@SECbooger @RoFloESPN @ESPNDari come on bro, we roll thick in here w hair product and makeup. Didn't you watch Anchorman?@KNegandhiESPN could you help out the @cherrycrusade in a Twitter competition by tweeting #NCSSATempleOwls and #LoudAndProud?!🍒⚪ Go Owls!
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiEagles doing a complete rebuild of their secondary is not a surprise. At least they have Jenkins, adding CB Byron Maxwell would be huge.@Real_Lyon_Kyng all good.@edwardmgentry appreciate ya@Real_Lyon_Kyng I said 4 teams since the Indiana team. Bird's squad is one of them.
@krvanch no doubt.@krvanch they're special.No joke. RT @jaymee: This Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream is @KNegandhiESPN-approved. http://t.co/7eJZaRUlub http://t.co/fR0Xyv5iEd@Big_Tah47 these retros are no joke.According to Forbes, Michael Jordan qualifies as the 1,741st-richest person in the world. I feel like… https://t.co/4eiCn8RODOCompletely fascinated w Chip Kelly's decision-making this offseason.Whoa RT @ESPNMichele: jarring details of prior shooting prosecutors want introduced to Hernandez trial; AH=defendant http://t.co/HjsnolwncaFor those continuing to ask (and as I've said over last few weeks), the #Eagles are not expected to use their franchise tag on Maclin.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@dwright1906 all good.@Brosh75 thanks!The Human Highlight Film - Nique. Should've won the '88 Slam Dunk competition vs MJ. https://t.co/JNnR7CmzmEFun to be back on SC with @KNegandhiESPN today. Always lots of laughs! http://t.co/FtcEXNr3Ie
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThanks @KNegandhiESPN @SportsCenter for joining us #ReadAcrossAmerica Mt. View school Bristol, CT. http://t.co/3ivZLGjeTp
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThe Human Highlight Film. RT @JLope34: .@DWilkins21 joins @KNegandhiESPN on the SportsCenter set. http://t.co/ujTHlRChmC@ojandaman24 it's all preference. I've been using the iPad since we integrated our software.@holroyd42 always good to mix it up.@eddietheg85 appreciate it.@dwright1906 why not? Nothing like a little flavor to the boring suit game.Melrose is live with us this morning. Have to be ready. RT @WorldofIsaac: Look at you with the fancy threads http://t.co/GvAGJVsRoa@LanaPCross @gehrig38 and disgusting. I'm glad Curt went off about it.A must read on the dark side of social media. Curt Schilling got some things off his chest. https://t.co/QyqgNwLcAH
There isn't a more kind man & true Southern gentleman than Ivan Maisel. Please pray for him, his wife & his 2 daughters during this time
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@Ivan_Maisel our thoughts and prayers continue.Update on the search for our son Max: http://t.co/1XAdgoMplA
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiESPN sources say Sixers and JaVale McGee are having discussions on potential buyout as today's playoff-eligibility buzzer looms at midnight
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThe outstanding piece by Tom Friend on Kermit Alexander this morning on @OTLonESPN w @BobLeyESPN.. http://t.co/SAV9K695zHArmbar is my new favorite sports term. Ronda is no joke.
@Adam_Alter @AnishESPN 4 was so underrated.@AnishESPN excellent movie reference. I like pizza.Congrats!! MT @AuggyD: Awesome Day yesterday! Got to fly with my boys. Got to represent #pararescue, #airforce, and https://t.co/jyxNkgYGpX@bacox87 @JohnKincade I agree.Great news. RT @bobbysharma: ESPN outbids 2 others for Indian Premier League (cricket) US media rights.@JohnKincade @phillydotcom and then we wonder about the kids. Sounds like he is protecting a lot of people.AD quotes are ridiculous MT @phillydotcom: Fans not punished for 'racist' taunts against team http://t.co/33NeflgLSs http://t.co/U4913bMAeG
Confession: I've never watched one minute of Star Trek. Will always be a Star Wars guy but #LLAP.White & Gold RT @bhofheimer_espn: @KNegandhiESPN and @CariChampion discuss the color of #TheDress on @SportsCenter. http://t.co/5LjzlVJNvJ@Mikelarsen20 thanks man.
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