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@danieljerivers @ggreenwald you all seem to forget there is a war going on, same as there was during WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.@NBCNews @GOPBlackChick apparently the woman isn't the only one that f-up!@DRUDGE_REPORT ROTFLMAO :-) Amazing.House committee backs Obama lawsuit bill http://t.co/ziGZjptVQ6
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBBC reporter tweets 'heartbreaking photo of child hurt by Israeli rocket' which is actually a girl in Syria http://t.co/4iH4XvejHg
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyRT @DavidHogberg: More from that CNN Poll: Twice As Many Americans Were Hurt By #Obamacare Than Helped http://t.co/XWOvr8J99I
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyRT @TheFix: Here's why President Obama's dismal approval rating matter this November. http://t.co/XvFB2xumAB
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyNEXT WEEK #SubOversight to review costs of ongoing #Obamacare failures w/ @usgao & @CMSGov http://t.co/Gv7QkWnxfA
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyRT @SpeakerBoehner: Disappointed to see some Democrats prefer #VA issues be discussed in secret, like the wait lists that hurt #veterans.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyShameful that Senate Democrats refused to show up for public discussion on bipartisan #VA solutions: http://t.co/eXBqIfrW1c
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyReport: White House To Release $34 Billion In New Regulations After Mid-Terms http://t.co/to5orKf4R4 via @dailycaller CHI-CHING$$$RT @DailyCaller: Report: White House To Release $34 Billion In New Regulations After Mid-Terms http://t.co/ybBHMAUtk9
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@mboyle1 If it were me, I'm name the child with two very "unique" initials and then mail the President a signed photo.ABC News producer sees niece of Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba, despite reports she was on missing airliner: http://t.co/bzuAmMVagn
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAMEN: "EPA is a toxic waste dump for lawlessness & disdain for the Constitution." - @marklevinshow Read LLF motion==> http://t.co/QsUH73iizl
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@guypbenson @JohnJHarwood @HillaryClinton @OnPointRadio Oh Lord...I needed a good laugh today. LOL :-)@NowWithAlex which one, the one Congress passed or the one that Obama usurped with an executive order?#BreakingNews: Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has announced his resignation following turmoil, even all-out brawls, in the govt
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@GrahamBlog Lindsey...THE HOUSE HOLDS THE PURSE...tell the House to QUIT dishing out our money to TERRORIST! @HouseGOP @SpeakerBoehnerWe should be isolating Hamas, not bailing them out. ...Hamas agenda is to destroy the State of #Israel.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyTwo dead, at least 20 injured after storm hits Virginia campground http://t.co/ILH92oyRYq
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@msnbc which law, US Law passed by Congress or the usurped law Obama imposed on the American People with his executive order?@CNBC looks like he's taking a bath in an old fashioned dough bowl.House Republican $1.5B Border Bill. #BorderCrisis http://t.co/WpupIVZoOe
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@KirstenPowers I guess so when the Gov pays out $6K per child to house, educate and feed it. @MichaelPaulson@Reuters well, when everyone out of work and have used up all their benefits, it will drop. It's not surprising or hard to figure out.@dailyrundown @Clyburn @chucktodd @msnbc should be simple...secure the Borders FIRST, the rest will follow.@woodhouseb and Obama's plan....Make everyone poor!Good grief. Why can't the GOP just say protecting the homeland - border security and the safety of American citizens is priority #1?
