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"One day of non-usage of technology produces systems similar to drug withdrawal." http://t.co/QL8dL8i7iF"As adults, we tend to use painful events from our present to confirm negative attitudes from our past." http://t.co/mcb828Dyg7 @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAlive"Often, we look for partners who reinforce existing views we have of ourselves." http://t.co/m4v2jLJRnV"You create your own circumstances, so you can be active in changing them." http://t.co/xfu3ROaV8E7 Tips to Help Your Teen Create a Strong Sense of Self http://t.co/2bYulro751 #teens
"As adults, we tend to use painful events from our present to confirm negative attitudes from our past." http://t.co/nVsIXugvz4Why the Spark Fades in a #Relationship http://t.co/6Yvn3h3usA"The obsession or focus a narcissistic parent has on a child often has to do with the parent’s own emotional needs." http://t.co/iFLpKcnfyt"One of the most harmful effects of jealousy is that it can lead a couple to limit eachother’s  independence." http://t.co/lsYzdsgk1E
What can we do to help our children grow into adults with a strong sense of self?http://t.co/6gxNDU7mqySteps to Overcoming Your Critical Inner Voice http://t.co/DHNcmjxUTxFive Ways to Bring Your Vacation Romance Homehttp://bit.ly/1tAHUGDWhat keeps so many people from maintaining that excitement and closeness they once felt with a partner? http://t.co/gCYypbnZkk
"Fear is the primary enemy to becoming an adult." http://t.co/BujHpw1f3cHow to Find Your Happiness - http://t.co/kZgPFWlFoI via @PsychAlive; Great article
Retweeted by PsychAliveInnovations and Conveniences: Ups and Downs of Parenting in the 21st Century http://t.co/OEfIGenH5M"Feel your feelings, then do the right thing." ~ Dr. Pat Love http://t.co/zq0b2OTsfx"Be more accepting of your mistakes, because if you believe that you dare not fail, then you cannot act." http://t.co/5aumORI4NI
"Don’t blame others for your failures or rejections. You create your own world." http://t.co/wG9qnbgL3U8 Reasons People Often Stay #Single http://t.co/LM0wIaPoAa"In order to be the best parents we can be, we have to be in touch with the struggles we face within ourselves." http://t.co/ekzwwQQBdT
Music Therapy: The Healing Power of Song http://t.co/ohIq5O8nOE"Many people have developed defenses that make them intolerant of too much love, attention or affection." http://t.co/PEeIb3RjOJ
Is Your Relationship Toxic? http://t.co/DO1ZvUaQOL"Too often, we use our children to compensate for our own unmet goals or limitations." http://t.co/eefxj7T7T8"We can become more and more like the parent we want to be, not necessarily the one we were raised by." http://t.co/QOZn17lINa
The Autistic Child and Social Isolation http://t.co/Ozo147RDSp"ften, we cause ourselves much more misery through our attempts to defend against our unpleasant emotions." http://t.co/hpmZ99gVWeFollow These FIVE STEPS to Live Your Own Life: http://t.co/Nwf7vn95ozIs Social Media to Blame for the Rise in Narcissism? http://t.co/cZW7I9IfQ4 Share your thoughts!
"Support your kids in choosing what interests them. Don’t push your agenda on them." http://t.co/KZJxxplpnnThe Critical Inner Voice Explained http://t.co/Q5w22rffymWhat Real Love Looks Like http://t.co/RVq5X6QpmS"Fear of intimacy begins early in life. As kids, when we experience rejection or emotional pain, we often shut down." http://t.co/6x149V2Uiu
Becoming a Dad and Managing Stress http://t.co/X0DjErTh15Here are some specific suggestions for #parenting in the 21st century: http://t.co/MWrEqiO6KAHow to Overcome the Fear of Failure: http://t.co/qvNQmt6UqoCreating Your Ideal Relationship -- A PsychAlive eCourse http://t.co/2J9wkMJjNC via @PsychAlive #marriage #love
Retweeted by PsychAliveHow To Keep a Long Term Relationship Alive http://t.co/ubeAGx2XGG
The Problem with Narcissistic Parents: http://t.co/il66GPSgwSRead about why people fear intimacy: http://t.co/kK8LUDeifl"The happier and more differentiated we become in ourselves, the happier and more independent our children will be." http://t.co/7Ue8pyZUqF"If lasting love is an attainable goal, then what’s getting in our way of achieving it?" http://t.co/B47lWsjgns
Why Do I Hate Myself? http://t.co/el6HRmTVDm"Encourage exploration and curiosity" and other tips for helping your teenager create a strong sense of self: http://t.co/I3NTNY8R6CWhy Are We Hooked on Rejection? | By Dr. Lisa Firestone http://t.co/BtEFa8mPkO
Steps to stop procrastinating today: http://t.co/V09asApbHNEight Ways To Actively Fight #Depression http://t.co/Ag31ITa9cy
6 Things Kids Need From Adults to Feel Valued http://t.co/2qY6b4yVPPAdvantages of Dating After 40 http://t.co/IjCKm0Exm1The Real Reason You're Not Married http://t.co/9usiDXa1dA
