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“@Kamikaze_Bobby: Love where I go to school @WCU http://t.co/7kcTclPnrL” Working, living, and learning here is awesome!
Haven't been checking the twitter sphere much lately. Everyone alive? Good. #lurking
@The_Arkayde soooooo good. Enjoy it!Curse of Naxxramas: A #Hearthstone Adventure is almost ready to open its gates to the world! http://t.co/2rQ44iLqED http://t.co/Rudp2433Eo
Retweeted by Chris Parrish@TOPolk @alyankovic "What kind of chip you got in there? A Dorito?!" - so funny how outdated it is now, too. Always love Albuquerque.
@TOPolk agreed!
Busy week this is. #MastersNationals start Friday. @SlowCountryBoil heading back with the 13 seed again. Lots of room to improve on that!@tabletitans @pvponline happy to help! Love the comic style and story, fwiw.@pvponline Typo/misspelling in latest @tabletitans strip. Just read today, but should be "jeopardy" not "jeapordy." Not sure if you knew.
@TOPolk @NintendoAmerica lol, think you meant table? Autocorrect?@TOPolk Mario Kart themed set made to put in, so that it looks like you're holding a red/green/blue shell or banana behind you as you drive.@TOPolk so, driving home today, I was behind a few cars with empty trailer hitches. I was thinking how cool it would be to have a ...
Just can't get enough of @NightValeRadio, but I'm all caught up. Give it a try if you want a quirky and amazingly funny sci-fi story.@BenKuchera well said. It's a ridiculous decision to make for completely outdated norms.The thing is, nearly ANYONE can play Hearthstone. It's amazing game that way. Why ruin it? http://t.co/hQOT0D2Nt7
Retweeted by Chris ParrishToday in Geek History: It's all in the reflexes. Big Trouble in Little China released in theaters in 1986. http://t.co/hkD1azegNW
Retweeted by Chris ParrishLead spread confirmed at SCC shooting range http://t.co/TGky7C9Iky
Retweeted by Chris ParrishIf the 24 States that have not expanded Medicaid had done so as of January, they would've created 85,000 jobs in 2014. Per WH report
Retweeted by Chris ParrishIn case you haven't heard, Slow Country Boil accepted a bid to compete in the 2014 USA Ultimate Championships July 18-20 in Sarasota, FL!!!
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@wilw just recently put our sweet Rottweiler down. Near the end, her farts were hilarious. And I'm not passing blame...not this time anyway.@TOPolk @KevinSeidman @myadorkablelife @Nandingo @ShawnLong85 aw man, wish I could have joined in
@TOPolk yeah, heard good stuff. You have an ext HD hooked up? If so, how big? Haven't gone digital yet, mostly because of space.
VitaminWaterworld #ProductPlacementMovieTitlesThe Golden Grahams Child #ProductPlacementMovieTitles
@TOPolk last year I started admitting kids who were born the year I finished high school. #officiallyold #timefliesinb4 we cross the $500k all time raised mark while being featured on the @wilw project tonight #MarioMarathon
Retweeted by Chris ParrishJust hope no one overwrites your save file. Final Fantasy bookmark: http://t.co/4XfZIyBaGj http://t.co/38XhrNk0it
Retweeted by Chris Parrish@RoccoDeMaro truth! I've tried a few, but nothing has resonated with me as well as yours did. So, when are you getting back to it?!?!Haven't found a good gaming podcast to live up to what @RoccoDeMaro did with SM:B. Taking suggestions!
@BenKuchera well, you've piqued my interest! Won't have a chance to see that soon, but I'm curious to experience that.@BenKuchera well, that's a bit counter-intuitive. VR machine + game - first person = ??@charitables @Ebigness I really need to watch this series, don't I?
@SubStation2Shaw @TOPolk I hated it too! Was easily the best subs in town while it lasted.@TOPolk @SubStation2Shaw there was one in Sylva for a hot minute, agree on the home feeling
Less than 24 hours until SE Regionals begins. First up, Ra (Raleigh) at 9:00. Full schedule here: http://t.co/nmUl5yDzdB
Retweeted by Chris Parrish@CrownRoyal "They say you can't take it with you...but I'm not taking any chances."Told that final high school e-transcripts would start arriving today and through the weekend. Nothing notable today... #mondaywillbehellIf you guys liked The Lego Movie, you'll laugh your balls off over this one. Or perhaps breasts. http://t.co/q76EPlaVj9
Retweeted by Chris ParrishIs it August yet? 5 things every freshman should know before their first college class - http://t.co/yvpjCzwyUT
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This made me giggle: http://t.co/4duEkW1F44
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It’s on us to not believe everything we read on twitter and to be informed. Staying informed is harder than ever. Signal to noise and all.
Retweeted by Chris Parrish@Ebigness #patientzero recovered! Maybe there is hope...The #PlayNintendo tour comes to NC this weekend in Charlotte - http://t.co/gI8j2656Qg #NintendoEnthused #3DS #2DS http://t.co/aoIOHmXeZu
Retweeted by Chris Parrish@Ebigness see my last tweet!Whooping cough reaches 'epidemic' proportions in California http://t.co/weXU82o48z
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@TOPolk alright I'm out! Nice racing with ya.@TOPolk yeah, lots of that online, I find.@TOPolk yeah, I learned it from the ghost. The rainbow road ones, too, but they're tough to hit.@TOPolk that Mt Wario hurt...Nobody votes for Music Park. #MarioKart8@TOPolk yeah, these people are crazy. Been a mess for me.@topolk dang it! Green shell got me at the line!Some climate change humour. RT if you agree. http://t.co/0DHzAt1g8A
Retweeted by Chris ParrishI sincerely hope technology does not cause us to lose bookstores. An hour browsing shelves is a pleasure all future generations should know.
