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If you take anything I say on Twitter seriously, you have too much time on your hands. WHITE PEOPLE PARTY MUSIC in stores NOW!!!

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RT @chicoBean The Big Homie @NickCannon is dressed like he promote Gospel Rap Concerts!!!! HILARIOUS!! KISS MY ASS CHICO!!The Big Homie @NickCannon is dressed like he promote Gospel Rap Concerts!!!!
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.@SagetheGemini is gassin' that pedal and hittin' the #WildNOut stage TONIGHT on at 11/10c on @MTV2! http://t.co/p2pSYcV3gP#Ncredible #NcredibleMotorsports cncmotors http://t.co/De0u9ZyxHV#WildNOutWednesdays: "Stay The Night" [#Ncredible @DJNoodles #Bootleg] http://t.co/ue3u35rcRm http://t.co/FkqsyWxhAfNot only can @sagethegemini flow, he got jokes too! Catch him on #WildNOut tonight at 11/10c on @MTV2! http://t.co/krzWfqAI5DAttention Real Bosses!!! If you interested in this toy, Holla at me!! I got jointz on deck! My Newest… http://t.co/qxbQcUwH4c
Super rare yellow #Ncredible black series 2014 Mercedes SLS. Who says cars can't appreciate in… http://t.co/TtqgnyqEYkAnother hard day at work! #TooEasy #YouSeeIt #IcebergSlim #DontWorryAboutWhosInMyPassengerSeathttp://t.co/BR0DI0xfISBALL GAME! #Nclusive #Ncredible #GameOver http://t.co/L6B3YFUsA6Jheri Curl Goals! #Legends http://t.co/qs63zHc2fc"@QueenHermez: 2015 Takeover @LAMBOLUX @NickCannon #Ncredible #CertifiedSmash http://t.co/noRh2nPDSA" happy b day my G @LAMBOLUX
Ya Boy is back!!! #Ncredible #YouSeeIt #LifestylesOfTheRichAndFamous coming soon http://t.co/INBxPlb3CuIt was all good just a week ago! Let's see if @NickCannon will make it to the #RHOH season FINALE TOMORROW 10P|9c http://t.co/UataIiPIov
Retweeted by Nick CannonNothing like a little CO2 to kick off hip-hop #SunDrais. Who's ready for @NickCannon? #DraisLV #Vegas http://t.co/8CWvP6BVrg
Retweeted by Nick CannonIt's crazy up in here! @DraisLV @NickCannon #vegasallnite #draislv #draisdolls #avnawards2015 #vegas #nightlife #vip http://t.co/Pp1SUm11Bb
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@SandraRose I thought you weren't going to mention me any more??? LOLtonight at @DraisLV, get it in with #NickCannon and the @SKAMARTIST family! http://t.co/3CgInYWV38
Congratulations to @lacasaazulbooks for being @Chasesmallbiz #MissionMainSt grantee! http://t.co/ull2RepMinHave you heard of @datdonut? Check this video out http://t.co/TbgbcjShpx. Congrats on being 1 of @Chasesmallbiz #MissionMainSt grantees!Thanks- but not quite right-- @jimmyfallon -happy to phone in tmrw and have you enunciate it properly . @NickCannon has it right now!
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
The wait is over..CONGRATS to the @Chasesmallbiz #MissionMainSt Grant Recipients!! Shout out to all the grantees http://t.co/aJLCDtbRQiNick and @IamPeterGunz go at it during the #Wildstyle TONIGHT on a BRAND NEW episode of #WildNOut at 11/10c on @MTV2! http://t.co/PwCseeht7Whttp://t.co/TdfVFydBii: Nick @ SunDrais http://t.co/rQu0j6377bNEXT SUNDAY: #NickCannon tearing down @DraisLV | #SKAMartist #SKAMlife http://t.co/g8R1kVlOyC
@Neon2448Healing the pain and rebuilding the community! #FergusonRelief RadiothonCurrently in Missouri hosting the #FergusonRelief Radiothon. You can donate to the small businesses that were effected 844-872-1700How are you honoring Dr. King's spirit? I'm proud to support #FergusonRelief today, alongside local business owners.
'Entrepretainer' Nick Cannon: 'Hurdles are Made to Jump Over' https://t.co/9zjzdY1PqB via @chaseYOUR GOOD DAYS WILL OUTWEIGH YOUR BAD DAYS U HEA MEEE 333!!! http://t.co/YYW1WUynO2
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Doing 3 films this year, but sorry Tupac is not one of them.I know I got a lot of jobs, but I just heard I was playing Tupac!! LOL #funnyshit
.@NickCannon's so hot, he's gotta wear shades:) #TheTalkAfterDark #AGT http://t.co/lGwJ6vaBmf
Retweeted by Nick CannonREUNITED!!! @MrsSOsbourne and #NickCannon! #AGT http://t.co/clzKuOud5h#NickCannon's on #TheTalkAfterDark chatting about hacking @FrencHMonTanA's twitter and @NBCAGT auditions! 12:35am on @CBS!
