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WATCH HAVANA CULTURA DOCUMENTARY http://t.co/5SHh2akodB via @djmagOoeeewieee that's Funkylicious for Monday Eve | ZFF - Out My Mind http://t.co/MEoqzRlZg3 @brownswood @DaMFunK @gillespeterson
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New acts added to Worldwide Awards line up http://t.co/4rlh7WCJhPNew artists added to the line up and the playlist! ♫ Worldwide Awards 2015 Brownswood Recordings http://t.co/RWNYw5KtQA #NowPlayinghttp://t.co/0a4LwgmKAz@zaramcfarlane @RichMixLondon @LondonJazzFest @MOBOAwards YES! was amazing xNew single from @zaramcfarlane "Plain Gold Ring" is released today https://t.co/M80vLSGgrWWorldwide Awards lineup gets some more big hittas! @dorianconcept,The Heliocentrics, Orlando Julius & Marshall Allen. http://t.co/lDMSq2qwwF
Retweeted by Brownswood@brownswood William Adamson made Promo News this week http://t.co/iYuUzwr7ei
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@MachenChristian no sorry x@Sim_Morin @josejamesmusic @gillespeterson @BeatDelete thinking about itSweet treat from postman today. On loop since 10am. Thanks @gillespeterson @brownswood for one of the finest Bubblers http://t.co/thL2vEeYdC
Retweeted by BrownswoodEssential Sunday morning listening - @brownswood Bubblers eleven http://t.co/pqprw1gYG0
Retweeted by BrownswoodWhat's happening on the @brownswood Bubblers Series! Check out this @LeFtO mix http://t.co/Bm8oq9EtVg
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the response to "20th Century Fix (Warm Weather)" since @BBubblers 11 came out has been amazing, thanks guys! @brownswood
Retweeted by BrownswoodShe's on fire! @RichMixLondon @zaramcfarlane @brownswood http://t.co/d8UnJJ6UAw
Retweeted by BrownswoodYes! sold out london jazz festival show for @zaramcfarlane - mesmerising!Gilles Peterson’s ‘Brownswood Bubblers’ Is Just As Good The 11th Time | SoulBounce: http://t.co/HiTherRbdgSo happy with the reaction to this! ♫ Brownswood Bubblers Eleven (Gilles Peterson Presents) – Various Artists http://t.co/sNZbTpmlQv
ace new remix of @zaramcfarlane from @kazheel https://t.co/2pE6rP1nHgNew on MOOVMNT: @GillesPeterson Presents: @Brownswood Bubblers 11 http://t.co/rAnw5cduSQ @AlDobsonJr @CallmeLike @thisisMoonchild @photayy
Retweeted by BrownswoodLovely bit of post from @brownswood @BBubblers ... AND a lolly! Sweeet (badum tish) cheers guys http://t.co/1a9Ez3fPQ2
Retweeted by Brownswood.@nick_hakim is everything https://t.co/HmHd65spi2
@LDLDN it seemed like they were still doing online stuff until a year agoshame that @SHOOKmag don't seem to be doing much?Tickets are racing out of the box office for @ZaraMcfarlane's @LondonJazzFest show on Fri, so get racing to get one: http://t.co/CJZCE8kf2r
Retweeted by BrownswoodPremiere: Kjell Anderson steps in to deliver a rippling, percussive take on @zaramcfarlane's 'Plain Gold Ring'. http://t.co/rYBXFzvkyx
Retweeted by BrownswoodNew GTA V 'Worldwide FM' playlist on Spotify! ♫ Worldwide FM (GTA V) Gilles Peterson http://t.co/4q1Ardp24k #NowPlaying
Retweeted by Brownswoodthis is shockingly what happens to my MC's after they tour with me too much... @earlzinger turned into this... http://t.co/O0NVn83WAX
Retweeted by BrownswoodJapan, it's the @gillespeterson Worldwide 60 on @InterFM761_JP now! http://t.co/VX4yJvQo7o #GillesIFM http://t.co/wvql17wS1U
Retweeted by BrownswoodVideo: @brownswood artist William Adamson "Flatlands" https://t.co/qAdHcW8uP2
