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dan burgess @dansolo The village & the woods

Creative Activist//Catalyst//Sherpa Dreaming a new dream//Unlearning everyday @channelswarm @g00dfornothing @_wildcamp @wearewildthing father & husband

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A lovely mate is re-inventing the kebab (in a good way). They’re giving a load away on friday in Clerkenwell, check em > @ChifafakebabsSeeking an awesome game developer to share some inspiration to kids in Bath during #HourOfCode @CodeClub
Retweeted by dan burgess@JayGreasley @tomfarrand @A_MSCH interesting ;-)A morning @g00dfornothing catch up with @GFNSydney > plotting good mischief for 2015 #goodfornothing http://t.co/juM4HPyhU5
@175viatribunali on the 10.45I know nothing but love for my dearest and that nature rules. The rest is about trying to live comfortably with uncertainty #gratitudeWho knows what’s really coming?
It's not long until that time of year again...This #Christmas give the gift of #Wildtime! Send us your ideas! http://t.co/hMHxfSFu1I
Retweeted by dan burgessTo sustain growth, govts behave like soldiers billeted in ancient manor, burning furniture to keep warm for a night. http://t.co/iYrQyimj4S
Retweeted by dan burgess"Our education system makes us fodder for a machine. We must choose something else. Artists do this.." Anish Kapoor #twc2014 @TrustWomenConf
Retweeted by dan burgessWe should put UKIP and Uber on an island together somewhere. Or a comet, now that we have the technology.
Retweeted by dan burgessWhy are we wrecking the natural world and public services to generate growth? @georgemonbiot http://t.co/fKPaaExPbi
Retweeted by dan burgessTransCanada substitutes grassroots with grassholes http://t.co/6rCbfVddXV #savecanada
Retweeted by dan burgessAre you part of the Re-Generation? Redesign, Restore, Reimagine, Regenerate, Reconnect, Recycle. If so, LOCAL's stories are by and for you.
Retweeted by dan burgessLove is a verb, it's the creative life force of the universe unfurling in real time.~ http://t.co/KNsdiJGScr
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397.62 parts per million (ppm) CO2 in air 17-Nov-2014 http://t.co/5Q2FLbsFqB
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@GFNEdinburgh making awesomeness happen > http://t.co/2EcuosK4kS #generosity
Retweeted by dan burgess900 species out of 76,199 assessed extinct as a result of fishing, logging, mining and agriculture says @IUCN http://t.co/hBsfiwGABI
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One cannot see enough images of starling murmurations. Sacredness on the wing. http://t.co/BRwDR6e5iU http://t.co/CaeHwcY2Nz
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@magicroundabout thanks dude ;-)Hey @BritaxUK want to chat about helping families get outside? Your survey suggests so. Let us know, we have cunning plans….
Retweeted by dan burgessImagine if big xmas brands put 10% of their XMAS AD budget into innovation around solving a problem that really matters…love trumps noveltyDear Twitter brain. Are there any home printers that are reliable, fixable, built with the planet in mind, not obscene cash ext. thanks! xSimple. Beautiful. Important film from @thefuture_net https://t.co/MzqSzyyWP2 #climatechange
Retweeted by dan burgessLooking back in 10yrs, what shd we debate now? My ans: how can we kill 'Consumer' as idea of who we are? http://t.co/5nOR6moMJr #FutureShock
Retweeted by dan burgessWatch out for fence eating trees! http://t.co/EojpNl2LEh
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@DoLectures smashing it up again, this looks awesome > The Ideas Farm. July 2015. http://t.co/xdKAc0i0h9Find ways to live cheaper, aspire to creative freedom, not material advancement. Collaborate, support story-tellers. Resist the rat-race.
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How Lifehack Assesses Impact: Social, human, physical/digital, intellectual & economic capital http://t.co/HIBq7ZSrjO via @samrye_enspiral
Retweeted by dan burgessmy "Why The Major Labels Love Spotify" post has been getting some serious love on FB. Have a read, if you like :) http://t.co/nTeI1z5crQ
Retweeted by dan burgessWhat concerns do u have about violence against nature in London? Can fashion stand up f clean air, wildlife, safety, valuing nature n people
Retweeted by dan burgessThis man talks a lot of sense. Jeremy Legget from Carbon Tracker at the Oil and Money Conference last week https://t.co/ZFrGzVPYF7
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Calling all bloggers in the network! If you'd like to update our community with your #Wildtime missions, email us media@thewildnetwork.com
Retweeted by dan burgess“You have to be a light to yourself…in a world that is utterly becoming dark” - J. Krishnamurti
Retweeted by dan burgessStill love ol' Russ “@rustyrockets: PARKLIFE! http://t.co/Gsq860CZOz
Retweeted by dan burgess#treevibes @ Bath Skyline Walk http://t.co/9K1Wm6QTxzIt's a fucking disgrace. Media perpetuate bullshit numbers & claims, and our govt will be elected on the basis of public (mis)understanding.
