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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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Talked to Joe Maddon. He said he had no idea he even had an opt-out tied to Friedman's departure until the Rays told him he did.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiBring back for good RT @PhilHecken: Looks like the Panthers are bringing back the Pitt Script helmet for homecoming! http://t.co/jd4LOvyzUcWhen someone says something is crazy.Show em this RT @mostextremepics: Highliners sleep in hammocks over Italian Alps http://t.co/XjjeAFUJT5No, that would feature a front office change in personnel and philosophy. RT @v_renzi: @KNegandhiESPN @Buster_ESPN like Christmas morning@AshokaESPN it's a start.Finally! MT @Buster_ESPN: Phillies have signaled to some they're going to be ready to deal vets this winter,eat money to do it.One PHI player other teams are going to monitor closely, to see if he becomes available: Chase Utley. He would have to consent to any trade.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@MikeSilver @mikefreemanNFL @Barry_Switzer you will get it. It's one of the best @30for30 and that's saying something.I don't know the place where scoreboard operators go to hide but I imagine there's one new guy introducing himself from Denver this morning.
@Lizzs_Lockeroom now I can't get Michael McDonald out of my head.@Lizzs_Lockeroom haha! so much disappointment.@MichelleDBeadle happy birthday rock star! Keep kicking life in the butt.@SteveBunin sweet Boz shirt.@WorldofIsaac thank you Isaac. I could've kept on going with Jeannie. She was engaging.@JeanieBuss to @KNegandhiESPN "If there's somebody on our payroll saying those things, i'll get to the bottom of it." http://t.co/J1fRFz4N7y
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@ESPNprDScott thank you David. One of my favorite parts of the job."If there's somebody that's on our payroll who is saying things like that...they won't be working for us any more."- Jeannie Buss on sources"Any free agent that would be afraid to play with Kobe Bryant is probably a loser." my interview w Jeannie Buss ahead on @SportsCenterWhen the World Series is tied 1-1, the winner of Game 3 goes on to win the series 70 percent of the time
Here ya go. http://t.co/0hQfPIcVZu RT @guido_martelli: @KNegandhiESPN haha I would love to know his story29 year wait and orange Marlin guy haunts Royals fans on every pitch of the World Series.Interesting. RT @AdamSchefter: Roger Goodell is being forced to testify at the Ray Rice hearing by judge's ruling, per source.@RusMiller4 of course.Country Breakfast delivers.@HeartOfAChef thank you!Happy Diwali to my family and friends out there. Best wishes on a prosperous New Year!@ShaunJay @Josharma42 this is great. Congrats!@RealDerekGood all good.@RealDerekGood 8 pitches. 8 fastballs.Live by the fastball and only fastballs, eventually they catch up to it.These Giants..@Lizzs_Lockeroom "takin it to the streets".. darn Rerun.@mikefreemanNFL some good stuff in your article. Glad you brought up the Peyton comparison. Jealousy can be masked in many different forms.It turned out to be one of my favorite interviews @gotboz44. Thanks for the honesty and refreshing take on turning things around.Not often you start an interview telling someone you didn't like them, but @gotboz44 changed my mind in his @30for30 http://t.co/Z61ZzbkLSNNBA draft lottery reform did not get enough votes. BIGGEST win for Sixers this season but even bigger win for small market teams in future.@loisasaro thank you. He was great.Watched next week's @30for30 on the Boz. One of the best yet. Changed my opinion of him. @gotboz44 joins me on @SportsCenter on the 9a show.@sree @raakstar no words. That is unbelievable. My wife would faint with a smile on her face.
@slk018 hosmer didn't help by swinging early.@slk018 they swung at bad pitches. Bumgarner didn't have to work.Royals are not gonna get a better chance against Bumgarner and they get nothing.What a good at bat by Lorenzo Cain. Settled down and didn't get fooled.@GoodmanESPN @ESPN_RobKing all set up for a 2nd half run to the title! Plus, I would not torture my boss and put him in charge of my squad.@GoodmanESPN $100!@GoodmanESPN @ESPN_RobKing he still owes me lunch after his football team went down to the Eagles.@GoodmanESPN $75. Keep it up Goodman.@GoodmanESPN your smugness will cost you a $50 entry.@GoodmanESPN don't forget your FF dues.Dream it. Do it. RT @MPintkowski: It's crazy how I'm watching a dude that graduated from my high school on sportscenter @KNegandhiESPNKevin Durant says he can't step down on his foot or put weight on it. Says he does cardio w his upper body to raise his heart rate.Before surgery on his fractured foot, Kevin Durant says he had only suffered sprained ankles. He never underwent surgery before in his life.
