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Concert fanatic • Living the Vegas life. It's all about Adam Lambert

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@saraplusadamm It's on the site, not times though@saraplusadamm Yay, I will be working VIP & I get done at 8@saraplusadamm Yeah, that would be awesome, keep me posted. U saw u can buy 1 day passes now@ripleysmom It's Rock n Rio Vegas, wish it was Brazil thoughJust got booked to work all 4 days of Rock n Rio, plus done early that I can stay & watch the headlinersYay, I get to organize a party nite for 55 of my sisters in Vegas, It's gonna be crazy!@AlliCrain & I was in and out of my dream the whole time, ha ha@madnessinmotion I have been, long hours on feet, don't get a day off til MondayHow do I hit my snooze for 2 hours
My feet r throbbing & hurting so bad that I can't even sleep, this sux, I need a foot massageAlso went home with a dozen long stem roses, couldn't let them get thrown away :) Late Nite floral arrangingAnother 11 hour work day, exhausted but it was an honor waiting on the Presley's & VIPs
7 hours & finally getting a breakYay, I get to work the Elvis show & wait on our VIPsCrazy nite at work, gonna be even crazier tonite. Elvis is in the building :)11 hour shift today, ughh
@asiladam I know, so cool. They will be on the Good Morning America & Today show tomorrow from my workWas just face to face with Pricilla & Lisa Marie Presley, so awesome!Being hungover & asked to come into work early, really suxCrackin up,I put a jar of blue cheese in purse, meant to put back in fridge, Well I now just took it to work, ha haThis place is awesome http://t.co/2IO0GGK1V3The things I say to get rid of people at a bar should be documented in a book
@saraplusadamm I'd take more pix but my iPhone won't allow me :(At Omnia nightclub, this is the ShitListening to GhostTown on way to club, loving so muchOn way to last minute photoshoot@freestylebunny I know@freestylebunny I guess, so frustrating, I will just have to listen from YouTube, that's only way I can listen to music on my phone@freestylebunny Song is still in downloading mode :(@freestylebunny Yep, check em out, they may be the new leader soon @oneplus@freestylebunny It's a new phone company & camera is awesome, guy had me take a pic for him with itThere's a new phone coming out called One Plus, also very awesome but may want to wait until 2nd version@freestylebunny My friend can be right next to me & can take awesome one with her samsung@freestylebunny That's what pissed me off most, all my concert pix suck, rarely can get a good pic@freestylebunny I'm a huge Apple fan too, but just not happy with their phone@freestylebunny No, it still sux, I'm always having to have my friend take pix with her phone cause it's 100x better@freestylebunny Think I'm gonna get the Samsung Edge, plus iPhone camera is the worst@freestylebunny I'm in store now & it says downloading but nothing is happening@freestylebunny I don't see anywhere that I can log in to it@freestylebunny there's nothing apple on this phone that I won't miss, everything sux on it@freestylebunny My solution is getting rid of this stupid iPhone, hated it from day 1 & just keep hating it more each day :(@freestylebunny let me see if there is somewhere to log in, had this phone for 2 yrs & no music on it, Sux@freestylebunny I don't know but when I plug phone into MAC it doesn't do anything@saraplusadamm I just don't have any of my music, I downloaded from my Mac but nothing on phone@freestylebunny Nope, has nothing, says no content :(@saraplusadamm What good is this phoneStupid iPhone, can't even figure out how to listen to my iTunes music on it
@Isolde_13 It's happening now! @tinydolly @saraplusadamm @316piscesJust purchased #GhostTown on itunes, let's get this to No1@fromthegreyfort Ok, found one & downloading@fromthegreyfort Awesome, thanks :)I wanna make #GhostTown my ringtone, how do I make that happen @adamlambertI see a lot of peeps turning their pix B&W, ha ha@saraplusadamm Finally got it, total club song, love it, not sure if radio song though, can't wait to see how it does @Isolde_13 @316pisces@saraplusadamm is it whole song, it won't play on my phone :( @Isolde_13 @316pisces@freestylebunny Nope! Totally weird & sux@freestylebunny not until I can transfer my pix off of it but I can't do it for some reasonGonna get rid of @APPLEOFFIClAL phone. Now I gotta figure out how 2 get pix off, computer won't recognize it. Luv Apple but not their phoneIt's happening! so excited for the next chapter
@TommyJoeRatliff I see a free membership in your future ,) @LAFitness@Rebecca0313 Ha ha, Right @TommyJoeRatliff@TommyJoeRatliff I'd start filming some funny videos@TommyJoeRatliff I would call 911, seriously @LAFitness@TommyJoeRatliff OH GOD! Only you! That's hilarious, that's one way to make sure you do your whole workout@Rebecca0313 Right, such a sexy beast@Debberrific I know, I need a week in LA @LoriAndJava@MarkShunock Hey, just saw this pic, where did u get the Queen+Adam poster, Jealous, ha ha. Hope U went, it was so Awesome
@LoriAndJava I know, they r amazing, wish I could go in the showroom & watch@LoriAndJava Yeah, pretty cool, dancers have taken over everywhere, even in our employee lunch areaSaw this from a distance coming into work, thought @adamlambert was coming to my casino, But it's just Elvis http://t.co/oq1CoUcQ08OMG, they r filming So You think you can dance at my work right now
Yep! icing my feet, this job is brutal http://t.co/tgBpbZzaksWatching parents & there little one jaywalk across a busy main Street when they are 10 ft from crosswalk blows my mindI crack up when I call places for an appt & when they ask what's a good day, I say today. I'm very spontaneous
@CrisJanLim Mine wasn't as bad as urs, I put a splint on it for a couple days. We're lucky we didn't break but it felt & sounded like it@CrisJanLim I should see if someone posted my ankle roll last month, it was probably awesome cause peeps film our event.@MarkShunock Wish I wasn't working, I would totally tap that, ha ha @rockofagesvegas #tapthat https://t.co/WePdzVkO8m@TommyJoeRatliff OK, now that's adorable!@Klddsml That will def helpGonna quit my new job, management sucks and it's physically just killing me & they don't care
Think I need to ice my feet :(
Happy Birthday @Runxandersmith - Miss you :)17 hours of work, now it's time for 3 hour nap & then do it all over again 0_o
"Bonkers" I love it & can't wait!@RabbitholeGirl I know right, next 4 days, then I will hibernateTime for my 3 hour nap between jobs, ughh. Let the madness begin
Had fun at the Escape room game, but we sucked, gotta go back & try a different oneOff to play a real life room escape game, whoop! Better be good cause I kick ass at all the apps
Watching "This is Spinal Tap", how did I not see this before, cracking up
Darn I have to work tonite :(
Now we just ordered a @JackBox Munchie Meal, not sure what's happening here, too many things happening in one box :)Too much fun tonite, 3 places & somehow didn't spend a penny, gotta love Vegas :)
Binge watching some American Horror Story again, Good Stuff!
My life "right now" that's not Easter enough"
OMG, this is happening at our downtown bar, AstroTurf couches http://t.co/gfyG7AlVvkIt's gonna be a crazy niteThis is happening http://t.co/2dyM6AWcJqWorking the pool today for 1st time, finally. It's gonna B crazy out here today
@MarkShunock That's awesome, Hang in there, ha ha @TrapezeLasVegas& I'm still trying to get my taxes put together, long process for me, ughhh
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