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Sarah Smith @_sarahliz Texas/Arkansas

always be a winter candy apple in a world full of peach bellinis.

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@OhPhillmore i still remember rolling our suitcases through that carnival πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
If you say #TrickOrMeat at Arby's tomorrow, they'll add bacon to anything you order. Things could get very interesting....It's October 30th and people are still laying out by the pool....So glad the 2014 baseball season is finally over! Here's to hoping for a better one in 2015.
Arkansas’ Red Team beats the White Team 99-98 on Michael Qualls’ put-back dunk off a missed Ky Madden shot with 0.5 seconds left.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithNow THIS is a campaign I can get behind!! #VoteTretola #WPS https://t.co/4aGBaZwFfkπŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ‘ β€œ@BuzzFeedSports: Joe Maddon to become the new Chicago @Cubs manager, @JonHeymanCBS reports https://t.co/YgOV33So6M”@_JonWarner_ I watched this about 20 times last night and I laughed so hard EVERY TIME πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
@GreenishDuck http://t.co/hdQdcsQ9REGuy sits down next to me before the test, "This is Physics, right??" And I thought I was underprepared....Me trying to handle life http://t.co/FfT2zwIguQ
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@rachfilgas BYEEEE πŸ‘‹Physics is synonymous with unnecessary confusion.Soooo @Joekisor95 and I just met a former NFL football player....no big deal...
Remember Macklemore? Feel old yet? http://t.co/lebsbfP7Mz
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@taylorswift13 You're the WORST. FIX THIS. http://t.co/kIILnFzypuWhen you think you can pass a test without studying http://t.co/iNan6Bp0He
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@Joekisor95 @WillyWADurham it told me I had ricketts!!@WillyWADurham I'm actually surprised that WebMD didn't diagnose you with Ebola. They always tend to go for the extreme!😚😚😚 β€œ@BuzzFeed: Just a reminder that this is what @edsheeran looked like as a kid http://t.co/Ao6PBBYMlR”@WillyWADurham :( :( :(@sambshade always πŸ˜‰If you see me today, no, I'm not winking at you. I've just had something in my eye all morning.*holds up 2 ties* which one, I have a big meeting today "both are nice" [wife calls later] "how'd it go" well, wearing 2 ties was a disaster
Retweeted by Sarah SmithColin Firth has a younger brother named Colin Thecond
Retweeted by Sarah SmithThere's no I in team. There is no D in flute. There is also no C in sand. Not every word contains every letter. This is nothing new.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith
@theJillianK for real though...I just want to watch Gilmore Girls!! 😫So much Physics....so little time.
Well...I just saw the commercial I filmed to be in....but I don't see me in it. I want my 15 minutes of fame!!An offensive lineman threw a TD pass to a long snapper... VIDEO: http://t.co/YE8PPZc5dk
Retweeted by Sarah Smith#TretolaForHeisman http://t.co/qsJsnphdcB
Retweeted by Sarah SmithCAN I JUST WATCH THAT PLAY ON REPEAT FOR THE REST OF THE DAY?!? #WPS #BeatUAB350lb linemen throwin TDs. That's how we roll.
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Retweeted by Sarah SmithWhy do all of the bus drivers take their breaks at the SAME TIME?? 😫What I deal with daily β€œ@girlposts: Doctors be like "you'll be prescribed some cough medicine and antibiotics." http://t.co/iIwx7ibp3F”*comes back from trip* unpacks suitcase 300 years later
Retweeted by Sarah Smith"how's your semester going?" http://t.co/pehOEEzNx0
Retweeted by Sarah Smith
You don't know torture until you've listened to 6 straight hours of Halloween music at work...
"Folks we apologize for the delay. We had a bird strike on the way here. No damage to the plane--just bird guts and remains EVERYWHERE." πŸ˜’πŸ˜–Not even mad that my flight is delayed because I have a venti chai and the airport is jamming to some Queen Celine this morning. ✌️Landed in Gate C. Departing in B. DFW's SkyLink is only running in one direction, so I have to take it all the way around. #firstworldprobs@RBreitfeller liking him is acceptable in my book πŸ‘Œ
If you failed a midterm just remember someone from your high school is trying to be a rapper
Retweeted by Sarah SmithJust heard a girl whisper "like a white girl" to her friend so that she would not offend me. #diversityA hearty round of applause for Starbucks, please. http://t.co/KDFveVHphZ
Retweeted by Sarah SmithNavigating the UT bus system alone...this should be interesting.Every college thinks their squirrels are so much better than other colleges's squirrels and it's the strangest thing ever
Retweeted by Sarah SmithI never read the forewords of books because that wasn't part of the deal
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"boy toy named troy, used to live in Detroit" http://t.co/Ufm0ZSInnE
Retweeted by Sarah SmithTwitter vs real life http://t.co/2YrngTriUA
Retweeted by Sarah SmithAbout to meet with the assistant dean of admissions in less than 20 minutes. Talk about nerve-racking!! 😁35 @johnkrasinski's That’ll Restore Your Faith In John Krasinski http://t.co/Am4Q4p2lrD http://t.co/i07fvasbQQ
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SO. MANY. BEARDS. #hipstercentral #Austin
Matthew McConaughey is at the game today. πŸ˜πŸ™Œ@_mxxovo who in their right mind would spend $85,000 on that?!This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in SkyMall. This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen period. http://t.co/gvLrMtiqYY
Midterms are over. It's the weekend! #TGIF http://t.co/WaFH4tDLbZ
Retweeted by Sarah SmithThe new Rangers manager looks MEAN. I miss Wash's smile already! http://t.co/tLrqW7r5zfIn just over 24 hours from now, I'll be touching down in ATX! Can't wait to spend the long weekend in a cool city with good friends!
