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@nbj914 I definitely understand that@nbj914 oh man, I can't even think of that many movies I would've wanted to see in theaters this year. I'm impressedWith LISTEN UP PHILIP on VOD tomorrow, good time to recommend watching Alex Ross Perry's excellent THE COLOR WHEEL http://t.co/AaNHIB14fPI wrote about Edward Norton's stellar, career-redefining performance in BIRDMAN, a movie that I profoundly disliked http://t.co/xweEi6xVFR
Just spent 90 seconds confronting the reality of being trapped in a coffeeshop bathroom before forcing my way out. I'm a different man nowother VERY GOOD 2014 movies: Enemy, Gone Girl, What If, The Rover, Coherence, Boyhood, Under the Skin, Happy Christmas, The One I LoveTOP FIVE MOVIES OF 2014, Oct. 18 Edition: 1) Whiplash 2) Blue Ruin 3) Obvious Child 4) Snowpiercer 5) The GuestI do think that Edward Norton is fantastic in it, though, to the extent that he should be the focal point over Keaton and on par w/ LubezkiWay, way out there with @scott_tobias on BIRDMAN, a film that I really profoundly disliked http://t.co/SN7AZSmSNE
@SpikeFriedman a lot can happen in 90 minutesOK http://t.co/4TptCz29YNAlso, fast coming to terms with my insatiable appetite for coverage of FuryI'd never listened to @misterpatches/@davidehrlich/@kateyrich's podcast pre-today, but it's really good! http://t.co/X1KI4aVNFI@MattZeitlin @annehelen you are entitled to your opinion but I think Jude Law is very handsome + has good taste in tweed@annehelen @MattZeitlin pfff Matt are you seriously trying to say Jude Law isn't good looking http://t.co/XgyKHpC9VwAs Peanut Butter Czar, I cannot allow smooth peanut-butter to move across state linesI am the Peanut Butter Czar. I will legislate all peanut-butter-related dilemmas. For example: no more smooth peanut butter. It's dumbKevin Morby might low-key be our best young wandering-American-troubadour type. This new album is a damn monolithOn my last day at BuzzFeed, I published a post with the dek "lol"| @hreins and I started at BuzzFeed on the same day. Now she's leaving, and her final piece is unsurprisingly great http://t.co/wz0sBIdJRv@juliarubin ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what@Ryanj899 @rwohan whaler@SteveKandell @hotdoorknobs their last album was like Tom Petty karaoke-ing Elvis Costello, so this makes all kinds of senseAnyone with even the smallest interest in movies should read Jeremy Saulnier's account of Blue Ruin's insane creation http://t.co/OlidZfOtLtI kind of love all genre mash-ups but I'm especially a sucker for sci-fi westerns. So, very intrigued by YOUNG ONES: http://t.co/u1yB7SII2H
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@seth_rosenthal ahh bummer, it used to be on Netflix but I guess it got removed. you can rent it for $2.99 if you're feeling deep-pocketed@KTLincoln Helpful Primer companion chart if you have a few years to spare http://t.co/ZwAXGTK82M
Retweeted by kevin lincolnThis weekend, maybe watch Shane Carruth's $7,000 sci-fi masterpiece "Primer". Here is how I feel about Primer! http://t.co/zGsIS59xmSMorning. Enjoy a cup of @nataliesurely's amazing story about contracting, and living in isolation with, TB at age 23. http://t.co/kOOIkaZrYi
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Losses aside, at least the Jets are sticking to their plan of "Sheldon Richardson, Mo Wilkerson, and 51 guys we found in a Queens bar"NYCers: Birdman, Listen Up Philip, and Dear White People open tomorrow; Whiplash continues. 2014 won't bring a better movie weekend.
Retweeted by kevin lincolnMy 2nd novel, THE LIFE AND DEATH OF SOPHIE STARK, comes out May 2015 & you can now preorder it! http://t.co/BZHs5ymhKv
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@jordansarge the day I say "gamer gate" out loud is the day I take a vow of silenceBorrowed hot sauce in LAX from a girl in a chambray shirt who looked like the third Mara sister. Might be the great romance of my life@en_cohen well, everything makes sense nowLAX "Rock & Brews" airport bar playing a Hoobastank music video at 830 am with the sound cranked up: never stop going in
@marincogan nice hatAnother year, another rush of disappointment when I find out the Oscars won't be hosted by David Lynch http://t.co/JlEnIaG0ni@MMoore44 yeah, she's certainly not on the fame-level of those other folks, but she is one of the highest-profile indie filmmakers@JoeyDevine there's definitely an element of "sequel" there, but the big difference is that the later installments are part of overall idea@JoeyDevine great question! I think the big difference is that those are ideas with conceptual long-tails, if that makes senseWrote about the Big Lebowski 2 fake news story and why out best directors don't make sequels http://t.co/AZHFNcpg7M@rachelysanders yeah, I already do enough things that could be described as overly nicheIf my Halloween costume was "Jimmy in disguise" from You're the Worst, would that be funny or just overly niche? Because I really want to@falsebinary ha ha ha i have blue teethhttps://t.co/YS9DjVcDR8@bobbyfinger "Jessica and Anne, can you guys just smile like you hate us? Keep it really tight and contemptuous. Perfect"male allies are important, except when they're the worst http://t.co/tR41p2Whr9
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI wrote about why I don't feed my daughter meat, otherwise known as "animals" http://t.co/fmxO5beiNW
Retweeted by kevin lincolnShave your head and get a bird tattoo bruh, new Top of the Lake coming http://t.co/BaG1asif0kThe Lakers are going to be amazing this year. And by amazing, I mean the basketball equivalent of an IRS audit http://t.co/8FQf911zSq@jozenc thanks, Jozen!
