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Chuck Todd @chucktodd Washington, DC

Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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Group called Revive America raising money by citing rumors Obama will "begin importing Ebola-infected West Afticans" http://t.co/4xIUQeg8EdWanna get smarter about the IA Senate race? Here's @chucktodd takeaways from talking to voters there #WhereIsChuck http://t.co/6d06TFGcEA
Retweeted by Chuck ToddListen to @meetthepress @chucktodd while you're on the go Sundays at 3pm on @WNEW 99.1FM
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@DemonRB @gwenifill was wearing it@gwenifill it was on! Blended into jacket@DanKohlenberg my driving companion swears it was yellow
@bolsingerbobo coulda said hi!@inspired2013 later in the day. Overnighting in Milwaukee tho@Daverosenb u would think but I have DirecTV and guess who doesn't have a deal with watch ESPN@waunaruss why do u think we are not making good time! The fog@FrankLynchBkln did am radio for World Series game 2 last night on drive from Kansas City to Ames. Short wave we have been better!#Canes recover the onside. #UM will win for the first time in Blacksburg since 2005. This is Al's best win thus far
Retweeted by Chuck ToddReminder: the Virginia Tech team that was dump trucked by Miami and is 1-3 in the ACC won by two TDs in the Horseshoe.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddStanding ovation for the Hurricane Defense, kept VT scoreless for 58.5 minutes. @Verizon Final Stat.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNice win by #theU Yes, I know VT is not VT this year, but spanking them at their house at night is not easy. Maybe a stepping stone gameBtw, had to "watch" the Canes via GameCast since we're still on the road between Iowa and Milwaukee for #meethevotersThank you @chucktodd for a great chat for #roskeonpolitics during his stop in Iowa @DMRegister #WhereIsChuck http://t.co/G9k6ZAgNaY
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCheck out @chucktodd live frm a moving RV on @mitchellreports http://t.co/bZDZU1etkZ late David Bloom wld love that shot #WhereIsChuck
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@FAIRmediawatch that could not be more out of context@stevesingiser @politicalwire and robo poll xtabs regularly make me question overall result. But story itself has been a surprise@chucktodd @politicalwire : Read the details, guys. Sample limited to those "closely following" story. SUSA had Kitz +13 **yesterday**.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@mikesbadtweets it is true for me. Stop trying to categorize everyone.@politicalwire now THIS is an October Surprise@JazzShaw @dailyrundown it's an RV. Or what Bill Murray might call and urban assault vehicle@mikesbadtweets I said being used in any political ad made me ill. No journalist wants to be used in a campaign ad. Regardless of partySo just go ahead and follow the #WhereIsChuck team: @frankthorpNBC, @newmediajim, @DAatNBC, @mattmrivera, @realmanrealtalk & @chucktodd.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd1.2m early votes, self-funding and deadlocked polls. The day that was in FL gov's race http://t.co/8x9kpVjSAX
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAs @conncarroll and @WilliamBeutler will find, the Cap-Times feature feels like a nice homage to an old Hotline productMadison Cap-Times has regular feature on what bloggers, left and right are writing about daily. http://t.co/Zm1bX1rHSk cc: @conncarroll@SuzanneGronski Ames right now. Then Des Moines mid day. Waterloo in the evening.@linkiowa @TimAlbrechtIA 1. Still own that chevy. 2. NBC wanted me to use it for this. Not sure it would have made it@DrGianRico @Morning_Joe agree. Dems borrowing from 2010 GOP playbook.After Day 1 of @meetthepress 'Meet the Voters' series, check out @chucktodd 's 3 takeaways from Kansas #whereischuck http://t.co/IujESYjxGO
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhat I took away from #meetthevoters on Day 1 in Kansas. Orman hit a wall? KS GOPers ready to oust multiple GOPers? http://t.co/nhOMB71pRROn Channel 13's The Insiders this Sunday: @AppelforIowa @BruceBraley @chucktodd See you then
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@EurekasDad @DAatNBC @meetthepress an RV!Stopping for gas in Bethany Missouri at 1030p enroute to Iowa. ... And yes @chucktodd pumped the gas #WhereIsChuck http://t.co/vPPpXlAZVE
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe 2nd day of the "Meet the Voters" road trip w/ @chucktodd rolls into IA Thurs. Share sightings w/ #WhereIsChuck http://t.co/RlyJaRpkY3
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJust finished our last pit stop of the night in Bethany, MO. Next stop: Ames, IA. #meetthevoters@coleman_laurie tempted. Definitely will soak in some pre game. But from Kansas. It is on to Iowa@Jacob_Anstey doneWe are definitely in that mode of a campaign cycle where every day feels like a week. Developments coming and going that quicklyIOS 8.1 update? Anybody reporting issues with it or is a clean upgrade?How many ways can the White House misidentify Bruce Braley? #iasen http://t.co/V2NoQ1vxEJ
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIf it's Wednesday, it's Kansas. See you on the road. Could this be the state that expresses the "pox on both your houses" mindset?