Retweeted by BrownswoodSpiritual vibes from the @_HavanaCultura_ Mix album https://t.co/t0mM3FzH82Out now https://t.co/aSQNmsvuIeSOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS + Jose James duet 2007 -https://t.co/uvmiaEHtRSHave a look at the video from the @_HavanaCultura_ Mix album launch https://t.co/h8VmAC1YumWalter's Call / Smash and Grab / Summer Fruits out now all formats: http://t.co/MxUvvGUhl3 http://t.co/XtP5zFOkGe
Retweeted by Brownswood@thisbillieblack on @brownswood bubblers eleven! Yeeeesss 👌
Retweeted by Brownswood#nowplaying @Brownswood Bubblers Eleven. Always a great selection of tunes :) https://t.co/pF4PypL1dY
Retweeted by Brownswood@huddyluddy XXmeet @nikitchmusic http://t.co/CAJLIkziVsPremiere: Zara McFarlane - 'Plain Gold Ring' (Kjell Anderson Remix) | News | Clash Magazine: http://t.co/mPhYNTCxdVBrand new remix of @zaramcfarlane's Plain Gold Ring by Kjell Anderson has just premiered over at @clash_music http://t.co/qZkg828bTrGP's updated radio station for Worldwide FM on GTA V ♫ Worldwide FM (GTA V) Gilles Peterson http://t.co/kIDIZ4cUnh #NowPlayingThanx to everybody for the msgs and support - glad yr feeling it - Nicola Adams is the director . William Ad flatlands up on Brownswood NOW
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Brownswood Bubblers 11 by @brownswood #nowplaying
Retweeted by BrownswoodBubblers 11 feat. @GoGo_Penguin, @nick_hakim, @tobefrankmusic and many more out now! Get it while it's hot http://t.co/GkM47uqBZ3
Retweeted by BrownswoodThis Leron Thomas album is being eternally slept on right now. No one else is doing this type of stuff at all... http://t.co/J09hjOQkEV
Retweeted by Brownswoodhttp://t.co/RNCUqvUQz7@gillespeterson presents the #havanaculturamix album with Dayme Arocena. https://t.co/iRu4TnpGbi
Retweeted by Brownswood@brownswood @BBubblers 11 out today! - Listen / more info here -http://t.co/APBPjmyPa9 http://t.co/J8f9KLbOy9. And we're on it!
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New Brownswood Bubblers 11 compilation! ♫ Brownswood Bubblers Eleven (Gilles Peterson Presents) – Various Artists http://t.co/sNZbTpmlQvNEW VIDEO from the mysterious #Williamadamson CC @earlzinger http://t.co/EI8ydJoxAMthat @photayy tune on the new @brownswood bubblers is siiiiick! https://t.co/mDGP10LDD5
Retweeted by Brownswood💛 this @gillespeterson mix for the @_HavanaCultura_ Mix album + interview with Dayme Arocena. Check it out! https://t.co/HDB0HLXhro
Retweeted by Brownswoodlet @LeFtO cycle you through ELEVEN volumes of @BBubblers https://t.co/cTmgcn8DNm.@brownswood Bubblers Eleven is out today, check out our picks of all the Bubblers tracks right here on @RdioUK : http://t.co/yA6Fw0rnzd
Retweeted by BrownswoodMixed the @brownswood Bubblers MVP’s - check it out https://t.co/DEamYsYOww http://t.co/o3cFaKyW4S http://t.co/flkghfsuJE
Retweeted by BrownswoodBrownswood Bubblers 11 out today! @BBubblers - Listen / more info here -http://t.co/q0sEYODne2 http://t.co/pvc1b86059#NowPlaying Moonchild - The Truth. Gorgeous jazzy number from @BBubblers 11 @brownswood
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Artist profile #3, @JMTill http://t.co/JL0xplCSwK
Gilles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura - http://t.co/poAFSbFp6jHittin @dorianconcept @gillespeterson 2nyt 💥🙏🔊
Retweeted by BrownswoodTickets still available via SEE for @gillespeterson at @KOKOLondon tonight! http://t.co/4e8u47cTTK
Retweeted by BrownswoodFellow @brownswood @BBubblers @nick_hakim. Love this one! http://t.co/ujVAp07mH9
Retweeted by BrownswoodCheck this from brilliant track from @segilolamusic with @Bamboomanmusic https://t.co/5xo0skwZy7@GoGo_Penguin, @gillespeterson is playing Kamaloka on @BBC6Music now!