Retweeted by Chris Parrish
@TOPolk @thenapony @eefinch hah, never had the intention of finishing. Just set it and kept racing...oops?Freak out moment: Dog staring @ me. Call dog. Stare continues. Ask dog if alive. Stare continues. Worried hubs calls dog. Dog responds. Whew
Retweeted by Chris Parrish@TOPolk @eefinch @thenapony mine is Pink Gold Peach/Teddy/Cyber Slick/Clouds as my standard set right now@TOPolk @eefinch @thenapony heh, I go for lots of speed, because power slides make turning easy@gonzoxv hearing lots about that one, but have missed the vids. Gonna have to look it up. Sounds too good...@TOPolk @eefinch going to try that... @thenapony is still trying to decide on a racer and setup, too. Any recs? Combos are overwhelming...Awesome yoga hike this morning @SAHC !
Retweeted by Chris Parrish
@gonzoxv lol, I was meaning the "do you got..." line from the flyer@gonzoxv lol, sorry, didn't know you made it...it'll reach the right people though!@gonzoxv 1. #Grammarpolice should be pissed 2. #jealous 3. Good luck!@TOPolk @thenapony lol, we'll see. She hadn't really used power-sliding before and this game seems to punish those who don't. #MK8Training@hellflame3000 @the_moviebob exactly this.My other issue is Baby Park. Best course EVER and it's not included in MarioKart 8?! WAAAAAH!
Retweeted by Chris Parrish
Pac-Man joins the battle! #SmashBros
Retweeted by Chris ParrishThis map shows every school shooting since Sandy Hook: http://t.co/AB0cV65BOz http://t.co/gmqdS6cCul
Retweeted by Chris Parrish30 states legal. 20 to go. The tides have turned. Equality. #20ToGo
Retweeted by Chris ParrishCan we talk about the fact that the most creative shooter of this E3 is a first-party Nintendo title.
Retweeted by Chris ParrishI feel like we’re not talking enough about the Ice-T Mii.
Retweeted by Chris ParrishI'm still confused by Amiibo and what purpose they will serve... #Nintendo#Nintendo TreeHouse transitions need some work. I know it's live, but the hosts have been left hanging twice now in as many transitions.@TOPolk @NintendoAmerica Nothing on #StarFoxWiiU though? /sadfaceSo, that was kind of amazing. Good show @NintendoAmerica, good show. #WiiU
Retweeted by Chris Parrish@the_moviebob Yup, but I was surprised that there was no official announcement in this.@TOPolk @DSPWillieBrown Yeah, sounds super fun#Splatoon? Wow...this is really exciting and just neat.#HyruleWarriors could be fun. Always enjoyed the Dynasty Warriors seriesNever played a #Bayonetta game, but I'm intrigued... #NintendoE3
@TOPolk I like it better than Wii, though it's close. Haven't had a handheld Nintendo system since the original Gameboy, so no vote DS or 7.@KevinSeidman @TheyCallMeSoopa @TOPolk @Nandingo and my wife would love for them to bring back automatic mode.@KevinSeidman @TheyCallMeSoopa @TOPolk @Nandingo yeah, those would all be nice, I suppose. I'd really like to be able to separate screens.@The_Arkayde I meant season 2@TOPolk what do you think falls flat? It would probably be in my top 2 or 3, if not favorite.@eefinch yeah, I really wished for the ability to stream p1 to the pad and p2 to the screen, giving you both an unobstructed view.@The_Arkayde that game is amazing, I need to find time and money for Ep2.
@pvponline scary isn't it? Watched that after the guy attacked the car with the sword...@gonzoxv ayup, would love to be able to use my old Wavebirds for #MarioKart8 #NintendoEnthusedGarrett College has closed the gap it's now 50-50%! VOTE EACH DAY ALL WEEKEND for WCU at the easy-to-recall URL http://t.co/NNL0o0Lvdw!
Retweeted by Chris Parrish@cwgabriel Mumble is a much better program with less latency.@VenetianBlond reddit already busted it.
Enjoying #MarioKart8 immensely. 7 150cc cups to go. 4 Nin*ghosts down tonight, 28 to go. And my online ranking isn't too shabby for now.@gonzoxv @TOPolk yeah, seemed like load issues. I had one hiccup last night, then smooth sailing. Hoping it's straight now. #MarioKart8@TOPolk honestly? No fucking clue. LoL high load on servers maybe?
Retweeted by Chris Parrish@TOPolk @gonzoxv ah, didn't know it was random...boo!@gonzoxv yeah, saw someone with the teddy bear! Me want! I guess it's just coins? #MarioKart8@gonzoxv Pink Gold Peach is a speed demon. I also like Metal Mario. Some others I like, but they are missing something...YES! LEGO to release female scientist figurines: http://t.co/HTMGPs29nQ http://t.co/TVZgrz4pZi
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