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Rick DeVos @RickDeVos Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of @StartGarden, Founder of @ArtPrize, Proud Michigander-anian, Investor, Reader, Helicopter Pilot, Traveler, Photographer, Curious Individual.

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The case for a national 15-mph speed limit. http://t.co/YEHiH9Pq1A
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"We have allowed ourselves to be in effect converted from a nation of owners to a nation of renters." http://t.co/9SN2SQfucl from @KevinNRVery interesting data on purchasing habits in downtown Grand Rapids: http://t.co/iCsoyypLr7"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most..." http://t.co/o8HCC0kYQu
A different planet. Definitely not OSHA approved. RT @History_Pics: Lumberjacks, early 1900s. http://t.co/ZiGgBKSBAl"Nothing has done more to increase government dependency than government drug policies..." http://t.co/oyQMqHpNwQ
SummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerSummerBeautiful beautiful beautiful http://t.co/OXcIiwE4nHWe are too comfortable as a nation that we now think ubiquitous potable water is a right. http://t.co/BUTOeOCzlX
Retweeted by Rick DeVosMany sharp people remain shocked/skeptical about $475m value for Forbes. $19b for Whatsapp? Nbd.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosElizabeth Warren supports the Ex-Im Bank. Not surprising. http://t.co/VECaqGKiYv It's not a political/ideological continuum, it's a circle.@johndurant "OK" that is until the wandering refugee war bands invade it for food and water.@johndurant I think Michigan comes out OK! http://t.co/jahrQYQRmK No idea on this source, but the map jives with others I've seen.Finally, the justification I've been seeking for wanting it cold while I'm sleeping: http://t.co/IMLSVEV0N7 h/t @johndurantAdvantage #2,963 of living in the Upper Midwest http://t.co/T71duzYlH0
Sometimes it's really hard to stop reading TwitterSteadfast. Thoughtful. Serious. Leadership. Vision. Gravitas. Hope. Change.
Parody is dangerous and/or offensive! MT @reason: #FreeSalondotcom Twitter shuts down hilarious account @Salondotcom http://t.co/QdhilJkOLmK Street FTW! https://t.co/sL3X6VySM8Nice community-fostering high-rise design: http://t.co/UTjcfq28AA
Hilariously stupid http://t.co/bxJJ6Id4sAInteresting read on the economics of taxi medallions, prices of which had previously risen over 1,000% since 1980 http://t.co/YFFYdDyLkaI have to admit...even though the Gillette FlexBall seems like a complete gimmick, it's actually pretty great.The uncanny Stuff of Nightmares robot dog thing continues its relentless, unstoppable march towards full deployment http://t.co/7fUpBlE9FZ
But then the actual numbers come out, and lo and behold they make up, at absolute most, 10% of the population http://t.co/RLUzn3b2Ke?My fave thing about US soccer fanatics is how many of them hold themselves out as sophisticated elites, the vanguard http://t.co/RLUzn3b2Ke?@PaulJElliott NEVERDEATH TO THE POLAR VORTEXWhat A Constitutional Federal Budget Would Look Like http://t.co/t1CyYVyFlm
No. http://t.co/tEdOmIU9gGThe Yeti Hopper soft-sided cooler promises to be pretty awesome: http://t.co/kbt4DwZvqZ"the mob only has the power that they are granted by the cowardly corporate entities who attempt to assuage them." http://t.co/yN8SCcLzu7Fascinating read on the First World War: http://t.co/5T2JFwVHPr
"Either they will be religious about religious things, or they will be religious about political things." http://t.co/ThBNQvtdFj"Human beings will be religious one way or another." http://t.co/ThBNQvtdFj
Your weekly reminder that the airport security is primarily theater: http://t.co/xhw2M9DK80"...and as certain as possible about what constitutes wise action" https://t.co/8x17t8GpLJ"be as skeptical as possible about your knowledge of the world..." https://t.co/8x17t8GpLJ
It's freaky-scary how quickly people can degenerate into unthinking animals and start baying for blood just because they heard the cry.
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"i'm not interested in photo-ops." -- guy who contrived #TheBearIsLoose Hashtag meme and posed for photographs "with the folks"
Retweeted by Rick DeVosJust discovered Les Baxter and life will never be the same. #FireUpTheHiFi #PourTheMaiTais“The Skeptics” http://t.co/1Tz5PjL0il
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThis this this this RT @FDRLST: Media Ignorance Is Becoming A Serious Problem http://t.co/sPVeOgJU8xSelf-driving cars, robots okay...but Google co-founders avoiding #healthcare sector due to heavy regulation: http://t.co/GTl6nfoW0i @pmarca
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The @Salondotcom account is easily my favorite thing on Twitter in the last month.I'm watching Charade. Is it okay to say they don't make them like that anymore? Anyway, they don't.
