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PeteWadeinIndy @PeteWadeinIndy Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Tea Party member recovering from @GOP. My opinions are, at times, unintentionally offensive. PROUDLY A TARGET OF IRS FOR BEING A TEA PARTY MEMBER!

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To all Obama bootlickers at the #WHCD. Recall, he threw his grandmother & preacher under the bus. That should make YOU feel very secure..@SeldenGADawgs @BubbaClemson @AmyMek Sorry.... the rest of us get to have a bad day, too, from time-to-time. My sincere apologies.@BubbaClemson @SeldenGADawgs @AmyMek Your "Christian faith" (if you had any; which you don't) taught you not to borrow it in the first place@Serafinos #WHCD ... while patting POTUS on the back and licking his boots, you might ask his opinion of his 'brothers' in this video.Obama and his sycophantic followers in the press yuck it up.... as Baltimore explodes.#WHCD ..... A place where fools and suck ups collide.@markknoller Well, Mark, its because your a damned fool. Anyone who would go to the Emporer's Ball to laugh at his jokes demeans himself.On Monday, Lynch will ceremoniously take an oath to uphold the Constitution she's already told us she will undermine. http://t.co/kF3jQEBwlY
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@c_aoibheann @GunnetteP OK.... I'm a sexist. But you're still not gonna be POTUS.@DefendWallSt Typical black trash. Get mad, then go burn their own homes down and run all businesses (employers) out. That helps what....?Unlike all other nations in human history ours was not founded on a political idea but a spiritual principle. @marcorubio #IAFaithForum
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyMedia Blackout: NAACP President Charged With Selling Cocaine #RedNationRising Read more at http://t.co/dT8QTKAhIF
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyWow! Is smashing going to solve anything? #Baltimore https://t.co/jhdxdcsQq5
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndySweet Cakes Christian-owned bakery GoFundMe drive pulled after gay-rights advocates complain #tcot #RedNationRising http://t.co/mMl7TKLeRg
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyGay Gestapo shuts down GoFundMe site set up to help bakers fined $135,000 for being Christians. http://t.co/0fN02FwpEQ
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@RedNationRising Patriotic America should cut off all college donations to left wing schools.
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Libs should reconsider their idea of a female candidate. One takes bribes and the other thinks she's an Indian princess....Why $100 Billion on a train that won't be "High Speed" OR finished, WILL be mostly empty! Spend on water storage & transp, & desalinization!
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@DLoesch @Serafinos Assuming 'full responsibility' for negligence, resulting in a death, rings hollow when there is no chance of punishment.After the Holocaust, America said, "Never Again". We lied.If Hillary can worm this kind of money from bribes as SOS, just wait to see how much she rakes in as Prez.How about No More Lindsey Graham? Looking at you, South Carolina. #enoughisenough https://t.co/c8oNfi06KH
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@Junebug1952 Will they take EBT cards?All You Need to Know About Loretta Lynch: She Wouldn't Admit #Obama's Unilateral Amnesty Was Unconstitutional. @SharonMcCutchan #tcot
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@TwitchyTeam @bcwilliams92 She'll be OK... Al Sharpton is her tax advisor.@HenryLouisGates Did Ben Afleck's ancestors own slaves, or did they rent them from one of the nearly 5,000 black slave owners of the time?ALL RICH LIBS.... lets equalize wealth! Do your part by sending me half your cash reserves! You'll feel better about yourself, I'm sure!I challenge all rich liberals to send me at least half their wealth (in cash) as their part in the war against the ONE PERCENTERS!!!@DLoesch I agree w/Liz Warren! We can't keep helping the top 10% of earners! I think we should confiscate 99% of all libs wealth over $1M.@ChrisGahl @VisitIndy @Erika_D_Smith Not challenging anyone to get better. She thinks drug test for welfare a bad idea. ITS A GOOD START!Seems politically correct America doesn't work. At least it didn't by electing the first black POTUS.... and the woman running looks worse.@apostlelaurinda @Thesteamed They are likely American citizens.TO ALL REPORTERS!!! Why do you listen to daily briefings from WH and State? Do you want to be Woodward & Bernstein or Toykyo Rose?Univ of Maryland sides with Muslim Brotherhood campus group – shuts down viewing of ‘American Sniper’ https://t.co/PMXVlvHRtT
