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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

I'm a Madam dedicated to Adam. My Adam Lambert Fan Place.

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Front row at Purple Reign http://t.co/fhbepxbuQ6@RedRoseQueen1 Ha ha, I already had these crazy plans for toniteOff to an awesome Prince tribute show@Nevaeh1088 just happy to get the audition with this particular agency@RedRoseQueen1 gonna b skating hung over & can't find my blades with stoppers, Eeek@MRSLAMBERTLUST not quite sure but it's for TV with very well known reality stars@BUSYBEE8 Excited to put the skates on, but they want rollerblades which may be dangerous to do tricks in, ha haWow! I got selected for the skating TV gig, auditions tomorrow :)@Morgan_Dancer I luv the mag, it's weekly with lots if cool stuff in itLol this video is everything! http://t.co/OGMU53RmQW
Retweeted by adams madams@Morgan_Dancer Wow, that was a fast delivery, Yay! Enjoy :)“@RuPaulsDragRace: RT if you're already like: "COME ON WEEKEND! Let's get SICKENING!"” I will B gagging on some Gaga in Vegas, whoop!Yay, got part of my outfit for another new job, woo hoo, keep the jobs coming@Merrie_NY Isn't he cute, I was chasing him around some bushes trying to get his pic, ha haI'm being Wile E coyote right now, ha ha http://t.co/XrMfdNIyPoI'm literally chasing a roadrunner around the park for a pic, ha haWho's Ready for an @ABSOLUTvodka_US Gaga Weekend at @LiaisonLV @ladygaga ---> http://t.co/wa1mRwMYdn
Retweeted by adams madamsHot jog time, gotta lose a couple lbs by next week for a swimsuit, ughhAdded more photos to "Couch Porn", slowly updating, sorry for delay, takes a lot of time stalking for pics :) http://t.co/NO09onsTwqYay! Just bought my Lady Gaga ticket for tomorrow@LoveMrSpencer Such a sexy squad too :) @EVITALosAngeles@DarynD Yeah, I think that would be wishful thinking :(Just sent in for a rollerblading carhop gig, would be cool if I got it, but it's a non-union gig, so prob cant use me :(@dougiesauris They R here on Sat but I can't go because of work :(
@Jaksox They have multiple for big screen so they could be using those cameras too @mdkayak @MRSLAMBERTLUST @ChicagoCollen@ChicagoCollen Hope there's a DVD, but don't know @shadylady1031 @MRSLAMBERTLUST @JaksoxI love doing sewing projects but ripping seams out suxFound the cutest costumes for $10 each, now I gotta turn them into a swimsuit and an evening dinner outfit, time to get craftyOn my way to a costume store, hope they got what I needI thought today was Thursday, Errr@ferras is performing on Today show next, Yay!@TommyJoeRatliff @PrincetafasTwin OMG, love that song too!!!!
@becca112971 Hoping I can still find something on the rack we can wear & not makeHeading to fabric store, gotta make camo outfits for a big party for me & my girls, why did I volunteer to do thisArticle on Frddie with a blurb of Adam in RS mag http://t.co/v4NZnQJVMe
@freestylebunny Awesome@freestylebunny Awesome, r u dying@missnisha6849 Ha ha @RandomMedleyLuv it! “@Virg1877: Here's what he got G string ? RT @Tracie312: http://t.co/WK3hdNK1FF””@RandomMedley I didn't know about the underwear, Luv it!Has there been any special epicness 2nite for last showCatching up on my scrap book, Man, I do a lot of stuff, Life is too short :)@LoveMrSpencer Love it! @justmort Killed it, hopefully I can see him sing it live here in Vegas somewhere :)@Alikat1323 OH No, at the least the outcome will be amazing, have fun :) @luv2laugh77 @starlyyte
@LoriAndJava EEk, well it's really bad right now@316pisces Can U not hear it, it's crazy right now@Choose2Live Yeah, but it's making it so humid, ughhThis thunder is rattling our house@panameragirl OK, that looks insane & scary@Rebecca0313 *sobbing*@freestylebunny fo shizzle & hopefully there will be more West Coast opportunities@panameragirl Eek, yeah, that can be crazy, this is actually well civilized@freestylebunny Me too, If I was working i might've been able to splurge@freestylebunny Aww, U 2, so jealous U get to go to last concert@panameragirl They did a good job with fest, other stuff going on, so not a total drunken fest. There's art, food & other entertainment@panameragirl Yeah, tons of bands, I went last year. If I go, it will only be to see @vintagetroubleOMG @VintageTrouble at @LifeisBeautiful So excited! http://t.co/b4dV4LDDUJShare a Coke with @adamlambert Um, OK #shareacoke http://t.co/CZdyqusjzX@HannaBec Going to concert will be a blast though. Yes he needs to hurry so he can start another tour soon :)@Choose2Live Wow, that's crazy @Isolde_13@HannaBec True, but not the same for me@Choose2Live Im sure they jack up the rates 3 times more then usual @Isolde_13So one of the new peeps I will be working for has an infinity tattoo on her wrist, can't wait to ask her about it@LIBlondMom That's classic@missnisha6849 I have my passport and I'm ready to go, now I just need a sugar daddy to set it all up, ha ha@missnisha6849 I'm already crying, ha haCan't believe there is only one more show, what R we gonna do with our lives now :(@Isolde_13 I could've worked it, but the expenses to stay wouldn't have made it worth it :( @Choose2Live@Isolde_13 Aww, u will get there one year @Choose2Live@Morgan_Dancer DMThe Queen + Adam Lambert review in local Vegas Mag - Shipping incl - Limited supply • DM any questions http://t.co/sU0c2SRTw1
@Isolde_13 OK, might b late though, maybe @nattyreckless can come too@embracethecray I've seen Cheap trick before, another reason to not go & rest up @Isolde_13@Isolde_13 doing Gaga Fri & I'm training for new job on Sat, I can prob go out after unless u wanna do Gaga@Isolde_13 I was hanging with a bunch of the Styx crew after concert, I was in rare form like always, ha ha@Isolde_13 I did, I haven't had a weekend off from a concert in weeks & still got Gaga next weekend, whoop!@Rebecca0313 Uh oh, now I'm intrigued@Rebecca0313 Uh oh, what have u done@Rebecca0313 ha ha, gross@Cali2KC That's weird, dueling toilets, ha ha@dude__ette Ha ha, that's hilariousCan't stop laughing, What happens in this bathroom that they need a sitting area here http://t.co/tJjdAh3i8iOff to first day of trainingMy friends wants me to go to Cheap Trick & Boston concert tonite, ughh, too tired@Luvthe1yourwith He is so tiny, the guitar was bigger then him. They were great!@Luvthe1yourwith Ha ha, I ended up getting Styx set list, whoop!OMG, love "killer Queen" from last night #couchpornMy book of "set lists" just keeps getting better, Love Styx :) like there's a real thing 0_o@saraplusadamm 1st of all, u should B in bed? 2nd of all, don't worry about what I do with my band aids, ha ha& they r so sweet to give me set lists now after concert@AbyNormal22 hangin with band membersIs it bad I don't remember everyone's name
Damn u security that doesn't understand what a set list list isThere singing Queen now@Luvthe1yourwith OK, working on a set list tooA rotating keyboard is awesomeI think I can fit this Tommy in my pocket@Luvthe1yourwith Ok, if I have tooThis concert is not Queen but other bands I grew up with lovingStyx is next
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