TONIGHT on #TheTalkAfterDark drinks & fun with #AGT host @NickCannon & we talk #AllAboutSexTLC with @MarissaJWinokur! http://t.co/hSmVdyFKME
Retweeted by Nick CannonCheck out @NickCannon & @Traphik in "Pajama Pants" vid now & the live perf 2nite on #WildNOut http://t.co/pBJ0lD3TBb http://t.co/S1c2iWerPt
Retweeted by Nick Cannon.@NickCannon And @Traphik Party With Migos In 'Pajama Pants' http://t.co/44HG9ryqNu
Retweeted by Nick CannonTONIGHT on #WildNOut @chaneliman takes the stage and #NickCannon performs #PajamaPants with @Migos. 11/10c on @MTV2 http://t.co/KUYYgrDTca
We're having a Pajama party w/ the lovely @ChanelIman TOMORROW on #WildNOut at 11/10c only on @MTV2!TONIGHT: DJing the launch of @Meghan_Trainor's album #Title with @ericdlux! #SKAMlife #EpicRecords
If you're like me, you prefer your football in cartoon form. http://t.co/8RGl0DWsOu
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RT @chrisb14: @NickCannon that Ring Around the Rosa needs to be an official single or something. Pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 lol @RosaAcosta
Retweeted by Nick Cannonhttp://t.co/KkJurQ7F8y Check out this dope video by @curlyfryzmusic #stayonten #nextup #fire#FootballU http://t.co/b97uGCvuFk
TONIGHT at @DBAHollywood: #WildNOut Casting Party with the @SKAMARTIST family and #NickCannon DJing! come through! http://t.co/RLgROSX7PK‘Football U’ Is Going To Make You Uncomfortable, And That’s A Good Thing http://t.co/x2uptXUjOq via @MTVNews
Hanging with my friends #ApolloBrands, checking out @triotablet excited to launch some #Ncredible products! #CES2015 http://t.co/AKbhqh4OZd
Want to see #WildNOut in person? Get FREE tix to a live taping in NYC Feb 11-19: http://t.co/UaiLRRtM36True Life: im sickly obsessed with @MTV2 Wild 'N Out @NickCannon 😍
Retweeted by Nick Cannon@NickCannon #SchoolDance had me crying. And that dam cheese Rap song lmaooff. #Ncredible
Retweeted by Nick CannonNick and French checking out the Mercedes drive alone car interior @intlces #CES2015 http://t.co/nOjtxmb8y7Join me live now from #SamsungCES on @Whatstrending and http://t.co/uoIRnbBNGbCheck me out on @whatstrending http://t.co/uoIRnbBNGb live NOW! #ces #SamsungCES.@BrandonTJackson & @mainohustlehard are trying to take Nick's comedy crown on ALL-NEW episodes of #WIldNOut TONIGHT at 11p on @MTV2!At #CES2015 and my Vadim @BeastGrip just hooked me up with this dope lens http://t.co/IEogydf1T7Thanks @NickCannon for talking about us. #NickCES #CES2015 http://t.co/nYNDqM1o0M
Retweeted by Nick CannonKeeping up with French Montana at #CES2015 #LGRocksCES #NickCES @FrencHMonTanA http://t.co/89jw54nL4L
Retweeted by Nick CannonMe and @FrenchMontana at #ces2015 taking over another industry! #NickCES #NcredibleRT @JJacknin: Can I take a picture with you? #nickces http://t.co/IRGBSOVfF4 Absolutely!"@intlCES: Thanks @NickCannon for talking about us. #NickCES #CES2015 http://t.co/56vLgTlgHP"
Retweeted by Nick Cannon@thegodchild Absolutely!Are U Looking 4ward 2 #LifestylesOfTheRichAndFamous?! Luv That Show from #BackInTheDay! #NickCES #NCredible #ChampagneWishesAndCaviarDreams
Retweeted by Nick CannonSpotted! The man of the hour @NickCannon #LGRocksCES #CES2015 #NickCES http://t.co/CWKQndLqaI
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#NickCES We are bringing the entertainment world and the tech world together @FrencHMonTanA My #AmbassadorDutiesPHOTO: @NickCannon live tweeting #NickCES cc: @FrencHMonTanA (Photo credit: @intlCES) Are you at #CES2015? http://t.co/gejZMakt1E
Retweeted by Nick CannonShowing my new #Ncredible client @FrenchMontana around #CES2015 #WorldDomination #BigBread Lets take over the game!@buzzradar @IntlCES @Fleishman Don't forget I brought my dude @FrenchMontana with me too! It's #Ncredible #BusinessMenExcited to host @NickCannon at our Official Social Command Center with @IntlCES & @Fleishman. Join in with #NickCES! http://t.co/AVlWWo1hOn
