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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/RHsN9TXQ32

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And always available at http://t.co/4anax8n2sk RT @BirchwoodCafe: @andrewzimmern I love mine! http://t.co/BHl7B19uYwI'm on it... RT @DinnerMariah: @andrewzimmern @BirchwoodCafe If you have panties like this Ill take 50 pairs please!Tracy, of course! RT @BirchwoodCafe: @DinnerMariah @andrewzimmern We had “good real food” (cont) http://t.co/tpskSQP5nwThe pig ears I see there are my fave RT @Mack_Jarber: So freaking good. Everything is amazing. #husk @andrewzimmern http://t.co/nfJl9hJRpF@EricGabrynowicz @rlach @cjaeckle @GaudetMatthew @AlexRSaenz @HughAcheson I take @mnwild Last team standing wins $ to charity of choice@losangeleslisa @firstwefeast Not sure who makes this stuff up... Least important part of what we do. But often funny@boylanheritage Seriously stunning stuffYou're amazing!! RT @88acresfoods: @andrewzimmern Great seeing you yesterday and thanks so much for the love & feedback!!!!Amazing!!!! Love you in this RT @BirchwoodCafe: @andrewzimmern I love mine! http://t.co/fBZxcS0yff#Podcast: Creator of @GFFMagazine @ErikaLenkert tells us why #Kickstarter is the hardest thing she's done. Listen: http://t.co/ZYWY6i2ozMIt's hoodie season. This one is a personal favorite of mine: http://t.co/P6K5NcJELr #hoodrich http://t.co/MyjeHsCwoNPro tip from the one-and-only @fwscout's new book, "Mastering My Mistakes in the Kitchen." #KitchenMistakes http://t.co/hPp24MU6Ky@Spoonandstable is a better fit... For sure @gavinkaysen http://t.co/y7DdtCTLcr@joshwarren1984 @gavinkaysen @mspmag OMG, how quaint! How about a pic then? Glad you liked itLink??? RT @joshwarren1984: Loving the @gavinkaysen @andrewzimmern article in today's @mspmagGuess It: #WhereInTheWorld is @andrewzimmern? (Hint: This European city is older than Rome!) http://t.co/vjkYLvzJmf
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@sallysampson Check ur DMThis guy is stoked for his @sweetango hand pie today! You have a chance to get yours tomorrow in… http://t.co/JeCg805idT
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#Video: Show-and-tell with my @CHEFSCatalog cookware collection. http://t.co/Neixth85gsI'm hosting a Friends of James Beard Dinner in #Minneapolis on 10/29. Claim your seat now: http://t.co/Qr1hzlVRmb@AlexRSaenz @GaudetMatthew @cjaeckle @rlach @HughAcheson @EricGabrynowicz @jonnglass MN wild take cup ... Boom@Chef_ChrisJones @hamptoncreek Inspirational innovator disruptor powers ACTIVATE!@coledick @ShunCutlery Glad you like them! Enjoy... See you soon I hope....@pheasants4ever @Hank_Shaw Hank is a genius@Alliegabb @MattsBar The Nook and Blue Door are probably best 2 in MN. Who cares who was first?An important message from our leader, @gavinkaysen http://t.co/NHQNbflaF3SUS is National Practice Leader Serving People w Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities/Autism Please help us- http://t.co/OBD9wedM15You all have an amazing product that serves our planet well! RT @drinkmaple: @andrewzimmern Thanks for the shout out!Visit #CHEFSmix Blog today for the launch of the new, exclusive, @andrewzimmern collection. http://t.co/F0Z7LxPpPR http://t.co/wuAnfX0rur
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernVietnamese-style grilled-beef rolls http://t.co/gZAvCvT6WC #recipe
Way to go Canada! So proud of our cousins to the north, back at work in parliament the "next day". Cpl Cirillo would be proud too.@gailsimmons #FoodDay2014 on getting involved & making change: http://t.co/c8sJLtGTDH @foodandwine #babsonfoodFood & Entreprenership panel @MichaelSchlow @gailsimmons @andrewzimmern @Jamiebiss @jbchang #babsonfood #FoodDay2014 http://t.co/YGRtGo7X12
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWOW: Same-day-press by @foodandwine on Babson Food Day! http://t.co/xTaeTdUrwW @gailsimmons @andrewzimmern @babson #babsonfood #FoodDay2014