It's been weird watching this Steelers soft defense this season. Not used to it.Banana-Split, man!! RT: "@KNegandhiESPN Spider 3 Y Banana. It should be ordered on a cone. 2 scoops of it." http://t.co/lVGb6gutc1
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiSpider 3 Y Banana. It should be ordered on a cone. 2 scoops of it.@Andy_Staples I remember being at that game. Surreal.Pure genius. RT @bomani_jones: john oliver, you are approaching GAWD status https://t.co/058YlmI7Pb@bomani_jones pure genius. I'm crying over here.This is awesome. Keep making us proud, bro. RT @MrKnighton2u: http://t.co/czdfHu4W4U This is why I love my job!!!! #snodaaaaaaaat@BenWoodbury1 @SportsCenter thank you Ben. We have fun every morning.@GoodmanESPN well played. I hate my team the moment I made the trade. So brutal. Plus the eagles bye. I fired the GM and coach.Entering the year, Demarco Murray had 542 career carries.. He's on pace for a NFL record 427 rushes this season..Since losing in the NFC Title Game 2 seasons ago, the Falcons are 6-17..The last Chicago pro team to win a game at Soldier Field?? The Blackhawks.. It's been that kind of season for the Bears..
Emmanuel Sanders became the 45th different receiver Peyton Manning has thrown a TD pass to in his career.509 TD passes for Peyton.. The man who has caught the most TD passes from Peyton? Marvin Harrison with 112..@THEJohnCassio @993ESPNRadio good to know. Will do. Thanks.@SECbooger @wingoz lido beach and siesta key... Hidden gems@BobbyDubbz that was siesta key.@MikeCon_55 you are correct. And I miss it too.@BobbyDubbz I love the suncoast.@wingoz siesta key, fl. Started rough w the baby getting sick but we finished strong.@BobbyDubbz Sarasota.My favorite view on the last day of vaca- good for the soul. http://t.co/QqBkz7VIJ9Direct flight w @RedZonechannel.. Thank you @jetblue for doing it right domestically.. You guys just get it..
@Mr_JoeyCresta sorry man. Blatant block there before the ball was thrown. A darn shame cause Golson was great.Hate to see a flag late but it was the right call, regardless of timing. RT @phila76: a game decided by the officials ?A Classic that lived up to its billing.Impressive response by ND.I really have no more words on Driskel. All of them have been taken to the house on a pick 6. Throw the towel and let him sit. Poor guy.@MarkEnnis there's no d in helicopter.Remarkable. RT @chrisfallica: 10th time since 2011 k state has won outright as an underdogMorgantown is brimming.OU’s kicker on July 30 RT @Hunnicutt08: We got iPads for our playbooks today. Here's only play loaded on mine http://t.co/CUT3GWMVRN
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiCollege kickers. 19 yard hook by OU. Brutal.@tannerg_24 you seem a little obsessed. Enjoy the Saturday. good luck to you.@tannerg_24 I didn't write the story. So "desperately" defend him to someone else.@tannerg_24 desperate? You may need to look up the word desperate before applying it to a sentence.Punched teammates, issues w Russell Wilson's leadership... Good luck Geno.. http://t.co/D8MKMd4p6r@A_Jimenez3 yeah they do. Nice seats
Avery Williams MT @HighlightsESPN: Houston QB Greg Ward Jr. takes a brutal hit from a Temple defender. http://t.co/s6fHy0mtfE"Seahawks paid him $18.3M the last 2 seasons and gave up 3 drafts picks -- for a guy who played 8 games for them." http://t.co/WnBSnuMA4DThe Irsay dash cam video is scary. Just scary. Thank goodness nothing happened to anyone innocent on the road that night.Travis Ishikawa signed a minor league deal in April, almost retired, got called up due injury, then hit GW HR to go to World Series. Sports.@buck last night's Ishikawa HR call was perfect. Well done.Tremendous. RT @thebiglead: Sung Woo Lee, Royals Korean Super Fan, Will Return to KC for the World Series http://t.co/waGM7MG9bk
Geno should take plenty of blame for the last couple weeks off the field. But on the field, he doesn't have one game-breaker to help him.
<<Standing O>> RT @ESPNCommentary: Hat tip to @WulfESPN, who had the Royals in the World Series on March 29 http://t.co/ktXuwXrmKq@jbonemcdiggity @BrianDawkins both are pretty darn cool. BDawk is the real deal. As cool as you think he is.Sweet! Love that cover. RT @damienbarling: @KNegandhiESPN found it! Can't believe this is 24 years old. http://t.co/XXQyVFdt02
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