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Abdur Chowdhury @abdur San Francisco

Co-founder of @altavistaschool. Formerly {Chief Scientist @Twitter, co-founder @Summize, Chief Architect @AOL}

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Another good piece from one of the best writers on the SF market @kimmaicutler http://t.co/oK66sEgBji@qethanm @peteskomoroch I expect the pre to be around 100m with lots of competition.@peteskomoroch sign me up!@zeedog Let me know if its still happening, we thinked we fixed it. @StevenTheApp@zeedog Looking into it any other info for us, how long has it been happening? @StevenTheAppExcited to announce Twitter Alum @leland Rechis as our 1st Designer-In-Residence. Welcome to @cornell_tech! #ux #IxD http://t.co/wFtMZzsNMC
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryOH: "ILLDGAFRN โ€ฆ (I Like Literally Don't Give A Fuck Right Now) NEW MESSAGES" @mzsanfordNot shocking that @mzsanford knows the contents of http://t.co/cB0mexH6vT
@cayley why do I keep seeing old tweets over and over again in my stream. Who is to blame?
@rrhoover you really should :)A map of my day on Steven! https://t.co/f0sJ9LPtbC http://t.co/U62QFPojbb
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryCan I take it home? - ๐Ÿ - https://t.co/xem2qUL1vg http://t.co/50O4Olz9Fm
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@cayley when has requiring middle men ever decreased prices?
@jasonp @sbroback can't say I care about apple pay. Speed, it's not noticeable. Better camera is not worth the ergonomic disaster IMO.@sbroback @jasonp if you're happy with two handed operations then you will love the larger screen.@jinen @reha Its going to be the most amazing journey and experience of your life. Congradulations!@robertstevens58 I'm part of the Steven team. Looking for feedback on your usage of it. What draws you to using it? What can we do better?economic emojis http://t.co/rJPBB0PfdI โ€ฆjust as i predicted! http://t.co/UeKsxmVfA3
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@joshelman the rounded corners make it too slippery and killed the stand it on its side to take a picture function.@joshelman camera was great as well. But my hand feels so much better as does my pocket.
@Adam my hand felt uncomfortable the entire time.@mattknox thanks for everything you did. Great working with you!After less than a month with my iPhone 6 I have switched back to my iPhone 5. So much better.@cayley do it. You deserve it. ๐Ÿ˜„Shape the future of learning 12/5-6! Be inspired by Futurists @dmrussell @abdur @Idit @unickf & then compete! http://t.co/2A4tfXqd1v #FIAumd
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@iano I think you need this information- http://t.co/wUGconrP6JNYC in a nutshell! https://t.co/nzIkLEctAA http://t.co/UiEVDdRLD8@k !yadhtrib yapph@rrhoover I don't know but all twenty of them put down their cameras when I walked out. :)The paparazzi outside my hotel this morning where extremely disappointed to see me. Sorry ๐Ÿ˜žGreat explanation on why your photos of propellers look like they are melting: http://t.co/KsG5pFQCxY
@ian_soboroff really that is insane. Get a mini iPad -๐Ÿ˜ฎ@adruin @ccb I really hate my 6, and will likely move back to my 5s this week. It is an uncomfortable device.
@TheChrisSussman was epic in all scales. ๐Ÿ˜„@eladgil your double is in line with me at the Van Gogh museum.
@ruth always suspected @mzsanford as a Mohawk type of guy. Happy anniversary!!!
I had no idea about these apnea approaches to holding your breath. 22min world record breath hold OMG. http://t.co/AL1X08FqUT@jvaleski that has to be before 2012. 2007?
@ccarella I am not a fan of this new phone. It's awkward.
@TheChrisSussman really?@MarshallTuck @kevinthau I so agree. When are you having a fundraiser for Marshall?Mapping the ocean with gravity - An undersea Mt can drop the water level by as much as 10cm. Wow http://t.co/tdhxUbctZoFormer Chief Scientist of Twitter and current Pushd CEO @abdur said I could pick his DJ name. Please welcome to the stage DJ Bayes' Drop.