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@FMEOBProf @gailsimmons @Food_Sol @businessforfood @LewisInstitute It's a relational team sport! Thx Len and PhyllisHuge love to @LewisInstitute @babson @Food_Sol #BabsonFood FOR AN EPIC #fooddayMichael Schlow, the Cushmans of O'ya fame and @gailsimmons #babsonfood @ Babson College http://t.co/xOP3cokHi3Ken Oringer and Tiffany Faison collaboration ... Pork belly with XO sauce and ramp kim chee… http://t.co/cuJijS1zCpSmoked mushroom and snails from @matthewjennings and Michael Scelfo ... Insane @ Babson College http://t.co/Q7XfJ82OKY@matthewjennings Scelfo collaboration ... #babsonfood #foodday @ Babson College http://t.co/wjh8b8Fe6VFarmers Crate fruit thins. The next big thing. @babson #foodday #babsonfood @ Babson College http://t.co/A3VjU0dImRNext big thing. Real raw nutrition that tastes GREAT #babsonfood #foodday @ Babson College http://t.co/xDfSIwB13KFierce ... @gailsimmons @babson BEAVER! #babsonfood #foodday @ Babson College http://t.co/5npktOkX4GBetter for you in every way than coconut water. Next big thing. Canadian Maple Water #babsonfoodhttp://t.co/6mglQUy9OjThe next big thing. Haitian sensation. #babsonfood #foodday @ Babson College http://t.co/ydBObWmNbw#Recipe: Frozen Passion Fruit Mousse http://t.co/4i0PGj83n6 http://t.co/4J3Auia43zThe best cities in the world to visit when you're #hungry. http://t.co/Bb9q6mTFpE #travelQuick service incubator #babsonfood #foodday @babson @ Babson College http://t.co/Jgl6RoDXt4Pumpkin carving? What to do with all of those #pumpkin seeds. http://t.co/6V19YGgUwV #recipeThe scariest thing I've ever done & how @AndrewZimmern has been awesome about it. //bit.ly/1sG1yx0 #heyeleanor http://t.co/PONVska3Ha
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#Recipe: @JenniferMcLagan's Radicchio & Pumpkin Risotto: http://t.co/bvzD7xnyFr http://t.co/8EMdX0A4dC"Bitterness in the kitchen is the next step."-@JenniferMcLagan http://t.co/RXew6Zrwm9 #5Questions
@amck IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy Birthday Big A! Xxxxxx@Lopecci A solid Bertha into Cassidy, into Wharf Rat into I Know You Rider back into Bertha...cool@Lopecci A concert isn't a concert unless someone plays whipping post.Amazing! RT @gideonevans: @andrewzimmern @ChristiAdele @MoRocca Here's some fun Joenie/Andrew/Mo (cont) http://t.co/jyJaZMxYsa@gideonevans @MoRocca @CookingChannel Thx Gideon... Noah says hi...All on my website RT @JesseMag24: @andrewzimmern what is your absolute fav thanksgiving dish and can I have the recepie?@Morocca @cookingchannel #mygrandmothersravioli My son wants to someone to explain why the whipped cream scene didn't make the show?Learn more about Bologna’s food-centric theme park: http://t.co/t1wAM69ZbD http://t.co/DlClgnM6Fe
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@cookingchannel @morocca #MyGrandmothersRavioli Amazing episode, wow, my MIL needs her own show! Truly epic, thanks for sharing w workd.?? RT @ChristiAdele: Hey @MoRocca please tell me there are funny outtakes of this episode of (cont) http://t.co/cFTPrShk3PI loved that one RT @MrRobDorsey: @andrewzimmern has my quote of the day. "i didn't get any (cont) http://t.co/A2xQWGg3ZqYum... RT @foodandwine: The greatest way to eat oysters in a pancake: http://t.co/kuRaWdrdJD @andrewzimmernU should have said hi! RT @rniacono: Enjoying the antics of @andrewzimmern from afar as @AltaStrada empties out.@JenniferMcLagan's Radicchio & Pumpkin Risotto #recipe: http://t.co/bvzD7xnyFr.@JenniferMcLagan explains why #bitter isn't a bad word on this week's #5questions. http://t.co/RXew6Zrwm9#Recipe: Spicy Thai Shrimp Salad http://t.co/cdI3ob4E3KIt's 5:00 somewhere--namely, here! Try our micheladas, including ones by @andrewzimmern, @pawkhrua, & @wyliedufresne. http://t.co/MIUM47lxH5
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@goldybobblehead congrats! We're sending you a season's supply of @SweeTango apples. email info@andrewzimmern.com with your info.Worlds collide on #Ravioli when @MoRocca hangs w/ @andrewzimmern's in-laws @ 8|7c. Sneak peek: http://t.co/0ievQJZejk http://t.co/scpj7evaw6
