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Shan @TNRLM Heading West

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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Now greeting kiddos from the TARDIS http://t.co/1Or8LG1v33@HistoryofMatt excellent. And Dan Gilbert is probably pre-Angel Wesley.@HistoryofMatt ha! I wonder if that makes KLove the Zeppo.Greeting trick or treaters from the Hellmouth http://t.co/K6OTYWiQm731 reasons why @josswhedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer is perfect Halloween viewing. http://t.co/snioPyHpy4 http://t.co/4ajomo91j1
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Vending machine in a bar. I moved to the right place y’all. http://t.co/SvbdWXeHwkNo matter what kind of day I've had, Pour Some Sugar on Me at probably illegal volumes always makes it better. #hot #stickysweet
Retweeted by Shan@jowrotethis Why is everyone's hair perfect after they pull off their mask or helmet?@HistoryofMatt And even in those, I wish it had been someone else. I cannot abide his rubber faced desperation.@HistoryofMatt Oh, yeah of course. He is BEYOND terrible in that flick. I've only liked JC in Eternal Sunshine and Truman."I cannot sanction your buffoonery" is just so apt. http://t.co/Gsxh1yJl4sLast day of #Supernatural shooting! Lobbying to drive this home, don't think it will fly :( http://t.co/Knf3Op2nPZ
Retweeted by ShanHow bad do you have to be to get a Dawgs/Falcons fan to actually root for Louisville tonight? Damn, FSU.@OldDarth +emotional attachment to your alma mater that never abates.@OldDarth Yeah, those hurt my baseball love quite a bit. My first love, college football, has never been on strike. Plus, there's the +@OldDarth Ha. I'm a fan of many, but I just cannot understand the appeal of soccerNot even porn could get me to watch soccer http://t.co/g4HmeAs1iR@hraptis72 clumsy. Smashed it on the base of my elliptical. That’s what I get for exercising dammit!@HistoryofMatt maybe I’ll just start on an Infinity SockI think I broke my toe yesterday. Or maybe it’s supposed to be purple.
Catching up on last nights #TheFlash Basically Felicity Smoak is the best.@lafergs @TVandDinners is there crying masturbation? A McDermott holiday tradition?I am really digging #AgentsOfSHIELD this year.@TVandDinners someone creepily follows women who order pumpkin spiced lattes?@DerfelMacklin Yep. I think the character is supposed to be that annoying. If so it's working.@DerfelMacklin She's a bunhead!The 1977 Sun Bowl was called by Pat Summerall AND BURT REYNOLDS WHAT http://t.co/5K8iCxZyj9
Retweeted by ShanAwaiting word from the NCAA on suspensions for the other players with 100s of signed memorabilia items on eBay. http://t.co/h7mJf6UBMY
Retweeted by Shan@HistoryofMatt I hate to judge things sight unseen, so I sampled several reality shows (Survivor, Idol, etc.) and they're just not for meThe most important question in a relationship http://t.co/f4lOdtyg6M (for example,I could never truly love anyone who watched reality shows)So the message the @ncaa just sent is "Don't work with us. Deny everything and lawyer up." That's what works. Ask Auburn, A&M, and FSU.
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@DerfelMacklin although 99% of the tweets I read on it were focused on gender and race, not necessarily the characters/ stories.@DerfelMacklin ahhh gotcha.@DerfelMacklin ???@borednihilist I don't get the 'Batch hate. He's a fantastic actor, and perfect for the imperiousness of Strange.@artincircles Great to play in other films? Baby? It would have been nice, but I'm sure we'll see plenty of Scarlett.@artincircles Nice. Or Michelle McLaren. (Writer is also important)@artincircles I like all of those.Maybe Ruth Wilson, too.10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Marvel's Agents of SHIELD http://t.co/nQpcdmVIjpHutson Mason on Jax crowd: "It's called the World's Outdoor Cocktail Party for a reason. They're not drinking Capri-Sun and Sunny Delight."
Retweeted by ShanThis is sad http://t.co/RhkMqnJnjI but hey @tim_cook PLEASE make a podcast app that works/syncs as smoothly as the humble ipod doesStanfill's quote in this is fantastic: http://t.co/dyLdjiHivh #GoDawgs #HateWeek@borednihilist @shanarosenberg But that doesn't happen until they're mature/developed. Again, practically, what do you call them?@borednihilist @shanarosenberg I just don't understand what you're suggesting and how it would actually work in practice.@borednihilist @shanarosenberg But what does that mean? Practically? What do you call a baby/kid until it decides for itself?@borednihilist @shanarosenberg So the baby will come out of the womb and state what sex and gender they are? This doesn't make sense.@borednihilist @shanarosenberg But practically, what do you name or call a baby/child/kid then?@shanarosenberg @borednihilist My name is used by both genders (though typically girls). I was teased a lot as a kid, but love it now.@shanarosenberg @borednihilist Not sure what the "solution" here is - give all babies non-gender specific names then give new one as adult?@artincircles I haven't watched last night's yet, but it is slightly better this year. Still, basically SPADER + slumming guest stars.Man, that was a goooood #Gotham (probably expected with a Ben Edlund script).
