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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

I'm a Madam dedicated to Adam. My Adam Lambert Fan Place.

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Watching "The Other Woman". Hope it's hilarious@LAMBERTLUST Awesome!I hate packing
@CrisJanLim Awesome, so proud of U, u r rockin it!@CrisJanLim Great pic, was that ur 1st wedding?@whoisjohnnyrice That was awesome, can't believe I didn't go to iheart on Fri :( @TommyJoeRatliffYep, still out, it's VEGAS!!!!!@JLo @adamlambert I just got a little IGGY booty at iheart, Awesome
@TommyJoeRatliff @oracio He took a cute pic of me & @Isolde_13 at hotel cafe, miss u both :)@HannaBec It was good, but there's a weird sound 2 every1 or not so much autotune to everything@HannaBec Awesome seats too@HannaBec Just happened that way, he heThis one is for u @isolde_13 http://t.co/ZCxQzJqAZm& this happened at #iheartradio #wet&wild http://t.co/QJR1ml53x4Getting ready for iheart, Inna be awesome http://t.co/c3AUXM9DwoI have someone selling 2 iheart tix for tonite, DM me if interested Sec 207
Advil & off to bedListen to Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury's unearthed duet from the '80s http://t.co/sTlXRU8a9k http://t.co/kZutCLK97e
Retweeted by adams madams@LoriAndJava Yes, I will be watching, prob lots of footage not seen on show @kellydirckMaking my own @CocaCola Blak, I miss that productWorkin it at #VisionExpo http://t.co/fHsTY6xoHaGot a pic of Randy Jackson from afar, booth was crazy http://t.co/71QaXfqjvo
30 more min to go, now im getting bored, hate being bored at a jobToo bad Jlo wasn't gonna be here cause she would be in our booth@WhiteLabelRadio @DavidFaustino I will check it out, we used to hang at the Whiskey 4 Ur Ballistix nites, so fun, good old days :)Lunch time for me, time to catch up on twitterCool, @YO_RANDYJACKSON is gonna B at show 2morrow 4 autos :) http://t.co/0tDCY2jEVXI luv easy gigsSeriously they have me here this early before my gig, ughhh
@LoriAndJava U have to google him & he has a hot brother too @kellydirck@LoriAndJava Um sure uv seen Cody's modeling underwear pix, Holy Cow @kellydirck@kellydirck Ha ha, pretty much all of them were pretty good looking, well except Donny @LoriAndJava@Isolde_13 It messed up all my contacts B4, can't risk it again, plus I don't have any room left on this phone to prob even do it@Isolde_13 However, I just finally used Siri, so who knows what else I don't use that would make me like this phone, ha ha@Isolde_13 Oh, I thought u meant u bought new 6. Yeah, I don't do updates, last one screwed me, although I still hate this iPhone :(@Isolde_13 That isn't selling me, I don't like updates, ha ha. Let's hope camera is better. Is phone bigger?@Isolde_13 No U didn't!? How did u get that? Let me know what it does that I can't live without@LoriAndJava Yes, u gotta get a pic@LoriAndJava Aww, that will B fun, is it right after show on Wed@LoriAndJava did u catch up on last nites BIg Bro show@Isolde_13 Right, someone said it's a show in South America based on a true story. It's so wrongSo excited to work this show tomorrow, hoping I get some eyewear, the company I'm working for makes so many awesome high end brands
@susansporran Eek, well I don't like it, maybe as a lifetime movie about it, but not a heartwarming show@LoriAndJava Yay, I'm watching big brother@LoriAndJava have fun :)Why are my text alerts not working anymore, ErrrThat "Jane the Virgin" show is so disturbing, who would come up with that concept, not a heartwarming concept at all@Isolde_13 yeah, I haven't done much either, at least my next gig doesn't start til this Thur.@Isolde_13 I need a vacay from our vacay, ha haThis is a match made in @AmericanIdol heaven :) @HarryConnickJR @adamlambert @RyanSeacrest @JLohaving a blast with @adamlambert @ryanseacrest and @jlo for the NYC americanidol auditions - adam's… http://t.co/imYtzatCt3
Retweeted by adams madamsOMG, the chemistry between Adam & Harry is gonna be so funnyback from trip and have to go through a million emails, Ughhh@LambertLover19 That's so far away, Ughhh! @mimmikki@mimmikki Thanks, Whoop!So idol has already started shooting with Adam, when did it start shooting, so excited to see it
@Isolde_13 Totally@Isolde_13 I know the feeling, I'm so lazy right now@saraplusadamm Hopefully we get a few nights of Adam on show :)Had to research what happened, but excited for Adam@HannaBec I wonder, Avicii is at XS tonite which is a big nite @saraplusadamm @Isolde_13@saraplusadamm Keep us posted on news, my phone doesn't work so well in desert @HannaBec @Isolde_13@HannaBec Wonder when they r leaving, cause were heading back to Vegas now @LindsayInTheSky @Isolde_13@HannaBec The pic is def from Palms Sky Villa, so guess they did separate things @LindsayInTheSky @Isolde_13@LoriAndJava Ha ha, right, he's my get of jail free card@HannaBec @LindsayInTheSky @Isolde_13 This is prob an old pic, this pic is at the Palms casinoSo I met a nice cop guy that helped me on Sat, he just text me that he didn't see me at the jail last nite, He's funny 0_o@Isolde_13 WTH & I wrk at that club so we could've gone @LindsayInTheSky @HannaBec
@Isolde_13 u haven't eatin yet, was there a long wait@Isolde_13 But u got food now, Yumm@Isolde_13 pretty much, crazyIs it bad that I haven't eatin in 2 days, food is overrated anywaySo gross & stickyReally, with this horrible big screen at the @Chargers game & old school scoreboard@LoriAndJava Ur winning, cause it's F'n hot out here @Isolde_13This is happening, whoop! @isolde_13 http://t.co/FsiKZQSBHT@Isolde_13 Really, hmmm @HannaBec
Queen wins at the piano bar@Isolde_13 U Bitch, U Slut, U whore!!!@Isolde_13 Who's Lucille 0_oTime to get crazy with my girl @Isolde_13 in San DiegoHow r we not the last car out of here @Isolde_13 ha ha
It's happening! @isolde_13 http://t.co/CAohFOCHDu5SOS on now, screaming kids everywhere @isolde_13 http://t.co/Uekw3x6BOV@LoriAndJava @Isolde_13 We will be with a group that won't want to goWhat is up with this stupid traffic
@Morgan_Dancer Is it possible to get drunk at #OneDirection concert @Isolde_13 , he he, Yep@Morgan_Dancer ha ha, yesI forget how huge the the Rise Bowl is, can't believe I've performed here http://t.co/6K9xrJrMxXMe & @LouieAnderson shopping for munchies for the troops, He's the bestest :) http://t.co/bkJkCU2ZUD@Cynthilu they have beer & wine here but I bring my ownIt's gonna be happening soon @isolde_13 but we need more alcohol@Choose2Live there's parrots too @Isolde_13@elenivtv ha ha, we almost did @Isolde_13There playing @adamlambert at Subway right now :)Oops put wrong streets, I repost correct @Mix941@adamsmadams: Get down to Smiths Eastern/Windmill & help donate Munchies, I just went shopping with a bunch of celebs @Mix941@adamsmadams: A Smiths, bringing my munchies 4 a cause with @Mix941 @markandmercedes, Thanx @MarkShunock \m/ http://t.co/hQMLvdf03t@MarkShunock @Mix941 @mondays_dark on way@Mix941 @markandmercedes See ya soon, ur less then a block away from me :)
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