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernClick on http://t.co/X7mizHTZ31 and hit VOTE if you think @azcanteen is the best food truck in Minneapolis. #charlieawardsMany find success in this biz. See how the industry is fueling the American Dream #ChooseRestaurants @NRAEF #ad http://t.co/B2SqZ2zfguYou could win a season’s supply of @SweeTango apples. Details here: http://t.co/OtvybCqBI3 #sp #SpotSweeTangoSoon I hope!! RT @KELLYCHOI: @andrewzimmern Hey you!!! When we breaking bread in NYC? #TripAdvisorChat.@TripAdvisor is hosting a #TripAdvisorChat right now w/ @kkrader - #TravelForFood ?http://t.co/BdN30nrP7X
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernBest food city on earth for quality/depth RT @KELLYCHOI: I'm biased, but NYC is definitely contender for world's best food #TripAdvisorChatRunning INTO danger. Wow... Heroes Vid of Ottowa's Parliament Hill building, about an hour ago https://t.co/5qG5JEQ7ONIt will blow your mind RT @MoRocca: Raspberry Jello Salad, Tater Tot Hotdish & (cont) http://t.co/5wX9Rw8fD6@andrewzimmern @CHEFSCatalog Congrats on a wonderful line! Love the Romulus and Remus salad service and Shiwa knife! http://t.co/zHlX9tve15
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernCleverly named wooden spoons by @andrewzimmern just hit my wish list http://t.co/NhwtT2iIZW
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernClaim your seat for the Friends of @BeardFoundation Dinner in #Minneapolis on 10/29. You won't want to miss this: http://t.co/Qr1hzlVRmbI'm so proud of the #cookware collection I created along with @CHEFSCatalog. Details here: http://t.co/iFl0Ep3UJj
Johnny Cash, 1968 http://t.co/7V5KJEr95P
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThe book tour has begun! Hope to see you there. This is gonna be a blast. So thankful!!! http://t.co/kBXpkY9YS9
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIf SF Giants win series, is Bochy a lock for HOF? I think you have to go with that…puts him over the top...Wonderful @AndrewZimmern & his marvelous mother-in-law & I make Minnesota culinary classics tomorrow @CookingChannel! http://t.co/BHHutrRxGV
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThese dumplings are @andrewzimmern’s fall gift to you: http://t.co/nGOzEevthl
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThanks! Very kind of you. My fanily appreciates it too RT @PalmBeachTim: @andrewzimmern (cont) http://t.co/bqN6sdw40zTOKI!!! Get on this... Amazing hot sauce... Cool entrepreneurs https://t.co/Z2ZAp0oXOnThis is the best #soup I've ever tasted. Get the #recipe: http://t.co/2CEpoJdSU9#Minneapolis: Join me on 10/29 for an incredible dinner with the @beardfoundation. Details here: http://t.co/Qr1hzlVRmbIntroducing my new #cookware collection with @CHEFSCatalog. Check it out: http://t.co/iFl0Ep3UJjEvacuation at my office building. Oh joy💞 http://t.co/nklWi9GceaWe're out for lunch at the Ford Center by Target Field tomorrow. We're going to serve up our new @SweeTango apple hand pies! They are YUMMY!
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernNo joke: tomorrow night @morocca My Grandmothers Ravioli visits my mother in law. And the whole family is there. Cooking Channel !Former Times editor Jill Abramson speaks at BU http://t.co/nGhKH2hFn6 Reveals working on "killer journalism" site w/Steve Brill
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernJoin us on Thursday at Food Day featuring @gailsimmons and @andrewzimmern! #BabsonFood http://t.co/U3cY1m5DHM http://t.co/9h3ylV2AYf
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIt's @SweeTango Tuesday! I'm sending a dozen of em to one lucky follower. RT for a chance to win. #SweeTangoTuesMy #recipe for sweet & spicy roasted #pumpkin seeds http://t.co/6V19YGgUwV
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