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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast), Clockwise (@clockwisepod), and The Rebound (@reboundcast).

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@jonseff They have a Tashtego coming out soon.“Is this strange Drow offering us fish right now?"Tonight’s episode of @TPKill brought to you by… http://t.co/VcrxSnvg2f@gte Who doesn’t want a pocketable model?
New! London-based urban fantasy books you should read, featuring @HollyGoDarkly @dmoren and @monkeydavid! http://t.co/KJsdWWgQdi
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@TSindelar @TPKill @jsnell @slutz Somehow, it’s me again.@tpkill And one player will die! Probably? Hopefully not @jsnell. Let's just say it will be @slutz but everyone try to look surprised.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@goalexg @lexfri @Moltz @reboundcast Details!@dloehr @reboundcast @Moltz @lexfri You’re rewarding bad habits, David. Now I know engraved invitations are what make the world go round!@petebocken Fab. Not like they haven’t had a few months...@dloehr @lexfri @Moltz @reboundcast FINE. http://t.co/LdVZCOhhcQ@GlennF That IS the name of the episode.Have you heard @lexfri, @moltz, and me discussing Apple’s event on @reboundcast? No? What are you waiting for? http://t.co/AO5YNZWp9d@CNJBrownBear @lexfi @Moltz Sweet! Thanks much!@adamspelbring Eh, maybe. But I find the iPhone 6 a weird device to hold in two hands. I really love the mini form factor.@adamspelbring Many, many things. Until my iPad mini became kind of unusable, web, email, crosswords, games, PDFs, ebooks, etc.@DrugstorCowboy You gotta bite the bullet on that, man. Offsite backup is a super important thing to have.Kind of digging the dark menu bar on my iMac, but come on CrashPlan: get your act together. http://t.co/jxbBxMSVG9@luckie_reubs @ismh @imyke Let me tell you, I’m looking forward to it as a replacement for an original 16GB iPad mini.Wait, wait, I could have gotten a Nexus 9! *cancels order*@ejacqui This is my first time selling old tech. It’s liberating!@ejacqui Gazelle gave me a decent price on my iPhone 5, and they’re giving a bonus on iPads currently. Maybe not best price but easy & fast.On the iPad side, I went with a refurb 32GB iPad mini 2. What can I say? The price was right. (Selling old iPads dropped it to <$100.)@conorporter I did. I’ll survive another year or so without it.@JeffNotJeffrey @jsnell @marcoarment Justify all you want, I have a fixed amount of money to spend and I’m unemployed.@JeffNotJeffrey @jsnell @marcoarment But alas, that is getting towards out of my price range.Just when I thought I was out of my Mac-buying planning phase, THEY PULL ME BACK IN.@flargh @mcelhearn @jsnell @marcoarment Ugh. Well that’s craptastic.@flargh @mcelhearn @jsnell @marcoarment Whaaaa. Say it ain’t so, Peter.@jmetzendorf @mcelhearn @jsnell @marcoarment In what way?@mcelhearn @jsnell @marcoarment I’ve done it twice this year. It’s actually really simple: http://t.co/Wn0Ox4IfF7 (At least on the 2011.)@DanJosef I prefer to go with “I call zombie bullshit on that."@mcelhearn @jsnell @marcoarment I’ve got 128GB on my current Air without too much trouble, and I can always swap in a bigger one.@jsnell @marcoarment Bingo. And mine’s not enough for a new Retina iMac or anything really fancy. Going to get an iPad of some variety too.@jsnell @marcoarment I think I’ve decided to buy a new MacBook Air with bumped up processor/RAM. (Only 128GB storage though.)@tedlandau It’s intermittent for me. Tweetbot running great here at the moment.@tedlandau Same here on a 2011 MBA.@MykeCole First watched it for a film class in college. Fascinating how the narrative itself takes a schizophrenic break…@siracusa I coulda told you that. I miss it so much.@Gregtacular Already have one for my original iPad mini, and it looks like they’re compatible.@ToddMcCann No, there used to be a bigger one, but they kind of have a tiered set up now. Oldest iPad mini only 16GB, next 16GB or 32GB…@stuartrj Depends on the state. 6.25% here in MA.Crunching Numbers on Apple gear. http://t.co/ElNi8SyvHa@jabbermaster The Union Square Donuts appears when and where it is needed most, then once again melts into the shadows. (Brigadoonut!)@rgriff No, no. It’s only a *sense* of depth.@blankbaby @TSindelar The tables have turned, Scott! The nemesis has become the…uh…nemesis. Damn it.@TSindelar And I’m sure @PhilipMichaels will be the first to tell you that they ain’t that athletic.@TSindelar The Oakland Athletics are from Philadelphia, which makes them vikings—not to be confused with the Minnesota Vikings of football.@TSindelar And almost NONE of them are royalty.Maybe the Apple Store is down again because yesterday was a cruel, cruel joke.Today’s motto: Do or donut. There is no try.@davidcaolo @blankbaby I hear there’s a lucrative career in buying every Kindle ever released.@blankbaby Good thinking! Maybe I could get paid and then use the extra money to help my budgeting woes.@blankbaby You have no idea how much this is eating me up.I swear, I was going to walk on by @UnionSqDonuts this morning. But they had cider donuts. http://t.co/XGqma5IP6p
