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Media&Comms, Marketing & Economics Student at SydneyUni. Football, Gaming, Pop Music. Wednesday Drive at 2RDJ 88.1FM. All tweets are of my own view and opinion.

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At least now we know where Jeremy Clarkson is going after leaving Top Gear. Perfect timing
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoZayn left One Direction? You can almost hear the sounds of a million teenage hearts breaking.....
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoI'm not sure which news is worse; @JeremyClarkson losing a job or @piersmorgan getting one.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoGutted at such a sad end to an era. We're all three of us idiots in our different ways but it's been an incredible ride together.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoGoodbye @BBC_TopGear. It was fun while it lasted. Can someone get @JeremyClarkson @MrJamesMay and @RichardHammond together at @ITV ?
29 - Most assists in the top five leagues in past two seasons: Fabregas 29 Di Maria 26 Messi 26 De Bruyne 23 Koke 22 Suarez 21 Ronaldo 20
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The #SoloSelfie movement is now wireless. Check it here and get involved. #Solo2Wireless #BeatsbyDre https://t.co/rrSxtMX1OQ
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoUnited fans talk about Ronaldo like he's on loan you know. Let it go.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoREMINDER: Make sure to enter our #ElClasico RT contest for your chance to win! http://t.co/dorAXpAR1N
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoThey hate the way you're 6 points clear. #therewillbehaters http://t.co/MoSz59s8El
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Should we place faith in an Academy product or simply go big on Pogba? RLC is the €60m question. http://t.co/q2jlKODFDH RTs appreciated
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Only team in London ... 😉 “@ChelseaFC: CHELSEA ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!”
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoArsenal are doing the treble this season. http://t.co/PRhwDdjOxd
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They've definitely got their targeting wrong. I'm definitely under 18. http://t.co/VwHyrf6nW7
Delighted to get back on the score sheet and with the win tonight. Can't wait for next week! #HalaMadrid http://t.co/MSLg5fF8ud
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoThe bus driver this morning wins the award for the asshole of the day. So far.Tadic what?! http://t.co/KGg3QMBMgt
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoMore footage of Wayne Rooney fighting has emerged. https://t.co/WEKwgxVWFU
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FULL-TIME Burnley 1-0 Man City. Boyd's stunning goal gives the hosts 3 vital points, denting Man City's title hopes http://t.co/7RziPJX2z9
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I want to win the St. Patricks Magista @WorldSoccerShopFor reviews on all of the latest Soccer Shoes and Equipment go to http://t.co/CJGrd2PmiiJose says TV pundits who criticised Chelsea players' behaviour on Wednesday seem to forget their own pasts. #CFC
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Cloudy https://t.co/dEvy7SvC1I@feiDrake or move to itv like Jonathan Ross did LOL@feiDrake just make Top Gear TV600,000 have signed the #BringBackClarkson petition. Let's save the best factual tv show....in the world #SaveJezza https://t.co/wlZFhvuPSs@Jack_Septic_Eye #GoodAdviceIn4Words Never Not Eat DessertLeague and a cup will do me. No need to be greedy.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoCOME ON YOU BLUES! WE CAN DO THIS! @ChelseaFC #CFCvPSGThis might be our new favourite photo http://t.co/kmWsHuLAsx
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#FREECLARKSON #FREEJEZZA https://t.co/jzMu4GYPH9@Skybirdmax @TheSunFootball Only club in London with a European Cup@Skybirdmax @TheSunFootball we'll take it ;)Chelsea are 110 today. 4 League titles 7 FA Cups 5 League Cups 1 Champions League 1 Europa League 2 Cup Winners' Cups 1 Super Cup #CFC110
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoHappy birthday to @ChelseaFC! #CFC110 http://t.co/jhAxFK08Bc
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@ChelseaFC Congratulations on the anniversary, from everybody at Manchester United. #CFC110 http://t.co/GdxjV4JdHf
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico'The team wins you titles, not individual players.' - @cesc4official: http://t.co/PysBySm0ph #CFC http://t.co/DEPxJvuGjE
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoFabregas: 'I knew that Jose was a great manager. I knew that working with him I would learn a lot. And that is what he is doing.' #CFC #AFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoUtd do the treble - flop in the league and both cups
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAt Stamford Bridge for PSG and Chelsea pressers As per usual, Chelsea flying the flag for English football in Europe. Over to you, Jose #cfc
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoHere's a great image of Chelsea legend Ron Harris lifting our first FA Cup trophy in 1970... #CFC110 http://t.co/y6KbahFKJU
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoFabregas: 'Whoever plays is performing well and for me that's the main thing. Teams win titles, not individuals.' #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoIker Casillas http://t.co/RIT9UTAE7H
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Happy 110th birthday to the only club in London with a European Cup, @ChelseaFC! #LondonIsBlue #OnlyOneInLondon #KTBFFHHappy birthday to @ChelseaFC! We're 110 years old today... #CFC110 http://t.co/dlHGNqzgIa
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAbsolutely LOVING all the hate I'm getting at the moment. I feed off it.Excited to be back in the Big 🍎 http://t.co/ZRgAW32r25
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico.@GaryJCahill on the magnitude of our Champions League knockout tie with PSG... http://t.co/gp0z27hdFR #CFC http://t.co/LOd2n2BR1i
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This is a joke. http://t.co/oiIqj7swPj
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWhat a bunch of bollocks"We want people to discover what we do & see us as a legitimate sport" - Anyone for quidditch? http://t.co/NeuETJ4igU http://t.co/2teZVYy02v
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Decent first trial game of the preseason. Getting into a much better fitness level. Let's keep… https://t.co/lF9I6bF9NM
Games Evans will miss... Mar 9: Arsenal (H) Mar 15: Spurs (H) Mar 22: Liverpool (A) Apr 4: Villa (H) Apr 12: MCFC (H) Apr 18: Chelsea (A)
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAt this point, there's more drama in a quidditch team than an episode of a Mexican telenovela.I guess everyone around me decided that today would be a good day to be pissed off. Why can't it be on the same day that I'm pissed off too?Why is everyone so damn pissed off today? Did I miss a note or something? It's Mardi Gras people, everyone should be happy!
