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Sinnamon Love @SinnamonLove House of Love, Brooklyn, NY

Retired PornStar. AVN & Urban X Hall of Fame Inductee. Published Writer. Radio Personality. Educator. Mother. Grandmother. AutismActivist. Hip Hop Head. HIS.

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How fricken adorbs is this?! https://t.co/fjmyiqiukIgothamsartwayne went down the hall to check on his Pop Pop when I said he wasn't feeling great.… https://t.co/Qpn2UVzZzEHuevos rancheros, Brazilian Kale and Sweet Plantains. #Brunch #glutenfree https://t.co/cMeCKWAN4uHaving a little solo brunch and doing some light reading for my most important client so I can do… https://t.co/01P8k1o2GpDr. Betty Shabazz - Educator, Nurse and Civil Rights Advocate. Mother of 6 and Wife of Malcolm X.… https://t.co/be4IsL2otoTo celebrate Women's History Month, I want to remind people that Black women in this country have… https://t.co/l9uIl8YQb9
gothamsartwayne loves apple pie. Or anything else his Pop Pop @JarobiWhite is eating. #Babyfoodiehttps://t.co/1VEWNOdFXC@FeministaJones Congrats!#**Vintage Feminista Jones** | : Feminista Jones featured on Melissa Harris-Perry #NerdLand http://t.co/fQoQXPHlOU
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@SmokeDatAzz What does that have to.do with my post?That feeling of satisfaction when its the 1st of the month & all your bills are paid, But your direct deposit hasn't hit your account yet 🙌
Little Red Riding Hood. https://t.co/CTImEpzqBkWash Day. #TeamNatural #naturalgirls #naturallyshesdope #naturalista #naturalhairdailyhttps://t.co/k9CsTSLmgIBack muscle spasms means a lazy Saturday morning in bed with two of my favorite guys @JarobiWhite and… https://t.co/zmf2HhKqPK
Castle in NYC. #UES https://t.co/JvBv3z7VErgothamsartwayne passed all his tests today with flying colors. Now to knock out the next round of… https://t.co/rjamwDfB3ZShout out to all the real men out there who treat women godly. And ladies, just because a man treats… https://t.co/wuFBmgNgICGroupon has tickets to Essence Fest on July 2nd for $50
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveEBONY sends our condolences to the family of Earl Lloyd, the first Black man to play in the NBA. He passed at age 86. http://t.co/FOd8muDBQT
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveFor all y'all looking for some action. BDSM Tinder http://t.co/FeN3tG3krD
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveNimoy suffered from lung damage due to 30 years of smoking. "Grandpa says learn my lesson. Quit now," he tweeted. http://t.co/gWS7NmjQ3d
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love.@RealTracyMorgan is showing MAJOR signs of improvement since car accident! http://t.co/3x2eERbjHc http://t.co/vMXwBingL2
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveA life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveFarewell Mr. Nimoy. Thank you for everything. https://t.co/O0mRuQFYxU@marronnowlin97 Do me a favor, visit my website before tweeting me again. http://t.co/TVLJLRdLsu@marronnowlin97 Over 250 movies.@marronnowlin97 Over 250 of them.@kinkyButterfli lol!! No, the big love. Well, was. Until the littlest love woke up. lolSleeping in a little late with my love. #LifeisGood https://t.co/YifTfCikvZ
#tbt My raison de etré. https://t.co/KOaTSND7rC@Mahoganie_Jade Yeah man... FYI, Levi's has a jean called the curve on sale. I have to go when I have time to try them on.@CoriColeman_ 5' 2 3/4"Shout out to all my ladies with problems buying jeans. #ShortGirlProblems #CurvyGirlProblemshttps://t.co/8EzfKdxKm8@thejessicadrake ooh... Fun! Wish I was there to join you!You can have an office at One World Trade Center for $750 a month. http://t.co/TskWDAhG5a http://t.co/LGdFo6p82a
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@JeanGreasy @okayplayer Enjoy!@DantePosh I need to go visit #notamerica with you!Story of my life: Orchids and snowcapped rooftops. https://t.co/uS9r20NiCvWord. https://t.co/4jRPpwqUZz
@renaldo_murray yes of course.Perfection... #Lamb https://t.co/iZEc9mLKjXWatching Breakfast at Tiffany's. Lamb breast in the oven. Baby in my lap. Daughter on my laptop. Boyfriend out to play. #LifeisGood@khinggotti I am 41.@LolaHedoOnline @JarobiWhite ∗gasp∗ I love it!!!Having a teenager on the spectrum means I have to fight a little harder for his rights and to protect… https://t.co/yVfePak525Wasn't familiar with this young lady before, but definitely looking into her a bit more now. Much… https://t.co/2cCYsYzfylGood morning!! Breakfast at #HouseofLove! Heuvos Rancheros with Black Refried Beans and Turkey… https://t.co/lNZ7j2qBB2
I'm super nice and bake brownies and shit, but I did grow up in #Flint and have no problems fucking a… https://t.co/GGVSjhVHVH@JckDvy #FallFreely Word.@ForTheByrdz Will do! This evening when I get in. I have my calendar now for the week. :)Took the day off to accompany my other half to a doctor appointment. Love being by his side for the… https://t.co/tegQ4wok1G"Its about to go down." -jay z. #Bedstuy #brooklyn #diner #brunch #foodie #soulfood #LifeisGoodhttps://t.co/q8K6yjfHqJRespect Due to a real G! Happy Born Day StaHHr!!! So glad your brother introduced us! I love your… https://t.co/NEMdfsnGk1
Whole Wheat Fettucine with Smoked Salmon & Sun Dried Tomatoes in a Cream Cheese Sauce.… https://t.co/x2pCer50OkSmoked Salmon, Basil and Sun Dried Tomatoes... #ItsWhatsForDinner https://t.co/EgMaWBfvfh@KerryRichardso3 did you really just reply to a tweet from 3 years ago??
