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Floating in a bubble in Wicked :)

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@adinarj I'm so so sorry! I have been fighting a really bad cold all week long. Been out the majority of the week:( sending love!
Y'all thank you so much for all of the #thinkpink love! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thinking of what's next.... :)@Lauraromamo soooooo NOT perfect, you are very sweet:)@Addie_Pooh it's gonna happen in the coming weeks, I promise!@AdamSKaplan you are the pwettiest!!@infinityarixo you are not weird, silly! Thank u for the love!It's here! Watch the first episode of Think Pink, @KaraLindsay1's @Wicked_Musical vlog! http://t.co/OcvyNPEC2O http://t.co/n79Dd2AF6F
Retweeted by Kara Lindsay@sarabloodsworth shhhhhhh ;)Guys it's vlog debut day! I'm so nervous and excited! Ahhh!!!
Thank goodness! @Wicked_Musical star @KaraLindsay1 is @broadwaycom’s newest vlogger! http://t.co/2DTKS0eHFA http://t.co/rQK0xTRgVq
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@aaronjalbano @thaynejasperson this is my nightmare...
@BettyMWhite you are the most inspiring woman! Life goal: to someday be even a tiny ounce of the amazing lady you are!@bri_conley awww girly!!! You are the sweetest! Hoping you are well!@SingOutRuiz haha!!!!! I think that was Laurel!!!@adinarj see ya soon!@JasmineOfPersia haha! Wow!@Rissi_Orlando eeeekk that's a rough one! Thank you though!@maxlouie aww yay! Thanks!@The_Krimowski thank you so much for this! And thank you for coming!@sophc1245 hilty all the way!@Newsies4ever you're so sweet! Thanks!@Raymrocks haha! Thank you so much!@JessicaaMiro thank you so much!@pat_iscool boooo!@1stPersonality oh wow! I'm more than fine with this casting:) thanks!@KatysMyFirework yay! I'm so glad!@akitaevitaa this is the best!@_EmilyMary haha! Ahhh those live bootlegs scare the crap out of me!@Jobriennyc haha!!! Thanks! Love this:)@amanda_m59 @CarolineVBowman I think you are thinking of @carriestlouis and @LaurelieMHM :) and YES they are incredible onstage and off!!!@StephenBayers thank you so much! I do love my @CarolineVBowman :))))@KatPlumber @KeenanBlogger my favorite picture...ever :)@sarabloodsworth yay!!! Happy birthday to you!!!@maveryckex see you in a couple months!@allyb75 yay lotto win! :))@Meggue_Cruz ahhh happy birthday to you!!@bethmonolove xo!@bgreen1696 of course!@Carolinegrace_m yay! Thank you! Nice pic!@TRoseAlena thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!!@maxlouie of course! Thank YOU for coming and saying hi!@IDreamOfSantaFe wha? I'm lost!@vintagetardis aww that is so sweet! You are going to be way better than I will ever be:)Want to hear @KaraLindsay1 @RobinofJesus @mollyejobe @m_shingledecker #SteffanieLeigh @BarrettWeed and myself sing?? http://t.co/DWNFwksyvx
Retweeted by Kara Lindsay@ElderPoptart woohoo!!!@MacraeMcD yay!!! See you soon!@1stPersonality haha! I do feel more like an animal than a human:) xo!@infinityarixo love it all!!! Awesome!@turnupthemtunes haha!!! Wow you look really great for your age;)@davidkopp_ thank you so much!!! Love the pic too!!!@hollywoodmandy you too sweet thang! Thanks for coming!
@Aveenjer @D_Guzz @J_Dawg86 yes so so much!!!! It is the loneliest commute without you boys:(((
Watching Gravity (I know I'm really behind) and it's just one stressful thing after another! Holy GOD. I can't breathe
@RANTINGMALE yesssss!! Go wifey! :)@thaynejasperson @AlexdWong @Aveenjer @Kcmassey1 whoa kids! A lot happened in this series of tweets. Satan, texts, gifts in shoes. I love u!@grassmahgirl soy crazy! Pinch meeee!@ohsnapitzvicky absolutely! Always do unless I take too long and people have to leave:(@TyroneMcnuggets you're way too nice! Thank you!@MacraeMcD yes I am! Thank you! I'm pinching myself:)))@laffy_staffy you are so nice! Thank you!@PatokaFire10a16 aww thank you so much!@fangirling_bway awww thank you so much!@sarabloodsworth @infinityarixo this is so sweet! Thank you for your support! And yay for friendships! Love this@jrgealt yay excited for you!@chloebieber0 well come on back and see us!@loriloriCM yay glad you are coming!@1stPersonality thanks hun:)@ItsMConstantino sweet thang!@1stPersonality haha! That'd be AMAZEBALLS.@luffstruck you're too nice! Thank you. :)@newsies96 happy birthday to Hannah!!! Yay!@pancholuvsu xoxo!!!@infinityarixo well I'm trying anyway! We shall see how well it goes...in terrible with all that stuff! Thank you hun!@juststaytay thank you sweetie!!!@alexandrakate__ what a great present! Yay!!!@natollywood yayyyy!!!@jaredbgoldsmith :)))))@rsingerr you are so sweet! I felt so badly that you ran through the pouring rain!@pat_iscool aww well thank you!@Teenagelemons through the summer for sure :)@canadatie of course! Thank YOU@actress03 I'm sure I have it:) just haven't had a chance to look through the mail box yet due to the holiday schedule! I'm sorry!@WaterMelanie93 i should be there then too!@hollywoodmandy no I should be there!@booksovermovies thank you for coming!@VinderosClub aww thank you! I'm sure she WILL be on that stage someday!@little_di18 :) you too!
http://t.co/eYjfhScp10 http://t.co/RHHB9QYvPh
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The sweet @SarahBumstead created a FB fan page for me to post pics/share new adventures! Please "like" if ya wanna! https://t.co/7ObRiMDLKlHappy New Year to you all! Hoping 2015 is a fantastic one! Do you have a resolution or a promise for 2015? #ihavenocluecuziforgetbyfeb :)
@Lauraromamo ADORABLE!!@THEENGLISHROSEX xoxo!@SamHR1999 thank you so much!@justLIValittle_ you are so sweet! Thanks!@AakashRaut xoxo!@TAMC98 happy holidays to you too! Thanks for spending it with us!@elana_del_ray thank you for coming!@MiaMudano @CarolineVBowman yay thank you!@infinityarixo hehe me too...in life! I'm always perplexed:)@PrettyMuchLily haha yayyyy! So glad you had a good time!
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