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TUNE IN for a LIVE special from 8-10p ET with @TeamCavuto for the latest on the #CanadianParliament shootings. http://t.co/Bvks4y9tAA
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto#CommonSense: Stop attacking Ebola czar Ron Klain. The American people deserve better @FoxNews http://t.co/uLe2aQbj3j
Putin's out for payback... And he has his sights set on Ronald McDonald? Tune into #CAVUTO for the details... @FoxBusinessIf you think cheaper gas means cheaper flights... think again. I'll explain NEXT on #CAVUTO. @FoxBusinessDHS places restrictions on passengers entering U.S. from Ebola-stricken countries... but will anything but a travel ban work? #CAVUTO #EbolaCOMING UP on #CAVUTO: The FBI's new push that could make "your" cell phone an open book...MLK Jr.'s niece @alvedaking has some advice for both parties. Republicans: Don't pay us lip service. Democrats: Don't take us for grantedWe've got a great show tonight. Don't miss it! 8PM ET on @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTO http://t.co/RVLytSVa6AWhat’s the Deal with me being away during all the market craziness? http://t.co/yM8DHSe91v @FoxBusiness #CAVUTOWhy Apple Proves You Don’t Need a Sale to Boost Sales ... Check out my column: http://t.co/LtTlXC1zfR #AppleJust because Ebola is mutating doesnt mean simple civility & decency should be mutating with it. Because that would be sick -NC #CommonSense"What does all this mean? If you make a compelling enough product, they will buy." -N.C. @FoxBusiness #Apple"And all this slap-dab in the middle of one of the most sluggish recoveries we’ve seen in American history." -N.C. @FoxBusiness #Apple"Apple sold 39.3M iPhones last quarter. Tell me the last time you heard a company – any company – sell nearly 40M units of anything." -N.C."The next time someone tells you the consumer’s caput, tell them about how #Apple woke them up." -N.C. @FoxBusiness
#ApplePay... Up? NOW on #CAVUTO: Why anyone with an iPhone 6 could soon be seeing their credit card bills pile-up...Think the media is over the top on #Ebola? What if I told you this crisis would be "over," if only the media had jumped on it "sooner"How will this #Ebola crisis affect the upcoming midterm elections in two weeks? We discuss NOW on #CAVUTONOW on #CAVUTO: Congressman @RepFredUpton tells me he wants to ban all flights from West Africa. RETWEET if you AGREE. #EbolaWant to shut down #Ebola? How about shutting down our border. TONIGHT on #CAVUTO: What we could learn... from Nigeria.Excited to be back tonight on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. Make sure to tune in! http://t.co/fiGT0jkU1RMy column: "Too Many Chefs in the Contagion Kitchen? Why It Could Make Us All Sick" http://t.co/MJuxRdUupkShirking my duties for... @DancingABC????? Perish the thought! I am BACK tonight at 8PM ET on @FoxBusiness! Miss me? http://t.co/hGu7Ss8J4M“Increasingly we don’t know who to believe, or which agency’s edicts are sound.” –N.C. #CAVUTO"The danger right now is that far from reassuring us, the government’s pile-on of protectors against #Ebola is scaring us." -N.C.
Hollywood actress @SuzanneSomers says the Obama Administration is the most divisive of all. Watch here. http://t.co/zeU5aJH22x
"Reagan was famous for saying he'd rather get 80% a loaf of bread, than no bread at all. Politicians today should heed his advice." -N.C.
