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Cartoonist, puppeteer, ukuleleist, eater of chocolate mousse.

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Perched https://t.co/vEJ7y3LvCm
@ericcolossal INEVITABLE.I did a lotta penciling today. https://t.co/S3ZtbaDpBU
Two graphic novel travelogues from sometimes puppeteer @LucyKnisley via@fantagraphics http://t.co/tFdAU19eDj http://t.co/eSmVq2pTg0
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@read2distract Yay! I hope you like it!
@saramielae Thank you! I'm so pleased you liked the books!
@ThatDaveJordan deadlines.You look at the stack, the stack looks back. #SomethingNew #Progress http://t.co/RijjbLPX3J
"Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether..." http://t.co/BHXf3Z5qbL
Photoset: fantagraphics: Toronto Comics Art Fest 2015 and Fantagraphics are elated to announce a few grand... http://t.co/TKGBEnJ22O“@johnhorstman: Sneak peak at the romantic graphic novel event of 2016, Lucy Knisley's "Something New" http://t.co/B6HPOfU0LL” ENJOY IT!
@ericcolossal Sometimes it's a more satisfying hit if one hand is stationary!@lambitymoon Yessss! Complete your collection! Thank you so much for coming out— rad to see you there!@andrewrostan So rad to meet you— thank you! I am honored by your jitters.@annforstie Yay! I'm so glad. aaa HUGW is divine!@ericcolossal HA that is embarrassing. At least I'm not a WHIFFER. IOU a better high five next time.in 2008 I went to a comic convention in NYC named MoCCA & High-5ed everyone. Here's an old vid http://t.co/BIzMwHMjuk http://t.co/EWKPZXtdPk
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@EricColossal @mways @colleenaf what video? In which I am so up for high fives?Three hours until @LucyKnisley is here! It will be warm, I promise! http://t.co/6RdPni7zAY
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyPhoto: TODAY!  Come see me at 7pm at Challengers Comics! I’ve got a wee presentation, then I’ll be signing... http://t.co/lJQ8Nn6IS7Nice plug for @LucyKnisley's Displacement on @BooksYALove! http://t.co/UEm9ECKnFj See her tomorrow night, Chicago! http://t.co/Vcx2jOEnIF
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@gregthelen yay!Photoset: torontocomics: Toronto Public Library presentsTCAF 2015 – The Toronto Comic Arts Festival @... http://t.co/TRV1BKHCmb
@stevencandraw Yay! I hope you like it!Fantastic new work from @dylanhorrocks @Nate_Powell_Art @LucyKnisley @paco_roca + more! http://t.co/sPeoQNlKfr http://t.co/F8u1SRPJOn
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@cutoutandkeep lucylou at gmail, please!@hannahregular Yay! *draws faster*@suileangorm What! No! Aaa, to the internet research library!
I always liked Simon! "Really Lucy? A Brit in a tub drawing comics? No kidding." Yeah! No kidding! #lifegoals #SNL40 http://t.co/IB1q3yGNGb
@estellasrevenge thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. Kind of you to say so.Photo: Today and every day. This is a shirt design I made for the fine folks over at Challenger’s... http://t.co/PZPRLEEc23Someone got peanut butter in my chocolate! *cries happily about comics* @scottmccloud @goraina ❤️❤️❤️ http://t.co/WRtHmdsJQx@LilN1 I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you!Coming along. #SomethingNew http://t.co/HFYmh3Zwf6
@scottmccloud my own fault for bringing up the back of the line! Next time I'll muscle everyone out of my way and be first!@scottmccloud that was a really nice talk, and so great to see you-- can't wait to read my newly signed book! Thank you!
@lambitymoon yep, I'm a derp@DanHenrick yep, I'm a derpWhoops! My event at challengers ins next WEDNESDAY. Not Thursday! Sorry!Photo: Next Thursday, Chicago! Come hang out at one of the best comic shops of all time and get this brand... http://t.co/lI2PE0WNwc
Photo: fantagraphics: Check out this rad comics that are out today in your LCS from Fantagraphics! It’s... http://t.co/BxDob0oSoF@akadoor im honored!
