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Italian iOS freelancer, interested in game development. cocos2d-lover :-)

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@Rif_ il bar del Famila potrebbe averne delle copie xD
The thing where you've solved a problem, and can now close 46 tabs
Retweeted by DanieleCena della #fabbrica 2014. Che squadra fantastica! http://t.co/PF5SzIIATL
Retweeted by DanieleHow every programmer over 30 feels. http://t.co/LflWYHDF6E
Retweeted by Daniele"Dijkstra was probably a bit heavy on drugs or something" (Linus Torvalds on Semaphores) http://t.co/ySbwWwy822
Retweeted by DanieleI enjoyed reading drafts of @thejayfields 's book on effective unit testing. Now it's launching officially at http://t.co/aJ35XcQlyI
Retweeted by Daniele
PSA: If your daily workflow involves using Git, please clear 15 minutes of your time during the coming hour. We're releasing a critical 0day
Retweeted by DanieleThe SpriteBuilder guy is giving a talk! "We don't have a Swift compiler for Android yet, but we hope to by the summer" O. M. G.
Retweeted by DanieleIn case you thought your job was stressful http://t.co/gwEA9fLnX9
Retweeted by DanieleRule #1 of software engineering: you don't have any choice about which part of the code base you'll accidentally become the expert on.
Retweeted by Daniele
Dead 😂 http://t.co/4Njr3JtgGd
Retweeted by DanieleDevTools Tip: Use the paint profiler to see what draw calls were executed to draw a page (can also scrub the profile) http://t.co/8iMSfEoSVG
Retweeted by DanielePlease RT the hell out of this. Thank you. http://t.co/LNWPGCAXkF
Retweeted by DanieleParanormal code http://t.co/7rSCQSUBMy http://t.co/o0k6CiNTSX
Retweeted by Daniele
Love this: Computing the hex color of the current time. http://t.co/Kw6GIhFSAS http://t.co/ivsqS7NTgn
Retweeted by Daniele"We don't have time for refactoring, there's still too much left to do." http://t.co/rQgOuip4TO
Retweeted by DanieleiOS image caching. Libraries benchmark (SDWebImage vs FastImageCache) http://t.co/6COemoqIW5 via @wordpressdotcomNintendo would not approve of these zombie statues http://t.co/yXSBg3oDUX https://t.co/bnCZ0AdLbN
Retweeted by Daniele
This is Margaret Hamilton, NASA lead software engineer, and this is the Apollo guidance program she wrote. http://t.co/veweKVHE2n
Retweeted by DanieleMicrosoft acquires HockeyApp: http://t.co/hwgDUvy2xU
Retweeted by DanieleJust received a gift basket from @StackCareers! How did you know that the @vendini team loves chocolate & cookies?!? http://t.co/x59AkfXAKg
Retweeted by DanieleOn @indiestack today, I lay down some heavy Xcode console tips, including the vastly overlooked regex breakpoints: http://t.co/vqaIXPWp2a
Retweeted by DanieleWhat’s the performance hit of Auto Layout on iOS? Benchmarks and real world data in my latest blog post: http://t.co/MS8vQJ74OV
Retweeted by Daniele★ Wenderlich #Swift Style Guide - Updated for December 🎁 by @gregheo http://t.co/B1HHlSWy06 #swiftlang http://t.co/466gDsZKGT
Retweeted by DanieleiOS image caching. Libraries benchmark (SDWebImage vs FastImageCache) http://t.co/dGXxb1qRZI
Retweeted by DanieleThis might be the most mind-blowing fact I learned this year: http://t.co/jJB3cEoq7j http://t.co/Dr34RLeJbU
Retweeted by DanieleHahaha, yeah, proper experimental tech. Time travel's got nothing on this science fiction shit. #javascript http://t.co/Y8mbrBvMn1
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Grande articolo sul nostro CEO Mark (pagina 8). Da leggere! http://t.co/d8qlx9Ruuw
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Today Obama became the 1st US President to write a computer program #HourOfCode @WhiteHouse http://t.co/tg0Xcdu1w0 http://t.co/kPeLZRSu4A
Retweeted by DanieleThe Offline Cookbook http://t.co/v4djOJJwoe The when/where/how of caching & serving content offline-first. http://t.co/EMgtph6E8U
Retweeted by DanieleAdrianna Mitchell, who wrote code and fist-bumped w/ the POTUS yesterday, is now the most popular girl at her school. http://t.co/8zYmmI2wKo
Retweeted by DanieleThis is way too accurate. http://t.co/iHv6rgiEaA
Retweeted by DanieleA woman on my train is trying to get everyone to sing Christmas songs. Everyone is pretending she's invisible. So proud to be British.
