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Software Developer at Lufthansa. I do the impossible in C# and JavaScript, sometimes at the same time! Also dating the amazing @MathnSkating. Opinions mine

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Debating if I should try making a commercial for Windows 10 to this songI present the #Windows10 Theme song #Hello@bschorr I get that@bschorr just tried that on my system and it worked
Many of the privacy aspects people are up in arms about with Windows 10 are also in iOS. But. It's Windows. SO FREAK OUT, Y'ALL.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardThink I figured out how to use VDI, #Cortana, and #Windows10 to build a house voice system!@josefajardo I prefer 2 as well@bschorr What's not working?@bschorr my default calendar is office 365 and she has no issues
@marypcbuk @Shmuelie XAML is just a language, like HTML, you can't blame it for perf that's on runtime optimization
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@bschorr last I check it's integration with the mail app. Not outlook@getwired I got it offered through nvidia's updater@marypcbuk @LyalinDotCom remember that there are many engines that run XAML@marypcbuk @LyalinDotCom maybe. Factor in that WPF != XAML@bschorr wait, she had any at all?@marypcbuk perf is usually good. Must of the perf issues are with big data. I've rarely had a crash that was actually WPF and not me@marypcbuk I honestly like WPF and find it easier than WinForms. I admit though there are edge cases where it makes me crazy@getwired I had the video issue but the driver update came to me@sudhagart I know where the official way is in 10 but that backs up files too which I don't want@djwhisky @sudhagart that could do it@sudhagart create a system image without having to turn my system off. I know it can be done using VSS somehow@sudhagart @djwhisky suggested that because that's what hansleman had me do@shanselman @__DavidFlanagan Should note that's only if you use the modern UI. You can still use the old UI the Internet outrage cycle makes the Salem witch trials a lot more understandable. #DoublePlusUngood
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardIf MSFT wanted to really rage out the Internet, they would have made a subscription version of Solitaire that shared your Wi-Fi passwords.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard
Anyone know how to trigger the system image part of Windows "7" back up in 10 without the file backup?@samusclone @Michaelrapa I look at those photo and think "oh god, my friends and I would have so done that"So I started a backup before I did something, and now I don't remember what it was I wanted to do...@noopkat every now and then they let me do cool things :)@noopkat been researching it for work. Very fun :)@noopkat ever play with Cesium.js?So ad on website: Cool. Ad on free game not cool?@Tom_Pro_Tem another good reason for me to not switch yet!In what is a very weird twist I'm not using #MicrsoftEdge but #IE still. One Reason: Popup blocker.Decided that it's time to use the Facebook app on desktop. Can't wait for integration with Cortana@ericlaw @BrandonLive in which case they should still be bashing Apple daily over iOS not allowing other browsers
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@getwired What I really need is the ability to search the store based on what they integrate with, like Cortana extendersHow to set your Default Browser in #Windows 10 -> "Start," type "Default Browser" then just two clicks.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@troyhunt @KylieMHunt Tea-as-a-Service@getwired still thanks!@getwired oh wellBe kind. Before you email that file, ask yourself if you have a collaboration spot like OneDrive or GoogDocs you can share it to.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@getwired yup..@Office Does Outlook 2016 integrate with Cortana?Anyone know of a way to find Universal apps in the store?@djwhisky @sudhagart do you have a Cisco VPN installed?Thank you @shanselman for fixing my #Windows10 install without repaving Windows!@shanselman will do@shanselman and I do apologize for "screaming" at the beginning. The stress of trying to get the machine online is getting to me@shanselman yea, rather not do that myself@shanselman any idea what to do post it happening besides reverting and trying again?@shanselman It would explain the issue I've been fighting since yesterday.@shanselman NOW YOU TELL ME?!?!?@jonathansampson That's admittedly really an out parameter. Could think of a good ref example of the top my head. Same idea though for ref@jonathansampson Here you go
@jonathansampson Machine with code is in process of Upgrading to 10. Give me a bit and I'll make a gist with concept code@Cuff_S lucky! I've got no fix yet :(@jonathansampson I figured out how to do ref; pass in a function that can get and set the value insteadIdea: Series of non-functional Amazon Dash buttons reading "Joy", "Happiness", "Peace", "Calm", etc.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@Cuff_S I thought my network problems were bad. I think you've got me beatSo you're complaining that solitaire was free, but now isn't (without ads), in an OS that used to cost money, but is now free?
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard"insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result" - Albert Einstein obviously never used a compiler.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI really need to redo my digital storage setup. It's becoming not problematic.Anyone else want to use #Cortana and #Windows10 to build house automation? "Hey Cortana, set the temperature to 92 degrees"fun: if you attach a wacom tablet to a surface, you can detect both styluses (styli?) simultaneously with pointer events /cc @jacobrossi
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@robertmclaws @WinObs I'll give it a try@WinObs @robertmclaws already upgraded. So now what?@robertmclaws you mean clean install? Or do a refresh?I want #Windows10! What do I have to do to make it work :(I sadly am admitting defeat. Cannot get #Windows10 to see my network adapters correctly :( Back to Windows 8.1@djwhisky @sudhagart at work so haven't tried it yet@djwhisky @sudhagart any luck with the link I sent?@djwhisky @sudhagart give a try@djwhisky @sudhagart if you find anything please let me know@djwhisky @sudhagart nothing last night. Going to try again after work today@onedrive can't get windows 10 to contract to a network so no luck yet@getwired I've got an issue for youSo far my experiences with #Windows10 have been sadly bad :(@WinObs drat. I liked my custom setup. Oh well.@WinObs In Personalization all I see is selecting themes. Nothing else.@WinObs you know how to set different backgrounds on different screens on Win10?@sudhagart First thing I triedAnd to make my life more fun #Windows10 says it doesn't see any Network Adapters in Network Connections but does in Device Manager...@sudhagart Thanks for the help. No 10 for me on my phone I guess.@sudhagart I have it plugged in. Ok so tool location?@sudhagart It starts up, goes to the Nokia Logo, The Windows Logo, The Gears for about a minute and then shuts offTrying hard not to freak out about my phone. Yes I have an addiction75% #UpdatingToWindows10 #Windows10 @WindowsAlso upgrading my iPad weirdly enough. Didn't plan this but apparently tonight is update night50% #UpgradeToWindows10 #Windows10 @WindowsMost changes would be for things I couldn't do on Tumblr.If I move though I think I'll go To @Azure with a custom setup. The look would be mostly the same. Just some slight tweaks.So I've been thinking of moving my blog off Tumblr. I admit it's fun trying to make Tumblr do what I want but I'm starting to hit limitsIn the mean time I'll get some thoughts out there, I know terrible time. But when else am I free?Speaking of, 32% done! #Windows10 @WindowsToday I am reminded why having many devices is good. Main system is busy upgrading to Win 10, Phone is stuck upgrading 10.@sudhagart Lumia Icon, Verizon, Fast Ring, Don't know what BuildSo my Windows Phone has entered a reboot loop on upgrading to 10... HELP?!?!?
I really hope #Windows10 fixes my @onedrive issues. It now never seems to actually upload anything :(@jonathansampson Porting Cecil to TS (yes I'm nuts, moving on) and a function has a ref parameter
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