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Petition: Bring Illegal Immigrants to VA and House Them? http://t.co/pCnMpnRAIE
Obama nominee for Surgeon General says banning guns is part of medicine - Liberty Unyielding http://t.co/IReWGdTVxT via @LibertyUnyieldiGun-free Chicago: 22 shot in 12 hours - Liberty Unyielding http://t.co/43XAh8mYid via @LibertyUnyieldiObama 2 House Illegals in Empty Shopping Malls:http://t.co/OlQjccT6EG #patriotupdate@patriotupdate http://t.co/BtkIYkYVb2 via @patriotupdatePalin: I don't need lectures from Eric Holder: http://t.co/OlQjccT6EG #patriotupdate@patriotupdate http://t.co/gf5jczc46h via @patriotupdateObama: Islam Shares “Values of Peace” With Other Religions : http://t.co/OlQjccT6EG #patriotupdate http://t.co/Yn6erb1Bj2 via @patriotupdateElizabeth Warren’s List for Progressives Is EERILY SIMILAR to Hitler’s Nazi List : c... http://t.co/aMzs0zsLDw via @patriotupdateActivist tied to Muslim Brotherhood hosts Democrat fundraiser http://t.co/U501D8mUkm via @AllenWestMuslim barber refuses to cut hair of lesbian: Whose rights trump whose? - Liberty Unyielding http://t.co/JWD5di3hBm via @LibertyUnyieldiISIS forms female brigade to crack down on infidel females http://t.co/XdsBuCNcTfPutin given 48 hour ultimatum : http://t.co/OlQjccT6EG #patriotupdate @patriotupdate http://t.co/NOwUU1cx3f via @patriotupdate
Obama Mocks Impeachment Calls : http://t.co/OlQjccT6EG #patriotupdate @patriotupdate http://t.co/6Mty31EHgl via @patriotupdateObama Mocks Impeachment Calls : http://t.co/OlQjccT6EG #patriotupdate @patriotupdate http://t.co/IjZvPXfh6F via @patriotupdate
Miller blasts Obama on refugee crisis http://t.co/J5WYQ4ILAoQuick action on immigrant children is put off http://t.co/oE5CHnfcHP via @BostonGlobeFrom the new http://t.co/ianluzXKKw: Rep.: Obama one step behind on crisis http://t.co/kiFqFtMXBP #cnnShould Obama Take Executive Action on Immigration Reform? http://t.co/eTWqsisdKf via @usnewsObama Will Go It Alone on Immigration Reform http://t.co/LPYFTP9ryk via @usnewsSessions chides Obama for ‘unabated’ border crisis | TheHill http://t.co/FAiLMXvZ4O via @TheHillWhite House takes a harder tone on illegal influx http://t.co/Wv2rUXiyGY via @washingtonpostWhite House begs Congress for fast-track child deportation authority http://t.co/9djS0FxfUh via @MailOnlineVideo Immigration tensions flare http://t.co/Rzs8PJR2JhHere’s Why The US-Mexico Border Crisis Is Going To Get Even Worse http://t.co/C7EFTscsas via @bi_contributorsObama’s Underhanded Immigration Overhaul In Full Swing As American Frustration Grows http://t.co/H1BIPbXqJO via @personallibertyWH Says 'Most' Illegal Immigrant Children Will Probably Be Deported http://t.co/50upgTdMid via @BreitbartNewsVIDEO: John Boehner doubles down on presidential lawsuit http://t.co/yNqrWJPsgF via @DCExaminerObama won't look at the illegal immigration crisis but he'll raise funds off it http://t.co/Ufbkue5yG3 via @DCExaminerKey Players Comment on Immigration Crisis http://t.co/IGn8VyXL7cCurrently reading GOP warns Obama: Don't Overstep Executive Powers On Immigration http://t.co/HPXuxCaT9pCurrently reading Poll: Obama to Blame for Immigration, Iraq, and IRS Crises http://t.co/G6YD3bTomrFeds in riot gear to greet buses carrying illegal immigrants into California town: report http://t.co/tQQeIzgBZeArmed militias planning to take over US border to thwart illegal immigrants http://t.co/363ELnnYApFrom the new http://t.co/ianluzXKKw: Cruz counters Bush on illegal immigration http://t.co/jirxyNRuRq #cnnFrom the new http://t.co/ianluzXKKw: Obama responds to immigration heckler http://t.co/KAQmr2YypS #cnnFrom the new http://t.co/ianluzXKKw: Is race holding up immigration reform? http://t.co/OyAUiJfGoD #cnnWho do you think bears the most responsibility for inaction on immigration reform? http://t.co/zVQL9wfeJe via @msnbcImmigration crisis divides Washington further http://t.co/L8wbBtlPCe via @msnbcPerry blasts Obama over immigration | State | News from Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, N... http://t.co/QFU5vjqKbx +@startelegramReform Advocate: People of Murrieta have made us `proud' | News - Home http://t.co/XUaTMUWEX7Texas militia leader's video on border patrols draws fire http://t.co/lLTi1AXTlfBorder Patrol Does Paperwork as Flood of Illegals Crosses Into US http://t.co/h3DizFLQp0 via @Newsmax_MediaCurrently reading Dem Rep. Cuellar: Obama Risks 'Katrina Moment' by Not Visiting Border http://t.co/7O1OQPM7Y0Illegal Immigration Bio-Warfare: http://t.co/dEzZ9dLAfvThe Real Illegal Immigration Agenda in Murrieta: http://t.co/XWhvsNJn2qImmigration Protests Continue In Murrieta -- On Independence Day http://t.co/zuzikZQu4OMurrieta immigrant detainee protests keep growing http://t.co/oljLI4FbGKGOP Congressman: Americans Could Accept Legalization If Border Secured http://t.co/sP3sUza185 via @PJMedia_comKids at the border turning into political crisis for Obama administration | PBS NewsHour http://t.co/3iHg5jKrrO via @NewsHourA California town revolts against undocumented immigrants http://t.co/eGuuaYfwSs via @TIMEImmigration protests on the Fourth of July - WEAR ABC Channel 3 - Top Stories: http://t.co/trYzn7ZadLObama Evades Murrieta Protests Over Border Breakdown http://t.co/7rw3yYvrlE via @dailycaller
Protesters in Murrieta block busloads of detainees http://t.co/OGZiybw2kiObama to ‘fix’ immigration via executive order http://t.co/514fkecIHO via @worldnetdailyObama adviser: Let in illegals to get votes http://t.co/Tif1I96XHX via @worldnetdailyCongressman denied access to illegals … in own district http://t.co/lTgPSJYnFC via @worldnetdailyGeneral: Border crisis threatens U.S. existence http://t.co/ZXaGdemvn6 via @worldnetdailyTown won’t welcome illegals without a fight http://t.co/tf4IFYl1NI via @worldnetdailyTwitter Buttons https://t.co/BYY2NBXYJk via @twitterPlane Carrying More Immigrants Lands in San Diego | NBC 7 San Diego http://t.co/lTlDlau7HA via @nbcsandiego
