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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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BREAKING: GAO says Obama broke the law with the controversial prisoner swap – should have notified Congress. http://t.co/JGvIwdVeAHDid you see the front page of the NY Daily News today? http://t.co/dItH2nqRQO The White House definitely did not like seeing this.The White House and Democrats did NOT like seeing this front page this morning about Obama’s vacation: http://t.co/dItH2nqRQOWith conflict abroad, this is the one front page about Obama’s vacation that the White House didn’t want to see. http://t.co/dItH2nqRQO
8 reasons why Obama doesn’t get along very well with Congress. http://t.co/s2N318FpUFObamaCare Is Hurting Small Businesses. Find Out How! http://t.co/a8XD22qH7aDon’t worry, Democrats, we know the feeling. http://t.co/tCXxnHw4s0 http://t.co/n0rxUxtErGEven the New York Times admits that Obama has a seriously bad relationship with lawmakers. http://t.co/tCXxnHw4s0Watch Democrat Congressman Scott Peters Dismiss Gay And African-American Republicans http://t.co/svJwaPYJNoCheck out @NancyPelosi’s swamp. But be careful. It’s pretty unethical in here. http://t.co/CEwQNTkcdXWATCH President George W. Bush Do The #IceBucketChallenge (and be sure to donate at http://t.co/ZQqJ7NakSi) http://t.co/Uk9vbZma2c
BREAKING: @HillaryClinton just announced she’s going all in to save Democrats this year —> http://t.co/nWUUYmLFaf http://t.co/1ee68mnKppThis Little League coach’s speech is the tonic that a leaderless America needs right now. http://t.co/MCog0BzUQ0This Little League coach’s speech to his team after they lost is the leadership America needs more of. http://t.co/MCog0BzUQ0America! America! God shed His grace on thee. http://t.co/EIhtnNr6M4VIDEO: 3 Minutes Of Odd Moments From Nancy Pelosi’s Press Conferences http://t.co/YNtMfBumUK
Hey @NancyPelosi, care to comment on this? http://t.co/Cgptu6HqaENancy Pelosi and Democrats are playing political games with taxpayer money to reward their donors. http://t.co/Cgptu6HqaENancy Pelosi is finding herself in the middle of a scandal involving taxpayer subsidies and her husband. http://t.co/Cgptu6HqaE
It’s Saturday! Play our House Democrats version of "Would You Rather!" http://t.co/8Vgu8wlFjJ http://t.co/34GV3PYLGT
We found House Democrats' coveted invite to @NancyPelosi’s Napa Valley “conference.” http://t.co/CyGLKvMIACSomeone dropped @NancyPelosi’s secret invitation to her wine mixer. We found it. http://t.co/CyGLKvMIACThis is where @NancyPelosi & her Democrat candidates are having a “conference” this weekend. http://t.co/cjgan9vPOM http://t.co/iCO3CJoVXGLatest TV ad from @NRCC on @repjohnbarrow and his spend-a-holic ways. Barrow’s gotta go. http://t.co/hB5Dw758Zc #GA12
Gone Fishing: With Obama Asleep At the Switch, Taxpayers Need a Check and a Balance http://t.co/ZANSAUR9bjMore important things to do, @AndrewRomanoff? Democrat organizes chalk protest, ditches volunteers during clean up. http://t.co/tY6R8J46yN.@AmandaRenteria celebrates the wrong anniversary of Social Security. 18 years off. http://t.co/vIWrY8iwn8Check out this week’s edition of Obama’s Diners, Dives, and Disappointments! http://t.co/oVZb3bLsi7
33 years ago today, Ronald Reagan signed the largest tax cut in U.S. history. We still fight for tax relief. http://t.co/7tLVf5srOe.@WoolfforNY thinks we "should pay more for food" - as he profits from stock in Fortune 500 food companies. http://t.co/wSIzclDoAY #ny21Powerline: Meet Elise Stefanik’s hypocritical Democrat opponent, @WoolfForNY. http://t.co/9aP9qFcHfS #NY21WATCH: MSNBC: “Considering how miserable all of America is, a 39 percent approval rating actually isn’t that bad.” http://t.co/RWdAveiKDpCongratulations to last night’s House GOP primary winners in Minnesota! http://t.co/Gl2OonqvMx
