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@stephenp01 the kid or Hemsworth? I kinda wanted to adopt the kid, I gotta say.@ManaByte @IndieRevolver @headgeek666 they haven't revealed Luke yet. Although a part of me wishes they'd save that for the movie.@headgeek666 @IndieRevolver that'd be even more exciting than a trailer. I can't wait to actually see some interaction.@Hermann22 @IndieRevolver @ThePeteAwakens @headgeek666 the big Toy Drop is September, right?@IndieRevolver @headgeek666 Cast reunion already done at SDCC. More BTS stuff? Whatever they show they'll surely release online immediately@IndieRevolver @headgeek666 You might be right, but I've heard they saved something for D23.@headgeek666 give it a couple weeks. #d23@paulrich1138 But disassociating it as much as I can I'd say I laughed enough to not feel ripped off of my $10.@paulrich1138 hard to say since so much of the movie is "remember when you liked this?!?"@Jinzo_Ningen Visually JW aped Spielberg a lot, so at least there was that. Maybe I expected too much from a comedy rebootquel?@bigtotoro Three garbage? Vegas Vacation I know. Were there more?!?@DeckyStrkesBack not much, but I liked what Chevy got. Beverly got a little shafted.@beta_angel sure. It was just weird seeing the currently in vogue style humor slapped onto this franchise.I will say that I really loved the sociopathic younger Griswold kid. Next to the Hemsworth section he's the best thing about the movie.I guess what I'm saying is that it didn't feel at all like a Vacation movie yet spent much time making sure we knew it was a Vacation movie@CarpingAbout that section was the best, by far.@DrGMLaTulippe ha! See my next tweet. Great minds.The humor felt much more like a hodgepodge of Apatow, Farrelly Bros and Lord & Miller than the heartfelt Hughes absurdity of the first.I have mixed feelings about the new Vacation. Laughed at much of it, but it really didn't fit w/the originals despite the abundant callbacks@ThatChrisA Ha! Love it.@ASamanthaRae You know I love you for you, right? we have a Doris Kearns Goodwin for movies? I guess @KarinaLongworth comes close.@MondoNews @jcdeleon1 yeah, a Canadian friend named "eBay." I know your tricks!@HaleighFoutch my favorite stuff on the network. The Coppola episode in particular was great.@YorkshireTX @scottEweinberg No! Yes. Maybe?@scottEweinberg To be fair NZ is a small country, so I've probably met half the population in the 6 months I've spent there over the years@scottEweinberg appropriate since I recorded my bit from there.@BrianWCollins @mjsamps @xymarla we can all agree that ice cream cakes are the best, though. Right?@Draven_AICN @moiseschiu Just happens that what Raiders was going for was better.@Draven_AICN @moiseschiu I'd say Raiders is a perfect movie, but that Temple also perfectly executed what it was going for.@Draven_AICN @moiseschiu It's okay. I'm the guy that thinks Temple of Doom is the best Indy sequel, so what do I know?@manbat33 love me some Zoe Saldana.@Draven_AICN @moiseschiu ::scheduling the intervention::@filmsonwax snark is easy, but fleeting. I think one of the reasons AICN is still around is it's not one of those places.@DrGMLaTulippe I'll be honest and say I slept through half of Rocknrolla and haven't revisited. Shhh, don't tell anybody!@filmsonwax She had a point that I went out of my way to say something negative about her and I've tried to not do that since.@SvenRump Haha, no twitter tattling!@DrGMLaTulippe Ironically, the least I've been annoyed by her was in Run Fatboy Run. MI2, that Riddick movie, Pursuit of Happyness. Yikes.@filmsonwax I was nice and apologized for hurting her feelings, saying I would be more mindful going forward about randomly attacking actorsStill felt like a piece of shit when I got that email. Anyway, I still think she's a bad actress, but came off as a very sweet person IRLI wasn't overly harsh, I don't think, but I mentioned how I'm not a fan and that her involvement in the movie didn't bode well for me.True story: I once got an email from Thandie Newton saying I hurt her feelings in a news post about the Run, Fatboy, Run trailer.I try not to be a negative dickhead about actors and their performances, but I have struck a nerve with some before.@Draven_AICN You didn't answer my question... I'm worried about you, boo.@Draven_AICN Are you okay? Did you hit your head recently?That's right, you mooks. Kurt Russell's bringing his cannibal western flick to Fantastic Fest! Ha! Well, it's the only way I can do it. I bottle that shit up and I'd have an aneurysm or something.@devincf I've seen that movie... Very much so. My favorites as well.@furiouscinema Borgnine was pretty great. Such a lovely dude. Wish I coulda talked to him again. Such a long, fascinating career.@ZachWWMovies Enjoy yourself! a movie made by sheer force of will. Kinda like Apocalypse Now if you think about it.@ZachWWMovies It's up there, for sure. Probably second only to the Spielberg Jaws chat for me.@VisualEdgeChris Jesus, that'd be a novel.@ManMadeMoon "it all really started for me in 2008 when my idol, Eric Vespe, strolled onto the set of my first feature..."@VisualEdgeChris Nothing on deck yet, but God willing... The Tombstone stuff alone could go for an hour.Remember that time I bought Kurt Russell breakfast and we talked about his career for an hour? :)A little birdy just told me that Fantastic Fest attendees are gonna shit themselves in about 3 hours.