@flyyyyyygirl Ditto. Of course I made my mushroom cream sauce from scratch instead of a can and used gluten free pasta... lol@SinnamonLove I grew up in the Midwest also taught me as a single Man now can cook a meal on Sunday that can last till Wed
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@AlHillJr Word!! And potluck Sunday dinners were designed to help multiple families spread their weekly food dollar.Growing up in the midwest taught me one thing... Casseroles are a mom's best friend the night before pay day. lol!@TybBenji Thanks. :)I love when I get to shop for customers who are also #glutenfree. I am able to learn about new… http://t.co/lLYbYNBYkV
Pork Tacos with Black Beans. #Glutenfree #CanelasKitchen #HouseofLove http://t.co/YUQgzQJxldHomemade Apple Cinnamon Oatmea #CanelasKitchen #HouseofLove http://t.co/NlOqOPRImx
Congratulations to my beautiful friend Zoi on her wedding day!!! I love you Zo!!! repost via @divvypichttp://t.co/SlKym6MpZm@carisbrook5 Turn on the oven. Lol@BellaVendetta Yeah... That is ridiculous!!@killerCram @Winter_Angelica SO cold out!Good morning from gothamsartwayne. http://t.co/pqXEguOMRZI woke up like this... http://t.co/R8TwHc7x0sgothamsartwayne is insistent on making Grandma get out of bed. #Babylife #brooklynboys #biter #lovehttp://t.co/fmQ5YiOPhk4° outside? Fuck no. I am staying in bed as long as humanly possible. http://t.co/jAh9pMyZd9
Mood: Goddess Mother of the Universe http://t.co/7gArMUvz39Where does your relationship lie? What is your ideal relationship dynamic? http://t.co/kT6vqiupGQ#Message http://t.co/tGdc9iKC7YGorgeous day out, despite how cold it is outside! Enjoy but bundle up!!! ❄ #instaweatherhttp://t.co/yFXTwnmG6OMy #TBT is @JarobiWhite & @iamphifer on stage with @stephsdope as #BonitaApplebum at Madison Square… http://t.co/HX4rAaOv9P
@dajerx Things are good! How about you?Do y'all think dissing women for being sexual makes you look more appealing to men? It seems like a lot of that pearl clutching is a show...
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveSustainability. repost via @divvypic from spiritualthoughts 🌎 http://t.co/Envd1B2b0VSo necessary to find new balance. http://t.co/rbCgq7B0PoIsn't funny when people make assumptions about you and they are far off base with their assumptions?
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveGood afternoon #TeamLove! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!@QueenMJ_ The goal in life isn't to do one thing forever, its to grow & learn. When I felt it was time retire, I did. No need for regrets.@QueenMJ_ I don't have any regrets. I loved being in it. It helped me pay for school, I traveled extensively & I had a blast.
It's freezing out! Order from Instacart & get 1 hour delivery from local markets! Here’s $10 worth of free groceries: http://t.co/Mfbs1rYhlu@brownpmpeg Yes.No, I didn't. “@tcberenson: Jessica Williams fires back at fans who want her to replace Jon Stewart - "I am not yours" via TIME
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveAVN - @RiverdaleAvenue Publishes Fifty Shades of Grey-Related Titles: http://t.co/zB28nbXxA8 cc: @misslainie
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@mistresstokyo lmao! It never ceases to amaze me what people contact about.@ZerlinaMaxwell Do you have a list of which states those are? Many may not know there are in one.@QueenMJ_ Yes I did.@DaRealMonieLove Make 'em go!
@asiaelle I needed to focus on my grandson. Now I can get back to work. :)@oskiwhoaski lol!@jonjones3431 lol! Normally, no. But I am creating gluten-free versions of classic southern recipes.@asiaelle lmao! I had to take a year off from recipe building. Starting up again. :)Much better look... #glutenfree http://t.co/3AKeBUtigoSmothered Pork Chops, Brown Rice & Sauteed Kale, Red Cabbage and Brussels Sprouts. #glutenfreehttp://t.co/wOW9LC4bkYIf you have never had smothered pork chops before, you have no idea what is about to go down!… http://t.co/yQjUSEAe4N
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