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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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I am in tears. RT @IlyaYashin Немцова застрелили. Он мертв.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSr R source says many of R's who voted on failed #DHS bill are "super-mad" at R colleagues who voted no, hanging them out to dry.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSenate just passed, without warning, a 1-week DHS funding stop-gap measure by voice vote.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@morningmoneyben nobody in Washington knows how to declare victory anymore. It boggles the mindIf someone sets up Kickstarter..I'll put in for Homeland Security..
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIf I were antiamnesty GOP Rep I'd worry abt shutdown. I wouldn't want 2 approve Sen. full-fund bill. Why not vote 4 Boehner's short-term CR?
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe liberation of Mosul has been rescheduled. http://t.co/KM5tWrIlJi
Retweeted by Chuck ToddGiven the need to keep DHS funded, does WH lobby House Dems on a second vote now that they sent their message?Options: Pass Senate Bill. Weekend CR. Shut it down.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddYou can say that 172 Dems just voted against a bill that the president said he would sign, yes. But the majority runs the House. Always.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@tonyconig you haven't a clue about my politics.@IToldYouMonsoon I understand your critique but this was the tool the GOP chose to use.Can't help but look at this vote as a rebuke of the GOP leadership. Boehner was only looking for 3 weeks and 20% of the Conf boltedSince the 1940s RT @politicalwire: The biggest GOP majority in how many years still can't pass a bill?
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMy gut is on the Schiavo issue, it will be more of a problem with some in a general than it will be an asset on the right in a primary.@BrianDelburn @adamsmithtimes I know there's a difference but some in the base believe there isn't a differenceDo no harm... was the @JebBush goal and sure appears he accomplished that. It's all about escaping pariah status with the right.A "path to legal status" -- appears to be a phrase by Jeb to get out of the "path to citizenship" boxJust me or does @JebBush seem a tad nervous?@indiesarah @nmcucchiara @meetthepress @packers FTWAt 2016 Convention, Duck Dynasty guy will speak to an empty chair before introducing nominee Rand Paul
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@chucktodd doesn't see blue and black OR white and gold. He sees blue and gold....current debate going on in @meetthepress office #TheDress
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWatch Gene Shalit Interview Leonard Nimoy in 1976 http://t.co/xX2p2TQBlS http://t.co/Z2T8exfSyA
Retweeted by Chuck Todd"And yet it should be noted that in the midst of our sorrow, this death takes place in the shadow of new life." RIP Leonard NimoyThank you @SmartPolitics for chart about oldest elected FIRST term sens http://t.co/y9fZOlYCx5 //@CookPolitical @kenrudin and I r gratefulExcuse me, that was NOT the "most important of our lifetime"?Have we ever had a presidential election that was the "most important of our lifetimes"?Actually, it is stunning how NY/NJ have a majority on SCOTUS. http://t.co/6qD84j24A2 #americansforgeographicdiversityScalia notes the lack of geographic diversity of SCOTUS. Notes 4 NYC boroughs are represented though. http://t.co/lSLp3tcVJA
We sent our team to Nebraska and South Dakota to talk to the folks actually impacted by Keystone. https://t.co/yh3ewpMdy5Is this really that hard of a decision for Senate Dems? Lot of over-thinking. No one says you have to clap if you go http://t.co/xLKNi8AklsStrickland, Sestak and Feingold are all good Dem sen recruits. But couple these w/Clinton and 2016 Dems risk looking like party of the past
#NerdScreen: The Entertainment Bubbles http://t.co/F9Ni8ZNUOB
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@ananavarro totally agree. One of my frustrations: how hard it is to get folks in both elected world and media world to focus on LatAm
Florida man's obituary lists cause of death as "uppercut from Batman" http://t.co/W39mzxVFuh http://t.co/EYrhBpkp7t
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTraffic Alert: Chain Bridge has reopened after a water main break on Rte. 123 in Arlington County
Retweeted by Chuck ToddImportant fact check from my interview last week with VA Sec. McDonald. Not as many firings as he claimed. http://t.co/ThFljq0EWC@theharryshearer my favorite party is the "none of the above" choice in Nevada!@betsylebeau I doThe Richard engel brief history & update on ISIS on @meetthepress is FANTASTIC!
