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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

Co-Director of Science House. Strategist, futurist, hardcore practitioner of imagination.

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Spent the day hand cutting a billion hexagons #CultureMap https://t.co/ySMOJv06UkTen carats of raw, natural diamonds in the rough. https://t.co/ttgvAUk84f@Tim_OConnell @paolobacigalupi @AAKnopf congratulations!!!
Beautiful words that don't exist in English... http://t.co/wOhEqdOV3F
Retweeted by Rita J. KingAs the pilot comes to a close, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the @WeizmannInst #MyCancerStory! https://t.co/ZYRhxRbVsw"Daddy, did *you* ever kill anyone?" I asked him. "Yes," he said. #MemorialDay 2/2When I was a child, my father described the pop of bullets whizzing past his head during firefights. #MemorialDay 1/2@thescienceofus that Loewenstein quote about switching to an only takes one rule is a horrifyingly bad idea. Think about it.This makes me so happy. I love @judyblume so much. https://t.co/jxjFE5kpgY@rlovinger love that metadata deck!
Science House: now serving green juice in coconuts in VERY limited batches. https://t.co/n0ZOdkJIpM@katebolick up to the part where Maeve Brennan's future is revealed...I want to keep reading but I don't ever want Spinster to end.Real talk. http://t.co/h1L3Wd7tlo@katebolick DM me your emailWhen Elon Musk doesn't like his kids' school, he opens his own. http://t.co/EM6kmzdtI8 http://t.co/4bOxaDZBJ4
Retweeted by Rita J. KingMemorial Day Weekend is a good time to read Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien.
Spinster by @katebolick is making me very proud to have once been a very young "newspaperwoman" at the beginning of my career.@katebolick Had Spinster been published in my twenties you would have been an Awakener to me.Wings at Science House. https://t.co/ITX4AMLlQE
@katebolick Are you still in NYC? Would love to invite you to visit Science House.@MARIADAHVANA let's meet up soon. How are you feeling?@MARIADAHVANA was thinking about you yesterday when I sniffed Molecule 3!I wonder if others feel the same about their screen shots. https://t.co/tVD4ODZgDC@katebolick I think you might enjoy the True Story of the Sirens. http://t.co/puNjvHgg9zYou gave a magnificent musical improv performance last night, @chrisharwood! http://t.co/URlSrQpJneWriting desk. https://t.co/d6jfeGjWxy@Tim_OConnell I do@Tim_OConnell couldn't resist #broccoli #notbroccoli http://t.co/9IEX6bh6NIMy first shipment of mini books has arrived. https://t.co/lyZ4mcP5RC@Tim_OConnell maybe the only solution@Tim_OConnell me too@nanettebyrnes @techreview my love make you be like WHOAPersonally, I can't wait until human healthcare providers are rendered obsolete by robots. Why? http://t.co/QUSCJlAkYs
Paolo Bacigalupi's 'Water Knife' cuts it close to home, carving a richly imagined plot in a future drought http://t.co/QImy7oaqa1
Retweeted by Rita J. King@sketchbkproject I can't find the digitized version of my sketchbook...do you know when it will be digitized? Thanks, so fun!The @sketchbkproject just notified me that someone viewed my sketchbook at the Brooklyn Art Library! My first!
Seattle’s Glowforge is building a maker machine to challenge Amazon Prime http://t.co/skTucB8Vmh
Retweeted by Rita J. King@Sophia_Amoruso I've never been a fan of flattery or imitation.
@jessmisener fingernails that shine like justice made me laugh@katebolick I've peeked before and discovered same--tedious pages with lucid pop-upsScience House all gorgeous for an event. https://t.co/9MbHAF3BCJIt's possible that @katebolick's exquisite Spinster might give me the courage to re-read my countless old journals.@CNN that article about elder orphans implies that regret about not having kids is linked to belief that kids are obligated to provide care.@Grady_Booch lucky lucky lucky!! @Summer_Ash"How One Psychologist Is Tackling Human Biases in Science" http://t.co/YVo5O8oqZO #feedly
Retweeted by Rita J. King@Grady_Booch Croatia must be gorgeous right about now! Send a picture please. @Summer_Ash@Summer_Ash me too!!