Retweeted by Daniele🚢 AppCode 3.1 with #Swift support has shipped. Congratulations @anastasiak2512 :) http://t.co/kffTr8v3jZ @appcode | #swiftlang #iosdev
Retweeted by Daniele
THIS “@maltewelding: this. (via T. Bergmann) http://t.co/dzisdA9CjU
Retweeted by DanieleHopper + lldb for iOS Developers: A Gentle Introduction http://t.co/dVIZHiAV5y
This is a Russian priest sprinkling holy water on the central bank's servers in an attempt to stop the fall of ruble. http://t.co/LbJxlWBUcR
Retweeted by DanieleMany Types Make Light Work (sharing implementation and interfaces avoiding subclasses) http://t.co/is1E4Oo6w0 slides https://t.co/rNsZKWjewb
#AfghanistanYouNeverSee central Afghanistan, university entrance exam. http://t.co/RElKQG111Y
Retweeted by DanieleGoogle has been tracking me with Location History for the last 5 years by the hour. 120Mb of points in JSON format http://t.co/aQ9dIvIz2z
Retweeted by DanieleDesirable developer skills: 1 Ability to ignore new tools and technologies 2 Taste for simplicity 3 Good code deletion skills 4 Humility
Retweeted by Daniele
C++ as cross-platform solution for enterprises: how Microsoft uses it to deliver Office to Win, iOS, Android and web https://t.co/fh3Qv8wQIJ
Retweeted by DanieleApple gets patent to prevent cracked screens by rotating iPhones as they fall: Can science save our iPhones fr... http://t.co/kU8fYpm4QA
Retweeted by Daniele"In an audit of the last 3 years of shipped bugs ... ~40% would have been caught early by using Swift. @RedQueenCoder http://t.co/hUQNZaPoy2
Retweeted by DanieleTop #Productivity Hacks and #Shortcuts for #PhpStorm by @bitfalls - Definitive must-read if you're using PhpStorm http://t.co/8R5aeGWWQG
Retweeted by DanieleRT @501MWG: This is what's it's all about. #BadGuysDoingGood http://t.co/rT1LheGMBF
Retweeted by Daniele@hermanjakobi if you use swift is a must have (it solves most of the sourcekit crashes)USB 3 joins the already long list of technologies that can interfere on the 2.4 GHz band used by WiFi & Bluetooth. http://t.co/ETT4qQAdcE
Retweeted by DanieleGoogle Maps for iOS is shit now... the UI is random. They seriously need to go back to UX school.
Retweeted by Daniele
2 things programmers tend to underestimate: 1. How long things take 2. How long our code will be around 3. How many things we underestimate
Retweeted by DanieleIt's All About Time (PHP and Timing Attacks) http://t.co/IzKzumwhgH
A flowchart of what programmers do all day http://t.co/CSKrqFhepm
Retweeted by Daniele
#SwiftLang red-green-refactor cycle: 1) Use ! 2) Use if let, ?, as?, ?? 3) Use operator overloading, generics, functional constructs
Retweeted by DanieleWhat do you buy the person who has everything..... http://t.co/xGD7mwZgJQ
Retweeted by DanieleThe mystery of the crashing NSPredicate http://t.co/p1FzfAEDTyHow Does a Debugger Work? http://t.co/qRqVex3cos
Back from an awesome #meetup at @unity3d where I won an #nvidiashield with @andreasprega #coolstuff http://t.co/TTPxuTdKac
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If theft was treated like rape... http://t.co/6U7TrBIywX
Retweeted by DanieleWe could win a Crunchie! Vote Vendini for the "Best Bootstrapped Startup" http://t.co/0530sHQ0we #vendini #crunchies http://t.co/LaarwyH73D
Retweeted by DanieleSince the @PSPDFKit 4 release, we reported and worked around 10 radars. Mostly UIKit. Today's release has another 4. http://t.co/1Hwa837fRE
Retweeted by Daniele
0.35 is out, update via `gem install cocoapods` Check the blog & CHANGELOG for what’s new. http://t.co/Uh0IvMuoeo https://t.co/Qsgh1aqbn5
Retweeted by Daniele
There is now a branch of @CocoaPods with framework / #swift support. https://t.co/AK2ggfdm8m
Retweeted by Danielethis weird randomly-mutating mod of Mario 64 is amazing (ht @postags) https://t.co/AW8QCdy0Z5
Retweeted by Daniele
#letsKillJavaAlready RT @sdtimes: Google releases tools for developing #Android apps in C/C++ http://t.co/1NuNMV07Dd #Cplusplus
Retweeted by DanieleWhat one entrepreneur learned from working for Steve Jobs: @MindaZetlin @marcotacchi @Vendini http://t.co/ZshVJlPY0U via @Inc