Retweeted by dan burgess“We Only Get One Planet” by @LeoDiCaprio https://t.co/9FGtjRpzZM
Retweeted by dan burgessWhat we do to nature we do to ourselves...Nat-ure, Nat-ive, Nat-al, Nat-ion...time to end the illusion of separation #GTC14
Retweeted by dan burgessWhat does it say of our culture that idealism is dismissed as naive? Especially when realism creates such a mess #GTC14
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No better way of honouring the memories of the dead than fighting for a world where we don't send our young to die or to kill.
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@seemahnb teaching Olive to use Scratch #codeclub in the house! @ Basecamp Burgess http://t.co/dbTAUGDYFxbeyond belief > RT @rustyrockets: 90-year-old WWII veteran arrested for feeding the homeless. http://t.co/HPhquXF3hl@Shell claiming they care about our future? Expose their Arctic drilling plans - get this ad in the papers > http://t.co/j0ciXyyKNjWe love hearing from you & how you're getting more #Wildtime! Is anyone blogging about one of the concerns of the network: #timepoorparents?
Retweeted by dan burgess@digilpin @jeffreydallen thanks! will be in touch to chat further ;-)@mtownsendw I’ll be in touch to give u more context ;-)@stgough @Chris_Caboo thanks will be in touch :-)Just 10 days to go until our crowdfunding campaign closes! Want to invest in a sustainable future? #investaware http://t.co/NQu8Dyzr9W
Retweeted by dan burgessIs that a whale in the sky? No it's Starlings! MT @ScotlandNow: murmuration display in Gretna http://t.co/nGRO8fHq4L http://t.co/vFOdTAGKBn
Retweeted by dan burgessSays it all : There is an election looming .... http://t.co/xTVIvHuS8z via @micaelpyner
Retweeted by dan burgessLooking for a good life coach to work with an older man who’s been immersed in the busyness of business for too long. Ideas appreciated ;-)My good wife @seemahnb is now on twitter, she’s also growing @CodeClub in the South West. Hit her up if you want to help kids learn to code"In the future the most loved brands will be built by the problems they fix not by the novelty they create" says @channelswarm #SB14London
Retweeted by dan burgessToday we have an advert in the @guardian. Find out more about why #nothinghappened here: http://t.co/gBFObzsDUL http://t.co/nhOJ2z22Hs
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Exactly, the kids get it, we get it, why the effing not ? you big leader schmeeders > http://t.co/MUNA1BumKR Via @RealityDropBottled water: One of the most egregious environmental and cultural contradictions in branding http://t.co/KKkDcekMkq
Retweeted by dan burgessChristmas TV Ads ffs….it’s Nov 6th and the planet’s on fire…@BeerBods nah but would have been nice!, Wild Hare @bathalesI drank my @beerbods quite quickly. It was epic. Fruit salad and donut undertones. no seriously. it was nice. I’ve cracked open another.Why is killing endangered blue #marlin for #sport considered acceptable? #stupidity http://t.co/YtcHcPzw1D
Retweeted by dan burgess“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” ― Isaac Asimov
Retweeted by dan burgessThe good folks @moveyourmoneyuk are asking us to drop our banks an email & suggest they stop funding climate change http://t.co/zfG2iML5EX
Retweeted by dan burgessGreat day @Communicate2014 Thanks for inviting me. Lovely folks doing great stuff. Finished off with generous wisdom from @BenSummerskill
Kicked off our first •swarm• in Africa today - in Kigali, Rwanda looking at accelerating economic empowerment of girls -> @channelswarm
Retweeted by dan burgess'Yes we destroyed the planet...but for a beautiful moment we created huge shareholder value' http://t.co/kQC2vi11yC #Communicate2014
Retweeted by dan burgessThis week we’ve been sharing #channelswarm stories at #SBLondon14 and #Communicate2014 and we’re also Swarming right now in Kigali Rwanda !
