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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast), Clockwise (@clockwisepod), and The Rebound (@reboundcast).

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Working on my GamerGate costume for Halloween. It's just me egging houses while I tell people it's about ethics in game journalism.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@hey_AW How does it determine “active”, though? Messages was in the background on my Mac.@samroebuck @jabbermaster I assume you just put on a live performance?@rgriff I am fascinated.@TylerLoch @macworld @lexfri @DanFrakes @jsnell Good times.@rgriff I don’t know. It has a display and it keeps beeping and he’s picking it up. So it clearly does something…Homemade hipster-tech phone? http://t.co/8Wgge3EWFiThe message was ON my iPhone, but the notification didn’t appear. If that’s intentional, it’s cool, but I’m not sure how they figure it out.Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature, but logged into Twitter and the push notification for the SMS verification came only to my MacBook.The Daleks are behind this, for sure. http://t.co/f1Z3KsK9fIiOS App developers...a plea. Don't make young students tap in passwords on tiny screens. Build scanner into app; let kids login w/ QR code
Retweeted by Dan Moren@lexfri I nominate @TheTechShark.
If like 72 more people could listen to episode 2 of the @reboundcast in the next few hours we’d really appreciate it. http://t.co/ZOEqDpRv8M@jcenters @jsnell @GlennF @schollem For SMS? I turned it and Bluetooth off on my phone and it seemed to still work.@jsnell @GlennF JINX!@GlennF @jsnell I think they’re confused between that and the phone thing.Hey, look, @jessiechar and @PBones on the latest @clockwisepod with me & @jsnell! Talking iPads, Apple Stores, more: http://t.co/FFhBTgaLZ5@GlennF @jsnell Yeah, there’s an iMessage bridge in there somewhere. I was testing this the other day. Don’t need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.@will_wagner And then you tweeted it about it, Will. Death squads have been dispatched to your location.@reneritchie @twelvesouth I’ve got one of those! It’s almost tall enough to get it to my eye level. ;)The Shark language has 87 words for "blood" but no concept of "reality television" #SharkFacts #MakesYouThink
Retweeted by Dan MorenYes, it’s a brand new @reboundcast. Yosemite design tweaks, the iPad lineup, and Apple Watch face/band decisions. http://t.co/ea185KX8wwWhich Apple Watch face will you be? Dan, Lex, and John settle this and other pressing matters on the latest episode. http://t.co/4AeCpPulUe
Retweeted by Dan Moren@Jmase_H Sorry, forgot the <humor></humor> tags.@counternotions @reneritchie Whoa, whoa, whoa—the iMac doesn’t come with a keyboard and mouse?! RIPOFF.Apple shipping notice, hurra—awwwwww, man. http://t.co/WfXOc6d30f"GamerGate supporter" is confusing. For clarity's sake, I am rechristening as "The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants."
Retweeted by Dan MorenOur unedited video of our latest session is now live! https://t.co/dVRecc93Nc
Retweeted by Dan MorenQuoted in my dissertation, worth repeating: The great irony of geekdom is that many don’t realize that they are now the bullies.
Retweeted by Dan Moren
@bwebster @siegel Thanks, I’ll be here all week.@bobschulties I’ve been using a 128GB for awhile, so the 256GB I ordered sounds luxurious.@siegel I’m…inching up.@aelscha Also: adorable.@aelscha I love the 11-inch Air. It’s so nice to travel with.@jimcorreia I know, right?@aelscha I already have an 11-inch, actually, but I have this money I have to spend as part of leaving work. Nice shiny new one! :)@jsnell Also, Gigabit Ethernet adapter and a MagSafe 2 adapter. Cause why not?Ordered a (mostly) pimped-out 11-inch MacBook Air. We’ll see how this goes.@jmgold @calzone Ha. I think I only knew about him from Young Justice.@calzone @jmgold Maybe Harrison Wells is Booster Gold! (A slightly murderous one?)My other car is an Elder Chimera. http://t.co/aKTDgVlPW4BBEdit is an essential tool for the vast majority of the writing I do, and there’s a new version out. http://t.co/ZqwF9LPs2sOooooookay, Yosemite Dock. I’ll have what you’re having. http://t.co/MUBAS4mhSW@caseyliss @siracusa Not Playing with Casey Liss. (I’ve seen it, though, and pretty sure @lexfri has too.)@cmchn That’s super weird. Can you access any of it via http://t.co/XAMD9dwwGD?@cmchn Oh boy. That sounds super great.@cmchn Weird. I wonder if a normal shared calendar would have different results.@cmchn What problem are you running into with Family calendars? (I’m writing something about it currently.)@cmchn Mostly Google. Sharing is superior to iCloud’s.@jsnell @HMChoate Unlikely, but we’ll see.@RoboTony You like to live on the edge.@HMChoate @jsnell Recording tomorrow.