The new HP pod is up on iTunes. Also, we have our own feed now. You can subscribe directly, here: https://t.co/WX8y4Ue3v7
Retweeted by kevin lincolnThe trailer for U Turn makes it look like a Barenaked Ladies music video http://t.co/ouQslZCQovGreat video look at Terrence Malick's use of voiceover by @scott_tobias http://t.co/VDlmQwtuZW@WillGordonAgain that's what I'm here forhttps://t.co/sa25npwgq0 MT @WillGordonAgain Drunkspin! Today's hungover ramble is abt my least-favorite imported beer http://t.co/XGjbat5tHnI'm writing in Shia Labeouf for President in 2016 http://t.co/3ksctUWi4V@patrickredford Seven@hreins @dorseyshaw amenJust got a Yo from DEATHSTARE666. If that is any of you, reveal yourself, because I watched Seven last night and I'm assuming the worst@tmibugbee + the 30 seconds from Death Proof where Kurt Russell is eating nachos like a confused animal https://t.co/9kXdyvRq7dThis Single Mothers album is like a hardcore riff on the Hold Steady's Almost Killed Me and I am all about that
@ark_keeper I'm not saying Murray doesn't have a place in movies. He has a good one! It's just way smaller than his public rep would suggest@ark_keeper interesting point. But Depp's faded, Cruise and RDJ lead blockbusters (Murray does not), and untrue w/r/t ClooneyPenelope Cruz Has A... Oh Shit, Look At Those Bulls@ark_keeper 1) he plays himself in Zombieland; 2) nothing "wrong" — just adds to the impression that Murray is working in a narrow laneHere is a really great story about bullfighting: Karen Russell's "The Blind Faith of the One-Eyed Matador" http://t.co/zkE37sqQ4Z@marathonpacks @natepatrin bingo"For sheer directorial craft, there are few people working today who can match David Fincher." Let's see why! http://t.co/6EqOhBqsb3It's amazing just how much better Run the Jewels is at their version of hip-hop—runaway-truck rap?—than anyone else http://t.co/fUdIJAEB4fToday's movie recommendation: SHORT TERM 12, which is funny and terrifying and a showcase for Brie Larson http://t.co/1S3GcIDKo7@DavidLoPanned @Grantland33 he plays himself. It's funny! But that's closer to the meme part than the acting@BarrioDe I didn't count it because he was playing himself. more on the meme side than the acting side@misterpatches is it just me or did he slide into and out of an accent at random throughout the movie?What happens when the Bill Murray Meme returns to acting? I wrote about Murray's celebrity and his role in St Vincent http://t.co/kzX0yIeLNB
Consider this me and @julietlitman's official application for Miles Teller's crew. She's E, I'm Turtle http://t.co/0GhmTjCZMQ
Retweeted by kevin lincolnFREE BOXOFFICEMOJO / SAVE BOXOFFICEMOJO / START WHATEVER SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN IS NECESSARY TO BRING BACK BOXOFFICEMOJO@BrianPinDC we're Joaquin Phoenix-ing. Shia LaBeouf is the only thing that's realMultiple choice question: Shia LaBeouf is a) the greatest actor of his generation b) the reincarnated Siddhartha c) ∞ d) all of the aboveFor this week's Netflix Action Movie Canon, I wrote about Blue Ruin, the great recent VA revenge indie: http://t.co/T49N5d0NgY
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@JayOnrait thanks buddy. if you see the movie let me know what you thinkI wrote a pretty long story for @deadspin about table tennis, immigrants, and America: http://t.co/JzO9OFMLMZ
Retweeted by kevin lincolnSCREENWRITER: Here's my pitch: What if all ~isn't~ fair in love and war? PRODUCER: If we can get Reese Witherspoon, I say go for it@BenMathisLilley JIMMY HANDGUNS: DON'T LET HIM SHOOT THE SHITBOB DYNAMITE HANDS: YOU BETTER NOT SHAKE ON IT
Retweeted by kevin lincolnLol movie puns off fictional names. (JOHN WICK: DON'T SET HIM OFF.) It's not clever if you made up the character name too you dummies
Retweeted by kevin lincolnTopics covered include the morality of art, the Venice (CA) Canals, jazz musicals, and how the hell you actually get a movie made in 2014The best movie of 2014 so far, WHIPLASH, comes out today. I profiled director Damien Chazelle for Grantland http://t.co/bSpzC4q9WWI drink mimosas at night and eat eggs in my sleep. I explode brunch from the inside. I am a mealtime subversive@KTLincoln ce n'est pas un brunch http://t.co/AqeYkkDFos
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@audevwhite i'm a lunch guy myself. and i'll eat eggs for any meal. i'm crazy like that@juliarubin 😬@audevwhite but what is brunch, really@juliarubin brunch is a state of mind@juliarubin we had a mid-morning meal. was it brunch? WHAT MAKES SOMETHING BRUNCHMy official position on brunch is that it's a coping mechanism fabricated to give weekends greater importance. BRUNCH DOESN'T EXISTThis is history's greatest tweet RT @Casablancas_J It's lonely being ahead of your time.. http://t.co/zh2Hl0ZJKz
@PabloTorre I was hoping you'd say you were one of the supporting tap dancers, but that's also amazing@PabloTorre that's wild. what scene were you in?
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