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@goldman @iano I am so dubstep@goldman I am going to give my dj naming rights to you and not @iano@wm I assume all my communication with you is via a bot.In general I like spinning things.
@iano subsidiaries are the American way @StevenTheApp@iano @pushd2 it's actually the second worse Twitter presence after (pick your least fav large company and insert here).@iano http://t.co/V7lh5R9MC5@adruin email me with what you need me to do and I will make it happen. :)
@sean soon, how is Tokyo?@jvaleski held my daughters itouch and so wished my new iPhone was that size. #tobigI'm collecting more โœˆ๏ธ next month: https://t.co/3oIlV0c5qe http://t.co/z2BMsa70JY@peteskomoroch something about that pitch may not work. :)Apparently @iano can predict my next move. Time to become more random.@TheChrisSussman Oh my you've been busy. You need more ๐Ÿฃ in your life. CC @StevenTheApp
Bloomberg is looking for a @ApacheMesos engineer in NYC https://t.co/69I1KvCbEg great team to work withโ€ฆ cc/ @allthingshadoop
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury
I'm going to live off of these apps Only for the next 6 months! Let's see how it goes http://t.co/jbUG6GKJ8H
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ”โ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ‘ป apps: http://t.co/U47taR131M by @sarahbuhr
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@pankaj smoke signal tweet?@ablegrape looks pretty good from that pict...@tylr already on it.@iano do you want coffee? Speak now@iano I was waiting for you to get coffee... :(@iano no@bcherry @connors I am scared...
@dadsized @terminalcrush @iano @StevenTheApp My wife would know something was up. I just checkin to ๐Ÿฃ and all is normal.@dadsized @terminalcrush @iano @StevenTheApp Just checkin to โ›ช or ๐Ÿ’ป and your good to go.Things like this are so awesome! Keep up the amazing work @DeepFlightOcean https://t.co/HvsN0Lrwv3@mccv @iano I had to work hard to make sure it was worded like that. Also, I will not approve @iano changing his name expense.@benhamill I feel a loss not having a burrito, a taco would make up for that though. @StevenTheApp@sacca and super promptly.@owenbrainard @sacca when out daughter first went to school I thought I was going to die I had so many colds.@sacca Have you seen this Mythbusters on the fluids & the flu? Crazy to watch but its a must. http://t.co/jb43xI09mT
@stevej oh my no. :) oops. Apparently Astound is not aware of their trademark rights. Eeks.@stevej true I got @astound as they where great 6 yrs ago. Now that claim is suspect in my mind..@astound why does my internet connection die every night around this time? http://t.co/kpNDNwmlLm@dbasch @ablegrape @rsarver I would be so into it if lte still worked. ATT makes sure all my calls suck anyway.@ablegrape @rsarver you mean that stuff i agree to but have never read?@stevej @rsarver Me too, phone calls really just suck.@rsarver I upgraded to iOS 8.0.1 & now I cant make phone calls.@ccarella @tylr suggested I get that this morning. The Japanese think of everything. :)@goldman Happy Birthday, almost old man... :)@goldman Don't forget the ascii art cats out of Japan.Ok, no phone calls for me thanks to ios 8.0.1 Also, what was my pass code?@retornam 6 - Both are no longer single hand devices. The accessibility double tap shows that they are well aware of it.I am a mac fanboy. But I really dont like this new iPhone. Its too big! :(
@ram It's been wacked pre iOS 8, have you updated all your devices?
@benh about time. Thanks for all you did at @twitter good luck with @mesosphere
@elizabeth @kevinweil @mutgoff was so much fun. You guys rock!@SaraJChipps got some gym in...
This iPhone is to big for my hand. ๐Ÿ˜•@goldman Stop checking it every 5 seconds dude...I love emoji but this is a bit much even for me. http://t.co/3aO4AemQk2@goldman I still have boxes from 2008 when we moved to SF in a storage somewhere. I am sure that stuff is important.@sacca I have this happen to me all the time. Then I wonder why didnt I get any emails from them...
@squarecog Always exceptions.@squarecog No, the best had already moved on or where already at Google.@utkarsh @ashishgoel Sad but totally expected.
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