Congratulations to tonight’s GOP House primary winners in Wisconsin and Connecticut! http://t.co/r2VN7K1Cbf.@NRCC Memo: Connecticut Primary Results http://t.co/gVJHTjPAM1 #DriveTo245Democrat @MarthaforNY makes the case to voters – my opponent used to be fat. http://t.co/P6iytenkeJ #ny23Obama's EPA is using economic data for its regulations that is - get this - more than 20 years old. http://t.co/1iBw7C5zr7VIDEO: CNN: Obama Vacationing During Crises Is “Awkward,” Optics Are “Not Terrific” http://t.co/uiGFotlFP6Have you seen the NRCC IE's first TV ad of the 2014 cycle? http://t.co/xscJSV0Rm1 #FL02UPDATE: The @DCCC has removed the offensive tweet about shooting Speaker Boehner’s bus tires. Still no apology. http://t.co/5HGFlG4VVMFirst @NRCC IE TV ad of the cycle: Democrat @GwenForCongress will be great for DC, not for Florida. WATCH: http://t.co/xscJSV0Rm1 #FL02Democrat film-maker made an anti-corn documentary; owns $2 million in stock in corn companies. http://t.co/sCnzy4Jgw4 #NY21Did the @DCCC really just tweet out that someone should “shoot out” the tires of Speaker Boehner’s bus? http://t.co/5HGFlG4VVM
Golf. Fundraisers. http://t.co/vycjxQRh78Republican @EvanJenkinsWV is going to defeat Democrat Nick Rahall this November. http://t.co/k7FbQOGTi7 #WV03Check out Hot Air’s interview this weekend with #WV03 GOP candidate @EvanJenkinsWV. http://t.co/k7FbQOGTi7Isn’t it amazing how—with numerous world crises—Obama still has time for his two passions: golf and raising money? http://t.co/vycjxQRh78
MT @bhholmes12: Hello from #CA26! Spending afternoon talking to voters about why they should vote for @JeffGorell! http://t.co/PmWvs8ssQNGuess how many Obama Admin. witnesses have had their emails "mysteriously" lost or destroyed? http://t.co/gyyGOHQoFLGood news, guys. Democrats this year aren’t as enthusiastic about voting as YOU are. http://t.co/mx3BwvyOuu http://t.co/hYzKDndexZHappy Friday! Have you taken our Would You Rather: Democrats Edition quiz yet? http://t.co/8Vgu8wlFjJ http://t.co/34GV3PYLGT
According to the latest poll, Democrats aren’t as excited about voting this year as we are. http://t.co/mx3BwvyOuu http://t.co/hYzKDndexZObama is hoping you forget his #ObamaCare Lie of the Year. RETWEET if you’ll remember on November 4th. #TBT http://t.co/3JQ0OURfMvBREAKING: Republicans now have a 7-point lead among excited voters. http://t.co/mx3BwvyOuu #EnthusiasmGapDemocrats are really unexcited about voting this year, according to this new poll. http://t.co/mx3BwvyOuu
Have you played our House Democrats version of "Would You Rather?" yet? http://t.co/8Vgu8wlFjJ http://t.co/34GV3PYLGTWhen will @JuliaBrownley apologize to #CA26 veterans for her German Luftwaffe photo faux-pas? http://t.co/UI7wRhSlc7 http://t.co/8IqhB4HriyThese middle schoolers are now prohibited from running their bake sale to raise money for veterans. Guess why. http://t.co/vJiLw7WAmQMichelle Obama’s nutrition law is banning these middle schoolers from organizing their bake sale for WW2 veterans. http://t.co/vJiLw7WAmQVIDEO: MSNBC: “Total Disconnect” Between Obama’s Rhetoric On The Economy And How Americans Actually Feel http://t.co/96EgTeI1Gh
Congratulations to the House winners of the Kansas Republican primary! #KSPolitics http://t.co/TRnJVPL2fgCongratulations to the House winners of the Missouri Republican primary! #MOPolitics http://t.co/QTFKbltefnWould you rather…? http://t.co/8Vgu8wlFjJ http://t.co/34GV3PYLGTRed Alert: "@NRCC Highlights ‘Democrat Fails of 2014′ With New ‘Would You Rather’ Quiz.” http://t.co/eQY71FASOZPlay our quick game of “Would You Rather” to see how you’d fare against big Democrat #Fails. http://t.co/8Vgu8wlFjJ http://t.co/h0aPmoj5iNWill @JuliaBrownley apologize to veterans for using a German Luftwaffe photo in her taxpayer-funded mailer? #CA26 http://t.co/UI7wRhSlc7Take our “Would You Rather” quiz. Find out how you compare to the Democrat #Fails of 2014. http://t.co/8Vgu8wlFjJTake the new “Would You Rather? Democrats Edition!” quiz, and find out how reckless you are! http://t.co/8Vgu8wlFjJ http://t.co/h0aPmoj5iNEat earwax? Commit ballot fraud? It’s the “Would You Rather Quiz: Democrats Edition!” PLAY: http://t.co/8Vgu8wlFjJ http://t.co/h0aPmoj5iNGROSS. Democrat candidate’s “healthy” food stores in Brooklyn cited for mice, flies, and roaches! http://t.co/Ebvtlip7Qa #NY21