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@tradethecycles @tedcruz @marklevinshow You idiot....@PeteWadeinIndy @apostlelaurinda I can't imagine people openly supporting the Japanese war machine in WW2. But 2day open support 4 enemies
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndySo.... when is Bergdahl's hanging scheduled? Haven't heard? Me either. Don't hold your breath.@ImusZero @RandPaul @2BossyBs @marcorubio @seanhannity All hand picked by Bill......@apostlelaurinda @Thesteamed Scum like this should be publicly hanged for treason.Bernie Sanders, a self avowed communist, is considering a president bid as a democrat. Nakita Kruchev may have been right, after all.Seven Big Failed Environmentalist Predictions - http://t.co/EB9gP3lPSu via @FDRLST @climatedepot
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyIf a private jet ride = bribe for Medicare help (Menendez), what is a $500,000 pmt for a speech in exchange for policy help? #ClintonCash
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@IndyDT @RathskellerIndy If you're going Saturday, take the umbrella, raincoat and a sweater. You'll need them.Oh happy day... it's opening weekend at @RathskellerIndy Biergarten! http://t.co/06Rkigh3GX http://t.co/XTeBcM3Gmn
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyAs a POTUS candidate, @HillaryClinton should disclose exactly how much direct and indirect income she and Bill enjoyed via 'the foundation".@HillaryClinton should be forced to withdraw her candidacy then, both her and Bill should be prosecuted for tax evasion.Black history month should also include the nearly 5,000 black slave owner who, in 1830, owned nearly 13,000 slaves in the confederacy.Clinton Foundation just one more tax filing ‘oversight’ away from being offered a show on MSNBC http://t.co/8VzJZ3jBGP via @michellemalkin
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyWe're relieved beyond words that no loss of life or serious injuries occurred during the stage collapse at Westfield HS yesterday evening.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@FredTanner1 Also interesting that nearly 5,000 slave owners, owning 13,000 slaves in 1830 census, were BLACK!@PeteWadeinIndy NOTE: I have never used, nor do I subscribe to a "CROWDFIRE" app and have blocked them on my timeline. You should too.Govt may end recording or racial statistics on crime. Why? Because it shows the truth and political correctness is not about truth.Wondering how to grow on twitter? I gained 3 followers in the past day. This is the app: http://t.co/itdUW7wQAPIf black Americans were most productive, wealthiest or most inventive, they would want racial statistics kept/reported by every govt agency.@Redeemed1952 Have seen them several times.... seldom a dry eye in the house (including my own).@gmardre I fully expect they will, also.@SweetLilTracy @FredTanner1 @BringTheFlag Its because of the huge number of American blacks that are also muslim, themselves.@1tallmidget That's a fact!Time To Hunt These Pricks Down, Frat boys spit on wounded vet, urinate on American flag | http://t.co/ZQWJ7HvJF1
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyUnless they are liars, no person can say they love this nation and they will #voteforHillary. The two statements are contradictory.@GovtsTheProblem That's because Maliheh is a dumbass.Reid still runs the Senate, as McConnell breaks campaign pledge after campaign pledge http://t.co/vrw0awfTET
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@Toure You are engaging the worst form of bigotry for the purpose of self-interest. Stop it unless you ask for reparations from blacks also!Mitch McConnell can always be counted on.... to sell out anytime Obama wants! http://t.co/xBD7kJooMg@SpeakerBoehner: House 'MAY' have to subpoena Clinton server! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Should have been done weeks ago! http://t.co/ThERNCZKZQBehavior and like this is not natural; it is taught. http://t.co/LvbMg1JtIP
I gained 1 follower in the last day. You? Know your stats and grow with http://t.co/itdUW7wQAP
I have a rising follower graph! 1 more follower in the past day. Get your stats right here http://t.co/itdUW7wQAPSUDDENLY QUIET? No more threats by businesses to move out of Indiana? Geeze? I thought we were finally getting some urban improvement...One day, when purveyors of political correctness are ejected on their collective arse, we will see the costs to our society are devastating.