Retweeted by dan burgess@frucool @stonewalluk morning! heading west, put the kettle on ;-)@stef amazing dude! congrats!@josealcocer_ ;-)
Climate depression is for real. Just ask a scientist http://t.co/8wfRXcqLFb "pre-traumatic stress disorder" explored by @grist
Retweeted by dan burgess"In some parts of the ocean there is now more plastic than plankton" - check out @sascampaigns marine litter report http://t.co/FF2ou6pfE6
Retweeted by dan burgess"Human energy and collective intelligence are the most untapped resources on the planet" @dansolo @ChannelSwarm #SB14London
Retweeted by dan burgessRocking up for our @channelswarm panel on building movements for change, participative brands, and… http://t.co/v1alEejZ8B@dvlahov Hola! are you around ?We’re sitting in the main room, be good to say hi ;-)btw there's no research reports on our panel, just 3 live projects getting folks to participate in solving stuff that matters #SB14LondonAt 3.30 we’ll explore how human scale brands are being built from the bottom up,stories from @wearewildthing & @goodgym join us #SB14LondonWe’re hosting a panel at #SB14London this arvo> building movements for change brands that invite folks to solve gnarly problems,come join us
'modern capitalism -pouring its energies into coming up with ever more clever ways to sell us things we don’t need “> http://t.co/YuKGozn7X8
Retweeted by dan burgessUrgent need for honest dialogue around the enormous headfuck of climate change > http://t.co/Hj9wJHHgi9 via @grist > http://t.co/TZlybktMUa
Retweeted by dan burgessParliament shreds MPs' expenses records - and its own reputation | via @Telegraph http://t.co/7mWzbRSFHQ http://t.co/wqMHQlwxWV
Retweeted by dan burgessRT @Jeremiasz_Dixit: Mktg Insights by @SustainBrands: The 21st Century Brand: Mattering to People, not Marketing to Consumers. #SB14London
Retweeted by dan burgessTomorrow I’m hosting a panel at #SB14London with @ivoivo and Gail Gallie about building brands that invite people to solve gnarly problems
@jonjalex @Loomio @ShareActionUK @tomfarrand @stephenjking > @g00dfornothing is all about folks doing stuff not buying stuff ;-)Clearly the Greens deserve to be in the Leaders debate. Same number of MPs as UKIP; higher in the polls than the LibDems. Shame on the BBC.
Retweeted by dan burgessSeems Folks are starting to see @TheGreenParty as a human party, who also recognise environment supports all of us.Respect @CarolineLucas#bbcqt thanks for inviting .@carolinelucas - now tell your bosses to #invitethegreens to the #tvdebates! #greensurge http://t.co/GcF4pL5Opi
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RT if YOU want @BBCNews to #invitetheGreens! Simple really! It's called #democracy! #bbcqt http://t.co/NOkg7qEvVb
Retweeted by dan burgesslovely crew gathered tonight. re-booting the London community is underway. Palnning to make a dent in something that really matters in 2015
Retweeted by dan burgesslisten up tory frackheads > RT @vicenews: Here's what fracking is doing to air quality: http://t.co/x7N5V0NCTjBristol Kids will go surfing https://t.co/fqf77OP71O #surfing #bristol #thewave
Retweeted by dan burgesstonight we’re talking about blowing up the death star, (and drinking ale), folks of mischief & open hearts welcome > http://t.co/sbp1ipNRBI
Retweeted by dan burgessRT @chunkymark: BBC ban The Green Party http://t.co/IZBoddg0Ft @natalieben >Channelling Jonathan Swift!
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Activists from The Future storm into an elite oil industry conference in Mayfair setting off rape alarms https://t.co/tMyDsLGNEU
Retweeted by dan burgessFrontline voices call for #ClimateJustice, shut out of process - great video from @ienEarth https://t.co/OdE3KWc9Vv
Retweeted by dan burgessJoin us tomorrow night for a meetup, chatting and plotting good mischief, some ales and a talk from @thefuture_net > http://t.co/sbp1ipNRBI
Retweeted by dan burgess"the idea of the consumer is killing us & before it does, we must kill it” Let’s do it ! > @jonjalex @BBCNewsMagazine http://t.co/Qmbet0PfyS#Fracking comes to London - company plans to frack INSIDE the city. #WherewillthisStop http://t.co/2MLbNy2AM0
Retweeted by dan burgessHow the Consumer dream went wrong via @BBCNewsMagazine http://t.co/J04uVUkXsP @dansolo @tomfarrand @stephenjking @saltsea @JonathanMWise
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Few more places for our meet up thursday, come and join us in plotting to blow up the death star > http://t.co/sbp1ipNRBI
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