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyOf 40 fundraisers this year by Pres Obama, 17 were closed to press; 20 were print pool coverage for remarks, not Q&A; 3 allowed TV coverage.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney#TDSBreakingNews Obama on statehood for DC: 'I'm for it'. Adding an uncharacteristic "I mean, f**k it, right?" #SoOverIt
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyDemocrats only know one thing, spending someone else's money and the outcome Never matters. @Rockprincess818 @TheDemocrats
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAmazing Report: Congressional Staffer Targeted Pro-McDaniel Teens For Destruction… http://t.co/kNkOqIm6Qv #MSsen #MS -> .@SenatorWicker
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBREAKING: Two French fighter jets based in the region have been dispatched to try to locate missing #AirAlgerie flight: French army
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHamas would kill all Israelis if they could. Israel could kill all Gazans but they don't.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@Fortbend49er @FreeBeacon @diana_west_ @JohnKerry <---stupid is as stupid does!@Fortbend49er nope. @FreeBeacon @diana_west_ @JohnKerry@whitehouse @JohnKerry I'm a bit confused as to which side you two are on...$47 Million to Hamas? What end did the doctor slap you boys on?Ted Cruz nails it http://t.co/7GONF89J2o
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAirline: The missing Air Algerie flight is carrying 110 passengers, 2 pilots, 4 crew members http://t.co/m10oeoEEMT
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@ByronYork @TomBevanRCP with all the money we've spent in the past 6 years for programs, the Gov could have just cut everyone a check.BREAKING: French transport minister: Air Algerie flight disappeared over northern Mali.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@FreeBeacon @diana_west_ @JohnKerry <--- a Forrest Gump moment.Daniel Henninger: Obama to World: Drop Dead http://t.co/y1LHuCjBxT via @WSJ WELL SAID!True the Vote to produce witnesses tomorrow in federal court against MS GOP that will testify that they saw voting records destroyed #mssen
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyI am with you always. -Matthew 28.20
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyOliver North's Memo to Obama #WhiteHouse: The new normal isn’t 'tranquility,' it’s #terror http://t.co/8BxLcmOyGe
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyLevin to Stewart: If Hamas Had Weapons Israel Has, 'Israel Would Cease to Exist' http://t.co/xxuN9yhPdi cc @TheDailyShowArticles: The Lawyers' Party http://t.co/JDudfzTe1s@WSJ BRAVO! Well done. cc @morningmika @Morning_JoeGood Morning @bing Your made me smile this morning :-)
Bill O’Reilly: The ObamaCare Battle Is ‘Capitalism vs. Socialism’ http://t.co/B2AEcYm1xo @oreillyfactor
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@TrueTheVote has put together a great team for tomorrow in Federal Court in Jackson, MS. Election integrity is at stake. Consequences huge.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWell... This is convenient. Lois Lerner's hard drive was scratched, and then shredded. Meanwhile, less than 20... http://t.co/PtssxAYrNB
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyGetting ready to join Fox @AmericaNewsroom to talk IRS and Lerner hard drive. Was it just 'scratched'?
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@ABC I would retweet this photo but since the POTUS doesn't appreciate our News Media, I refuse to do so. cc @Presssec @vj44 @BarackObama@SenatorReid 294 Harry, that's how many House Passed Bills that are sitting on the Senate Floor because YOU refuse to consider them!An Update on the IRS Response to Its Targeting Scandal | Committee on Oversight & Government Reform: http://t.co/C6jJu25lyHCBS News Files Formal Complaint Against W.H. for Lack of Transparency at Event http://t.co/FAYacbuFjf via @BreitbartNews
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHamas has used Wafa Hospital & its immediate surroundings as a command center, rocket launching site & position from which to fire at us.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyIn recent days, Hamas has fired anti-tank missiles from Wafa Hospital. Hamas gunfire from the building continued this morning.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@voljevac read your histroy sweetie, they already tried that once. "Remember the Alamo" @ABC@hass_z We The People tried that and those of you "who know politics" fu-ed it up! You're out of your league sweetie, go back to your toys.