According to @JuliaBrownley, the German Luftwaffe has arrived in Ventura County. http://t.co/RZ3zx2QmXT #CA26As Obama and the Democrats celebrate his 53rd birthday today, here are 53 reminders: http://t.co/MVfqCbcmN1 #Obama53 http://t.co/eBT9z0m9OrOn his 53rd birthday, here are 53 facts about the Obama Presidency that make us not want to celebrate. http://t.co/MVfqCbcmN1 #Obama53President Obama turns 53 today! Here are 53 things he should NOT be celebrating. http://t.co/MVfqCbcmN1 #Obama53 http://t.co/eBT9z0m9Or
Hold Democrats accountable. SIGN the petition to abolish the #IRS. http://t.co/L12kYwctIq http://t.co/8upRcOLRO1
Too many abuses of power. It’s time to abolish the #IRS. SIGN the petition —> http://t.co/WngNpKEdns http://t.co/8upRcOLRO1We agree with Patrick Henry, one of our founding fathers. RETWEET if you agree too. http://t.co/EZTHKfXcv4Chairman Walden gave the GOP’s Weekly Address. Did you watch? —> http://t.co/xc80QVMOGx http://t.co/2jZpSr7GrzWATCH: Chairman Walden delivers GOP Address, discusses Republicans and midterm elections. http://t.co/xc80QVMOGxNRCC Chairman Walden delivers GOP Address, talks midterm elections. Watch: http://t.co/xc80QVMOGxNRCC Chairman Walden delivers the GOP Weekly Address today. Watch: http://t.co/xc80QVMOGxWATCH: NRCC Chairman Walden delivers the GOP Weekly Address. ▶️ http://t.co/xc80QVMOGx
“The #IRS will find you soon enough.” http://t.co/nsfXj4c74W RETWEET if you agree this is unacceptable. http://t.co/cLUfWh6LAbAs @BarackObama speaks about Congress and the economy right now, just remember: http://t.co/shoQaKwjnE“Oh look it here, we have one of those right wing, tea-bagger nut jobs on the phone taking his cues from FOX News.” http://t.co/rOqtyv7OmL!!!! —> Democrat’s office to conservative taxpayer asking a question: “The #IRS will find you soon enough.” http://t.co/Pv11JVirtYWOAH. A Democrat Congresswoman's office used the #IRS as a THREAT against someone who called and asked a question. http://t.co/Pv11JVirtY3 months left. Help us #DriveTo245 —> http://t.co/BtDwYLBRC7 http://t.co/hn1s2FLipFNRCC Chairman Walden will be delivering GOP’s Weekly Address tomorrow to discuss the midterms. Watch a sneak peek: http://t.co/0zsz39qxroLess than 100 days from the midterms, ObamaCare is as unpopular as it’s ever been http://t.co/Hpn8wkw0wz
Just 3 hours left. Make sure @NancyPelosi sees that you donated to stop her. —> http://t.co/wb5I1NSDUQ http://t.co/ztyGR2lsjmWe have just 4 HOURS to show @NancyPelosi she’s going to lose this year. CHIP IN —> 💳 http://t.co/ao94GCJsdX http://t.co/ztyGR2lsjmOur fundraising deadline is just hours away. Help stop Nancy Pelosi. DONATE HERE —> http://t.co/LFll8OaixH http://t.co/ztyGR2lsjmUNBELIEVABLE! With 8 hours to go, conservatives are stepping up to stop Pelosi. CHIP IN —> http://t.co/ztyGR2lsjm http://t.co/7RU1sGuOJKWOAH! We just need $150 more by midnight! Stand with us against Obama and chip in RIGHT NOW! http://t.co/F3YYSzKr9I http://t.co/BaEW55LTzV🚨 BREAKING: We need just 50 more grassroots conservatives to chip in by midnight! —> http://t.co/a65rnfHc5g http://t.co/BaEW55LTzVWe’ve got just 15 hours to show the Democrats that we #DefendTheConstitution! Chip in! 💳 http://t.co/GM7khNTJhQ http://t.co/BaEW55LTzVDid you watch @DWSTweets last night admit on MSNBC that Obama isn’t doing his job? http://t.co/ycEmeMk2zc
Just 28 hours to show @TheDemocrats that we’re ready to #DefendTheConstitution. You can donate RIGHT NOW! —> 💳 http://t.co/qweKdRTIs0It’s almost time. #DefendTheConstitution. http://t.co/tboZ6f0vWK http://t.co/IyELOC2Tvn
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