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Dare Obasanjo @Carnage4Life Washington, USA

My day job is leading the team behind http://t.co/YcLuFUER8Q and http://t.co/YzvkbJjpUn . Outside that I dabble in mobile apps and blogging.

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Ever miss the good old days of web dev? Get excited guys. The true spirit of Internet Explorer LIVES ON! http://t.co/DaO57LxfYB
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@TheTommyRock conflicts with eye witness reports and previous autopsy. Case just needs to go to court instead of court of public opinionWired takes a lot of words to tell Twitter is jumping into Flurry's business model - http://t.co/w8mc6E6CpKDang @comcast, 30 minutes on hold to get an appointment scheduled?Any metrics your team measures will go up over time. This means one of your most important jobs as a PM is to choose the right metrics
Hamburger menus considered harmful - Apple http://t.co/3r5OTDnqa0 #iosdev #programming
@MITorres @OmarShahine tell Jeff this is lame http://t.co/2kMiE8ypX1@marcoarment @monkbent OAuth prevents random apps collecting credentials for your service and reduces attack surface area@monkbent @marcoarment Snapchat doesn't have a public API. No service, Snapchat included can tell if their API being accessed by spoofed app@monkbent @marcoarment SnapSaved was a website so, no they didn't. They need App Store takedowns for apps that reverse engineered their API@monkbent @marcoarment what does HTTP basic auth have to do with Snapchat & SnapSaved?The name for what @pmarca describes here is 'cronyism,' not 'meritocracy' http://t.co/ACkFUjIrN9 (via @rustyk5) http://t.co/UmSBDhvWp9
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Irony of GamerGate is that by harassing @femfreq they've made her a national celebrity instead of niche video blog http://t.co/B6JyiRbd0RSnapchat will evolve product to be more ad friendly. Expect profiles to improve ad targeting and inline news feed. Current offering a joke@tdaxp every response you've written evoking GG is full of logical fallacies and false equivalences. It hurts my head http://t.co/9RjZe2JucLSnapchat launches untargeted brand ads that u have to click to view? There's gotta be more to justify $10B valuation http://t.co/ifgoO6pGqW
@tdaxp most people don't think of themselves as bad, no matter how despicable their actions there's always someone worse ๐Ÿ˜ŠIf you think social justice warrior an insult, you might as well wear a uniform with skull insignia cuz u the bad guy http://t.co/42dev8BhTUBing Ads delivers better ROI for advertisers than AdWords or Facebook ads according to independent data from Adobe - http://t.co/rvk2XCUTRSSign of the times: Charles Petzold leaves MSDN Magazine to become programmer/writer at #Xamarin - http://t.co/K4ce7KrfUe #crossplatformWhisper bragged to journalists about how they track users to sign a deal only for it to get published? - http://t.co/Ql89fyJ2yT #oops
@fmanjoo what ethical lapses do they oppose that aren't fabrication or dressed up misogyny?I can now officially de-un-tweet this: It's true. So excited. #Darkness #NoParents http://t.co/4x2PWDm7AI
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoUnfortunately @RWW continues to not understand the SnapSaved hack and thinks a public API is a panacea http://t.co/nj3fyRofXO #DRMdoesntWorkTERRORISM ISN'T BLOWING THINGS UP. IT'S USING THE FEAR OF VIOLENCE TO COW US AND CONTROL OUR ACTIONS. http://t.co/piK9w1cqNC
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoBing Ads Showing Twitter Followers In Ads http://t.co/6QuPgL01th h/t @jenstar
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoGun laws protect men threatening women http://t.co/XlAA9KLxrq Gun laws won't protect women threatened by men http://t.co/vdVzmSd8Dz
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo3rd-Party Campaign Management Platforms: A Secret To Search Ads Success http://t.co/d9C8bpjnDt
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Heartbleed, shellsock, POODLE? At this point I can't trust any vulnerability disclosure that doesn't have a cute brand name."The Future Of The Culture Wars Is Here, And It's Gamergate" Must-read. http://t.co/Ul8dKVsePz
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoWe're looking at the YouTube notices ASAP. It is NOT the intent to target great content!