@dnanian I was going to ping you about this the other day…but then I just hit Return enough times that it updated. :)@mrgnw Turned Bluetooth off on my phone and a test text showed up on my Mac soooo no?@RoboTony Whoof. That’s a little scary. I was going to say that the developer of SD is a good friend (and a local!).@emd Apparently so! I turned off Wi-Fi on my phone and it kept relaying. I assume it’s just forwarding them through an iMessage bridge.@emd Huh!@RoboTony The backup software?Supremely clever thing about Text Message Forwarding in 8.1/Yos: You don’t even need your devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network.@MykeCole See? It’s a feature.Those two Notes accounts, also, seem to be both be syncing. With the same iCloud account. In which I disabled Notes syncing. What?Cannot figure out why, even after I disable Notes syncing in Internet Accounts on Yosemite, I still have *two* iCloud instances in Notes.@zandperl Carrot cake is a vegetable. Mostly.It’s that stupid tap-hold-swipe thing in Messages. http://t.co/V6K84UcxuPTrying to take a screenshot for a writing project, just ended up sending @westwardview a picture of the table at the cafe. THANKS OBAMA.@lexfri @reneritchie @caseyliss At last, something Lex and I can agree on.@jabbermaster Yep, it does. You can set a default, but you can use Passbook to swap between them.
Make delightful shark hats for you and your children to prepare for inevitable death by shark http://t.co/SosCvOFyGc (via @tinyasterisms)
Retweeted by Dan Moren@lexfri I like to think this has been in your drafts for years.Crap, I just set myself up for App Nap and Power Nap jokes, huh? *deletes tweet*Somebody wake me when they come out with Apple Nap.@JasonT Never change.@jamesthomson @mattgemmell Hello, computer!Restore to the new Retina iPad mini is complete. And now, the ceremonial transfer of the Smart Cover. http://t.co/vb8AqaQsk1That’s right, @jsnell and I are about to live-tweet Apple financials @sixcolorsevent, if you miss our commentary. And even if you don’t.We will be live tweeting the analyst call starting in about 10 minutes.
Retweeted by Dan MorenThree easy if-not-obvious 10.10 Safari tweaks: • See full URLs • Widen URL area • Remove URL drop-down sheet http://t.co/3IlBcKSt5B
Retweeted by Dan Moren@agentbillo @jsnell Stay tuned.@kylebradbury Good call. Where would you get such a thing?Fourth time opening up the Air and reconnecting the battery cable. This time with ESD tape. Your move, MacBook..@conorporter If you don’t want me to be a smartass, you have really come to the wrong Twitter feed, my friend.@chartier Grrrrr.@DanFrakes @jimcorreia I’ve just started to resell old gear with iPhones and iPads.@DanFrakes @jimcorreia A solid argument.@jimcorreia @DanFrakes I think I tried this last week. :) I was considering replacing my Air, but am worried about Retina model coming 2015.@GlennF @DanFrakes That’s what I just said, Glenn! GLENN!@DanFrakes If only there were a Mac I wanted.@DanFrakes No Macs that support it here. :|@DanFrakes SIGH.@Moltz I was totally going to take a screenshot of that ad the other day because I kept groaning every time.Wait, USAA says it’s not rolling out support until November 7? What am I supposed to do until then, pay with my credit card LIKE AN ANIMAL?!Bah, Apple Pay says none of my card issuers support it yet, despite the fact that they’re all on Apple’s list.@jimandtonic If you can get a laptop onto Ethernet, you could always use Internet Sharing there, too, I believe.@jimandtonic Used my iPhone’s personal hotspot feature. So far as I can tell, that’s the most reliable way to connect it.Had my best experience using a Chromecast in a hotel this past weekend, right up to the part when I left it plugged into the TV when I left.That last tweet was a lie.@MykeCole But, I mean, think of the personalized service!I’ll be upgrading to iOS 8.1 just as soon as I’m sure I can keep my cellular data connection and Touch ID.@MykeCole Yikes. That’s pretty bad. Which phone?@jsnell I hear they are a delicacy.
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