@hirsh_joseph @mariswicks hayyyy you guys!! XoxoNew Comics Day 2.11.15: @LucyKnisley, @PeterBagge1 and Love + Rockets 7 by @xaimeh and Beto! http://t.co/6LGofgaAei http://t.co/KY1CPp4V8u
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyI need a new author promo photo for my book about the wedding. I'm like 90% serious about using this one. http://t.co/Or6jWDNkIr
@JITTER_PING because I moved last weekend and I hate going to the post office during the winter. I'll put it up for sale soon!@jabberworks @LadyCartoonist @ErikaMoen how DARE you! Me too.@girlgonepostal aw boo! I'm around the Friday before, too-- doing a signing. Come see me!@ladycartoonist @erikamoen Yep! But it IS nice seeing ladies get a voice, having grown up with lotsa male voices in autobio comics. Rahrah!@joelcarroll @taraocomics BY THE AUTHOR.@ladycartoonist @erikamoen Hoo boy, don't get me started. Helloooo, ladies with thoughts to express! Please make books.@erikamoen We are a sisterhood.@erikamoen Um, that was MY COMIC, wasn't it?@jabberworks I just saw that whole drawing in your style in my brain.@jabberworks @goraina I love milk so much, you guys. Let me write 200 pages of comics about it.@jabberworks I want to read that comic. So bad.@goraina Isn't she the WORST!?@taraocomics But Tara, all we want to read about is the architecture! zzzz@ladycartoonist @erikamoen Reading is so hard, you guys. Make it easier by telling a story that I never question.@mygiantrobot When they pay me to write travel guides, then I will write those.@erikamoen Yes, in your personal interaction with this person, you should have behaved differently and cared about different things.@erikamoen No but Erika, WHY DONT YOU MAKE COMICS THAT CATER DIRECTLY TO ME. I mean, besides all the ones you make ones that totally do.BUT if you like travelogues about food and sex and thinking and grandparents, I put out 2 this year! Yay! https://t.co/m7wnOBaNuM@erikamoen Oh isn't that the best? Almost as good as "I wanted more sadness. Not sad enough!"@jabberworks I would love it if people read Hunter S. Thompson's travel work and were like, "Call my travel agent! Book me this trip!"Please don't expect travel journalism in my books. They're about thinking and eating and love and memory. Not top scenic spots in Amsterdam.Dig it: travelogues ≠ travel journalism. Travelogues use distance and new experiences to explore deeper concepts.It give me a larf when people review my travelogues to say that I didn't cover enough scenery and tourism. Yep. Okay.@ladycartoonist @erikamoen @shingworks @frankcifaldi @korybing ooh cool! Good luck!@wednesdaychaos I'm a fan of standing desks— I had my desk lifted on cinder blocks before, and now I'm working on a different lift. Helps!
@sterlinggates Aw gee! That's awesome, thank you!The bat signal http://t.co/2ol385MsGM
Seven more chapters! http://t.co/EaDe48cSlh
Photoset: fantagraphics: FEBRUARY 18th - To celebrate the release of her second travelogue, Displacement... http://t.co/5sJ5SMgER9@jeffzugale So true. Welp, back to the 8 pages of hand lettering I have to do tonight.@jeffzugale haaaaa graphic novels. Yeah. That would sure be nice.@jeffzugale OH YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. Oh ho ho hooooo… never again, with this.@jeffzugale thank you for your offering of eyeball blood. It helps.@jeffzugale I have a flatter now.<—said in feeble, quavering voice.@bnprime I am so good at that! I should look into it and dust off the old resumé.@edbrisson I spend most of my sundays on it. Like what church is, to some.Pro-tip: Make time in your 8-month deadline schedule on a 300 page GN to put your head on a purring cat and contemplate changing jobs.@jamkin Ooh, I hope you like 'em!@shanito @dcorsetto @fantagraphics *weeps alone into deadline schedule*@dcorsetto @fantagraphics Isn't it always, with us people?@marlanafire Aw thanks! I'll be back on commissions soon!Wed. Feb 18th catch @LucyKnisley at @Challengers Comics signing the new DISPLACEMENT! http://t.co/SIltu5tqHT http://t.co/zjokmiJ7mI
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleySwank @LucyKnisley shirt you get if you spend $$$ at @Challengers 25% off sale coming up: http://t.co/Rrtrkw9hxl http://t.co/vHd77eaZJY
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@marlanafire Hi Marlana— I've moved house over the last week and haven't been answering commission requests. Sorry!@readingrants Thank you! I'm so pleased you liked the book!
@sirosenbaum suddenly your pain is replaced by a burning desire for an omelette.@sirosenbaum sure. Okay. They're... High in protein and stuff.@sirosenbaum thank you for your important research, my friend.@sirosenbaum yep okay but@sirosenbaum what is the remedy for the egg?@sirosenbaum egg!Drawing true stories about @johnhorstman being amazing. http://t.co/r34EfqAiaf@stairwellonline Doesn't IKEA have a glass tabletop thing? Not sure what their keyboard drawer setup is, but it seems like you could rig it!@stairwellonline It's from CB2, by way of handmedowns from family who were getting rid of it, and it's about a million years old (like ten?)@garbagejess That's rad! I'm full up on this particular panel, but I'll squeeze you in elsewhere if I can!
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