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KOAT Action 7 News Anchor Live at 5, 6 and 10pm. Native New Yorker. Proud New Mexican, Siena College alum. Albuquerque, NM

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With all my #turkeys! #HappyThanksgiving!! http://t.co/rcc8DYFLK9
At 10, A #NM woman tells @LauraThoren she was sexually assaulted by #BillCosby. Why she's coming forward now.My sweet #NJ nephew wishing he was in #Abq today w/ Aunt Shelly! http://t.co/4fTFgDGrTg
Tensions mount in Ferguson as President Obama addresses nation - watch live: http://t.co/D2L1hurZrt http://t.co/1K3NAGTHoQ
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Tensions mount in Ferguson as President Obama addresses nation - watch live: http://t.co/FJpNQB1aew http://t.co/1SIpDttMpC
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7What do u get when u combine cherry, pumpkin & apple pies? A #Pumpecapple #cake. At 5, @ToddKurtz_KOAT becomes a chef http://t.co/AT4rEtYn0A
A restaurant w/ a red sticker in a popular #Abq #tourist attraction. Details at 10After #AMAs, No charges in plot to kill #justinbieber, 2 yrs after #NM inmate reportedly hired hit men. @LauraThoren demands answers @ 10My daughter wanted to build a #snowman so this is how we do that in Abq;) http://t.co/aa5vqEvkFc
Perfect #fall #wx for a walk in #Abq:) http://t.co/RQs4TkDsxp
@ 10 @MHowertonKOAT is live in #LasCruces where #FSU shooter worked in DA's office + @LauraThoren has more on his ties to #Abq #fsushootingIt's baaaack! I heart @CelestialTea this time of year:) #itsalwaysteatime http://t.co/byU71vDRYnAt 5, Team coverage on the #fsushooting and the shooter's connection to #NewMexico.#Longmire #castingcall info: http://t.co/ss1FacFCeZIf you missed my report at 5 last night - here's how to 'catch' some savings the next time you go shopping! http://t.co/AGviU9HiVKMan accused of Florida State shooting has NM ties http://t.co/qsDqxzxl5P via @KOATLiveUpdates
At 5, Was there abuse of power at the #BernalilloCounty Treasurer's office? Plus, Never comparison #shop again! I'll show you how to make $$The biggest new attraction in #NM is up and running! At 5, @ToddKurtz_KOAT has the latest on #Taos #ski Valley!In case you missed it - My Special Report on Live @ 5 last night. See you tonight for another easy way to make $! http://t.co/typPvEoWNb
What's in your pantry? @ 10 @RoyaleKOAT talks to an expert about what food labels really mean. It's not as obvious as we often think #healthA new way to connect with your #Neighbours. At 5, The private #online social network to keep you safe, & informed about the fun stuff! #APDAt 5, How to find a great deal on a pricey item AND make some easy $$. We follow an #Abq man, making $ on the #auction block!In case you missed it last night at 5 on #KOAT - My week long special reports on saving $! http://t.co/tmPh8bTgEr
A selfless #NM mom saves little girl in the fight for her life w/extraordinary gift. @NancyLaflinKOAT has my favorite story of the day @ 10Good luck #SienaSaints for your home opener tonight! Wish I could be there!@ShellyRibando Looks like some of the Batman V Superman crew are in New Mexico now. Look forward to your updates!
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7@HenryCavillOrg Thanks!@TLCPlumbing My pleasure!! Your employees have always been wonderful! Great event! Congrats on the honor!@ShellyRibando Thank you for the kind words and compliments about our services at the #NM Private 100 event!
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7Within minutes you can cut your #cable & #cellphone bill by hundreds of $$. Today at 5, easy, fast tips to #SaveMoney in my special report!My third year emceeing the #NM Private 100 event! Great group. Thx for having me back! @ABQJournal
Dinosaur day @NMMNHS http://t.co/NpCAyDea9v
Exciting news for #HorseRacing fans and #newmexico! Details at 6 on the @minethatbird movie and his @KentuckyDerby win! #kentuckyderby@AngelaBrauer @ByronMortonII And hopefully got some good deals:)A new #shopping attraction in #Abq attracts a large crowd. @ByronMortonII is live w/ a sneak peak AT 5! #nm #economy http://t.co/WbOR9ax1ieWho's more stressed? At 5, the latest gender findings. #health. & A popular store admits to charging more for plus size clothes! #shopping@ToddKurtz_KOAT Oh thx but I'm already out the door:( But I love that tie!!@vin_george I agree!
