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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast), Clockwise (@clockwisepod), and The Rebound (@reboundcast).

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@kbourgoin @RoboTony @thejessbeast It is one of the most confused and uneven shows I’ve ever seen. And yet I cannot look away.@thejessbeast @RoboTony Rather than poached I prefer my styles…hard boiled. https://t.co/hKBq4d71xe@SamSykesSwears *experiences indigestion* *opens medicine cabinet* *tips fedora* M’lanta.@themillsap I’ve always enjoyed her.@cpoff Enjoying! Will put something on @bleedsixcolors this week.Watching an episode of Castle, and @NathanFillion saying “Alexis” triggered my Amazon Echo. /facepalm@heymermaid Goes great with hunny, though.@heymermaid Second only to Chocolate Pooh Bear tea.@calzone I need to rewatch it. I’m trying to convince @kbenesh to check it out.@calzone Not enough stars for that tweet, Amy. Not. Enough. Stars.Presenting the (three-months-delayed) return of the Pundit Showdown, hosted by @PhilipMichaels! https://t.co/rgyg6dwG7l
Retweeted by Dan Moren@siracusa You didn’t see that coming?@gracesonnet You can’t take the sass out of Tony Stark.Second time watching Avengers, enjoy the scene where Hulk is in the quinjet. HULK ENJOY SIMPLE PLEASURES OF FLIGHT.@flargh Every. Single. Time.Dr. Watson is in Civil War? These crossovers are getting insane. http://t.co/JVSOMqcDWk@dingerc @jsnell @imyke @Fabrin_Hjort @_RelayFM Incredible tips its hat to Hulk, but I’d say it’s not really part of the MCU.Today, with heavy hearts, we remember the tragic sinking of the good ship De Mayo.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@JasonT I don’t know if the world is ready.@sexoskeleton @MykeCole Some day it’s going to be a human head. Just saying. Prepare yourself.My problem with the Suicide Squad is that it's hard to distinguish which beige/grey dirty dude in an overcoat is which.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@ajdomanico I figured it was his nightly facecream regimen. Got to keep that youthful look somehow.@jsnell @imyke @Fabrin_Hjort @_RelayFM Granted, as we said with Star Wars, enough money involved and that’ll stop no one.Mark Ruffalo wears weird pajamas. http://t.co/4jeUUAhYIw@TSindelar @monty_ashley @AntonyJohnston @HollyGoDarkly @UMPfm Yeah, I saw it five times within the first month.Being a nerd means knowing exactly which of your friends you’d cast as the members of the Avengers.
@tofias Oh, man, someone got it. Thank the lord.Damn it, now I have the lyrics to “Kanan, the Last Padawan” stuck in my head. Happy Star Wars Day, @esritt/@heymermaid, you wonderful people@Clarko It can connect via Wi-Fi to known networks.@usbergo @MeganofBlushie @jabbermaster @MykeCole I am convinced. Will make a stop on the next trip. Gelato, ho!@esritt @heymermaid Kanan, the last Padawan. Sweet goatee, to the cause he’s drawn! #AndAlsoWithYouIt's not even September 1st - AVOID Storrow Drive this Evening! (pics @davefilar & @monnadnock) http://t.co/jGufUWiv2o
Retweeted by Dan Moren@jabbermaster @MykeCole @PitangoGelato Bookmarking for the next DC trip.@jimcorreia Yep, totally. No growth in voice that doesn’t involve data.@zandperl Lots of travel this month. Already went over my initial limit and had to spend $10 for another gig.You know what’d be great, @ATT? A way to turn unused talk minutes into data. http://t.co/seNOnjag7I@jabbermaster My doctor just asked about it.@TSindelar Ah, the heady days of 1977. A more civilized age, yada yada.Guys. Guys. Every day is Star Wars Day, guys. Come on.Really loving @theincomparable's new game show podcasts, especially Inconceivable! with @dmoren. Super nerdy. https://t.co/7AZCZxosCb
Retweeted by Dan Moren@BodyofBreen May he rest forever in peace.Apparently it’s ditch-your-sweater-on-the-sidewalk warm today in Somerville. http://t.co/O8HOkcRUQw@enewb Hrm. Darwin’s is one of my faves. I’m currently largely inhabiting Forge Baking Co. over on Somerville Ave.Hope Beats’s integration in iOS improves the occasionally janky iTunes Match/iTunes in the Cloud streaming.@rgriff Which re-release exactly? There have been many.@macfixer Yes, thanks! Several people mentioned this, forgot to update the article.@rgriff Ugh. Where is that redrawn one from?@enewb Hey. I know that guy.Listening to my pal @lexfri on @marketplace, which is like two of my favorite things ever mashed up.Paging @jamesthomson: http://t.co/AChFlOkFBV@lexfri Are you lost?@capttaco Too soon.@capttaco Delicious. I’ll be right over.@dmoren everybody onto Google + for like 7months, then we'll come back
Retweeted by Dan MorenBe right back, creating a parallel Twitter to avoid Episode VII spoilers for the next seven months. Who’s in?@heymermaid @thejessbeast @tinyasterisms So basically I’m quitting the Internet for 3 months, which is tough because that is where I work.@heymermaid @tinyasterisms @thejessbeast I was commenting on that last night. That’s when you release stuff for holiday shopping now. Nuts.@tinyasterisms @thejessbeast @heymermaid I can see that avoiding spoilers is going to be difficult. *looks ahead 7 months*@thejessbeast Sigh. Well, I guess I know what @heymermaid was worried about now. :|May the 4th be with you! #LEGOStarWars #StarWarsDay (photo courtesy of Mike Stimpson) @starwars http://t.co/5cSQmjXeyK
Retweeted by Dan Moren@jssjrdm Not sure “amazing” is quite the word, but here you go. http://t.co/HUkTN46z8TWas looking some stuff up for an @incon_ceivable round. Then I found this page. Oh boy. http://t.co/tOQyyibYeO@heymermaid It’ll be okay. (I don’t know what it is, and don’t wish to, but I have faith…oh boy, flashback to 1999.)@gte Mogo is displeased. HULK V. MOGO, GRUDGE MATCH OF THE MILLENNIUM.@TheSmallMargin @Moltz @gte That is a really, really smart point. “Whoops! Dropped the vial! Sorry guys!”