Retweeted by BrownswoodNext in the artist profile hot seat we have @photayy http://t.co/8wNZdeOho3Ahead of Brownswood Bubblers 11 get to know the artist's with these artist profiles. First up, @GoGo_Penguin http://t.co/qWsRMwss9I@marshmello7s XXXXXXyes marsha! @NTSlive @marshmello7s say hi to sonny and lotus who are locked in harlesden xFinal deadline for submissions to Steve Reid's Innovation Award is Monday 17th November 2014. http://t.co/Ws5UborplQ” @dark0_LDN #slymemo
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It's awful outside but a Brazilian beach party in here , mastering some terrific funky & beautiful sounds for @brownswood @gillespeterson
Retweeted by BrownswoodTonight in Paris! @AnushkaUK & @daedelus_music Tickets - http://t.co/XbtOZbb2Wm http://t.co/aexvoIIrg1
just got the @brownswood bubblers promo. what a tracklist. happy to see that @photayy jam on there! been on that for a while
Retweeted by BrownswoodOur #MusicVideo of Nowhere In Between. Featuring @EmilyLynnVocals. Coming out on @brownswood @BBubblers 11 next week. http://t.co/H7ZCGA5SGi
Retweeted by BrownswoodHip Hop Moments London Posse - How's Life in London 1983 http://t.co/C8guKwe67o
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@korayaydinozel *high five*@korayaydinozel buy it bruv!I am on @gillespeterson's new Brownswood Bubblers 11 compilation out this week. Go get it people http://t.co/ldY3Ywy4hx
Retweeted by BrownswoodWe spoke to @brownswood upstarts @AnushkaUK about about Bashmore, Badu and retrofuturism. http://t.co/EzWZRAVpt7 http://t.co/3QYOXCvirM
Retweeted by Brownswood#NP @mjcole - Sincere (the full album) - so good..@brownswood office playlist is perfect for Wednesday afternoons with no meetings. http://t.co/freIVrk6vR #spotify #nowplaying
Retweeted by BrownswoodGilles Peterson Presents: Brownswood Bubblers 11 [FULL PLAYLIST] @gillespeterson @brownswood http://t.co/zU93zMUwJ2
Retweeted by BrownswoodWho wants to listen to a @BBubblers track then https://t.co/NnIc57uuKNIn case you missed it, catch this interview I did with @HUCKmagazine http://t.co/PojEZtMGZM #Havana #HavanaCulturaMix #Cuba
Retweeted by BrownswoodThe new @swindle EP on @brownswood is quite amazing. "Summer Fruits" is the one for me ------> Future Classic: http://t.co/UNn99iQVVG
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Saturday looking Big with @dorianconcept @DiggsDuke @HomeboySandman @Flako and more at @KOKOLondon ...
Retweeted by BrownswoodHonored to have "The Truth" placed on @gillespeterson Brownswood Bubblers Eleven! Preorder here: http://t.co/x9pla1TRYw
Retweeted by BrownswoodGreat doc documentary about Giles Peterson's trip to Cuba to work on the HAVANA CULTURA project https://t.co/oqghh21O2r
Retweeted by Brownswoodmusic so excellent i just happily paid 10 nicker for it @bandcamp: http://t.co/fkFxpEJEt6
Retweeted by BrownswoodNice interview with @gillespeterson up on @ComplexMag http://t.co/pw5qyYfZLhNice interview up on http://t.co/pw5qyYfZLhBubblers 11 will be shipping this week! @GillesPeterson has also signed 10 copies for sale. http://t.co/W6Q2q0OC2l http://t.co/KbltMuMcENShe's just won Best Jazz Act @MOBOAwards & now she's coming to Rich Mix! Don't miss the talented @ZaraMcfarlane: http://t.co/PcK1D6HDU8
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Worldwide Awards Playlist spotify:user:brownswoodrecordings:playlist:2H4dIxZVHa7kXNLbqqNKl4Next on @Submotion's #AliumTour: Sheffield's @tuesdayclub tomorrow w/ @brownswood's @AnushkaUK http://t.co/qz9b2jUBlb http://t.co/jD6eNfqPFJ
Retweeted by Brownswood25 tickets left for the Worldwide Awards at the early bird price of £30 - Get In Before the go up! http://t.co/b6Qh5UpKYb @gillespetersonBig thanks to the @brownswood team & @gillespeterson for setting up house in our studio for the last week. A whole lotta Cuban goodness…
Retweeted by BrownswoodUpdates! ♫ In The Office Brownswood Recordings http://t.co/0b0yA1NrlT #NowPlaying
FRESH WORLDWIDE AWARDS NEWS! @QUEENFATIMA & @nikitchmusic added to the lineup.S'gonna be BIG http://t.co/1OH7vNRSlx http://t.co/L2iDgUiPdc
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