Retweeted by Rick DeVos@be_d Ugh.For instance, I see a tweet about John Kerry saying silly things and representing our country buffoonishly, and I just laugh.Everything political on Twitter becomes at least 500% (darkly) funnier after a glass of wine.@dewind Yes, me too, but it's only because for scores of people it has literally become their religion.Yes, I realize that is not a compromise at all, but seriously, NIMBY people, just chill out. There needs to be much more chilling out.Here's a compromise: tell the NIMBYs to start respecting their neighbors' private property rights, & the free market http://t.co/MSHhfD3vD9@dewind Me too at first!Trollolololol MT @Salon: Let's nationalize Amazon and Google: Publicly funded technology built Big Tech—time to make them utilities@jeffspeckaicp No! Why are you selling!@a_vandergalien Very kind invitation…unfortunately already tied up. Thanks for thinking of me though!The F-35 program continues to be a disastrous, obscenely wasteful, politically propped-up boondoggle. End it. http://t.co/UvSaFKGrxx
Always a good sign when countries start making these kinds of public signals http://t.co/8x0aaqCy8q #WeAreInTheVeryBestOfHands"Let’s imagine for a second that Bitcoin today is like Linux in the late 90s, and the US Dollar is like Windows…" https://t.co/cRLitolxaqAnd here is @benjaminedgar eating money http://t.co/XSHATxODb9So it looks like those storms last night were the real deal, huh?
You'd think a group would have enough knowledge of history to NOT name themselves "Brown Shirts." http://t.co/jN0BtLr7i6 #Reposted #InsanityWhy King George III’s executive orders were necessary in the face of do-nothing, obstructionist colonial assemblies. http://t.co/q6ZkSsubb3
Retweeted by Rick DeVosBehind the scenes of The Sandlot, 1993 http://t.co/wpyxRLiIuI
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This is, quite simply, insane. http://t.co/nxYatvTEOT?In the realm of fireworks videos, this is probably still my favorite http://t.co/sgVeF56Fkb It basically looks like the world is endingAnd if that wasn't enough, here is part 3 http://t.co/8tN2Cu6zJA #StuffOfNightmares #ShadesOfTheChildCatcher http://t.co/vp8gr9YSbTNightmare Playgrounds, parts 1 & 2 http://t.co/EBVZ8vhYOp http://t.co/RUa9FsVQa4 UnsettlingA drone flown through fireworks http://t.co/eCjFhEPSig Everyone is sharing this so I will as well, because it is awesome
In other contexts we are told to celebrate those who defy and "stick it to the man." Only approved contexts though. http://t.co/6RtKeP16n0...bonfires and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more." #DontBuildEmLikeTheyUsedToJohn Adams thought the founding should be "solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells...The United States of America - where our harshest critics refuse to leave.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosAmerica isn't just a place to live, despite the sophisticated detachment you've carefully cultivated since backpacking trip through Europe.Happy Independence Day!
@dylanized i.e. the HS Civics class that touches on .001% of history, presents things from a doctrinaire Leftist viewpoint, & oversimplifies@dylanized The problem is that you have literally generations that have been schooled with incredibly stunted views of ideas & politics@dylanized the terms used in North America are completely ridiculous in the context of history, the world, and the sweep of ideas.Lake Macatawa is a vital resource. Thrilled @CityofHolland has joined to support its restoration. http://t.co/ADL4Jxy5es via @RickDeVos
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"When was the last time you heard liberals have a really good, public, ideological fight about anything?" http://t.co/ed3o14XuCUNice little writeup on Project Clarity, a great effort that we are involved in to clean up Lake Macatawa http://t.co/JCCdiovI6U25th anniversary of Seinfeld debut means we're as far from Seinfeld debut as it was from the Gilligan's Island debut
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWho are these lunatics choosing electric shocks over being alone w/ their thoughts? Evidently it's quite a few of you http://t.co/D7qu7rykdr@jaredsartin Start Garden likely wouldn't fund a studio, but it might fund a specific team/project/experiment. Depending of course.Fight Gone Bad. Always terrible and fun.
Interesting little history of an unbelievably overlooked but crucial technology, home refrigeration: http://t.co/2Yxs0vfFvDWhy yes, I would like to put one of Dean Kamen's Stirling engine generators in my basement http://t.co/Y76RTc6B52The Hypocrisy Behind The Outrage At The Facebook Mood Study http://t.co/cz34jZekWC
Retweeted by Rick DeVosPretty safe bet that any story talking about "government camps" is going to be messed up. And indeed this is: http://t.co/ZSeoD4qolDIs there one aspect of human existence that hasn't been politicized? LET'S GET ON IT, PEOPLE
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"The personal is political." - things totally f***ing insane people say
Retweeted by Rick DeVosDear Manager: I am considering a purchase of your onion rings. Please complete attached 12 page survey to describe your views on abortion.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosYessssssss http://t.co/KzpBgVokLQ #ExcavatorMulchersYup, this made me laugh http://t.co/pabsSQgBLdThe Culture War’s Sore Winners http://t.co/HxsBnmQJW9 "Will no one rid me of this troublesome craft store?"
My goodness I want some huge fireworks to light off
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