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33/Genderqueer/Bisexual. I'm a Heavy Metal loving GLAMBERT who loves Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen, Ferras, Alternative Rock & Rap. Saulibert is my life! #LGBT

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Who's been updating Adam's Wiki page? I found a lot of errors, it needs to be beta.Hunger Games just proved mainstream doesn't know good music when they hear it.Taking a break, been working on my Saulibert Forever's Tumblr page (which will become my fanpage's main headquarters).I'm off to bed, in lots of pain tonight... g'night guysI got "Another One Bites The Dust" http://t.co/dIT5XNQEC4 \m/><\m/Been working on Saulibert Forever's Tumblr page http://t.co/97iDKJeoob
Amendment One's days are numbered! :)) #LGBT #MarriageEquality@ankhanh1972 that's why I hope thevips beat them@ankhanh1972 yes, they did the same thing with Glamberts, they called us cheaters too@ankhanh1972 they put up this video that shows how they're winning against bigger fandoms https://t.co/02owQZeZ7i@ankhanh1972 @RAZAGRAY I hope the vips beat them@ankhanh1972 @RAZAGRAY no not BIGBANG fans... Skillet's fans (panheads) are cheating, they use bots to beat Glamberts & 1D@barbls23 @DeviousDorian I'm so hoping they go up against the Aliens.@adamlambert Hey, Rockstar, hope you get a chance to rest after all the hard work you've been doing the pass few months. G'night, Adam. <3I'm off to bed, been up since 6 AM.. I'm dead tired.. g'night guys <3
@whatyasay_al aww thank you! :)@DeviousDorian i know right.. they're doing the same thing to BigBang's fanbase@s_sayeh aww thank you! :)@wismiss3 aww thank you! :)I say this with love. I cannot imagine AL backed by any other band. The quality of equipment & musicians can never be matched
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@inloveml aww thank you so much! :)@inloveml aww thank you so much! :) love you too!! <333A few times when I was posting vids from IG, I almost accidentally posted Bruno Mars vids, lol... glad I caught myself. He was in Toronto 2@Marilyn_AQ Thank you! :)@TheOrigFRODO thank you! :)Adam: "Maybe I shouldn't have ate all that kale" Photo credit: @NoSilverNoGold http://t.co/XeOr3d79jcI made a fan art flyer for @QueenWillRock & @adamlambert tour http://t.co/bJ8VIgYxN3Sauli stuff is starting to roll in lolBetween Sauli and Adam gonna be a busy fall for Saulibert Forever lolI had a lot of fun tweeting photos, videos, updates from all the shows. I'll do it again in August. :)That wasn't no Rock scream... very Metal \m/Sick Power Metal scream, Adam! @adamlambert https://t.co/glq7pdgCkY Holy shit!! \m/@adamlambert @QueenWillRock Lots of time to put up your feet with a beer in hand and relax. Thank you for all the hard work you've done. <3@adamlambert @QueenWillRock Enjoyed watching all the vids from this tour from fans that attended, it was like being there.IT'S OFFICIAL! DR BRIAN MAY HAS MADE ADAM LAMBERT THE NEWEST MEMBER OF #QUEEN #congrats #adamlambert #longlivequeen #freddiewouldbesoproud
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂IT'S OFFICIAL! DR BRIAN MAY HAS MADE ADAM LAMBERT THE NEWEST MEMBER OF #QUEEN #congrats #adamlamberthttp://t.co/ToxepqS0U5
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Adam is officially Queen's new lead singer. Brian said so tonight at the concert. \o/@adamlambert @QueenWillRock please come to Charlotte, NC. Queen in "The Queen City" would be perfect!@SauliSweetheart you can see it here https://t.co/QOPhuZs0Ox@Nantwitr that's cool - I'm just hoping they get defeated@RAZAGRAY they're cheaters! they're using imacros to vote - watch this video https://t.co/IcuQh79bw1 - they used them against Glamberts & 1DPanheads keep saying VIPS are cheating but they are underestimating the size of the fandom. Search BIGBANG on here. check the tweets per min
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@Nantwitr I'm hoping Aliens give them a taste of their own medicine if they go against the fanbaseOmg Amendment One getting ready to go down!! http://t.co/kYBzzr615Y #MarriageEquality #LGBT#NorthCarolina Attorney General Will Not Defend State’s Marriage Ban #MarriageEquality #LGBT http://t.co/qLGAYt8RzY via @HRC s/o @mycomet525
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂I never heard of a p a n h e a d until this bb poll started@friendmovement Adam Lambert@LAMBERTLUST I don't neither, Aliens will give them a taste of their own medicine.@MetalEmpress BigBangs #'s are dropping like a lead weight,just checked !
