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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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Effort to blunt Arizona marijuana vote likely too late http://t.co/cM6on3GOh2 http://t.co/pBA7xypYwo
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@TheHootyman thought it was worth noting that the WH name dropped her on it. Doesn't make it true but that's who they hung this on@morningmoneyben struck me as result of policy staffer searching for every large untaxed column they could find simply to make math workThe crazy thing is that the White House ever thought taxing 529 plans was a good idea or politically viable in the first place.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThat was fast. WH retracts idea of taxing 529 withdrawals. Says they pulled it after Pelosi lobbied them.Miami higher ceiling, GW higher floor RT @chucktodd: I have split college hoops allegiance, Miami and GW... which team has higher ceiling
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@Lilliputian818 my email is everywhere. that's why Bill Gates or Steve Jobs invented the junk folder, right?@isorude_mark try it now!@ByChrisJenkins my geo spatial-ness gets more spatially after a few beers@SethDavisHoops I have split college hoops allegiance, Miami and GW... both look like tourney teams, which team has higher ceiling@richgalen there's a talking head joke in here that I'll avoid makingBTW, are we now supposed to refer to all remote control airplanes that we buy as "drones"?No drinking and droning... http://t.co/FJffIy2qkhA booking P.R. pitch I just received. Seems rather obvious, no? http://t.co/ZW1oTNlxGwGood read: RT @haaretzcom: Best Foes Forever: What really divides Obama and Netanyahu http://t.co/7Z4L1ifQqi http://t.co/bBWOCXf5t8@SalenaZitoTrib @SeanTrende he's probably elected as a GOPer in 2010. So you believe he would have switched parties or not be in Senate?@SeanTrende would Charlie Crist still be a Republican Senator from Florida under this scenario?Resolved: Marco Rubio would be unstoppable for the Republican nomination if he'd run for governor in 2010, rather than Senate. Discuss.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTempers Flare at Benghazi Committee Hearing http://t.co/gTunlUjyP7
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOf all the 2016 contenders who were here for #IAFreedomSummit, only @RickSantorum is still in Iowa. @joshhafner is with him on day 5 of 5.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@ron_fournier @PatrickMakaveli @dycecomms the amount is always going to go up... transparency is always the real issue@ron_fournier the potential beauty of the forced advertising disclosure, I think some private big donors would self-limit their spendingI'd add an advertising disclosure requirement that would force candidates/parties to NAME largest donors (say over $100K) on each ad.@ron_fournier argues (I think correctly) that unlimited donations with IMMEDIATE disclosure might be only realistic camp reform right nowThe fierce urgency of accountability -- a new campaign finance system http://t.co/ojPHAZNshX
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe $889M is also more than: -- what RNC/NRCC/NRSC spent in '12 ($675M) -- what entire Dem Party spent in '04 ($817M) http://t.co/iV7wDB9QEP
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Pioneering radio and TV host Joe Franklin has died at age 88 http://t.co/fFC5DCvgde http://t.co/DafiQiR5qs
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDenver, sorry that your football season is over but @meetthepress is back on @9newskusa at 9a. I'll talk to the WH Chief of Staff & @kaj33.And our Sunday @meetthepress #NerdScreen: why bending the rules is more commonplace in sports than you might think.Our @meetthepress panel: @tombrokaw, @HeleneCooper, @hughhewitt and @MayorSRB will discuss foreign policy, 2016 and, of course, Deflategate..@KellyO, who join us with a live report from Des Moines after covering the #IowaFreedomSummit yesterday. #MTP.@RichardEngel takes us inside ISIS with a man who was held captive by the terrorist group. #MTPBasketball icon @kaj33 is in the @meetthepress studio to discuss religion, race and integrity in sports. http://t.co/SyW1zXxJ9EAlso @govmikehuckabee will join @meetthepress after speaking at #IowaFreedomSummit last night. Will he or won’t he? http://t.co/LObDuuBgwGTdy on @meetthepress: @whitehouse COS Denis McDonough. Big q's for him: the Yemen, relations with Israel and taxes. http://t.co/O3f2VsniJ3
Your Saturday night @meetthepress preview. This week's motto: Let's play 2.. or in this case, let's go TWO hours. https://t.co/R45T77jt4B@WalterZaykowski @rorycooper ok. Fair enough. Just sharing my experience@chucktodd Not for nothing, but "My Cousin Vinny" is airing on Starz right now ...