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@pierosierra 1st tweet in 2 years? I guess it was worth the waitI thought @Snapchat should be blamed for misleading users into thinking their photos couldn't be saved.until I read http://t.co/h1vBsCE7ORGreat tech talk from @square advocating against #android fragments for building apps due to complexity - http://t.co/YmSHW97uUe #AndroidDevTop 5 Takeaways From The Big Bing Ads Session @SMX East http://t.co/uhgG1a4fcr
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@sriramk I asked @pierosierra about this on Facebook.Skype Qik iPhone: https://t.co/iQ4jMXEbzr Skype Qik Android: https://t.co/A7OkbSOzEO Skype Qik Windows Phone: http://t.co/agyNrSvGqZ
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoNew ephemeral video messaging app from Microsoft; Skype Qik for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone - http://t.co/GQIwzr1CC9 โ€ฆ
Samsung Schadenfreude And The Fall Of The Church Of Market Share - http://t.co/FkmD4ctuFa <= epic post on how wrong pundits were on Apple@owenthomas @sriramk @gotwalt @joshelman I'm done feeding your trolling. I mistook you for a journalist, forgot who I was talking to.@owenthomas @sriramk @gotwalt @joshelman you clearly dont understand the technology and just want to bash Snapchat.I regret engaging in this@sriramk @gotwalt @owenthomas @joshelman all Snapchat API reverse engineering has been based on decompiling the binary@owenthomas @gotwalt @joshelman "Can SSL pinning be bypassed by cracking the app?Yes it can" <-guess it doesn't help protecting Snapchat API@owenthomas @gotwalt @joshelman LOL. The very 1st FAQ question on that post confirms you have no idea what you are talking about@sriramk @joshelman that's the primary issue. Secondary is that @owenthomas thinks there is some technical way to keep the promise.@owenthomas @joshelman at this point it sounds like u r willfully misunderstanding the problem to blame Snapchat. Go ahead and enjoy urself@owenthomas @joshelman that is a misconception. There is no technical way to prevent a rogue app from pretending it's the Snapchat app.@owenthomas @joshelman there's nothing technologically Snapchat can do about it.They can sic lawyers on devs is all. It's DRM all over again@owenthomas @joshelman 3rd parties can reverse engineer any API that runs on devices they own. Blame Snapchat for implying photos unsaveable@owenthomas @joshelman you're picking on Snapchat because blaming big companies is more newsworthy than blaming users or 3rd part devs@owenthomas @joshelman an official API for saving photos is against Snapchat's use case and would never happen. SnapSaved would still exist@owenthomas @joshelman what's asked in article is impossible. Snapchat cannot prevent saving photos, if it can be viewed it can be savedsomeone should let @verge know it is technically impossible to secure a protocol when app runs on the user's device http://t.co/axEfGmHvzB@owenthomas @RWW the victims are the people whose photos were leaked who SENT them to people using http://t.co/Ed1hEO82Tc behind their backs
Impressive how @RWW got the headline and story wrong on http://t.co/czJ48UAmnB - the victims didn't use 3rd party apps, the recipients did
Brilliant essay about NPCs in modern video games which made me want to play Shadow of Mordor a lot - http://t.co/ikklF9zza4If you want a concise, accurate summary of what's happened to me in the last 48 hours, here you go. http://t.co/7MiEHv1DlU
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@monkbent it's like Putin's continued insistence there aren't Russian troops in UkraineYou can't honestly claim to have built a better product than your competition if you don't use their product regularly
Funny to think Google invests in wild ideas like self-driving cars & balloon Internet but even they thought being an Android OEM was crazyMy amazing friend @Geniasaurus's take on #karmageddon (can we make this hashtag a thing please) http://t.co/SUoQ8zeRZK
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Need to see what's included in the Bing Ads .NET SDK? Here you go: http://t.co/pVszCqkRtW - o & fyi, it's the Bulk API, OAuth, SOAP Svcs
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoThe web comes full circle. @imgur to convert animated GIFs to video files to improve load times http://t.co/8SV7GLo2iyKnowledge is knowing Frankenstein is not the Monster. Wisdom is knowing Frankenstein is the monster.