@LimitedPaper You'll be fine as long as you don't have a half-spider demon rape baby running around out there.@LimitedPaper keep him away from pointy tree branches.Another great entry into one of the best film related columns on the whole interwebs. Fantastic stuff, Drew. NPH's delivery of "Solid" is one of my favorite movie moments.@daviddelgadoh @ManMadeMoon I have not, but them's mighty tall words. @rodeneronquillo can I just say that you guys comprise one of the most adorable couples ever?Shaft as an action comedy? Neighbor, please. We already had the best version of that idea in 2002. @ManMadeMoon @madame_fifi @headgeek666 No, I think Harry uses a local credit union.@ManMadeMoon @madame_fifi Keep tweeting. Each one puts a nickel in my sell-out account!@ManMadeMoon SUPER MONSTER! Braver man than I...@ManMadeMoon we got a foil-wrapped burrito joint over here that'll make you forget Chipotle forever. #freebirds Ha! You got a home in Texas if you ever need it.I mean, who wouldn't want a free, giant chest from the set of JOHN WICK?
Retweeted by Eric VespeHappy birthday to one of my all-time favorite leading men! #nickcharlesforever The Series (1992) Opening Credits @EricVespe thought you might get a kick out of this #Jaws @WesCaseyFilms
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@williambgoss Yeah, that was weird. Audience just kinda went cold on it. Thought it might have just been my row...@williambgoss I claimed them! Planted a flag and everything.Has the Zoolander 2 trailer hit yet? It played before Rogue Nation. It's rather clever. My audience flipped for it.@devincf could be, but it definitely had its head lodged firmly up its own ass.@devincf I haven't done a revisit of any of them, but my memory of 3 is that Hoffman was the most intimidating villain they've ever had@williambgoss Outer space... buddy spies... I'm smelling a Spies Like Us remake!@devincf 4 got a little muddled with the espionage stuff, but still had a really broad sense of humor about itself.@devincf I'm looking at where the franchise was headed with part 2.If the next Mission Impossible flick was just a buddy movie between Pegg and Cruise I'd be over the moon.Last M:I thought for the night - JJ Abrams bringing Simon Pegg into this universe potentially saved it from over-indulgence.Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is ridiculously fun. This series is starting to feel more OG James Bond than the actual 007 films.There's a chase scene in Rogue Nation that is a straight up hat tip to the speeder bike sequence in Return of the Jedi.@EDouglasWW Kill Bill daughter... Both the Bride's and Vernita's@BrianWCollins been trying to plan out some good stuff with mine while he's still on summer break. Tremors is gonna be soon.@scottmbeggs @gholson @DJKentoLive ... yes.@keithcalder @devincf We had so many guidelines on The Home that by the time we fit into one (casting/budget size, etc) it had shifted@keithcalder @devincf the crazy thing is that on a business side the rules seem to change on an hourly basis.@devincf to a degree, but I'd say that if you pay attention you only need to visit one movie set to figure out the basics of how they work@devincf I can say that going through the process on The Home gave me a whole new understanding of the business side of filmmaking@DrewAtHitFix @gholson @DJKentoLive I'm your clone so if I'm adorable you're adorable. It's just science.@scottmbeggs @gholson @DJKentoLive To be fair, I do cut an imposing figure. This is my resting face: @DJKentoLive "Wait, this dude's just a fuckin' nerd like the rest of us..."@gholson @DJKentoLive Man, I must have been such a supreme disappointment when you actually started hanging out with me.@gholson @DJKentoLive Ha! Was that when I walked around with the AICN/Quint cartoon shirt on all the time?
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