Plummeting temps, icy roads and snow on the way. We're live in 4 minutes with the latest. #nmwxAnother movie filming in #Abq bringing 300 #jobs. Plus a double #CastingCall this weekend in #Albuquerque. Details at 5&6. #NMFilm #acting#Free $ at a popular retailer! The store offering 10% off #giftcards at 5! #shopping #HolidaySavings
Touching story @ 10. #soldiers connecting w/family during Vietnam through film. Air Nat Guard has them all! How to find your family's video@YeahItsHimself Sooo not true! But thx;)Have you taken a #selfie today?! At 10, What it really says about us and possible underlying problems! W/@RoyaleKOAT http://t.co/XEWuWUMKc3Why local court cases could be dismissed for dozens of people in #NM, including DWI cases. @ReginaKOAT7 investigates at 5.Parents weren't told about a teacher asst under investigation for inappropriate conduct. @AaronHilf_KOAT talks to parents & the district @ 5Navy Captain runs 160 miles to honor 160 fallen servicewomen of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars: http://t.co/wVFea0qdK6 http://t.co/1EoW15IrUf
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7#Free meals today for #veterans Active Duty, retired & their families: Abq Nick&Jimmys, Mykonos @Hooters @olivegarden @Starbucks #coffee!
An #Abq high school football team highlighted in @SInow. The scoop at 10. #SportsIlustrated.
#UNM Women's #basketball team captain accused of throwing knives. The latest on charges & what the #lobos are saying. We're @ the PIT @ 5At 5, A unique method to stop #kids meltdowns. One mom shares her success story! #toddlerproblems. & 150 #jobs coming to #Abq. See you at 5
At 10 after the #CMAawards @LauraThoren talks to a local celeb about reality of the biz here. & What election results mean for #nmpolitics
Team coverage at 10 - @ReginaKOAT7 @RoyaleKOAT @MSpringerKOAT @MHowertonKOAT @LauraThoren @KirstenKOAT @alanagsfKOAT @Doug_Fernandez7Our next update is on at 8:25. More results coming in. #nmpoliticsBrian Sanderoff also just called @SenatorTomUdall @RepStevePearce #koat #nmpoliticsOur political analyst Brian Sanderoff continues to call some big races. Join us live on KOAT7 at 7:45. #nmpolitics http://t.co/7hlNwozU84Our political analyst has called several #NM races: @Gov_Martinez . @RepLujanGrisham. @repbenraylujan. #nmpoliticsKOAT projection: Martinez re-elected as NM governor http://t.co/MJzBakrs9T via @KOATLiveUpdatesExciting #election night! We're live at 7 for an update when polls close. Our control room is ready! #nmpolitics http://t.co/qXEnP2WZrNJoin us in less than 5 minutes at 5 for #Election2014 coverage! #KOAT http://t.co/hIwDfztZEy
The controversial #wedding trend that's asking guests to help pay for your big day. How it works at 5. #brideproblems #Brides
Some #Halloween fun last night w/ the KOAT7 peeps:) http://t.co/tXoPxpD6Ff
Anyone need a dr? #HappyHalloween :) http://t.co/R0Fo7sfnJmSpooky #Halloween #pizza for #TrickOrTreating energy! #HappyHalloween! http://t.co/VxPP6YHQa4Virgin Galactic: Space plane crashes in Mojave Desert http://t.co/2ERsFWog05 via @KOATLiveUpdates
At 6, The latest on the #missing girl in #riorancho. @LauraThoren has a live reportAt 5, An exclusive interview with #EllenDeGeneres! Her favorite show moments & gift to fans when the cameras stop rolling @TheEllenShow!A unique #Halloween treat is putting #NewMexico on the map! And it's not #candy. What it is at 5! http://t.co/T6cQkfLpi1@abqstudios Hello! It was so fun to do - thx for the invite to check it out :) Here is the link: http://t.co/VVYBJxMzlQ
Had a blast at @abqstudios checking out the new technology of Stage9. A #behindthescenes look on KOAT tonight! http://t.co/yGqyxS9iul
Time to vote. #NM races getting very close! @AaronHilf_KOAT has the latest #'s. & #babywipes #Recall . See u at 5. #politics #Midterms2014
An #Abq teacher gets big surprise on @MeredithShow today! At 5 @MeganCruzKOAT shows us why he got the national honor! #teachers #aps
Who knew apples marshmallows & bananas could be so scary! #halloweenideas #toddlertreats #iateallthechocolate http://t.co/V6doUZt8T1
At 10, The latest on the new #Ebola patient diagnosed in #NYC tonight. Plus, Why the family of a #NM school shooter, is suing UNMH.New York physician tests positive for Ebola http://t.co/E8mzMz6r5l via @KOATLiveUpdates@BreakingBadFest Sounds fun! Can you send us some more info?!!