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Introducing the Bing Ads SDK http://t.co/eYFs3ZQAFf #sem #developers
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoKathy Sierra explains why she left Twitter. A damning indictment of the tech industry's tolerance of misogyny - http://t.co/GZBbZH30hHBing Ads is Listening to You - http://t.co/YtnEAoS4zz@darealevanmanes @BingAds can you contact me DAREO at Microsoft if you're still seeing problems?
@sriramk asshole VC pushing out a nice co-founder is literally the opposite of @sarahcuda's article #literallySilicon Valley asshole role call. An amazing rant by @sarahcuda about the rise of jerks as founders - http://t.co/RF5WEdYK10 #uber #snapchat@LunaticSX @BenedictEvans @gruber it seems you are intent on missing the point. Have a nice day. ๐Ÿ˜Š@LunaticSX @BenedictEvans @gruber Apple dictated the experience of the original YouTube & Maps apps that were backed by Google services@LunaticSX @BenedictEvans @gruber Easy example,Apple's YouTube app played audio in background while Google's does not so you have to see ads
@LunaticSX @BenedictEvans @gruber Apple wouldn't have needed to cut them off. Just dictated terms to improve UX that would have hurt GOOGHates stick figure family stickers on SUVs, has twice as many as average to let us know #whenhatemeanslove http://t.co/p6Lam8YBvjBillionaire: I'd like to do something about crime. Butler: Being poor, I've got some great ideas-- Billionaire: I want to dress as a bat.
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoOfficial Twitter app is now showing an ad every 10 tweets just like Facebook. Any recommendations for a less obnoxious experience?
@ckindel you do realize you are literally in the 1% right?@tdaxp amused you realize you've been trolling me all morning. Have a nice weekend. ๐Ÿ˜Š@tdaxp while the most unsophisticated are hyper-misogyny bordering on hate crime.@tdaxp you're boring me. Even the most sophisticated #GamerGate arguments boil down to maintaining status quo tinged with misogyny #yay #sjw@tdaxp using "social justice warrior" as a pejorative term is a signal one is likely on the wrong side of any discussion on equality ๐Ÿ˜Š@tdaxp @gamasutra actions have consequences. #GamerGate harassing women and publications should expect some pushback.Linux kernel hacker stops fixing x86 bugs in return for Intel pulling advertising on @gamasutra due to #GamerGate - http://t.co/LHfht2zsN6
Childish Gambino makes music for people who really want to relate to Tyler the Creator, but have a great relationship with their father.
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Appearing innovative is never as important as giving customers what they want, regardless of how boring it seems. #realtalkQuestion on @reddit: How much code checks if(version.StartsWith("Windows 9") ? Answer: This Much https://t.co/nkyo0oW50v #programmingDisgusted by how much glee @TechCrunch takes in reporting layoffs at @Rovio. Games has always been a tough business - http://t.co/VIgatNYsfm
Learn how to succeed, get more reach from Bing Ads @3:30 with @c0rk @rebekahtweet @JacobHoopes #smx
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@timothyjjensen @BingAds it doesn't today. Thanks for the feedback that it should.
@BenedictEvans I'm quite sure it has worked http://t.co/CqqZguUs8riOS 8 bugs today; clicking address from Spotlight search crashes Maps,couldnt answer a call & Mail registers touch on wrong msg #QAisLostArt25 reasons to use Bing Ads now if you aren't already - http://t.co/6tCrDeaLp6 #ppc #sem@Simple_Web_Site how did Bing Ads fail to work for you?
I agree with @pmarca that tech companies are still more nerd culture than bro culture. Unfortunately both cultures suck at inclusivenessCity cuts traffic from brewer's trucks with underground beer pipeline. #thebeermustflow http://t.co/esN6K7JfzIWith enough eyes all bugs are shallow becomes with enough eyes everyone's a critic - https://t.co/PEQjRFB4kl #shellshock #respect #rms
A sad reminder that FourSquare squandered its potential http://t.co/D6UdGTeeNe
Apple kicks off their controversial plan to leak the name of every dev who checks in a bug and tester who missed it - http://t.co/ytqwDDxxPjApple under wants to be the first major fashion + electronics company. Which is why they bought Beats,hired Burberry CEO & make gold watches
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