"How we parent is based, not only on the conditions of our own childhood, but on how we adapted to these conditions." http://t.co/kihfHhezCKWe hear @MarcMaron is a fan of The Fantasy Bond. You can read Dr. Robert Firestone's blog on the Fantasy Bond here: http://t.co/PpuNSlq7cY"Depression is striking at younger & younger ages, making it all the more important to treat depression early & well" http://t.co/zQuzaRO159Wonder if these 'Open Relationship Tips' would get @fakedansavage's stamp of approval: http://t.co/RlOHCiZQJU #OpenRelationship #SavageLoveImperfect Parenting: Rupture and Repair http://t.co/qc5Vj9NUORCheck out PsychAlive's upcoming #eCourses http://t.co/3b1Hm90bcB
Why Do So Many People Respond Negatively to Being Loved? - http://t.co/sQKsVoEEkm via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveHow #Jealousy Destroys Relationships http://t.co/soFvjByzUeRegulating your social networking use makes you happier on a daily basis and may even save your relationships... http://t.co/hzKq0XLIw6Stop Self-Sabotage by Conquering Your Inner Critic http://t.co/D7CP6bOZLtA definition of #loving from Dr. Pat Love http://t.co/ERlqLn7UyA
"'I hate myself' is a sadly common critical inner voice that people of all ages struggle with." http://t.co/Igh8x4jj1DAre You Tricking Yourself Out of Love? http://t.co/kcxYbRgcKlAn Introduction to #Mindfulness - http://t.co/pbwv4DjZAiInsecurity - http://t.co/U06KCJ7EuO via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveInfidelity in the 21st Century http://t.co/ti8qTkEcaE
The Benefits of Helping Your Teen Create a Strong Sense of Self http://t.co/XKXnW0wOlzBreaking The Fantasy Bond with our Mothers http://t.co/wVAOpsGAVJWhat is a Mentally Healthy Person? http://t.co/yKtc6xJTrNDon't miss our FREE Webinar with @DrLisaFirestone tomorrow on "How to Live the Life YOU Want" http://t.co/AHjG4QXMuM"Every human is flawed. Perfect soulmates don’t exist, because perfect people don’t exist." http://t.co/biL6NKQIxa
Want to stop making the same lousy #relationship choices? @DrLisaFirestone has some tips: http://t.co/IpeqlW9fXhThe Facebook Effect: Benefits and Risks of Social Networking http://t.co/SDBnNfjxw3"Initial chemistry is the spark that fuels a relationship, but it doesn’t always ignite for all the right reasons." http://t.co/KD7bobbEdT
How do we actually train our brains to become happier?  http://t.co/WiD8LkLETWWhy Competitive Feelings Are Good For You http://t.co/tvERIYVnu6
Leaving Your Childhood Behind to Become a Better Parent http://t.co/hMGWoAdPQaHow to stop yourself from "losing it" with your child: http://t.co/VzjQ2ssvST"Do something that is sensitive to how the other person experiences love." http://t.co/RrwwSjQgsr #ValentinesTipHow to Stop Making the Wrong Relationship Choices http://t.co/hjDFMlDJKx
"Home should be a safe place for our children to grow and find themselves... a place to fail & get up & try again." http://t.co/JyHrITzkDMWhat does #50Shades say about women's #sexuality: http://t.co/A62oxofx1K #HERRadio @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAlive"Valentine’s Day should never be an excuse to indulge in self-attacks." http://t.co/wBjBjs14rLHow to Live the Life YOU Want -- FREE Webinar with @DrLisaFirestone http://t.co/6r1bdds0pW"Every hurt we experience echoes a barrage of rejections and painful events from our pasts. " http://t.co/eW9dmPVyHuWhy Women Get 'Catty' http://t.co/ydskyF16NpEffective Methods of Treating #Depression http://t.co/pqGh5IRY08
Selling Out: Compromising Integrity in Intimate Relationships http://t.co/0ZA63ojLcL"Be wary of voices telling you that you’re messing up again or that everything is your fault." http://t.co/GPqYrmQae3Why Break Ups Hurt So Much http://t.co/7bxvH0MoJG"Parents who are distracted by their devices are hardly attuned to their children." http://t.co/q3gdbRP4c4
What is Wrong With Infidelity http://t.co/yxc167l7Cm"All partners in successful intimate relationships know how to compromise when negotiating each others needs." http://t.co/PHixBlXaL0"Our fears of mortality can leave us with an urge to retreat from life to reduce the pain of what we would lose." http://t.co/TCZWxi4cSsThe Do’s and Don’ts of Suicide Prevention http://t.co/Q8E0u9sJpNFREE WEBINAR – Break the Chain: How to Live the Life YOU Want http://t.co/H0AyAbwu4d Feb 17th. Sign up today!
How To Tell the Difference Between Real Love and Fantasy http://t.co/1NgS0feSnNEver wonder why we end up in toxic relationships? This article offers some answers: http://t.co/lPu9nkwoBoWhy is it so hard to stop procrastinating? http://t.co/IxVuVSCP8y
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