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhat time is today's awkward Tom Brady second press conference?@HowardKurtz you need him on that wall. #codedeflatedredEvery time my low tire pressure light has gone on. Driving for a while has never turned it off. Only putting air in the tire did.Wow. A "my cousin vinny" reference. Could break Twitter. #twodeflatedyutesOnly thing missing from this presser: "the glove didn't fit"
@mckaycoppins you do realize, Rubio 2016 can happen without him running for president. It's called re-electionThank you Daniel Weiner BrennanCenter for coming on #tweetthepress. Check out Daniel's latest Citizens United report. http://t.co/2IEgERm1ol.@BrennanCenter you ain't seen nothing yet. #tweetthepressLast q, @BrennanCenter, is John McCain ultimately right, the next set of reforms won't happen until there is a big scandal? #tweetthepress.@BrennanCenter chicken and egg... the more money available, the more things cost. #TweetThePressFor instance, @BrennanCenter, last line of TV ad would include, "I approved this ad paid for by Jane Doe, John Smith etc,,," #TweetThePress.@BrennanCenter What about unlimited contributions but disclosure requirement on EVERY TV AD for any #100k+ donors? #TweetThePress.@BrennanCenter But look at what happened to prez public funding system. When Obama went around it in 08, effectively ended. #tweetthepress.@BrennanCenter how do you sell public financing in cynical age? Killing legis seems easy...YOUR tax dollars for TV ads? #TweetThePress.@BrennanCenter Wasn't Mitch McConnell's counter to McCain-Feingold focused on higher limits, instant disclosure? Step 1? #tweetthepress.@BrennanCenter so what's the best reform in your mind under the current set of rules to limit the influence of Big Money? #tweetthepress.@BrennanCenter ok, but NOW candidates SIMULTANEOUSLY open reg acct & SuperPAC. Are SuperPAC donors less influential? #TweetThePress.@BrennanCenter What's the point of having indv limits for campaigns in the era of SuperPACs and the unlimited money world. #TweetThePress.@BrennanCenter not to belabor this, but indvs had a few limited vehicles to make unlimited contributions for years... no? #tweetthepress.@BrennanCenter Citizens United was about corporate spending, but the result has been a boon in INDV spending. Why? #tweetthepressDaniel, let's start with debunking one myth, Citizens United didn't INVENT SuperPACs, right? Simply a lawyer's invention? #tweetthepressIf it's Friday...it's #tweetthepress Talking money in politics & 5th anniversary of Citizens United w/Daniel Weiner @brennancenter #ff nowBroadcasting from DC today, joining @chucktodd on @meetthepress panel Sunday.
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@morningmoneyben and u think that message will resonate in twitter?Kudos to Calais Campbell, gives $1.6M to #theU. Miami may have fewer boosters than state schools but ex players give! http://t.co/B88PaT0HV0@BrianFaughnan phone call vs public speech. I'd argue it is.@richeisen MTP has pressure. But not like being a coach of a NY/NJ team! No thank you.To have a foreign leader, who is an American ally, make the case to Congress to vote against the president's wishes. Feels unprecedented.Genuine anger developing between Congress and WH over Iran. Boehner invite to Netanyahu to address congress caught WH off guard.Paul Ryan sounds like someone who wants to do big deal on taxes. He had as much praise as he did criticism for SOTU on @Morning_Joe
@BDayspring sorta how Dolphins fans feel about nick Saban but with feeling@BDayspring you know what bill Belichick's response was? What happened on ball 12?@LizMair nice retort. Kudos@WaldoWilbur touché@gordonsolie who is giving this year's State of the U?So is this Patriots allegation a trial balloon? Accusations overblown? Should we all get a grip? We inflating the importance of this?@walsh_mj16 if the show were tomorrow.@jon_d_berry @brianstelter you can't play grammar police on Twitter!@jonlovett you just had to have the last punchline.@jonlovett Icarus has one too?Can't keep up with all the SOTU video responses. Guessing some aggregator will mash it up for us soon?@brianstelter the biggest flaw in polling speech watchers for an SOTU. Supporters more likely to tune in than opponents. Caveat itEd Schultz mixes Ernst's castrating pigs thing w/the ole "lipstick on a pig" phrase. We need to leave this poor pig alone!
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPOTUS will march with @repjohnlewis at the 50th anniversary of the Selma marches
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPOTUS talk about breaking gridlock is commendable. But public will judge on actions, not happy talk. How does everyone change their ways?The "I won both of them" joke might have played better IN THE chamber than ON TVDuring the election, we found gridlock and polarization were as important if not MORE important than even jobs for some peopleThat "Newtown" reference is about as close to a mention of the gun issue as you'll hear in SOTU tonight@beatpharm @MHartkop @kristindonnelly some are simply Teddy Roosevelt AmericansI believe the most POTUS spent during a SOTU to talk about the polarization problem is this one.POTUS on GITMO: "I will not relent in my determination to shut it down." A way to sound determined without being declarativeWill wait for numerous word cloud/data sites to confirm, but appears POTUS is giving Climate Change more attn than all but 3 or 4 issuesPOTUS believes the Russian economic crisis is proof his way of confronting Putin is working. Explains why he needled unnamed Cong. criticsPOTUS making a vigorous defense of his national security policy. He gets his back up more on this than other disputes with Cong GOPersAnd now the laundry list portion of the SOTU... he's moving through issues very fast.Did more GOPers just clap for trade promotion than Dems in the hall? ProbablyAnd now the second big item in his speech that can pass this Congress: fast track trade authority.So far, the extra child care tax credit proposal is probably the only item touted so far that could pass this CongressA special #sotu preview webcast on http://t.co/9CT1P52ovi right now.@NBCNews' Facebook Q&A is live w/ @chucktodd, @mitchellreports, @kellyo, @ChrisJansing, @kwelkernbc & @richardengel https://t.co/LIo0lYwUV5
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@KenShepherd gushes is your word which bias' your report btw. I'm simply passing on facts from our survey.4 issues where 50%+ of both Dems&GOPers called it 2015 priority: 1 jobs 2 defeating ISIS 3 deficit 4 reform Soc/Sec/Medicare #nbcpolitics
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