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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

I'm a Madam dedicated to Adam. My Adam Lambert Fan Place.

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I'm down.We're going in @Isolde_13 http://t.co/FsAZW3cINoThis was day 2 at Kiss on Wed, now it's time for day 3 \m/ http://t.co/ExymNnX06g@LoriAndJava Really made us think about the shoots we were going on after that@LoriAndJava Yes, I helped looking for her body with police, it was intense timeUghh, they r showing pix of her I've never seen before :(@Isolde_13 I'm about done getting readyThere doing story on one of my friends on Forensic Files, so sad :(Excited! my studio lighting shipped today, can't wait to get them
@Isolde_13 Be ready for tomorrow \m/ http://t.co/zu7Asz2dwF@saraplusadamm R U watching EllenYay, good news, my back CA state taxes are paid in full as of this month, another monkey off my back, woo hoo.@katyperry, @NicoleScherzy & @adamlambert are just 3 of the many stars on this charity single http://t.co/0YJLDBLba6 http://t.co/5hAfdaE61J
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@Isolde_13 That was earlier, I was driving by your work , ha ha@ALhighlights @mmadamimadamm The Joint at Hard Rock Casino, Vegas. Assuming they play stuff that was performed there but it was cool 2 hearMy friend just text me, just to piss me off that he's standing next to Ricky Martin on the LMAs red carpet@PaulStanleyLive Thanks for the pick after show last nite, perfect shot down my top, I will cherish forever \m/@DarynD OMG, hilarious @Rebecca0313@Isolde_13 *Waves*My shoes are getting a safe ride home in the cab http://t.co/wKg6uEiHbj@Rebecca0313 The stories our boobs could tell, ha haMe: I want a pick Paul Stanley: Throws Me: I want a pick Paul: points, it's in Ur boobs Me: searches, finds, SCORES!!! *What a night*Wait!? This isn't my bed o_0It's all a blur
And I got my pic with the Starchild againUp close again with Kiss http://t.co/9sD0hE76cxAt the Hard Rock Casino & they r playing Killer Queen @adamlambert version :)Off to see the wizard@HannaBec I think ur remedy has been helping, can hear better& a party at the Mansions, this just keeps getting betterOMG, I'm doing VIP KiSS concert again & Latin Grammy after party tonight, it's gonna be crazyMy friend is there now with Ricky doing media :( http://t.co/dXaErPstfiOMG, @ricky_martin is in Vegas right now getting his wax on, why am I not there?@sutanamrull Love it & I love Brazil, have fun :)Get to work my golf gig today, it's been forever
Can't believe I found a $200 professional lightbox for $15 at goodwill today, SCORE!@adamisalamb I didn't know about it, now I do, Thanx, & it's pretty funnyAlright, I know there's gonna be some zoomed in pics in 3-2-1@Rebecca0313 picture please@CrisJanLim Ur gonna be proud of me, I'm making my own diva ring light, I will let u know how it goes :)@Isolde_13 I know, Geez, can't believe it's NovHaving awesome shopping day, deals & steals@Isolde_13 Save Some for me :)@Isolde_13 What, UR not at work@Pnutsmom :)@Pnutsmom I searched & others tweeting about it too, OK, I'm not losing it, ha ha@Pnutsmom unless someone crashed into the side of our house, I swear it had to be a tremorThink we just had an earthquake@Rebecca0313 Ha ha
Please go vote for me @broadwayworld.com for Featured Actor in a Musical for Kiss Me Kate… http://t.co/dEB4SQvHD3
Retweeted by adams madams@LoveMrSpencer Done, & Congrats on the Nom :)Putting my DIY video studio together until I get the big bucks for awesome equipment2 days working on this design job, finally done but it's gonna take an hour to upload all the pics, JFC 0_oI snapped a shot from Mall Cop 2 trailer, I'm in the orange, I didn't get the part I auditioned for :( http://t.co/VZyUipHbwH@Isolde_13 I've been having to get up early all week, my body is in shock, ha ha @saraplusadamm@saraplusadamm they're on their 3rd song now @Isolde_13@saraplusadamm He's probably hungover, ha ha @Isolde_13@saraplusadamm Yeah just happened to get up early & saw it @Isolde_13@saraplusadamm @Isolde_13 Ur boys r performing on Live right now
Thanx to my friends for sticking me next to the creepy guy at the bar today 0_o@Isolde_13 They're playing the Raiders right now@Isolde_13 Why couldn't we have gone to this Charger game :)Off to watch the game, got my Raiders gear on but I don't if it's gonna workUp early & working on a easy but time consuming graphic design job I got on Craigslist, Whoop!
Fun gig today that involves these, Amazing Race Theme http://t.co/lCdfCThBsn@Isolde_13 but gonna have to go or find a free clinic@HannaBec Thanx for the advice, u R now my personal nurse :)@HannaBec Did it a couple times, see what happens@Isolde_13 More then I can afford when I have other things to pay@HannaBec Doing it now, just watched some YT videos@HannaBec Yeah, I will try that, tried to do some research online, but didn't see the peroxide thing@HannaBec Was hoping it would just clear up, Errr @Isolde_13@Isolde_13 Were not broken, we just got a few loose screws, ha ha@HannaBec Yep, I do, just can't afford it :( @Isolde_13
@HannaBec It's been about 3 weeks @Isolde_13@HannaBec I have & Benadryl, not having any other allergy symptoms either so not sure why it happened @Isolde_13@Isolde_13 I'm falling apart@Isolde_13 It's been weeks, plugged up & can't hear, doesn't hurt but it's driving me nuts@Isolde_13 Hoping the gigs keep coming in so I can get my root canal & ear thing figured out@Isolde_13 Got some gigs but nothing stable, hopefully something ongoing will come soon :)Busy week, got another gig in the am with a new agency, whoop!At Goodyear, had a nail in tire, hoping it can be patched :)Up early for a new gig today, crazy week of workCrazy, fun nite at #secretparty, @Skrillex was awesome, gonna be sore 2morrow • http://t.co/nbnF31zLKw (via Rukes)
@Isolde_13 I also want to go to KISS again @tinydolly@Isolde_13 Just depends on gigs I've been doing if I make myself avail for VIP job @tinydolly@Isolde_13 That should work for me for now @tinydollySo excited, I'm working a super private event tonite and Skrillex will be performing, whoop!Love my sisterhood, they started a private clothes shopping site where we can sell our slightly used things, already wanna buy everythingGlad to have gotten some work lately but glad this is the last nite of working this web services show@CrisJanLim Is that a young Billy Idol your with, ha ha @TommyJoeRatliff@Isolde_13 OK, maybe next week then @tinydollyNow I have an ear issue I don't know what to do about, I swear I'm falling apart
Fun with Johnny Depp while working a special event at Madame Tussauds :) http://t.co/S1kazFA3WS@tinydolly Totally!!!!! @Isolde_13@Isolde_13 I know, we gotta go out for drinks & catch upHate when my GF wants me to be her wing girl & I just want to go homeExcited for a new adventure, plans are starting for a new video blog I will be hosting, hoping it pans out, cause the $ could be great :)@OutlandoGirl Not until it's sealed, in the box & ready to ship, ha ha@LoriAndJava That's good, announcement of new music or date is what I'm waiting for :)
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