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@MonoGameTeam Evangelist. Creator of @PerfShim and @CodeOnTheGo. I work for Lufthansa but opinions are all mine. Also dating the amazing @MathnSkating

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I'm going to go pack for @bldwin before I go on a giant rantHP and Lenovo have great docs but they're only for laptops! What about us 2in1/Hybrid users?Why has no other Windows PC OEM made a Surface Pro competitor?!? I want My Hybrid/2in1 with proprietary doc that handles crazy dataSo HP makes docks I like but not Laptops or Hybrids/2in1s I like, fooyThis is why I prefer proprietary docking stations http://t.co/sPJzQwyrNk Let's see a USB 3.0 one do all that!
While I don't believe that to be likely, I have to wonder how long before Apple gets the EU or DOJ breathing down their neck for music.
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@noopkat fun 😊@noopkat yeah. Just code instead 😊@noopkat ouch. Stopping that would be a good idea me thinks@noopkat oh dear. What happened?
@CarmenCrincoli one of the things I like about pro 3 is its a bus connection so way more information can travel over it@CarmenCrincoli my problem with them is even USB 3 can only be split so many timeDisplayLink docking stations: Brilliant idea, flakily executed.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI wish Remote Desktop would reconnect automatically after you force a reboot of the remote system.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@carlfranklin @richcampbell thanks@carlfranklin @richcampbell who do you use for domain name registration?
This happens a lot. I'm once again getting sick of design by committee. Happens a lot in OSS. I fear I may have to take a break@textfiles I can't say I'll be there all the time but I can pop in as time allows. There now if that helps@textfiles You rang for an IE user?For all those wanting to do #dotNet cross platform User Interfaces http://t.co/aSihzi0xwr@antumbral I haven't gotten there yet :)I wish I could open source what I did but since it was on company time it's stuck with that company.I have to give full credit to @ClassicThunder for his Ruminate https://t.co/hUGjZxJJs0 that was the backbone to what I builtGot me thinking about the UI framework I build about two years ago. And how hard it was to make everything the same on Windows and MacBeen reading the wants for cross platform UI on @dotnetfdn forums. There's an extreme want for X-Plat WPF. Not Silverlight, WPF.
@mkristensen ah! That makes a lot of sense. Mind of funny since it started outside WE@mkristensen so if you just want optimization, ok. Thanks@mkristensen how does the image optimizer repo relate to web essentials?@jbevain been reading 335. Planning to give Cecil I read today. And I figured it might overload 140 chars.@jbevain thanks. I think I understand how the ref tables store working information but I don't understand how to build IL from them@dotnetfdn thanks!
@antumbral @jbevain Ah, thanks!Would anyone from @dotnetfdn or @msdev be at @bldwin to help me understand the Metadata Tables? Warning this will take some time.@antumbral Yet you built JSIL?#CILJS is going but starting to really test my understanding of how .NET works@antumbral any chance I could pick your brain for how .NET Assembly Def Tables work?I take some pride in the fact the Lufthansa has a well supported WP app. Would love to be on that team@taylorswift13 do you watch #DoctorWho?@jonathansampson new Date(); it's a function or ccstrI'm still programming in ES3. There I said itDo you have a problem with gendered insults that denigrate someone’s appearance? Good. So do I. So stop calling dudes, “Neckbeards.”
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@jonskeet I'm for grouping like you@JeffHandley we currently use VSee
The DOM Is NOT Slow, Your Abstraction Is - http://t.co/2aX9ayx0sg
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI read "Microsoft's E3 press conference" & think to myself that it's so weird they're having a press conference about a tier of Office 365.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard.@_RelayFM any chance of a Windows Phone app? @WickedGood@WickedGood The plural now for a group of Twitters is a Compliant of Twitters.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@jeresig thank you for saying this. So many people get this wrong. It's my biggest "problem" with use of jQuery@robertmclaws most of the complaints I've seen are about how this was not the best use of dev time@jbrodkin I think the anger is about where the work energy is goingMy twitter feed is split between loving the new dm anyone for businesses and hating it because it doesn't help harassment issues
Can't believe I've not run into this before http://t.co/rLseLatJbe
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@VisualStudio I learnt to program for the system 360, in 2011
.@elijahmanor "They see me coding, they hatin'.. trying to catch me writing dirty." @damon_bauer
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@Georgia_Dow @Spacekatgal @samusclone @WickedGood back and forth picking a replay tweet 2/2@Georgia_Dow @Spacekatgal @samusclone @WickedGood Mad Libs but twitter style. Starting with a random tweet from one of you you go 1/2@getwired yet apparently the rest of the world didn't@getwired when it happened to me I knew it was coming@Spacekatgal do you think Microsoft will open source Windows core?@bitcrazed I just don't think Microsoft wants almost Windows OSes out there. That's my problem@bitcrazed I think MS won't open source but will open reference Windows@brianlagunas will do@antumbral yet people love it for some reason@brianlagunas know where I can find osx style xaml templates/styles?@h0x0d I see it at times and at other times I don't see itJust came up with a idea for a game staring @Spacekatgal, @samusclone,@Georgia_Dow, @WickedGood!@WebReflection oh dear lord 😒@WebReflection sadly you're on to something therehas anyone else put a mandatory <script>var global=global||this;</script> on every HTML layout to put an end to window VS global checks?
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@WebReflection I may start doing that!@h0x0d I still can't decide@bitcrazed @getwired open source Silverlight@bitcrazed @getwired something like WPF could work. But not wpf@bitcrazed @getwired file system APIs@bitcrazed @getwired message pump concepts@bitcrazed @getwired XAML I think should be x-plat.@bitcrazed @getwired not going to happen. Besty off separate. Better balance@bitcrazed @getwired I think the API is windows centric and don't ask for an example don't have one off the top of my head@bitcrazed @getwired I didn't say that. But wpf is not the solution to the dream of x-plat UI. It's too windows centric@getwired I suspect any more open sourcing will be more .NET related@bitcrazed @getwired I've seen the calls for wpf. Not happening and shouldn't@getwired @bitcrazed I'm going back and forth in my head. One side says high level like ntfs other says low level other says nothing@getwired ok so what do you think?@bitcrazed I'm seeing them open source nano. It's what needs to be ported really, that and WinRT@bitcrazed and keep the higher level functioning stuff private@bitcrazed of they have windows properly as a library OS I can see this now. They open source nano server, the core...@bitcrazed I've seen I've seen. So maybe they open source nano server?@bitcrazed hmmmm. Damn it I'm starting to see it. Still think it's nuts@bitcrazed I'm having a hard time seeing the gain. Open sourcing .NET is for cross platform@bitcrazed hmmm@bitcrazed and it comes with all the flaws of Linux. Open sourcing Windows won't change their minds@bitcrazed I just can't see it. I could see parts of Windows like NTFS or DirectX but the core?
@bitcrazed lol. Very true. And I would have said the same. One way to find out@bitcrazed if that happens I'll buy you a beer@getwired another magical company?
@IrisClasson you become a programmer the second you call yourself one. It's experience though that you won't have@radicalbytes that explains the random group of people walking down US1 on my way to work today
@carlfranklin @richcampbell made me think of you two http://t.co/JrI82dPy62Because of Chrome dropping support for Java, major companies like ADP are being forced to stop using it. Thank you Google, Everybody
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@noopkat it does however make a good fish topping
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