Skeptical of everything right now? Then don't miss this @IndependentsFBN special at 9PM ET. They've got you covered. http://t.co/HnMUrd2YBdNOW on #CAVUTO: @HomeDepot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus on why he's burning mad over how the Administration is handling #Ebola.A new #Ebola czar is on the way, but is this the answer we really need? Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts.NOW on #CAVUTO: The #CDC has reportedly given out $25M in bonuses since 2007. Are cuts to the CDC really to blame for this #Ebola crisis?NOW on #CAVUTO: The Chairman of yesterday's hearing on #Ebola @RepTimMurphy talks about his push to ban flights from Ebola-stricken nations.Lt Col Tony Shaffer (@T_S_P_O_O_K_Y) says we should send contractors - not troops - to stop Ebola in West Africa. RT if you agree @FoxNews
Gas prices are at their lowest since 2011, but are drivers getting "pumped" up for nothing? The surprising details NOW on #CAVUTO.A new @FoxNews poll shows 64% of Americans think the government is hiding information on #ISIS. RETWEET if you are part of the 64%. #CAVUTOWhich is stronger? The fear of #Ebola, or fear that the government isn't protecting us from #Ebola? Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts.Ann Romney: "Disease is not partisan, it hits us all." See my interview with @AnnDRomney here. http://t.co/TPZvuIK1wR #AnnRomneyCenter
What do you make of this #Ebola hazmat #Halloween costume? Is this going too far? Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts. http://t.co/1BZJXNhaUV#ISIS just revealed its latest target. Find out who... NOW on #CAVUTO. @FoxBusinessWhite House has been "quiet" on executive actions lately...Find out why @KatiePavlich is saying this is the calm before the storm. #CAVUTODon't miss my sit down interview with @AnnDRomney tonight on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. #CAVUTOCheck this out from @DavidAsmanfox. "Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher to Worried Traders: Keep Cool!!" http://t.co/aBOlR4NUyT
NOW on #CAVUTO: Mark Zuckerberg is pledging $25M to the @CDC to fight #Ebola. Will this money help or is this just a good P.R. move?Democrats are distancing themselves from President Obama. Why isn't Hollywood? Hollywood actress @SuzanneSomers weighs in NOW on #CAVUTONOW on #CAVUTO: Meet the doctor taking his #Obamacare fight to the second-highest court in the country...Is the Supreme Court his next stop?Some Democrats are saying spending cuts are causing an #Ebola outbreak... NOW on #CAVUTO: How Governor @BobbyJindal is blasting backDo you feel like the Obama Administration is doing enough to stop homegrown terrorism? Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts.NOW on #CAVUTO: World Health Organization (@WHO) says in just two months we could see up to 10,000 new cases of #Ebola per week... Per week!Macy's is opening at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day. Is this about demand or desperation? @FoxNews #CAVUTO
Tune in NOW to #CAVUTO for the very latest on the reported hacking of 100,000 pics on @snapchat. #Snappening #SnapchatleakedA progressive organization releases ad blaming GOP budget cuts for #Ebola outbreak. RETWEET if you think this is going too far. #CAVUTOThe White House is bracing for a doomsday scenario... @CGasparino gives the details with a @FoxBusiness EXCLUSIVE report NEXT on #CAVUTONOW on #CAVUTO: ISIS is spreading. Why is the Sec. of Defense unveiling a plan to stop climate change instead of a new plan to stop #ISIS?RETWEET if you agree and are skeptical of the Government. #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness http://t.co/UoS0xcdf04After this weekend's leak of private photos - would you let your child use an app like Snapchat? RT for NO, REPLY for YES @FoxNews #CAVUTO
"Here’s some free political advice to all you Republicans angling to be president. Quit quoting Ronald Reagan. Start acting like him." -N.C.
"Back-slapping is ingrained in our political culture, and woe to the politician on either side who doesn’t embrace its effective power." -NC"Fat chance all fat cats are Republican, fat chance you’ll ever hear otherwise!" - N.C. #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness
NOW on #CAVUTO: The bill for #Ebola is adding up fast. Hospitals could be in big financial trouble, which means patients could be too.NOW on #CAVUTO: Dr. @paulviollis on how #Twitter should handle #ISIS and its threats to Twitter employees.COMING UP on #CAVUTO: What should companies like #Twitter do when they get caught in the crossfire? #ISIS http://t.co/cQ7li4LpoVNOW on #CAVUTO: @RepDennisRoss joins Congressional calls to ban all flights coming from countries infected with #Ebola.Did #comicconnyc just become #CAVUTOCON?????? Watch #CAVUTO tonight on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. http://t.co/L4dKNQ1WweDid you see this last night on my @FoxBusiness show? A Detroit man is selling his home for an iPhone 6. http://t.co/GpmbfKWDRc