Check this out if you love pets. Save Diddles, the cat. http://t.co/UWt5QJPBsw
The only time a woman's intuition may not always work is while trying to decide which way to turn at, at the next "political intersection."During last presidential debate, both candidates learned that the "American person" should speak in a loud, firm voice - and...she did.Even if greatness lies in humility, goodness & character, Lincoln wasn't great because he once lived in a cabin but because he got out of itHe, who would be "great," must be faithful in his promises, fervent in his prayers, firm in his purposes, and fearless in his principles...There is one think that president Obama should be really thankful for: only God and president Obama have all the facts about himself...Obama tries to bring us in a mental status where we should stop wailing 4 the troubles we have & offer thanks 4 the troubles we don't have.One thing that is to be admired at both presidential candidates: their commitment and faithfulness towards their wives and their families.In fact, judging upon how many thirty-year mortgages are still signed on a daily basis, not a lot of Americans lost faith in America...During election, while both, faith and fear sail into the harbor of our minds, as American voters, we should only allow faith to anchor...When you paid for "your experience," be sure to keep the receipt. You may needed for a possible return; if it's not too late...We should exercise our right to vote carefully. Experience is what tells us to carefully watch our vote, and also what we get if we don't...The difference between our friends and enemies: Our friends love us in spite of our faults while our enemies hate us in spit of our virtues.America...you have to remember that is easier to "love your enemies," when you realize that they will never attempt to borrow from you...During elections, parties campaign for better education. When we take a closer look at some of the elected, we have to admit: it's needed...If we could invest the money both political campaigns are spending on their campaigns, we could cure a lot of ills they complain about...It looks like president Obama is an "efficient expert." Smart enough 2 tell you how 2 run your business, and too smart 2 start 1 of his own.Some economists predict that the year ahead will indeed reward many hard workers. What a frightening outlook for many in this category!!!...Given the way the American economy is growing lately... we will soon have a system of "check and bounces" rather than of check and balances.It seems to me that the economy was moving so slow in the last four years that even the United Postal Service is getting jealous...Some experts say that the economy is bottoming out, while some of us already know that... by the patches on the seats of our pants...Our "modern political economics" seems to hold that the best way to keep our economy in "the pink," is to run the government in "the red."Both, Obama and Romney should agree that "political economics" are two words that should be divorced on the grounds of incompatibility...It seems to me that we never knew what "real extravagance" looks like, until we had this so-called "planned economy. Now we know...It is sad when even the president believes that economic growth will follow after the reduction in some other fellow's salaries...Last presidential debate was more like ....Romney saying what the president did NOT do, vs. the president saying what Romney will not do...Last presidential debate was more like Romney saying what the president did not do vs the president saying what Romney will not do...I guess...both presidential candidates should be reminded that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little 'extra'...
Nasty #Obama ad just ran here in #ohio. "Ive created 4.2M jobs, I killed UBL, Bush presided over biggest stock market crash in history."
Retweeted by Dan Bogdan
As far as we will ONLY have 2 significant political parties, they will continue to play the "blame game" from one election to the other...
A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a centralbank #RonPaul #TeaParty #OWS #Anonymous #tcot #tlot #p2
Retweeted by Dan BogdanRON PAUL supporters want corruption exposed & penalties exacted: http://t.co/q4Sj9LPl #RonPaul2012 #tcot #RonPaul #tpot #tlot #gop
Retweeted by Dan BogdanIf... on each election Conservatives compromise over their principles, they will loose their identity rather sooner than later...It's time for Conservatives to seriously contemplate becoming a 3rd party who DO NOT COMPROMISE over their conservative, great principles.
Obama's grand miscalculation with Catholics: http://t.co/4ebumhDQStunning photo: Obama 1st tea-party president? http://t.co/ZArduTMlCatholic anger could hurt Obama in battleground states: http://t.co/Xj7vPIL2Were U.S. soldiers forced to wear U.N. logo? http://t.co/CiySBM2bBreaking News - Hawaii Attorney General, David Louie, tries to EXTINGUISH THE SMOKE....NOT THE FIRE: http://t.co/lyY4rgr6Dobs: Even though I said the president is a US citizen, I don’t understand why he shouldn’t produce a birth certificate:http://t.co/n39PwerlYou may have thought "The Obama Birthers" are wrong... Yet, you may change your mind after you will WATCH THIS VIDEO: http://t.co/CjHiNpjA
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