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Southern Charms webmodel, Niteflirt camgirl, domestic diva, who just likes to have fun!

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Done working my "vanilla" job (reports caught up), now just relaxing trying to find something to do.if family wasn't here I'd do NF but cant@Ruedraco @sherriblake @leiaswift @UK_Goth_Girl @EvaAngellica @DeliciousSC1 @RebeccaFL @Savannah_charm thank you TGIF!!My candycorn nail design that I did -I love doing my own nail "art" http://t.co/qqpRYxa8NZWorking hard! TGIF! Casual Friday is everyday here at my "office" lol http://t.co/E8FORAwoQp
@DeVinci8 continued) actually got bigger - the nipples really did and are ALOT more sensitive nowadays! :)@DeVinci8 continued) they still maintained their natural shape and I even breastfed! I heard that usually takes a toll but I think they@DeVinci8 Awe thanks honey...once had thought about getting them done but I've decided I like them actually - even after having 4 kiddosEnjoy Update 300 with choc syrup, whipped cream & sprinkles all over my body - so sticky!! http://t.co/VSgtoZD2Yx http://t.co/EHO403VhCcI'm still here, been working hard at my new job but I am excited because it's my 3rd year anniversary at SC and 300th update posted today!
I go to load the photo or take a picture and then nothing happens the tweet doesn't even pop up on here :(Ever since I downloaded the latest update on my iphone I can't load photosEnjoying having the house to myself and being naked -gonna have to get dressed soon since ppl don't know how to use a phone lol
What I really need to do is clean the house but all of the previous mentioned is far more important, cleaning can wait....@JamieSynn thanks for the follow back, I love your pics, so beautiful!Busy weekend here, working new job, gonna shoot an update and video plus a custom that promised somebody..I'll be free to do NF too maybeIf you haven't already please check out my hot anal video http://t.co/7Y4KDKKDsT PLUS my latest update 298! http://t.co/ylVI8kT96J
"@SexySam_dn: Not me again, but have done it, and want to again. http://t.co/RRFjZ4jJs5" mmmmm I'm jealous!!
Second day "at" the new job in my jammies, so here's a glimpse lol http://t.co/xefYn4eX1J
@bobpvcfun Thanks Bob!! :)@DiamondDollSC1 That would be great! I'm not too far away from you ~just let me know :)Happy #TittyTuesday Check out my update wearing black polka dot Wolford pantyhose! http://t.co/zM7MWFe6HS #tits http://t.co/iVE47JephO
You all are so sweet!! I can feel the love!! :) :)@roc_dangerfield Thanks babe!! I appreciate that!@TC7769 Thanks sweetie! I'm so happy that you are happy for me!! I've needed this job for so long!@BillStone10 Thanks baby!@sfsmodelman23 yes -this offers very flexible hours -thankfully I still can type over 70 wpm!!Wish I could've done a flashing in public update here - BUT might try to sneak next time we get up there ;) http://t.co/13C93k3r2t@sfsmodelman23 Today!! I signed all of the paperwork and I'll be working from home which is the best part - won't have to spend $$ on gas@Scott9563 thanks sweetie!! :)@KatarinaSC4 Thanks beautiful!!@Miamisthename Thanks sexy lady!! :)Happy Monday! I'm proud to announce that I finally found a job! BUT am still going to be on SC and updating with hot pics & videos!! :)
@DiamondDollSC1 still looking gorgeous as ever!Having a great day so far, watched football, cooking chili & cornbread & pumpkinpie pudding for dessert. Yeah I'm so basic I've been told.@thebeaujingles sounds good!I think I'm gonna order a pumpkin pie White RussianThis will have to do for now...I'm getting better at doing my nails -doing a pedicure tomorrow :) http://t.co/9O2gaWd9H0I have nice big hard nipples that need sucked... :) http://t.co/uPmvnu3kxI@thebeaujingles Do you know of any sexy ladies who might be interested? I can't seem to get anybody interested anymore *feeling rejected*Getting ready to go out with the hubby! Finished doing my mani now I'm ready! http://t.co/z4iT6TiPgb@thebeaujingles Cool! Where are you located?
TGIF!! :) http://t.co/bMpQjWv3j6@yorktown_33 Thank you sooo much! You just made my day ;) xoxoxoI need more guys AND gals to shoot with! My guy/stunt cock who I'm supposed to shoot w tomorrow night is MIA have not heard back from him :(@scottmakis37 Aww thanks honey!This is my latest hot selling video! Lots o anal penetration close-ups of my big ass and it's selling like hotcakes! http://t.co/1yShhSmj0jCheck out my SC Videos page http://t.co/7Y4KDKKDsT I am also selling panties and custom vids PM me if interested!! :)@SierraLynnCharm and you can rock a bikini! Best MILF on southern charms.