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@LambertStarr @LAMBERTLUST I think The Directioners should see the video too. No way their fans could've beaten them either w/o cheatingas i figured that video would be removed so i ripped and uploaded! EXPOSING! Skillet - Billboard Fan Army Face Off: http://t.co/t470mYDEsn
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@neogothlover nah I'm still there, just went incognito for a while until I can find time to write again.Frying Pan's fans are up against BIGBANG... if they defeat yet another huge fanbase and KPop fanbase is huge. You know something fishy.#nowplaying Behemoth - Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel \m/Trying to figure out how pheads managed to beat not only Glamberts but 1D fans too if they didn't cheat... just had to tweet that before bed
I'm off to bed, very bad headaches tonight, g'night guys <3@VeroniqueORCEL you're welcome!! :)@librayuko you're welcome :)@LambertStarr haha yep I agree!@Duke_Cosmos aww thank you so much! :)@LambertStarr aww that's so sweet :)@LambertStarr yeah I get them often, I don't have any today though :)@LambertStarr Thank you, bb! :) I'm good! How are you?@Duke_Cosmos thank you so much! :)They're awfully offensive and keep trying to pass the blame on GlambertsI think the two ppl that keep replying to everyone's comments on that youtube vid are the ones behind it@adamaju4 you're welcome! :)@Duke_Cosmos @adamaju4 you're welcome! :))@adamaju4 @Duke_Cosmos added Summer Sonic & Super Sonic to my artwork :) http://t.co/yydKHFSy1NI fixed my Queen/Adam artwork to include Super Sonic & Summer Sonic shows @adamlambert @QueenWillRock http://t.co/iSgN0IJPnk@MyEyesBabyEyes thank you! :)@TheRealDuckBert aww thank you so much! :)Funniest BMW Auto complaint you'll ever hear: http://t.co/KIOwpuxHGI - Haha!! Hilarious! @TommyJoeRatliff @adamlambertGlamberts, tweet the link to Adam... never know he might RT it@adamlambert Adam, could you RT this link? http://t.co/uuZHGOcjWg Glamberts are in a fan army war!@califadamfan thank you! :)just like a Xtian group to lie and cheat lol.. I thought they followed the good novel@inloveml @RabbitholeGirl you're welcome! <333@xHollyGlambertx thank you!! :) <3@TheRealDuckBert @BluelaceDragon not only do they cheat, they're lying too, don't they know they sinning? lmaothe fryingpanheads are cheating -- see exhibit A https://t.co/S2TpImEzHT@viviannagel those asshats are cheating lol - look https://t.co/S2TpImEzHT@BorneoBert thank you! :)Still trying to figure out why Aaron Carter follows my fanpage on Twitter lol@inloveml @RabbitholeGirl aww, so sorry y'all haven't been feeling well :( hope you feel better soon <33@Adam1877Lambert thank you!! :)
I'm offline for the night, gonna go watch TV and than bed, g'night guys <3Love this >>>> http://t.co/xkPYAYAyLb
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@Glows4Adam @SASpurs21Fan @xHollyGlambertx yep lol@SASpurs21Fan @Glows4Adam @xHollyGlambertx Yes so true! #sexiestmanalive@Glows4Adam @SASpurs21Fan @xHollyGlambertx lol I did too, than I realized it's just Brian's hair lmao@adamgasm1982 Okay thank you so much! :) I didn't see them listed on the sidebar when I was on AC list that's why I asked.@xHollyGlambertx @SASpurs21Fan you're welcome :)@SASpurs21Fan @xHollyGlambertx Haha that's okay :)Is anyone gonna make a Twitter list for the Super Sonic shows? They're first before Aussie tour begins.The fact that #scambert punky did this to someone being nice to her and a friend of Brian's makes in even worse. And multiple times!!!
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Imma going to the last 2 shows. If our #scambert #passgate punk shows up, imma call her out for the fandom.
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@SASpurs21Fan @xHollyGlambertx they're tuke18's photos :)#nowplaying Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me <3not only did those people steal, they are an embarrassment and jeopardize future VIP event's
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂
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