Wondering where #CAVUTO is? We'll be back tomorrow, but now enjoy @AJShaps live at the @RMAuctions now on @FoxBusiness! Great job, Adam.Did this Subway ad go too far? Models @TheLizzieMiller & @Jamie_Kelton debate on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/bKrOgdzW4c http://t.co/JbPKuX53ZTNeed help saving for #retirement? Not sure how? Questions about your 401k? Send us questions & we'll answer them LIVE at 4pm on @FoxNewsConcerns about #retirement? Have questions about your 401k, stocks or college savings? Ask us - we'll answer. LIVE 4pm @FoxNews #CAVUTO
Is the #IRS still at it? Meet the anti-Obamacare filmmaker who says he's being targeted. He joins me NOW on #CAVUTO. #Obamacare @FoxBusinessRETWEET if ALL these recalls have made you reconsider buying a @GM car. #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness #GMNOW on #CAVUTO: Woman is suing DEA for impersonating her on Facebook... @Judgenap on the case everyone is talking about... Tune in!NOW on #CAVUTO: Investors fearing #Ebola could spread, and if it does, get ready for a big sell off... Turn to @FoxBusiness for the detailsTONIGHT on #CAVUTO: You know things are bad for Pres. @BarackObama when even Jimmy Carter is blasting him.. http://t.co/147sJkSGAvLast night on @FoxBusiness: The Amazing @Kreskin: "Biggest gambling casino I know of is on Wall Street." http://t.co/X9GoCSmSp1What’s the Deal with #CDC Director @DrFriedenCDC evading my questions on the Admin's handling of #Ebola? http://t.co/JMSQaiT2PY @FoxBusinessWatch my full one-on-one interview with GM CEO Mary Barra here: http://t.co/rzED32EzDv
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto
What does the future of America look like? Tune in NOW to @FoxBusiness and hear what "The Amazing @Kreskin" predicts. http://t.co/TlsWRMgT5YIt turns out people still don't know what's in #Obamacare...The President of @Aflac explains NOW on #CAVUTO http://t.co/5qUDShameKIs the Administration understating the threat of #Ebola? @SteveForbesCEO joins me NOW on #CAVUTO"Funny the folks telling us to remain calm about #Ebola now are the same ones who did the exact opposite when it came to the sequester." -NCWhat’s the deal with @NancyPelosi not liking the term ‘illegal’ aliens? Did you see this? http://t.co/HzB6RQb4HW @FoxBusiness #CAVUTOSeattle School Board votes to rename ‘Columbus Day’ to ‘Indigenous Peoples Day.’ http://t.co/HkRlm1vAfK @FoxBusiness #CAVUTOPress the Pound Key If You’ve Had Enough With Bad Customer Service! My column: http://t.co/EiR3CRFPiO"I know all these automated responses save companies money. But what does it lose them in customer loyalty? I suspect a lot more." -#CAVUTO"Is it any wonder #Comcast is having such a devil of a time winning over customers to its grand ambitions?" -#CAVUTO @FoxBusiness“I always wonder what damage is done to a brand when the company behind that brand treats its customers like cattle.” – #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness“Calling customer service almost anywhere seems pretty pointless.” –#CAVUTO RETWEET if you AGREE and watch @FoxBusiness weekdays at 8PM ET.
Illegal immigrants suing the government for canceling their health-care plans ... Do they have a case? The legal fallout NOW on #CAVUTOIf there's proof an American is fighting with ISIS, why should we even entertain them coming back to the US? #CAVUTO http://t.co/rrgTG2k8LODid you see this? Seattle school board votes to replace Columbus Day with 'Indigenous Peoples' Day.' What's your reaction? Use #CAVUTO.NOW on #CAVUTO: @BenAffleck going batty ... The showdown with @billmaher over Radical Islam that you need to hear for yourself. @FoxBusinessRETWEET if you've lost trust in the Obama Administration. #CAVUTO. 8PM ET on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/ZOzw4ZYxCaWhy is the Oklahoma beheading being called workplace violence, and not terrorism? http://t.co/yH9z2iudRA #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness
What’s the Deal, Neil: The FCC is considering fines for saying the name #Redskins. http://t.co/gU1nwx7fIG @FoxBusinessDid you see this? #Google threatened with $100M lawsuit over hacked celebrity photos http://t.co/HJW6IRXTJi @FoxBusiness
"This is why Americans tend to distrust those in power -- because time and again, they’ve been let down by those in power." #CAVUTO"Word to the Republican wise -- wise up and make the case fast for how you plan to get things revving up." #CAVUTO http://t.co/htQzX3lYM1
Here's how tight credit is right now... Even Former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke can't refinance his home loan. Details now on #CAVUTOHave you seen this breast cancer awareness video that's gone viral? Showing it right now on @FoxBusiness. You won't believe your eyes...Are we taking this threat from #ISIS seriously enough? Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts... http://t.co/nEpP32H4HZ
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