Back later y'all91 yr old Bob Dole emerges to hit Obamacare, IRS, Veterans Affairs scandals | Mobile Washington Examiner http://t.co/uN8Fy8sO70
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThe DC Appeals Ct decision today was a shot across the bow for Obamacare. The majority said subsidies are limited to state exchanges, period
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@5sahandful @MarshaBlackburn @SenTedCruz well if they're bought and paid for, I'm all for driving them back across the MX Border ;-)@chrislhayes @lachlan they don't care.Ahead? 1,381% increase in minors coming across the border. Glad to be working with @SenTedCruz to solve this crisis. http://t.co/KYgbMuMPug
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFITTON: Senate Liberals Narrowly Lose Bid to Reverse #SCOTUS Religious Freedom Victory: http://t.co/q2uAXuyJZi via @BreitbartNews
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThank you, patriots! Over 1 million people have now seen @AmericatheFilm in theaters and "America" the book now has 200,000 copies in print
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyRidiculous!! U.S. Territories Suddenly Exempt from Major #Obamacare Requirements http://t.co/euTiQ0fB1l #teaparty
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyShameful-Jesse Ventura is trying to bleed Chris Kyle's family dry http://t.co/vdsQpDk948
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBREAKING The President #Poroshenko has signed the Law of immediate resignation of the #Communist Party in #Ukraine http://t.co/B2THbUbLiB
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyKerry in Cairo today: "I want to thank the people of Egypt for their hard work in transitioning to a democracy" http://t.co/W6EXmL5ZVG
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBenghazi investigate continues..our latest exclusive. http://t.co/QkfcxisvY9
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@GOPWhip blame it on the @whitehouse they're the ones who let all the water out of the holding tanks in CA!Cha-ching: Cough up another $2.85m to fuel Obama's 3-day fundraising trip http://t.co/QliCfGkUh8
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyABC reporter HAMMERS White House over ‘no press allowed’ to Apollo 11 event; CBS reporter files formal complaint http://t.co/AZdQJmJx8v
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyObama to give his #1 bundler a prestigious award because #YOPO https://t.co/TS2iHmHaKa
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyTexas Lt. Gov: 80-85% of Illegals Aren’t Unaccompanied Kids http://t.co/c38PXPurxv via @BreitbartNews
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@replouiegohmert AND it's time to cut the funding for Obamacare! POTUS is out of control.White House To Ignore Court Ruling, Keep Handing Out Obamacare Subsidies http://t.co/O8V5hCIrnm THE HOUSE HOLDS THE PURSE NOT OBAMA!@BarackObama @vj44 you'll be hard pressed to pay for Obamacare Subsidies when the HOUSE holds the purse! @HouseGOP @SpeakerBoehnerInvestigate .@Reince .@RNC .@NRSC over involvement in #MSsen FEC filings, race baiting, poss. money laundering. Lawsuits bring 'discovery'.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyUSA was a place where principled political stands were embraced. We find ourselves in a place where those taking these stands are eliminated
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyREPORT: State Department “Did Nothing” After Terrorists Moved “Next Door” to Benghazi Consulate [VIDEO] http://t.co/OySB2b3Yyp #tcot #tlot
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHalbig puts Obamacare back on the 2014 ballot, which only benefits Republicans. http://t.co/z8QyjDoDxr
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@markknoller one small step for Doug Mills. One giant step back for the rest of us
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFed up! Obama snubs reporters again, press not pleased; Major Garrett spanks http://t.co/wIqarXOSqd
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyRT @NBCNightlyNews: White House to reveal U.S. intelligence on the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight #MH17 http://t.co/p36XYfLU0I
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@hardball @WillRabbe ask @SenSchumer why he was at the white house for 6.5 hours the night of the Benghazi attack?BREAKING: France demands immediate ceasefire in #Israel-#Gaza conflict http://t.co/NLVzEAum7D http://t.co/FzMTOB1s6v
Retweeted by Susan Reaneyvia @politico Enforce the law, enforce the law not...It's @wuerker's latest: http://t.co/gRbnsibZSP @WhiteHouse @vj44 Community Organizer.Enforce the law, enforce the law not...It's @wuerker's latest: http://t.co/LvJCTTNSNs http://t.co/7tDUlLkiqK
Retweeted by Susan Reaney.@JohnBoehner and House Republicans have passed 40 jobs bills. Someone wake up the Senate. http://t.co/shoQaKwjnE #FireReid
Retweeted by Susan Reaney#BREAKING: Suicide bombing kills at least four at army base in Libya's Benghazi: security source
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@DavidMDrucker @ByronYork @HillaryClinton @SenWarren and neither offer a solution.@bennyjohnson @HuffPostTech I still want to know why @SenSchumer was at the @whitehouse for 6.5 hours the night of the #Benghazi attack?@whpresscorps @foxnewspolitics well they certainly didn't have far to travel.
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