New! In-person #GameofThrones flashcast with @_brianhamilton @dmoren and @TSindelar! https://t.co/uUq3zZS0Dc
Retweeted by Dan MorenEnglish is weird. http://t.co/3HlmYqgEQJ http://t.co/8hBSiEQzaI
Retweeted by Dan Moren@Jon_Alper I think I’m good, but thanks. :)@gte Also, totally need to get some sweet League of Assassins torches. Probably at IKEA.@gte Did you mean “nothing says ‘murderhole’”?@thejessbeast @will_wagner @tinyasterisms @heymermaid I liked the other droid from later. 😭😭😭@dloehr @theincomparable @jsnell It moved. Just a little.Second live podcast recorded in my living room today. I should really put in that sound dampening.@blankbaby @theincomparable You are clearly the Ultron in this scenario.An Avengers-number of @theincomparable panelists was just in my living room.@jamesthomson I theorized on this a while back. http://t.co/3FNwkBCOUG@moze @TeeVeeNet I had @jsnell add it. Thanks for the image!
@DanJosef @zandperl @RoboTony Haven’t used it in a while, but not surprising!@DanJosef @zandperl @RoboTony Tweetbot works a charm for me on iOS. Not sure what the Windows Phone options are...@DanJosef @zandperl @RoboTony I manage/have access to close to a dozen different ones.@DanJosef @zandperl @RoboTony Hm. Don’t know about Windows/Phone, but there are plenty of good multi-account clients on iOS/OS X.@lexfri @TheMacalope @BodyofBreen @jsnell @laurengsnell Gotta make that money somehow.@DanJosef @zandperl @RoboTony I’ve only got one personal account. (Not including podcasts, etc.)“My name was Oliver Queen…” The Speedy Arrowcast with me, @gte, and @Moltz takes on Al Sah-him. https://t.co/DoSPn8fjyO@TheMacalope @BodyofBreen @lexfri @jsnell @laurengsnell Mine’s still in one piece unless Jason broke it after I left this morning.@AntonyJohnston @jsnell @TheMacalope Probably more of an Odd Couple situation, though who is Felix and who is Oscar?!Provided @jsnell with tea in a @themacalope mug this morning, so he would feel right at home.@drummershoujo Let’s admit that if I had a TARDIS, even for 24 hours, I would get into so much trouble.
@8eastie I quite like my sport, think I prefer it to the shiny.@fiorendino Nope. Sadly. It doesn’t do anything in a glance except music volume. And raising your heart rate.@mandaris Thank you kindly!Diving deep on the water resistance-ish nature of the Apple Watch: http://t.co/Ibu0nKAFLK
Retweeted by Dan MorenOur first post-Watch episode of @reboundcast! Well, for two out of three of us, anyway. http://t.co/mkJUcMU6WE@samroebuck Perhaps my bizarre animated emojis and sending you my heartbeat will change your mind!@samroebuck Query: What ever happened to us, Sam? What ever happened to US? 😭Another work-related plug: please let me know if you know any awesome/fun/cool HR people in the Boston area https://t.co/KViTQbho4H
Retweeted by Dan Moren@jsnell I’ve got a full box or two of business cards that I could put up for auction.@lexfri @x5josh5x Really, I think of you as the @BillKurtis1 to my @petersagal.Nation Gasps In Surprise As Law Works As It Should
Retweeted by Dan Moren@turrean No more monkeys jumpin’ on the desk.
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