Now watching SEC Rewind on 1980 WLOCP and I appreciate Al Michaels using the proper term of “The GEORGIA-florida” game.
Retweeted by Shan@jowrotethis Or...why be shitty to anybody? Can't people have their enjoyment? (Forget it Jake. It's the Internet).@jonrog1 okay, you had me at "Doc Savage." Sold.Color vs Color game! RT @SethEmerson: Georgia and Florida to both wear home uniforms on Saturday. http://t.co/B4OJgSelFs
@jowrotethis stigma? don’t you mean “aura?” *swoon*How I learned to stop worrying and love the T.Swift. http://t.co/4Z8HzF2ddP http://t.co/rUlwxG4hsh
Retweeted by Shan@courtney42000 awwww. Cute.Life is too short to be holding on to old grudges http://t.co/EFbM7cW1XH
Retweeted by ShanSEC Network Airing 1980 Georgia/Florida Game Tonight At 10:00. http://t.co/ZciE1nE8jQ via @dawgsportsRT @GillianA Hello everyone. Here at last is the first Fall trailer - http://t.co/ic1Ce2meI9 -GA
Retweeted by ShanDoesn’t England have a WLAF team we can bring home instead? #FalconsInLondonRT @TalkingChop: #AtlantaSports http://t.co/5t5XrWc1Pv
Retweeted by Shan"Everyone have their tickets back to Atlanta?... not so fast Coach..."
Retweeted by ShanCan’t believe I went to London for this. Just kidding. Can’t believe I even WOKE UP for this shit. #Falconshttp://t.co/NK1uuMkx1e
Retweeted by ShanLate to the party I know but hot damn #XMenDaysOfFuturePast is fucking fantastic.
Okay no more SEC tonight. Entertain me DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (I think Professor X would have kicked the field goal)Of course, back then there weren’t 3 SEC games and the World Series on. (Bob Newhart or Carol Burnett? Whaddaya think?)Times like this I frightfully remember when you used to have to walk across the living room to change the channel.Man…are there gonna be some corn dogs destroyed tonight. #LSUvsOleMissPenn Wagers would not have called that face mask penalty...
Retweeted by ShanWhen everyone thinks you should run goal to go and you pass AND IT WORKS you look like a genius dontcha? (Possible tweet from Mike Bobo)Most egregious face mask ever? #LSUvsOleMissAuburn SC is ridiculous. Re. Dic. U. Lous.
Retweeted by Shan@BernieDawg my bourbon tells me so so it must beToo many SEC games on at the same time. I need more TVs. Not a bad problem too have. Too bad one isn't my #Dawgs
Retweeted by Shan@lafergs TRUTH@BernieDawg what? It’s still daytime. Time zones, man.@lafergs did you tell your friend “Goodbye to You?”Drinkin beer. Grillin. Watchin football. #SaturdayAttn CBS execs trawling for program ideas, I would watch 1.5 episodes of a show where Verne Lundquist explains Adam Sandler movie plots
Retweeted by Shan@artincircles indeed.The latest Ask Me Another podcast inspired me purchase Lake Street Drive albums. Very fun.@EaTmy_CupCaKKe second is much better than the first. Probably better than the third, too (though 3 is funnier). Enjoy!@EaTmy_CupCaKKe Oh, that's probably my favorite season@EaTmy_CupCaKKe CLOWNI don't understand how "Jane the Virgin" is a show. Have abortion. Sue hospital. That's about 3 episodes.Godammit. I just saw a post about a live Buffy musical event in Vancouver and got excited. Turns out it’s Vancouver BC."rome" remains one of my favorite series ever and is - without a doubt - the single most underrated series ever aired by HBO.
Retweeted by Shan@UnpluggedCrazy I understood every single one of those questions.@jwj170104 I have NO sense of direction but I’m guessing that’s a bit of a drive? :(
@jwj170104 I would agree with that ranking. But I’m not slumming sipping 46 right now. #AllGoodSame here. “@LoganBooker_BI Feels strange rooting against Tim Hudson. But I'm on that Royals wagon. #WorldSeries
Retweeted by Shan@jwj170104 chilled 46’is great. 3 for 3. All terrific. I think Four Roses just a wee bit above the others but all will be in the bar now. 😃10 Reasons Why I'm Looking Forward to Not Being Called a Snobby Game of Thrones Book Purist Next Season -... http://t.co/Y3p53GEunuAfter #Buffy I was really afraid I could never love again. I just couldn't commit. Then last night I started #Angel! Thanks @josswhedon!
Retweeted by ShanGood article from my friend @GaryMLaney about how FSU and UGA have handled their respective issues. http://t.co/UBa1JfJcJm
Retweeted by ShanShe blinded me with science Blame it on the rain Mama said knock you out Oops (I did it again) - Terrible Defense Attorney Strategies
Retweeted by Shan@jwj170104 Four Roses is even better than Angels I think. 2 for 2 on the recommendations.
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