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Boneshaker takes a sideways look at cycling. Published quarterly, perfect-bound, ad-free and full of freedom, friendship and adventure.

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@ohh_deer Nope, sorry. They look fun, but a fiver's nearer the mark. for a novelty candle, surely@AsEasyAsRiding If those currently using 'removed' lane were to cycle instead, the 'subsequent queuing' wouldn't be so bad? @TfLOfficialEt voila! Not quite finished yet, but it's taking shape... @CliftonPopup @bristoldropouts @beerdbristol http://t.co/zXwVnHs4ue@andywaterman Indeed! Time for an elegiac re-write...
A peek inside one of the most stylish bike shops in the world: http://t.co/Qv52jLXm47 @TokyoFixedBikes @kinokocycles@CliftonPopup ..& by @Bathales we mean @beerdbristol - @boneshakermag is powered by beer & pizza. Cld be the start of a beautiful friendshipPutting up some great bike art alongside @bristoldropouts & @bathales at All Things Bike & Beautiful in @CliftonPopup - opens Fri Aug 1!
@carltonreid @beztweets @sustrans Ta.Hi @carltonreid - do you have a link to this @sustrans survey, please? http://t.co/4PRrCF2UFK
@SlowJoKeeling I'm in the Greenbank garden!
RT @bikeoxford: Join the inaugural #BikeOxford #cycling event, 20, 50, 80 rides in spectacular scenery, 7 Sept http://t.co/p30LaOR5TF
@drdavehindley @Ideas_on_Paper @Cobden_Chambers Well we'll take that as a compliment and seek out a copy of @LikeTheWindMag right now!
great illustration up in the Oak Room of the @CurzonCinema by @DesigningOnTea http://t.co/e5OvT0Z5sKHave set up the Boneshaker stall for the bike event at the Curzon tomorrow- come on down https://t.co/IPU2lkPrnlhttp://t.co/nrlVwFGM2M
@WesternDaily Extravaganza of films, kids' fun, pedal-powered cinema, talks, stalls&food - @CurzonCinema this Sat: https://t.co/BUVsRvIo72@ClevedonPeople Extravaganza of films, kids' fun, pedal-powered cinema, talks, stalls&food - @CurzonCinema this Sat: https://t.co/IPU2lkPrnl@BristolPost Family cycling extravaganza in the West's oldest cinema this Sat, inc. regional film premiere, talks, stalls & great food.@bristol247 One to add to that list: https://t.co/1OH6ACHhKe An all-day extravaganza in Britain's oldest cinema!.@AlexGidley @BristolSouthCC @bristolroadclub The Tdf will be on @RftS_Bristol's MASSIVE telly, in the main cafe, every day of the festival.
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineWant to build a cargo bike or trailer? Find out about more here: http://t.co/pz2ALD2CJz #Brighton #Bikehub
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineThanks for the RT @gt85lube - my fingers smell of GT85 right now! (early morning touring bike wipe-down)Regional premiere of @BICYCLEfilm THIS SAT-part of @bris_cycle_fest https://t.co/IPU2lkPrnl @BikeBizOnline @AudaxBristol @BristolSouthCC RTLike bikes? Like films? Then this is the place to be this Saturday: https://t.co/IPU2lkPrnl @carltonreid @bris_cycle_fest @BristolCycling RT
@elliotjaystocks Maybe all the @WeAreBIP gang should club together and get it. Then live there, like the Monkees of indie publishing...@TransDivision hubba hubba!@christianrt How about 'every lane is a cycle lane'. Er, except motorway lanes, of course. And shipping lanes. Oh forget itOooh, @boneshakermag! @YorksBikeShow splendid. http://t.co/Y3iyqk2Pwa
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@JonahGB It's not how much your bike weighs, but how much it neighs...@Ideas_on_Paper - great little Nottingham independent in @Cobden_Chambers with @boneshakermag, @rouleurmagazine and some great cycling lit!