Retweeted by Sierra LynnHappy #FriskyFriday ...check out my latest update whether I'm flashing at the park! http://t.co/znOsyMke6N http://t.co/jnENOqoF2D
Yes I love pussy...ALOT! Lol http://t.co/YIqt11iVpM
I've so happy! I can make kickass homemade pumpkin lattes and do my own REAL nails!! Natural is in baby!! :) http://t.co/LLy9KF7GvrCheck out my latest video -it's an anal video on my SC videos page http://t.co/H3nBCPYifpAlso check out my latest anal video unless you videos page don't miss out it's really hot!! http://t.co/H3nBCPYifpHappy #TittyTuesday @TittyTuesdays http://t.co/ZO0UEXkire
Check out Update 295 in my tight little orange dress and high heels! http://t.co/j3Ipa7f1Vr #MILFMonday
@RonReamer Damn I could use a good pounding right now...so horny....@RonReamer Mmmmm yeah just sat at home and drank Redds Wicked apple ale, didn't feel like doing the bar thang -those ppl get on my nervesPlaying with it...wish my hubby was into having morning sex! Trying to be sneaky and put cam into my sweatpants lol http://t.co/ztdxlZiLVl@RonReamer I don't really give a crap about the Bucks anymore, I'll watch the games but really Idgaf lol@RonReamer No didn't last night -actually it was the Buckeyes who were sucking! lolLove my nails -natural not fake and I paint them myself now! Much cheaper and fun! http://t.co/Gq4QBXn436
Happy Sexy Saturday! Wish I was doing this right now! #MILF #porn #suckingcock http://t.co/zppG9Kb4an@Ruedraco @sherriblake @leiaswift @UK_Goth_Girl @EvaAngellica @SierraLynnCharm @DeliciousSC1 @RebeccaFL TY!
Retweeted by Sierra Lynn
@MariahSc1 yummy! You are so gorgeous!However, hubby might be shooting an outdoor flashing update of me at our favorite park next week -every time we have went it's been busy@PeteRobinsonct Thanks!! I need to play...Niteflirt has been impossible to do lately but hoping to try to soon, call me on there sometime;)Sneak peek at Monday's "Ode to Fall" - my favorite season although I had to shoot this indoors unfortunately lol http://t.co/d53Xjsz7vZHope you all have a wonderful weekend! I shot an update "Ode to Fall" and then a hot anal video using m thick anal toy for my SC Vid pageHey all I am back - it's been a hectic week and had internet problems. Hope you all have a great weekend!
Puss-n-Beer! :) http://t.co/fIwKWGaIOIMy pussy loves this beer even more than I do! http://t.co/Ek9Ua4hatk
For a hot time check out my SC Videos page! http://t.co/7Y4KDKKDsT Plenty of hot action guaranteed to make you cum hard! ;)@ThongSniffer4u Yes baby! I will do! Email me at sierralynn71@live.com for details ;)I'm gonna keep at this and start learning designs next...who knows maybe I can open up a nail place soon...haha j/k http://t.co/AXx4WJxxlfHappy #SexySaturday! Sitting outside having my morning coffee..made some pumpkin spiced java yum!! :) #tits #MILF http://t.co/lPGcvvlR5xI'm learning howto do my own French manis & pedis lol. This isn't the best but it's not half bad either! #footfetish http://t.co/tkG8VTSDbW
#FriskyFriday TGIF!! Check out my latest sexy librarian update! http://t.co/0kUtmuEcOP Have a great weekend!! http://t.co/cDrN20B4lm
Hope you all are having a great week! My "Sucking, Fucking & Squirting" video is selling like crazy and I have had a lot of compliments
Happy Humpday! Speaking of humping I posted yet another hot sex vid where I get fucked and squirt! http://t.co/H3nBCPYifp
Come on people check out my latest hardcore video on my SC vids -you won't be disappointed- hot action penetration close-ups you'll enjoy!!http://t.co/Wp878wrMyv watch me get DP'd by a big glass toy and a big thick cock! http://t.co/5IQuywN2w1Check out my latest hardcore guy/girl pics http://t.co/EupY6UTz2z had a very hot weekend! Also shot a video with him http://t.co/Wp878wrMyv
@AdenaPaige @scarlettdemitro @SierraLynnCharm @MariahSc1 @ScwifeLiz @mrssiren @ElizaAllure @AaliyahBlue @KnightMilf @SexySam_dn
Retweeted by Sierra LynnI will have some hot sex action blow job, sex and a BIG anal toy that my guy friend slides deep in my ass on my SC Videos page this week!!Happy #SexySunday! My guy friend came over last night and we shot pics and ALOT of video footage! Expect hardcore sex videos this week!
@Shamsky100 I've decided acrylic nails are too expensive and biting is hazardous to my health that's what motivated me :P@SexySam_dn Oh I'm good - hanging in there! Been getting the kids ready for school starting next week fun fun lolQuit biting my nails and am using a really good nail strengthener. Two weeks nail-biting free now! This is like somebody quitting smoking@SexySam_dn Hi sexy lady!! How have you been?Titty pic for y'all -sorry I'm still trying to wake up and have my morning coffee! Checkout my latest updates & vid! http://t.co/s71rfYXhOrSorry I've been away from here for a lil while...Happy Saturday Twitterland!
@Shamsky100 Thanks! Yeah he's going to a neurosurgeon he gets severe pains in it possible nerve damage I guess we'll see what they sayBoobies pic #tits got errands to run, taking hubby to the doctor to determine if he might need foot surgery :( http://t.co/NHTK3taYPvShot two updates for this week and an underwater swimming pool & flashing video for my SCVideos page and custom pics! :)Soooo tired! Why is the weekend so short and why are we always worn out on Mondays? #MILFMonday http://t.co/1X3twOucF1
Had a very HOT date this afternoon...this guy made me cum twice, once by eating me and second time me riding him!! Cant wait til next time
@luvcutepanties Thanks sweetie! Less time to dry & style it now! ;)Took a shower and going to shoot outdoor pics! Yay!!! :) http://t.co/KYOAGLufihDamn...Dropbox takes forever, it seems like shooting the video is fun but the editing and uploading can be tedious...ho humJust shot a 15 minute dildo masturbation video - uploading it to my customer - I hope he likes it - I got so wet and came so hard!!
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