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBasically, there's a lake of melted snow at the bottom of the VA side of the Chain Bridge.Local traffic alert. Arlington police shutting down VA side of the Chain Bridge. DC side open but you can't cross, will have to turn back@amybwang @NBCNewsPR it aired during the Corker interview.@amybwang @NBCNewsPR sure did. Featured an excerptAnd @CynthiaMcFadden went behind the scenes with @houseofcards star @kevinspacey and got #MTP an exclusive look at Season 3.Also on @meetthepress, I’ll have an exclusive look @SavannahGuthrie's @TODAYshow interview with Kayla Mueller’s parents. #MTPAnd who is your favorite fictional President? Our @meetthepress panel shares their picks. Here’s a hint about mine: http://t.co/AMFZPzOz9c50 yrs later, where do we stand on the Voting Rights Act? @Sifill_LDF & @RepCharlieDent join #MTP for a deep dive. http://t.co/9u465Cbc3eAnd @SenBobCorker, just back from a Middle East trip will discuss the state of the fight against ISIS on @meetthepress.The Mall of America threatened. DHS funding set to expire. I sit down with Sec. of @DHSgov Jeh Johnson. http://t.co/wG6ZB8ILjO #MTPToday’s @meetthepress panel: Robert Gibbs, @MJGerson, @NiaWaPo and @amyewalter.I’ll be joined on @meetthepress by @gcaw, who made news this week with his piece: “What ISIS Really Wants.” http://t.co/BSw0aidkTRFmr. Gov. Haley Barbour joins me to discuss former Mayor Giuliani’s comments abt the president & the GOP’s reax. #MTP http://t.co/hXWs893duMTdy on @meetthepress: A War of Words: Controversy about how the POTUS talks abt ISIS & Giuliani's divisive comments. http://t.co/KxMbeDlnvR
A month ago, my two fave schools both looked like sure NCAA tourney teams. Now, both bubbley at best. #RaiseHigh #GoCanesIf it's Saturday... your @meetthepress preview is here. Chime in. https://t.co/YyqGNreaPU@mslacat the alternative political org that the Obama team created out of the 08 campaign. Never invested in DNC@_N0TCH_ i think you are right... major party orgs are shells of their former selves... Which is a bad thing if you want transparent elex@chucktodd RNC & DNC are done. PAC $ is much easier to be sleazy with
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMeanwhile, is Scott Walker trying to redefine the phrase "unforced error"? http://t.co/MACvfiCsRtJust read summary of DNC task force on what went wrong for them. Didn't say much. And it avoided biggest issue: How OFA gutted the DNC@jmillstead G.W. and the Canes come first. Then, yes, thanks to my late father-in-law, we cheer for the #VilleOnly emergency vehicles should be on the road right now. Please stay home.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@mortonie so true@chucktodd So many almosts this season.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHuge loss for Miami re: NCAA tourney. Not sure how they let that one get away. Still time to re inflate the bubble. #GoCanesA 35min drive from #Arlington to #Fairfax just took 1hr30min via #I66. Lots of cars skidding out! @nbcwashington http://t.co/8MJh0KReWN
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@ron_fournier on why words matter http://t.co/eqyFHDd4NU@richgalen this feels like a great local TV news tease. "The hidden terrorist threat on your kitchen counter. More at 11!"@chucktodd @brannonmc if you claim rights on the movie "Birdhood," that's a sure-fire Oscar winner.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAnd I keep doing this, it is "BirdMAN!" Still triggers the hum! RT @brannonmc: @chucktodd is there a movie called Birdland?Every time I read about the movie "Birdland," this is what I start humming. #happyjazz https://t.co/sZw0g5jH0hWould you get your phone if you dropped it in a toilet? 1995 - No way 2015 - Head first without even thinking
Retweeted by Chuck Todd
You said you couldn't wait... so The English Spy is coming two weeks EARLY just in time for a thrilling July 4th!... http://t.co/nAycuGyF2w
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@TimJGraham won't belabor. But the headline implies something different@newsbusters but you failed to note the critique I had of the Obama WH on this debate as well. Your headline was biased@newsbusters way to only headline half the criticism. Par for the click bait course@cityartssf @BooksIncEvents @cityboxoffice looking forward to it. I'll bring my best Dodger trash talk to banter with you Giant fans!Gearing up for @chucktodd @ the Nourse March 3! Tickets still avail: http://t.co/Brj1pFLYYt @BooksIncEvents @cityboxoffice #thestranger
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFrom @perrybaconjr, how Rubio went from GOP ‘savior’ to an underdog in 2016 http://t.co/y6u2HHQO7g@Spectricide first step is to get folks to admit what a giant waste of time it is@RobsRamblins wasn't meant to be cogent... just pointing out what a giant waste of time it isThis is a week in political debate that might as well be summed up like this: "am not" "are to" #wastedoxygen@Willovsky I've had Jackson arguments on that front too. A successful politician who might have created more problems as president@TorianBrown ha. Maybe my next one?@CFMarshall_119 @TODAYshow I did. Muslim immigrants are not welcomed with the most open of arms in Western Europe@TorianBrown huh? Ratings are up
@EBOlady know that it is a small group of hyper partisans that hijack timelines
POTUS' suppression line about it helping to foment extremism can be applied to one of America's most important allies. Saudi ArabiaObama: “We must never accept the premise of what they put forward..they are not religious leaders, they’re terrorists"
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAl Hunt is weeping. RT @danbalz: For those with NH primary memories, famed Wayfarer hotel,, now being demolished. @… http://t.co/2AefGWzBUG
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis #snl40 stuff is everywhere: Jeb Bush quotes Chris Farley: "Holy Schnikes."Just get a sense there will be plenty of voters who didn't like EITHER Obama OR Bush's foreign policy, where do they go?If 2016 on foreign policy is a debate about Obama way vs Bush 43 way, won't public be looking for a third way? Opening for a candidate@WolfNW @meetthepress absolutely... curious where he's searching for fresh foreign policy thinking. Adviser list isn't obviousJeb, like his brother, promising a re-engagement w/Latin America. Makes sense given FL/TX politics. Events elsewhere halted Dubya's attemptsWas Bush's extensive defense of the Korean War just now a pre-cursor of how he'll defend the Iraq War decision?Jeb Bush To Take Hawkish Tone in First Foreign Policy Address http://t.co/ybX1FDXNic
Retweeted by Chuck Todd
Do you work in govt? Feeling a tad bored because of the gov't closure? Then here's a long read. https://t.co/FJBAzw46e3
@MarkLeibovich glad someone said it. @kdennytodd doesn't believe me about how good she was
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