Retweeted by Nick CannonIt looks like @FrencHMonTanA wasn't too upset. #NickCES #CES2015 http://t.co/MC8r42POj3
Retweeted by Nick CannonLmao what RT @FrencHMonTanA: I love syrup in my count chocula cereal!!! #Heennh! #NickCES
Retweeted by Nick CannonJust photobombed @NickCannon while working at #CES2015 #NickCES http://t.co/NXVcUJlpMa
Retweeted by Nick CannonOh Snap! @FrencHMonTanA is back, don't tell him I hacked his twitter! LOL #NickCESYo @FrencHMonTanA just went to the bathroom and left his twitter open... Time for some comedy hacking!!! LOL #NickCESNick working hard at CES #nickces http://t.co/CjceCRA4D1
Retweeted by Nick Cannon@polycarpmasika Saw cool Drone Robot! it was #Ncredible #NickCES.@NickCannon & @FrencHMonTanA answering your questions. #NickCES #CES2015 http://t.co/9gnA40SwEO
Retweeted by Nick Cannon@adorequeenkylie @FrencHMonTanA Absolutely!! #NickCES@stillunbroken @FrencHMonTanA For French and I to be the next Billion Dollar Tech stars! LOL #NickCES #Ncredible@thegodchild Thank you! A lot of the wireless and wearable gear here! Pretty Dope! #NickCES #Ncredible@FrencHMonTanA Yes sir! It's #Ncredible Making that Big Announcement today! #NickCES@AskMamaMOE @intlCES Absolutely! The Virtual Reality Glasses and apps were like just a futuristic idea when I was a kid! #NickCES #CES2015
Post a vid of ur "@NickCannon is so fly" line w/ #SoFlySweeps for a chance to meet Nick at a #WildNOut taping in NYC: http://t.co/NBBP6Cgpx9
Retweeted by Nick CannonHarlem Stand Up! I’m teaming up with @NickCannon on the #PlatinumSquad TOMORROW at 11/10c on… http://t.co/3s6LGWzlMr
Retweeted by Nick CannonWe’re back with two ALL-NEW episodes of #WildNOut TOMORROW starting at 11/10c with @brandontjackson then @mainohustlehard on @MTV2!
@RealEarthquake @AfricanLionKing Happy New Year to you too Big Bro! Lets get up soon!Vegas! Don't miss your chance to party with me, we're kicking off #CES tomorrow @1OAKLV! http://t.co/AYvc4PHJww http://t.co/0ZZZIR7wRR@RealEarthquake @AfricanLionKing Didn't know I had a joke about that. 2 specials 4 hours of material. Wish ya the best. Going back to this $@RealEarthquake @AfricanLionKing What joke did I steal????
Ready for #CES2015 and celeb ambassador @NickCannon. Vegas here we come! Great way to kick off work in 2015.
Retweeted by Nick Cannon•@NickCannon brings the party Tuesday night to kick off #CES, but first we gotta take a selfie. 📷 http://t.co/MhcPIVP9yr
Retweeted by Nick Cannongreat dinner last night at @DrunkenDragons. thank you @navinchatani.
Just saw the trailer for the NWA movie! Probably the most excited I've been to see a film in a long time!!!Spend the afternoon w/ @NickCannon & crew. #WildNOut mini-marathon starts now!
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#WildNOut is bringing the heat this winter w/ all-new episodes starting Wed Jan 7th 11/10c! Watch & RT the trailer! https://t.co/nEpWhtdCBS
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
#SouthBeach! Are you ready for an exciting DJ set mix from @NickCannon? Lets Party! http://t.co/RedfDhv7Wa http://t.co/JIfXgzx71F
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#NickCannon and @SKAMARTIST are taking over #SouthBeach tonight at @WALLmiami. PULL UP! http://t.co/vgMxOyNZDQ#SouthBeach! Are you ready for an exciting DJ set mix from @NickCannon? Lets Party! http://t.co/caxfkjaWQK http://t.co/1DbUtc8lNE
Retweeted by Nick CannonTONIGHT at @WallMiami come party with #NickCannon and @SKAMartist http://t.co/jz1x62ejb4
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