Eden Hazard named Player of the Year, whilst Thibaut Courtois named Goalkeeper of the Year at London Football Awards #CFC (Evening Standard)
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First training session with the new club. Fitness is very far from where I should be but very happy with how it went.3,000 Chelsea fans at West Ham tonight. #CFC http://t.co/8XRDT9Kl4I
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Happy birthday to Paul Canoville, Chelsea's first black player... #CFC http://t.co/3y0mSOP4Bc
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoPep Guardiola has stated he will fulfil his contract with #Bayern Munich to remain coach until at least the summer of 2016 (Guardian) #MCFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWelcome to Twitter, @diegocosta! #CFC http://t.co/p03ZtGQlL2
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWelcome to Twitter @diegocosta. #therewillbehaters, the machine can handle them. http://t.co/E84ssnpODQ
Retweeted by Alexander Enricocc @matthewsyed RT“@NourAgha: Bad bad oligarch Roman Abramovich http://t.co/HmyGUQJa7x
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWelcome to Twitter @diegocosta #BeastWarm welcome to Twitter for @diegocosta - goalscorer in the #CapitalOneCupFinal and striker for @ChelseaFC and @SeFutbol
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoThe #BPL's joint top scorer in the 2014/15 season is now on Twitter. Find him here:@diegocosta http://t.co/aPpUbQ6KM2
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWhat a win!!! Great team work and great atmosphere from our fans! Thank you all! #CapitalOneCupFinal http://t.co/8lSh2oFm2j
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Mourinho: "What I can guarantee is John Terry will be a Chelsea player next season" #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoJose guarantees that John Terry will be a Chelsea player next season. #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoIGN AU recently held its biggest Black Beta Select Awards yet. Check out the highlights! http://t.co/6ZLE1TABrx http://t.co/q7av4L8WqB
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoCongratulations to Chelsea. Mourinho is so darn good that he's won the Premier League and the league Cup on the same day.
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Less than 1 hour back into uni and I wanna vomit at couples already #BackToUniRunning on 3 hours of sleep for the first day of uni of the year. So freaking worth it. #CapitalOneCupChampionsStupid me read the timetable wrongly, already missing the first lecture of the year. Final year at Uni is off to a flying start.We're champions again!!!! Thanks God for giving me the fourth title with this club! I want more and… https://t.co/lYBgGfkqXG
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoChampionssss!!! https://t.co/8RWbgHg9Iv
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoSelfie with the Cup! 😁☺️😝😂 http://t.co/vmDVLFS70B
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoCon mi amigo @hazardeden10 y la Copa!!! With my friend Eden and the Cup! Thanks everyone! @ChelseaFC #CapitalOneCup http://t.co/NUzeUOelrn
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico10 finals with @chelseafc 8 trophies #andWeWontStop #cfc #blueIsTheColour #WeOwnWembley https://t.co/Qses32QvNu
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoChampions !!! 🏆 capital one cup !!!! http://t.co/CMZg1wuxV1
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoChampionsss!! Capital One Cup🏆 http://t.co/peF3sQRIhi
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAbsolutely buzzing with the win! Well done lads, what a team! #CFCWembley #CapitalOneCupChampions http://t.co/RhgxBXGj6a
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoGreat victory tonight!! First trophy of the season! 🏆 #cfc @ Wembley Football Stadium https://t.co/RCwfpFsbzD
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoHappy day 😄👌 http://t.co/Rb2OgXTTBF
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico#WembleyIsBlue @adidasUK #therewillbehaters http://t.co/58DcKgCiuI
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico#CapitalOneCupFinal #CapitalOneCupChampions https://t.co/AICwE9fCBYJust posted a video https://t.co/d1t5CtMr6iTHE BOYS IN FULL VOICE #CFCWembley #CapitalOneCupFinal #ComeOnYouBlues https://t.co/LMq9f8prftIt's almost time for the #CapitalOneCupFinal. Heading to the Sydney Supporter's live screening, and… https://t.co/nHyMGQsyP5My heart is blue. Come on @ChelseaFC Good Luck friends. #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoHere's the view heading up Wembley Way... #CFCWembley http://t.co/5yPVlMvE3f
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I still weave dreams finding inspiration wherever I can looking for romance in the real not the digital world #SMWnyc http://t.co/yy6Ye0TUD1
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Entertainment is why I use tinder....not for its actual dating purposesWell done @dembabafoot and @Gokhan_Tore7!
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoEveryone follow my new team mate @DejanLovrenLFC6 top player. One of the best defenders I've played against.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoSorry Liverpool fans, it was just..... http://t.co/4iwK9TyvdK
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoGood night 🙏
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico😕🔫
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoI am sorry
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