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@BBC6Music @maryannehobbs Lovely stuff! He should partner up with http://t.co/RO2ZHYT3LJ@breadbittervelo Hi guys - hope you're enjoying the Tour... Still have stock of @rouleurmagazine @TheRideJournal @boneshakermag @HotRumCow
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@luciesheridan sure thing! We''ll be in there from 3.30...“@peedebe: Catch of the day at @Athenaeum_HLM new issues @boneshakermag @rouleurmagazine http://t.co/q4q3wVRwjHhttp://t.co/zd2NZ4ON58
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineCome and share your magazine recommendations! Boneshaker is currently firm favourite in the comments... http://t.co/QFlJ47vuIz
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It was great seeing fellow @WeAreBIP folks @ErnestJournal @boneshakermag @elliotjaystocks @PAPERbristol @LionheartMag at @Crofters_Rights
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine
@2WheelDriveIn @guardian of course! see you there...
@ChrispLOL @GMcycling @ManCityCouncil @ChappellKate @OzzyAustin Do you have name of similar brand at 10% cost? Cheers Chris...@kim_harding @CycleLens followed by a hill-climber, cycling up. Champagne at the top for all finishers. Let's get @BollingerUK to sponsor itCycling down the Eiffel Tower, 1923. http://t.co/MvLlX4Mzt7
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New cartoon on http://t.co/HArPF677Fx: Cooling down http://t.co/7rvRuBRnnz http://t.co/FC76ll0Loa
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@davewalker @Chutzpah84 I like to cool down after a big pint of beer with a couple of smaller drinksSo you want more space on the road. But would you fit your bike with giant whiskers? http://t.co/R1xN3M33jw@sansvitesse @richardf @roadccdave Great stuff@richardf except @boneshakermag... Oh, and @TheRideJournal of course...Tickets now on sale for our event at @CurzonCinema, featuring @BICYCLEfilm, @carltonreid, @boneshakermag and more! http://t.co/Cm0aMf7284
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineGuess who's in vol.12 of WIRED Japan, in a piece about bicycles and design, out today: http://t.co/wDazJMawbl @wired_jp Yes!Now Stocking the wonderful @boneshakermag.Beautiful article on bike badges Available here -> http://t.co/VGn5r6GAON http://t.co/j6lSl3bsHl
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@luciesheridan Nice! Can we stock these in the Boneshaker webshop please?How to fit 10 parking spaces in 1. Can we get some for Bristol, please? @GeorgeFergusonx @betterbybike @sustrans http://t.co/EhuTuZ9WI3
Viva Italia! http://t.co/33UhGYNTLj via @urbancycling_it
'Committing words to print has always been an act ripe with political possibilities' http://t.co/gekfJurc2E @lttrprsscllctv @StanleyDonwood@boneshakermag @RestrapLTD @LeedsCyclists @AudaxUK @northyorkscc @letouryorkshire hi here's the preview http://t.co/6lW4aKYaU7
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@kezoneill Exciting stuff! Keep us in mind for good @Secret_Compass bicycle stories...@ConvivialDesign Yep, @TheRideJournal really is superb. Whenever anyone mentions us in the same sentence as them we feel deeply honoured...@shandcycles @MethodStudio Phwooarrrgh! <rubs thighs enthusiastically>@Secret_Compass @Mud_Dock Sorry we missed this - hope it was a good night.Cyclists of Yorkshire - tomorrow night: http://t.co/EIHFvP9qya @RestrapLTD @LeedsCyclists @AudaxUK @northyorkscc @letouryorkshireExcellent new prints for the sitting room from @boneshakermag #cycling #retro http://t.co/w5DGflJBeJ
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@ConvivialDesign Y! Try @AnotherEscape @SidetrackedMag @TheRideJournal & @BoatMagazine for starters, then @StackMagazines & @AntenneBooksReading @boneshakermag !!! It is always a pure pleasure to read this beautifully crafted #cycling #magazine http://t.co/zYWqLiku1r
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@AnotherEscape @nickhand Cheers chaps! Glad you could make it along. Planning a limited run letterpress wraparound for the next issue...
@Martin_A_Wilson Ah. IN that case, thanks for being a Boneshaker reader and we hope you enjoyed it. happy riding...Got £4,800 to spare? 'The world's finest bicycle storage' could be yours... http://t.co/6dDTGIxzUq@Martin_A_Wilson not whilst driving I hope!@TerryWhenman @roadcc more likely that 70% are oblivious - much like so many careless drivers
New title @corres_shop with issue 14 of @boneshakermag , beautiful mag on cycling, brilliant and funny articles http://t.co/pndIPq31OH
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@boneshakermag at @PrestigeCycles. Such a lovely magazine is Boneshaker. All about cycling and not about bikes.