@NBCNews @CBSNews @abcnews When will your reporters begin treating Hillary like a Republican? No Woodward & Bernstiens in your group?#WakeUpAmerica History repeats itself. #ReligionOfHate #tcot http://t.co/yjMAaBT5mR
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyDo I have this right... cause it sounds wrong? We send warships to block Iran's supply of arms to terrorists, as we plan to give them $50B?@MelissaTweets @HomerWhite I don't know why they go to her pressers. They can get stupid answers from drunks at Joe's Bar, down the street!Franklin Graham: Stop Muslim Immigration from Countries that Sponsor Terrorism http://t.co/aWmFVO2HTu Agreed! #DefeatTheGlobalJihad
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyAmazing! If 100 Christians are slaughtered by ISIS, Obama plays golf...but if a cop, in self defense, kills 1 black thug, he's all over it.Obama will not act against Islamists slaughtering Christians because he will not take action against the servants of 'the prophet'According to liberals and Obama, "ALL LIVES MATTER" (Except Christians in Africa and the Mideast)@mitchellreports @marctyler30 @ChrisMurphyCT Obama sends US ships to protect muslims, while Christians endure a modern holocaust alone.Every time I see Obama or hear his disgusting whine, I wanna barf.@bartbraselton @DebbieV1 You won't hear much about this outside of the Lone Star..... but just wait... you'll hear all about cinco de mayo.Today is San Jacinto Day, the day a ragtag army of Texans whooped a larger force of Mexicans.The Republic was born. http://t.co/RMoDTcKSKK
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyMT @Soldierjohn: NO SIGNS OF OUTRAGE FROM OBAMA, OR EVEN CONGRESS! #CHRISTIANLIVESMATTER! http://t.co/vRGfIXnvHC #WakeUpAmerica #PJNET
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@MT8_9 @novaculus ....a job for the 'super hero' of liberal college kids! Look! Up in the tree! Its a ball! Its a bag! Its Padditon Bear!@GOP V O T E N O O N L Y N C H !!!!MT @LeahR77: So She LIED.. BUT ..She's A Woman Right ?? #TCOT #NoHillary2016 http://t.co/CUNnVsSHkq #WakeUpAmerica #PJNET
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@SpeakerBoehner and @BarackObama should be physically removed from office, if necessary, if Iran is given even a single U.S. Dollar!Excellent look at CA. California Is So Over http://t.co/l1umIshdos
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy2 daily followers. 0 unfollowers. Crowdfire doesn't miss a trick -via http://t.co/itdUW7wQAPAmerica shouldn't worry as much about the democrat party as they should the corrupt, socialist propagandists in control of the news media.We live in a time where the truth is a lie, and a lie is the truth. But we know...THY WORD IS TRUTH!
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyObama sends a carrier and a destroyer to Yemen to protect muslims. Too bad he won't do as much for the Christians in Africa and Iraq.After Jews were slaughtered by Nazis, the world vowed an oath that this would never happen again. Obama is breaking that oath.Other than God, the only hope for Christians in the mideast is that Obama suddenly dies in office. He is ambivalent of their slaughter.How many more Christians must be slaughtered, President Obama? http://t.co/585F4io2uT
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyLois Lerner laughs about what would people say if knowingly crashed her hard drive. Hillary follows suit. And media yawns. #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyStop killing of Christians POTUS DOES NOTHING instead wants Muslim take-over #STOPIslam #StopISIS #WakeUpAmerica http://t.co/hlAwLvgpGE
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyGreat Gasbo predicts: Hillary will be POTUS (bcze Americans are stupid) and not be punished for Benghazi, her foundation or anything else.
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