@jsnell @Moltz That’s the thing. Air 2 seems like a bigger upgrade.Overwhelming support for the Air 2 or iPad mini 2. I like Touch ID, but consensus is it’s not worth the cost.@jsnell @DanFrakes I’ve been doing calculus on this all day. :| Haven’t figured out what to get. (BTW iPads are eligible, HR told me today.)So, do I pay an extra $150 for an iPad mini 3 w/ Touch ID & 64GB? Or save money with an iPad 2? Or say screw it all and get an Air 2?Ugh, and with @jsnell’s points about the iPad mini 3, my buying plans are totally being thrown into flux. http://t.co/eOBgjJriaN@reneritchie Good call. I hear that before the store opens the Genius Bar doubles as a breakfast bar. (Maybe only in Canada.)I don’t really want to buy a new Retina iMac (also, it’s a little out of my price range). But it is a bummer not to check out new features.@JohnTheBastard http://t.co/n3z68llCXSCrap. My iMac is a year too old for Handoff/AirDrop/etc too. Only machine I have that supports all of is the Mac mini hooked up to my TV. :|@tchaten Yeah, all the different Continuity features have different requirements.@conorporter Still owned by another Dan Moren. So not super easy.@brehaut @jsnell Thanks! Appreciate it. We had a good time.@jamesthomson I think my iMac supports it, which isn’t bad. But I use my Air more. When the battery connector stays put. :|@jamesthomson I think my MBA is due for an upgrade. Maybe next year. Kinda holding out hope for Retina.@jeffcarlson @joekissell No, the 2011s were never covered for that, according to Apple at WWDC.@jamesthomson Does it give you the interoperable AirDrop too?@joekissell Yeah, that’s what I had seen. It’s a bummer.@jamesthomson I heard about it. Was not sure what the downsides were.@jamesthomson Ha ha ha ha. *sobs*Anybody know if Handoff works at all for the Mid 2011 MBA in the final version of Yosemite? Or did we really not make the cut. :(@jamesthomson Newer than GM candidate 3, then.@dmoren @Moltz @lexfri The Rebound: asking the hard questions. Like if Gazelle is building a fort out of used electronics. I hold out hope.
Retweeted by Dan MorenApple sells *22* different iPads now, each in different colors: http://t.co/tBREVEtRCS I count 56 in all. *56*
Retweeted by Dan Moren@gedeon @luclatulippe I have a box set of the D&D cartoon a friend gave me for Christmas a few years ago. It is…uh…not good.That’s right: we recorded a new episode of @reboundcast just this afternoon and have ALREADY put it up. FOR YOU. http://t.co/AO5YNZWp9dNew episode! Was today’s Apple event boring? Are we jerks thinking so? And what’s with all the questions? http://t.co/3kzo3Oi6Eh
Retweeted by Dan Moren@gedeon Let’s face it, I mean, he gets overtime for fighting crime, and a teacher’s salary isn’t much to begin with.@gedeon @luclatulippe I uncovered Boulder Mountain in my parents’ attic a few weeks ago. It was one of the few things I kept…for now.@gedeon Also, that show had my favorite “Assemble the Team” montage. https://t.co/qtSuWsuxdu@gedeon Hondo MacLean, Dusty Baker, and Brad Turner.@gedeon YES. Give these guys a break. They have been working overtime fighting crime—FIGHTING CRIME!—for years now.@slutz I love you, Steve. Whoops, sorry. Autocorrect. I meant I LOATHE you, Steve.Warwick Davis is in Episode VII! Nice! http://t.co/Fx3gjV9t0C@conorporter I do not own it. Never have.@drm510 You and me both, boss. ;)@MykeCole @jabbermaster I just wish there were a program that could debug my writing. http://t.co/k4UNYCG02mWell, liveblogging from home is definitely more convenient—also, time for bathroom breaks. —DMNever forget. http://t.co/VhAJws17dkJust thrilled that @dmoren and @jsnell are continuing their live blog/tweet collaboration of Apple events.
Retweeted by Dan MorenI hope the One More Thing at this Apple Event is better than the One More Thing at last month's, which was me getting laid off.
Retweeted by Dan MorenIf you see a Bono, they blew it.I'm live at Town Hall in Cupertino. Follow @sixcolorsevent for more
Retweeted by Dan MorenJust a reminder, @jsnell and I will be liveblogging today’s Apple event. Follow @sixcolorsevent or hit up http://t.co/vxFMHndTaa.Hell yeah, @Spacekatgal. http://t.co/qE5vuN8mJM@caspercdn @jsnell You can follow us liveblogging this morning! @sixcolorsevent.
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