@Summer_Ash @Grady_Booch I've been talking about you to the otherI find that when I become friends with someone I've been following on Twitter for years, it's hard to remember when you actually "met."Having kids now isn't that different than it used to be, but that's changing fast. https://t.co/XQFcRVkGQW@minnewaskalodge are you dog friendly? Asking for a tiny friend. :) http://t.co/JwKKy0dwzm
@GeorgeCarmona1 it's just a text from a family memberNot sure how to respond to this text. http://t.co/WD2gUifxGdWhy I spearheaded the #MyCancerStory campaign for @WeizmannInst with @susaneschulz: http://t.co/s9eElp69sj cc @debrahampton@RichardGarriott thought this might interest you. http://t.co/sdroZS8lsa@KateSherrod :) have you listened to @Radiolab @Summer_Ash yet? Truly astounding.
This @radiolab interview with @Summer_Ash, whose heartbeat I have felt, will rock you to your core: http://t.co/KWPch0hHaN@KimBoekbinder have you listened to @Summer_Ash on @Radiolab talking about her heart? http://t.co/KWPch0hHaN@Summer_Ash Have you watched the video for Stellar Alchemist by @KimBoekbinder? https://t.co/inFUekNLumSeeing. http://t.co/91eLJWfiqjMystery Jars. Mixed gems, diamonds in the rough, and gold. https://t.co/bzzL4jsJHp@Scirens DM me a mailing address and I will send treasures to all four of you.Treasure of the Sirens amphora with gold sirens. https://t.co/fuRzNWLGO9
My newest Mystery Jar contains ten carats of raw, natural diamonds in the rough. https://t.co/CbkZ8Ph1T9"So," James asked, pointing at the empty cupcake papers. "Is *that* art?" #frieze https://t.co/NE3xIoRRV4If you missed it: Real food cut into precise cubes is utterly cool. http://t.co/slDLs3YNUF http://t.co/WAXs6e93vP
Retweeted by Rita J. KingThe Thrill is Gone: https://t.co/Nkd86AKrGO #RIPBBKing https://t.co/Uz52MhlK9pDaily dose of floral fantasia from Science House. https://t.co/TZ9gKBsful@Grady_Booch are *you*? @pmarca@kejames @BadAstronomer I don't see "social media" and "human life" as two different realms.
If this gorgeous song puts you in a melancholy mood, look at the cover art while you listen. http://t.co/hz9qO6W8RVThis @frieze_magazine is so good that a quick glimpse gives hours of imaginative contemplation. http://t.co/U25Biatcl9@queenofspain this makes me so happy http://t.co/0YjcM7dMWOA case for sustainable exploration 》Watery Graveyard a Resting Place for 161 Sunken Spaceships http://t.co/wjcuBmkYUD http://t.co/TZfS0isjNW
Retweeted by Rita J. KingPeony selfie https://t.co/eKVmXZB1oL"This was just a stunningly great decision," said James. http://t.co/15lI83EmEFMy first garden on the roof of Science House #tbt https://t.co/VK0NaVnP5C@GalxyzLab re: Grit :) http://t.co/392Dba7yTp@katebolick I also love re-reading Prisons We Choose to Live Inside.
@pickover Do you have an Erdos number?Thank you to everyone who has participated so far and to those of you who will join us! https://t.co/6fHbFktj9JVideo shoot at Science House. Annie is omnipresent but not on screen. https://t.co/rMlx4nj9vkI don't think @elonmusk is wrong to be concerned. http://t.co/vh4UCmDoRJ
@NancyHightower back at you xoI've had this Oscar puppet (and a drawing of Big Bird) since the age of three, @iambigbirdmovie. http://t.co/a0uD6VahBj@iambigbirdmovie you're an angel @welcomemattvIt's been a few days of life and death and I was holding up fine until I watched I Am Big Bird and now, forget it.Words to live by: Write clearly. Guard the message with your life. Avoid jargon. Use active verbs. https://t.co/5hpqgedTTBWild sage and skyscrapers on the roof of Science House #nyc https://t.co/8oLVpOgYqYA letter about time travel in @newscientist http://t.co/UmPP9OiKosA spooky quantum action might hold the universe together http://t.co/48taiC1AF7
Retweeted by Rita J. King@pmarca Same: "...who go through life never expecting to be happy." I think it helped me learn to imagine a radical different future too.
@pmarca I was literally once a cub reporter who said I need to write the Great American Novel before I can really file this story.@brainpicker I stopped what I was doing and read "The Friend." What can I say, @MatthewTeague, that won't sound empty in so few characters.Investing in women is a smart move. http://t.co/weokx0CbybGreat to have you join us in supporting @WeizmannInst and creating the future, @jasonsilva! https://t.co/1Iq4vo0i25@JPBarlow hope you feel better soon
My creative mother never recognized the status quo and raised us outside it. I am forever grateful.James looked deep in thought so I asked what's on his mind. "Alien communications," he responded.Writing letters to people. On paper. http://t.co/s4KAh2GbTd
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