Retweeted by DanieleBrilliant depiction of the sad state of walking in our cities. (Artist unknown, via Daniel Sauter at #2WalkAndCycle). http://t.co/h6vUZKx0v0
Retweeted by DanieleOur CEO Mark Tacchi on the top lessons he learned from Steve Jobs, and how he uses them at Vendini every day @inc http://t.co/Rjp3MVkWWW
Retweeted by DanieleThe REPL in Xcode 6.1 gives you another great way to use Swift. The latest blog post introduces some of the basics: https://t.co/AOkSHMLU8h
Retweeted by DanieleKeep Retweet this .... http://t.co/504nGTBJAa
Retweeted by DanieleC++: Conformance And Cross-Platform Mobile Development (Channel 9) http://t.co/rBiOMybJxc via @ch9Developers: Dash by @kapeli is out on iOS today https://t.co/HnZJOyGUnn
Retweeted by DanieleBig news: we're excited and honored to announce that we've been named on @Deloitte’s Fast 500 2014! http://t.co/GoB7mWkK3W
Retweeted by DanieleXcode 6.1.1 GM. Thanks :"Many common causes of SourceKit crashes have been fixed, namely corrupted module caches and outdated derived data"public static DateTime getTommorowsDate() { Thread.Sleep(24*60*60*1000); return DateTime.Now; }
Retweeted by Daniele#Leadership lessons that @Vendini CEO @marktacchi94103 learned by working for Steve Jobs: http://t.co/mww8GklTIL
Retweeted by Daniele
Join me and nominate Vendini for the Best Bootstrapped Startup Crunchie! http://t.co/qm0qzGk5B0 #crunchiesVendini Joins Deloitte's 2014 Technology Fast 500(TM) - Yahoo Singapore Finance https://t.co/oeTVy9RYMN via @YahooSG
Just saw "Advanced Swift - Apple WWDC 2014", loved the memoized example with use of Generics...mindblowing! https://t.co/27WtApdlxd@steipete I feel your pain bro! :D
@MarcoMatarazzi @andreasprega ok, questo è serio tanto! sbav :PNo Deadlines For You! Software Dev Without Estimates, Specs or Other Lies http://t.co/U9JFhgffjSMy fear of using Oculus Rift perfectly illustrated… http://t.co/ccwXwU6XB4
Retweeted by DanieleIf you are waiting to jailbreak your iOS 8.0-8.1 device until things are "stable enough": we now seem to be ready! ;P http://t.co/XRUU74p7i8
Retweeted by DanieleIE devs asked the community to vote on the next feature to implement. The community chose death. http://t.co/TUHPqaXTQx
Retweeted by DanieleThis is a million dollar idea. http://t.co/5DmFETfflt
Retweeted by Daniele@steipete we use KIF and we are pretty satisfied. https://t.co/rDnRILleLZ@xaprb Hi there, just out of curiosity, are you working on High Performance MySQL 4th edition? or is it a paused project? Thanks!
"What's bower?" "A package manager, install it with npm." "What's npm?" "A package manager, you can install it with brew" "What's brew?" ...
Retweeted by Daniele
The abomination as it stands so far. I’m going to bed :) Warning: Never do this http://t.co/ZaYkjzdxCD
Retweeted by Daniele
The @github Swift style guide https://t.co/tM31fgmPVQ
Retweeted by Daniele
@konrad1977 I would apply that pattern for application logic, but not making distinction, would let only to anaemic models.@konrad1977 I read your article, interesting approach, just a couple of points: there is nothing wrong putting domain logic on your modelThis costume is running a functional version of Portal that moves as she aims the gun. GO HOME HALLOWEEN IS WON http://t.co/wIiIqX3SH5
Retweeted by Daniele★ #Swift will have dialects, no single idiomatic style (for better or worse) http://t.co/bYPJ1C9pn0 @jeremywsherman | #swiftlang #iosdev
Retweeted by Daniele"Swift isn’t too young to have a style: It’s just too big to be confined to having a single style." @jeremywsherman
Retweeted by DanieleDrinkbot on the move with @numist and @maybefriday’s assortment of unlabeled chem experiments! http://t.co/C9vvLVFZyr http://t.co/bqiYANpYWK
Retweeted by Daniele@Cocoanetics who decides if there are "significan changes" or not? :D
Winner. #OculusRift http://t.co/1bFEOnET8H
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This is starting to be disturbing #Xcode #swift http://t.co/KZ2sRtAqT5Pretty much the coolest Lego thing ever. http://t.co/XpvH8Vfqwv
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