At 5, Parents able to track kids #diabetes 'round the clock from anywhere with a new tool. & Why people r talking about #ReneeZellwegerWhat a great way to spend my morning w/ my baby at @Explora_NM ! #albuquerque http://t.co/k898pYr3qw
The mystery of who put up the "Don't Call Saul" billboard is solved. @AaronHilf_KOAT has the reveal at 5! #BetterCallSaul #BrBa@MartinGarcia24 Yes! I asked him and he told me @SadiesNewMexico !
A big thx tonight to the Abq @BNBuzz managers at Coronado Mall who helped make the #NPH event run so smoothly! http://t.co/eI46FGjln5My teenage self w/ #DoogieHowser. My adult self interviewing @ActuallyNPH about his new book http://t.co/z7dW9idceONever thought I'd be helping #DoogieHowser mic up! #mademyday http://t.co/HGabjD31YTExciting to interview @ActuallyNPH back home in #Abq for his #newbookrelease. More at 10! http://t.co/kULo9jfRxA@ActuallyNPH so gracious as he greets his #Abq fans! http://t.co/cv8eHUvzBoThe #ABQ crowd waiting for @ActuallyNPH book signing! http://t.co/tENa5iWKYLHeading in to interview #NeilPatrickHarris at his book signing tonight. The scoop at 10! http://t.co/F1qYqhdgqv@ActuallyNPH We're all trying to guess in the KOAT newsroom which restaurant this is! Yum:) #Abq excited you're back!Scared to even read this today! See you at 5:) http://t.co/FaIWive9ctJust touched down into my home town of Albuquerque! So beautiful! The Land of Enchantment, indeed! http://t.co/lGBCUWBu46
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoKOAT7
Our #debate just wrapped up. Join us tonight at 10 for analysis from our political expert! http://t.co/ms2SBWHDCMOn the panel getting ready to question @Gov_Martinez & @GaryKingforGov for #KOAT Live #Debate at 6pm. #Politics #nm http://t.co/HojQfVnxMpDon't miss our Gubernatorial #Debate tonight on #KOAT! @Doug_Fernandez7 @ToddKurtz_KOAT @jmonteleone @KOATLiveUpdates http://t.co/kuysGYEkkB
#Snacktime for #ND #FSU game. Wings make #football more fun;) http://t.co/ZaQZNGHDPp
If you could learn your #health future, would you? At 10, #Abq businessman says he has breakthrough technology we all may be using soonRT: @KOATLiveUpdates Here it is. Big reveal coming soon, billboard company says: http://t.co/PwBcYbKvjo #BrBaWhat's the deal w/ the #BetterCallSaul billboard on I-25? The show's producer wants answers. More at 10. #BreakingBad
The NM State #Nursing Assoc flooded w/ calls about #ebola. But it's not out of fear of getting the disease. At 10 @MHowertonKOAT explains.It's a rare #zoo exhibit. The @abqbiopark is mourning the death of one of its newest residents. At 10 @LauraThoren explains the impact. #ABQ@HenryCavillOrg Our #KOAT helicopter Sky7 is awesome!
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