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@rachelysanders @BenMathisLilley what side is Caroline on, I'd be so disappointed if she and I disagreedTEAM GOLD AND WHITE@Alannabean @bobbyfinger team gold and white"so do people take you seriously in LA?" - @rachelysanders keeping @KTLincoln honest since 2k12
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@danceremix i'm working on itPretty interesting to open Twitter and see that everyone you follow, literally every single person, is tweeting about llamas@jordansarge I spent minimum a half hour there this morning@rachelysanders this is horrifyingI present this @rachelysanders gchat without further comment: http://t.co/vyaG0k1jcN@fasanomusic I think that "Take It or Leave It" is my favorite TV performance ever. When he swats the mike!@juliarubin i will defend "Taken For a Fool" until the day I expire from this earthFor the record, both performances are transcendent http://t.co/qeFy69ERRe http://t.co/tU5CqtQ9xCIf you consecutively watch the Strokes perform on Letterman in 2001 and then in 2011, you will see entire lives pass before your eyes
@svatikirsten oh lol good point, it had a nice run@svatikirsten it will continue from New York!@A_W_Gordon RANDOM BRO@GrahamDavidA you think those places have MacBook Airs@erikmal is Edward Snowden using my body to transport information without my knowledge? I mean, probablyI got selected for TSA pre-check earlier and now I have an entire row to myself on this plane. Beginning to worry that I'm being set up@rachelysanders I'm at LAX about to board my plane@rachelysanders trend pieceeeeeeSo fascinating that even as pro boxing fades from mainstream, Miles Teller, Jake Gyllenhaal + Michael B. Jordan all have boxing films comingThis A+ @Alannabean story isn't just about 4th-graders' Twitter: it's about terrific teaching + intellectual passion http://t.co/FHiLCEvKwEI wrote about the new come-up of our greatest Jewish-American, Ewan McGregor, starting with @A24's SON OF A GUN http://t.co/gZDowa842l@audevwhite I know how to pick em"In the cold weather, the drinks go down much smoother" -- my Lyft driver with some great words of encouragement as I head to NYCThis is a hell of a story by @maxabelson http://t.co/cMUQzzSPdPOn being undocumented, working at Goldman Sachs, then quitting to join @joseiswriting team. Actual American dream! http://t.co/Yjq6OUWyS9
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Michiko ETHERED Kazuo Ishiguro's new book. "An eccentric, ham-handed fairy tale... in stilted, formalistic language" http://t.co/gKQqdyxfYp@TimBritton @sarahballsy @GrahamDavidA David's intimidated by your bronafides@en_cohen first time I heard "Younger Us" I was running around the Central Park reservoir and actually started jumping up and down@mattbuchanan Horton seemed to think they'd definitely lost something, but that people kept buying it at a high rate anywayI wrote for @Racked about AT HOME WORKOUTS like P90x and how they're still super-popular even in the age of Crossfit http://t.co/YPKyzONszy@SamuelAAdams @sternbergh ...shouldn't the important thing be that American Sniper got nominated, not that it didn't win?@SamuelAAdams @sternbergh also, I don't get this argument! If people were watching to see how movies they loved would fare...@minakimes @Grantland33 @robertmays long johnsCONGRATULATIONS @sarahballsy http://t.co/4nvg9xWFCG@davidlsims she rulesAndrew Wiggins is good as hell http://t.co/pLLkeHSAMf@audevwhite you've still got 25 other letters to goThe new Colleen Green album is the platonic ideal of power pop. Just outstanding power pop. I love the phrase power pop
@Alannabean there is a middling to strong chance I will never stop watching this https://t.co/S8aPZ7R96G
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@Alannabean meI actually just spat out a mouthful of coffee on the street b/c I was laughing so hard listening to the new HP pod http://t.co/z9xuQj3ZXy@martinrickman ahhhh thanks dude@RealTimBritton i would imagine pretty well! anything that isn't super media-rich seems to be a good fitWrote about COMPLIANCE, a very good and very disturbing movie about power, for today's recommendation http://t.co/xZfStpgOXA@SteveKandell @hotdoorknobs rudeI’m writing for GQ now. Here’s my first thing! How to properly pretend you’ve seen a movie. http://t.co/KiQfoojaPp
Retweeted by kevin lincolnIf you say the word brunch enough times in one sentence, you will actually feel like you're losing your mind@willystaley @cbattan @hotdoorknobs and I saw him brunching at our neighborhood brunch spot, so can also verify that he eats brunch@lindseyweber literally everything@lindseyweber it's the best@lindseyweber did you see Palo Alto? i think that's the great forgotten Chris Messina performancelol! https://t.co/4AFvpQL59s
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@BenMathisLilley @rachsyme that was the 2013 Oscarstbh the thing that mattered most tonite was patricia arquette's speech because all eight best picture nominees revolved around a man's story
Retweeted by kevin lincolnnever forget https://t.co/GJtk9IjL5roh boy
Retweeted by kevin lincolnWell, that was a powerful speechankandbebakdnhwksvskqjgbkwnsbslajdnemandnwksnhwqbksbwhwbskwjwbCongratulations Dan GilroyLET CHRIS PINE CRY, YOU MONSTERS
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@ldbahr 1,000%David Oyelowo is our greatest humanJOHN STEPHENS AND LONNIE LYNN
Retweeted by kevin lincoln🙏The writers giving NPH his 87th briefcase joke before Octavia Spencer talks about Dr. King's assassination has to be purposeful sabotageA $3 million movie is cleaning up technical awards, hail WHIPLASH and Chazelle's group@annehelen I love Lubezki but my man Elswit is getting disrespected tonight@mkruvant right. and then it's like, LOOK AT HOW PROUD HE ISObjectify menI feel like when women are accepting awards, the telecast never shows their husbands as adoring supplicants like it does male winners' wivesIs TJ Miller literally sitting in the rafters?People are getting on this Oscars, but the acceptance speeches -- Pawel, JK, Arquette -- have been impeccablePatricia Arquette shaking off Ellar Coltrane actually caused one of our Oscar party attendees to fall out of his chairJared Leto out here looking like Father John MistyChazelle's squad out here being GREATHey, female directors winning for doc short!
Retweeted by kevin lincolnThere's no celebration like celebrating a correct pick of Best Live Action Short"Is everything awesome? Is it?" -- Clint EastwoodIs Michael Keaton talking to himself throughout the whole ceremony or just when the camera's on himoh my godRuben Ostlund won Best Foreign Film when he sobbed hysterically on YouTube@rachelysanders we are a persecuted few nowPRISON BREAK, or, the Adventures of Channing Tatum's NeckAdrien Brody and Jeff Goldblum are taking shots of mezcal every time anyone says the words "thank you"Is Neesons the first man to introduce an Oscar segment while physiologically asleepMy heart just melted, does anyone know what temperature hearts re-solidify atEdward Norton is more pleased with himself than I thought was psychologically possibleJust saw David Oyelowo in that suit and now I have to paint all of my suits redAnna Kendrick is the 6 GodI want this to go on for 10 hours
Retweeted by kevin lincolnSaid "Whoa, that dude is handsome," then learned that that dude was Tim McGraw, and will be reassembling my world for the next few minutes@TheLincoln yeah same@TheLincoln also, maybe Selma too -- I was really affected by it, and it's a beautifully shot + acted movie, even if the writing sags a bit@TheLincoln I'd say IV and Whiplash. and I think you can make a legit argument for Boyhood, tho I wouldn't necessarily
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