29 honest pieces of dating advice from "New Girl" http://t.co/hcXVQUDAHh http://t.co/fDk5r89Wv6
Retweeted by Sarah Smithβ€œ@CuteEmergency: baby squirrels are adorable. http://t.co/qqc5hbdhBw” @Joekisor95
EXCLUSIVE: Neil Patrick Harris Will Host The Academy Awards http://t.co/vBGJqGcuvg via @adambvary http://t.co/KSlVG0Phf6
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@kruff_hogs32 @aauthorsmusic @echosmith I can't wait!!Just bought tickets to see @aauthorsmusic @Themowglis and @echosmith while I am in Austin this weekend!OMG ITS MY BEST FRIEND. #shescute @RBreitfeller β€œ@HCArkansas: Have you seen our new campus cutie?! http://t.co/DNb8J3Gm1u"College will really have you doing dumb stuff like setting an alarm for a 12 minute nap πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by Sarah SmithCrazy Stat of Day: An undefeated Notre Dame has NEVER lost to the defending national champions in the regular season, going 4-0-2.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithThe First Lady of the United States everyone....this was posted from the official White House Vine account πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/E1qfCldZOB
IM AS MAD AS A DAD IN TRAFFIC! #NewGirlAll I want in life is to be best friends with @ZachPiona. https://t.co/HKKlKA0bkT
me coming home from work in 20 years http://t.co/OSh8QyI8ce
Retweeted by Sarah Smith"I hate when Schmidt cries. He sounds like a ghost singing 'Hey Ya.'"Sometimes I'm 3 hours late to work cause I commit to performing a full one-man rendition of Les Miserables while I'm getting ready
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It's hard not to be romantic about baseball
Retweeted by Sarah SmithI browse on http://t.co/xqkQOdw6nq
Retweeted by Sarah SmithTHANK YOU, fans. All 72,337 of you that made DWRRS electric last night. #NeverYield http://t.co/faHsAAvnHd
Retweeted by Sarah SmithHot Dogs with Head Hogs is TODAY after Color Those Hogs 5k! RT to spread the word & a chance for a Hog Sweatshirt! http://t.co/iQvP5kuRsJ
Retweeted by Sarah SmithIf it wasn't Shaggy, who was it?
Retweeted by Sarah SmithEveryone is either getting married or engaged on Facebook and I'm just like... http://t.co/iQ8R1wR0rx
@RBreitfeller I can't trust anyone anymore!!! PS whyyyy is stupid cupid your Twitter pic??The one resounding thought @_sarahliz and I had walking out of Gone Girl tonight? "I don't know if I want to get married anymore..."
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@ActuallyNPH I just saw Gone Girl and I don't think I'll ever fully get over what I just saw....@kaitlyntwalls how can it just end like that though?? 😭Gone Girl....WHAT THE....WHAT..... #mindblownThis weather is MIS-ER-A-BLE. 😫Weekend goals: Find @TimTebow and make him fall madly in love with me. 😍
@haleigh_kate @babymandapanda @samsmithworld WUTTTTTT.....he is my fav 😳@RBreitfeller YESYESYES!!! Can't wait!!!I haven't been home since 7:30 this morning. I feel like I could sleep for dayzzzz. ✌️Guess who got Sonic Happy Hour prices after Happy Hour! πŸ™‹today is leg day chicken leg day baby KFC here I come
Retweeted by Sarah SmithPenny from The Big Bang Theory has yet to be given a last name.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@OrtizOrtiz @Derrick_L13 what?? When is this happening??The bus driver just literally closed the bus doors on me....am I invisible?!?Hozier's music is the perfect study companion. @Hozier
it's hard being a winter candy apple in a peach bellini world
Retweeted by Sarah Smith'Ponytail' is my best hairstyle ...okay ONLY hairstyle I am truly competent at...can do variations though: high, low, unkept x
Retweeted by Sarah SmithOur athletic director just tweeted a selfie with an ironing board. Let's just take a moment..."WHAT?! What do you mean I got arrested?!?" http://t.co/ZyexmMdkYu
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