@SuzanneGronski not yet. TomorrowTrying to understand the volatility of NH's 1st district via @Dchinni https://t.co/5WHG3mPog9First world issues RT @dubois: In 2014, "Americans will spend $350 million just on pet Halloween costumes." http://t.co/DKDdA3plP7As if the US foreign policy challenges that we know of aren't enough. More tension with Russia ahead? http://t.co/zPl9NF99VIPost ISIS and Assad, will there need to be new borders for Iraq and Syria? Maybe even a third or 4th country? http://t.co/bPtxb5O25j@chucktodd was just in purple at New Hampshire to see if four female incumbents can stave off national trend. http://t.co/PNYNrO63yW
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI'm hitting 8 states in next 10 days starting in NH today. Then off to KS IA and WI where I'll meet up with our "Meet the Voters" RV.If you are looking for one state to test whether natl climate trumps all, then look to New Hampshire. No state has swung more in last decade
@JPBarlow @instapundit it is specifically the local affiliate conglomerates. Scripps Gannett etc. national nets don't own enough affilsWill Ebola Fade From the Campaign Trail? http://t.co/jwbMGKwCU7
Retweeted by Chuck ToddA House Divided: Political Polarization Is Here to Stay http://t.co/r4TI8XUZ86
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This song with the "memories for centuries" line. Did a memo go out to every sports TV division that it shd be used to hype games? Too much@KPhed @JeffreyGoldberg anything funnier won't get past my censors!@JeffreyGoldberg most voters think that's what is always going on in Washington@CLBCMPROFIT I am! Final week of OctoberAnd our panel: @murphymike, @mkraju, @mitchellreports & @stefcutter. @meetthepressAlso @williegeist joins us w/a look at 3 colorful men trying to make political comebacks: @larrypressler, @cianciformayor & @EdwinWEdwards.We’ll address the politics of the American Ebola response with Senators @RoyBlunt & @SenBobCasey. #MTPSummitWe also talk to the Head of the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response @UNBanbury who is currently in Ghana. #MTPSummitFor our Ebola summit we’ll get an update w/ Dr. Fauci of @NIH & 2 experts will answer q’s: @Laurie_Garrett & Dr. Kellen of @hopkinsmedicine
@Daniel_Coble And Bayh STILL has that money@MikeDiGiuro Yeah, thought about that too...Alabama is playing Texas A&M right? Not some offshoot like Texas A&M-Commerce or something? Wow@SHROCKHALL if goal is to thin the wallet or dump it altogether. can use Apps for credit cards... so how about full elimin of wallet@WClark840WHAS fair point@Daniel_Coble no, when taking the boy to flag football practice, I remembered phone, not wallet. And I pondered the idea thenTo my tech-savvy followers: any state develop a driver's license app? One less thing to carry in a wallet if you can have your DL on phone@at100 I'd argue, no win situation for media NOW... agree on some of the hype issue; job for MTP is to focus on factsAn extensive Sunday #MTP preview on my Facebook. An Ebola Summit. https://t.co/Eaow9dBLalGood and sad #flgov primer http://t.co/uUroGc5PzW @MichaelCBenderAlso on #unscripted: the @AnnCompton exit interview. SiriusXM POTUS Ch 124Time to go #unscripted on SiriusXM POTUS Ch 124. What if there is an actual third Senate caucus of indies? Also, best House races of 2014
@TreLo1312 agree. Gender balance is a priority for us.@TreLo1312 I'd trade jobs with him in a heartbeat!@TreLo1312 was not trying to be sarcastic. Sorry. Just meant that the court bans shd get more coverage. Will perhaps end this fight for now@TreLo1312 ah. Found q. Sorry. I think the court fights need more coverage.@TreLo1312 I missed your second part.@TreLo1312 courts are taking care of this non problem@TreLo1312 I think it gets quite a bit. But I take it you want more. Will be a renewed focus in January I think@TreLo1312 happy to answer a serious version of it@RosalieDech I enjoyed it. Amusing to me how TPM only focused on trolls with it. Weird focus for them.@dubois can't expect folks to come on the show and answer tough questions if I'm not willingDr. Paul Broun is 1st member of Congress to put his name on an Ebola fundraising email. he did it on behalf of the Conservative Action FundCome on over to Facebook... Doing a Q&A. https://t.co/WEnGTD3Rdv@juliannagoldman yup.@chucktodd Similar to bringing in Jeff Zients to run the ACA site fixes last year. This is a management issue.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMichigan consumer sentiment index RISES to 86.4, highest in over 7 years. Good for you America, looking past noise. http://t.co/miA1kO6pX6
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAnd the appointment of Klain means the WH views their perception problem is due to organizational issues not anything else.That's the goal. Debunking myths with real experts. RT @WarrenSapp: @chucktodd help educate Us this Sunday please!!But is Klain going to be public face as well for this new Ebola "czar"? That may be an open question. Not having a medical resume hinders?Ron Klain is viewed inside the WH has one of the more knowledgeable former aides who understands wrestling and organizing bureaucracies.
What everybody in Washington knows but many GOP candidates won't say, the ACA won't be repealed and Cong GOP leaders are tired of tryingShould Americans have to show photo ID in order to vote? Two experts - three minutes http://t.co/OHZu4pbl1V #MakeTheCase presented by GE
Retweeted by Chuck Todd"Taking a page from Obama's 2012 playbook, Democrats have found a winning message in a dismal political environment." http://t.co/rsi5LywJfp
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNew #FactChecker: Mitch McConnell's puzzling comments on insurance in Kentucky, post-Obamacare. http://t.co/gHVwP2oPe6
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