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@Raid71 Is it? It is! I'll get the kettle on@tomtangle Hey thanks for getting in touch - the one with 'cycle' written in chain links is my favourite...
@Jon_J_Rich @cerealmag @AnotherEscape @OFFLIFE_comic Cheers Jon! It's been fun
4 bicycle crashes in diminishing order of interest// http://t.co/s9AKLisGFa http://t.co/z1Y9niJjBq
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Dear @VANS_66. Any plans to make a @GORETEXeu Half Cab? Surely a winner. @boneshakermag would love a pair for a start...@VANS_Europe@boneshakermag 14 is available now at http://t.co/rcrGQUe63j It’s pretty fucking good. http://t.co/4KpYku6EeW
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@Newsstand_UK @Bearded_Cyclist And do let us know if we can help too - boneshakermag @ http://t.co/zkWHu64xDF
@Bearded_Cyclist it should have been! Sorry chap. Email yr details & we'll chase @Newsstand_UK
@Cloud9Cycles Hello you. We did! Order on its way. Hope life on Cloud 9 is good too...
@VisitBristol What a city indeed! @boneshakermag's very proud to live here.Doubt we'll ever make the ultimate Hall of Fame but we can dream!
Popped into @RiseBristol today to celebrate #RSD14 and emerged with two awesome books and a fresh copy of @BoneshakerMag . Score!
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineSeeing some lovely feedback on Boneshaker – it really makes the effort doubly worth it! http://t.co/7ZJ9889QNr (cc @boneshakermag)
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine
#CoveroftheWeek Issue #14 by @boneshakermag - #Cycling #Adventure #Lifestyle #Photo & #Travel #Magazine from #Bristol http://t.co/EY2z3m9HCf
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@cycle_hack @BristolCycling @sustrans @GeorgeFergusonx Will do! Might work as part of @bris_cycle_fest perhaps...
@Chris_Noteeth Thanks Chris, delighted you like it.In case you missed it yesterday, #Birmingham, @boneshakermag issue 14 is now here! http://t.co/dy1m6YVlwL
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@JordanCarrD Massive thank you to you, Jordan. Digital version online now - but Big Cartel's on the blink. Check back tomorrow...@cycle_hack Blimey. What a great idea. How can we bring it to Bristol? @BristolCycling @sustrans @GeorgeFergusonx http://t.co/EzQo6RLvLF'As operators of vehicles cyclists have as much right to the whole lane as a motorist' Top stuff from @carltonreid http://t.co/hAiM9zZeCf
@NickWDoyle @talktofrancis @BespokedUKHBS They're on sale at the entrance/reception desk, while stocks last...Thanks @boneshakermag for the article on our book it looks great :) http://t.co/zXqKyjG5UG
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@carterwongthink Glad you like it - thanks for getting involved!@pmmikes Happy reading/happy riding!See what I mean about the new @boneshakermag? Top one is mine. http://t.co/Zcvp9qvm6O
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine"the first real grip I ever got on things was when I learned the art of pedalling" Seamus Heaney - new @boneshakermag just in & top notch
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@AvonBiomess I'm putting in the miles on the North York Moors, I'm afraid - but thanks for the invitation. Hope the ride's a big success...
@boneshakermagSneak preview of @StanleyDonwood's piece for the new issue of Boneshaker Mag, it's looking ace! (cc @boneshakermag) http://t.co/QQ2Cs1klLw
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine
@RftS_Bristol now have @boneshakermag issue 14 in stock. Get 'em while they're hot! #cycling #magazine @BristolCycling"...my breath is wet smoke, hanging in the amber glow of the streetlights". Glorious #writing from @StanleyDonwood in the new @boneshakermag
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineNew @boneshakermag just arrived !! http://t.co/Zvt1SD8PQ3
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@bristolbikeproj is the first stockist IN THE WORLD to receive Boneshaker issue 14 #cycling
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