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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 Kitchen Cabinet Likes a wee whisky now and again Lives in E17

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Free bullfights for all I bet well exactly@loveandgarbage @MalcolmCombe someone DM me what conspiracy you want to start, and I’ll get the ball rolling.@kirstininnes huge congrats!@Prowler_666 see my previous tweet 😛Why is this even a question? aye but you NOTICE Prowler. Bad show . . .@Prowler_666 you should be embarrassed you know that much about something that’s not your thing@LangallerManor hurray!! Congrats!!@OrkneyLibrary @HarryGiles I love that there were even enough anarchists on Orkney to make a newsletter@Prowler_666 not sure there’s much point in a burger except for meatliquor@Prowler_666 pfffffftIf anyone would like to make a donation to the Rachel McCormack benevolent fun, this would be good burgers@DigiBungalow tbf most of London is like that right now #bloodyweans@DigiBungalow so no more indulgence then@VictoriaPeckham are you having fun? I love Germany.Or even his cat. . .So far today @paulmasonnews has run round his house screaming and is now hugging his dog saying,”FUCK ME @IrvineWelsh reviewed my book!”We're looking for chefs to join the award-winning, not to mention wonderful, Barrafina team! If you're interested email
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackI am having a #MeatFreeMonday Spanish style. I have just eaten a pork pie.@alanbissett true.@alanbissett don’t get your hopes up. I, sadly, can’t see it. England is pretty conservative, the propaganda has worked.@alanbissett on indy?@chrispople @DianaHenryFood @StellaMagazine and the adjective smart arse.Thanks for this thoughtful expo and critique @IrvineWelsh but I can't get past #f***mybookwasreviewedbyIrvineWelsh!
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@petefrasermusic it is a far easier way to organise a trip.@petefrasermusic and it’s about 22 hrs to Stormness@petefrasermusic yes, but I need to leave early in the morning@petefrasermusic i’ve been doing that with random places in Scotland for the past fortnight.@mattleys @IanMartin it’s more peaceful just to hate everyone except Amro.@mattleys i’ve changed my view or angle on various things because of Twitter, but i’d still never ever vote Tory. For example.@mattleys when all people want to do is shout at each other, yes.@loveandgarbage he eventually gets gored by a bull himself. In a field, at night, in Cadiz. No one comes to his aid.@mattleys why do you even think you can have these arguments on Twitter?@roo_claire it is tragic@roo_claire I think we’re all the same boat@Southsidegrrrl @alanbissett he’d be a lot richer if he became a gay icon.@alanbissett @Southsidegrrrl I suppose it depends on whether people want to perve or not. . .@timhayward @SouthLondonGirl oh but some of the replies are funny though.Because the baby boomers destroyed the economy through deregulation & replaced all labor laws with a pic of Reagan
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@EyeEdinburgh although I remember calling the teacher a male chauvinist pig for a reason that he entirely deserved.@EyeEdinburgh then we did Skara Brae in high school and some other equally dull rubbish@EyeEdinburgh we did Henry VIII. Never ever understood why.@EyeEdinburgh we got rubbish history at school tbh.@rachel_london yes but I suppose whatever they do it will be wrong, and Black was well known and much loved figure. Unlike Hopkins@EyeEdinburgh I don’t know that one.@rachel_london what has Hopkins said?@randallwrites I didn’t. I mean it sounds a wee bit implausible but I am partial to a lie well told.@EyeEdinburgh I didn’t.@Joannechocolat if I remember correctly Mario Puzo based the Godfather character on his mother.If you went to school in Scotland my previous tweet has probably just ruined part of your childhood.The Robert the Bruce and the spider story didn’t happen. Sir Walter Scott pretty much made it up.@ScranSalon I think I can come in October you know! At last!#Lanark is "like a great door opening in my mind, onto a different possible creative future" David Greig #edintfest
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@thekilomeaters don’t even go there . . .Walthamstow - The New Home of Social Cleansing | Melanie Briggs here is the Blind Date in question yes. But via a Facebook suggestion so I have no idea where to find itDavid Tenant being Sir Walter Scott in a non posh ironic manner which wouldn’t even convince his Maw vs Alan Cumming straight and EdinburghThis is punishment from the Gods for not being able to finish listening to the utter pish that was Heart of Midlothian on iTranny.Mr Bean was there too, but ALAN CUMMING being from Edinburgh AND straight? Was everyone on drugs in the 90s?I just watched a you tube video of Comic Relief blind date where Alan Cumming played a straight man from Edinburgh.Blog: on lessons land law can learn from the Companies Act 2006. About, eh, shy ownership arrangements #landreform
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@drmccree I mean Naomi Mitchison wrote some great stuff, as did Agnes Owens. And not a shortbread tin in sight.@drmccree but there are other writers . . .
Bring back Stanley BaxterI bet they dramatise Kipling next. . . 😳Sir Walter Bloody Scott. 150 years of Scottish Literature and they dramatise bloody Scott, again.The only radio dramas set in Scotland on iTranny at the moment are by Sir Walter Scott and John Buchan 😳@tinarenarama @IbericaLondon @nelsonclaire I got mine this afternoon, it’s quite a job to sift through I imagine.@espanabizarra @jaguimera yo no puedo creer que os obligan a tener la foto.Really good piece on the language we use for migrants by @DaniGaravelli1 @AdamRamsay @Conorpope @LabourList to live with it than constantly scream at Scotland to behave.@RichardAngell @AdamRamsay @Conorpope @LabourList also tbh it doesn’t really matter as I think the Union has a decade tops and it’s better@_Xtin_ @mikeysim we were finished lettucing anyway.@RichardAngell @AdamRamsay @Conorpope @LabourList so we have no countries or sense of identity at all?@AdamRamsay @RichardAngell @Conorpope @LabourList or are Brit Nationalists minds so colonialised they don’t recognise what they are?@AdamRamsay @RichardAngell @Conorpope @LabourList I never understand why Scot Nationalism=bad Brit Nationalism = good.@mikeysim @_Xtin_ you are a deeply disturbed man Mikey boy.Our @DrAnnieGray made ham cake, whatever you did today, she beat you that looks ace. I use little gem and cut in half and dry fry on a non stick pan. Dead easy.@_Xtin_ sounds good though@SouthLondonGirl honestly, I had some on Monday. You’re fine.@_Xtin_ I make a goner and soy and honey dressing for them and just dip and eat with fingers most of the time@SouthLondonGirl was true. Isn’t now due to modern methods of transportation and refrigeration etc@_Xtin_ grilled lettuce is one of the great unsung heros of cooking.@chefcalum well doneLidl advertised a power tool with a woman and she wasn't told to look awkwardly sexy and nothing was made pink
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@billykayscot I look forward to it!@DrAnnieGray true.Edward I seemed to enjoy hanging women in wooden cages outside castles almost as much as hanging, drawing and quartering men.@Ayngelina @CeliaPedroso loads ask Ruth @CornwallFood for info.@raretealady have fun!@Southsidegrrrl @williamsonkev after midnight and the West Africans really late. It is really surreal to watch.@Southsidegrrrl @williamsonkev they have shifts on the Ramblas between the pimps. The North Africans do early shift, the Latin Americans@williamsonkev @Southsidegrrrl they become more aggressive and more aggressively pimped. Police do nothing.@williamsonkev @Southsidegrrrl also in Spain there are so many of them combined with economic crisis the price had fallen way down.@williamsonkev @Southsidegrrrl they do fuck all Kev. Sweet fuck all. When they find the women they just throw them out the country.
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