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"Who's ready to ruin Halloween?" -- a tiny box of goddamned raisins
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@patrickkevinday Haha, yes indeed.@Dr_Zoidberg311 That movie plays me like an organ. If I was even a tad mechanically inclined I'd be the dad in that movie.The American Scream is a great doc about folks who create elaborate "haunts" every Halloween. Super cute father/daughter story.Got Netflix? Want something you can watch with the kids to get them into the Halloween spirit? Might I suggest The American Scream?Oh shit. I have to finish my BNAT app, don't I?
@alamogreg my momma raised me right!Halloween-eve poker at @EricVespe's haunted mansion. The scariest thing here is @rodpaddock's f'ing luck. http://t.co/np1Rs3Akv5
Retweeted by Eric VespeThese things never look like the picture on the package http://t.co/X8XLIIpnEA
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@ColleenIsRedic @woodelijah I'm carrying Donny if you look closely.Am I the only one around here who gives a SHIT ABOUT THE RULES?!?! http://t.co/dTpmzDB0nA@DrewAtHitFix Damn kids today don't appreciate anything you do for them.@iamchoppah That's what I'm told! Not as a Hobbit this time, though.@iamchoppah Nope, but I hear my face may pop up again in BotFAI'll leave it to you guys to decide which cause is the most worthy.It's funny seeing the causes movie folks take up. Deadline is Sarah Jones, @devincf /BAD is feminism and mine is Temple of Doom, I guess.
@SeanBHutchinson "I've never seen you before in my life." "Oh, sorry."To get you into a Halloween mood: trick r treating in the JFK White House (with John Jr and Caroline): http://t.co/PJsZxRBrhu@iamchoppah @scottEweinberg @MatthewChernov He is a big time genre producer now... I wait any longer and he won't take my calls anymore@iamchoppah @scottEweinberg @MatthewChernov Richard Taylor at Weta did some art for us. He'd describe it as "Cocoon with guts"@iamchoppah @scottEweinberg @MatthewChernov Closer to Cocoon Meets Poltergeist.@scottEweinberg @iamchoppah @MatthewChernov Naturally, we politely passed. True story.@scottEweinberg @iamchoppah @MatthewChernov They offered to buy our horror-in-a-nursing home script and slap the title "Bedlam" on it.@scottEweinberg @iamchoppah @MatthewChernov Took a meeting with the Twisted Pictures guys once. They had remake rights to Lewton's catalog@scottEweinberg @iamchoppah @MatthewChernov Already wins points for a Val Lewton inclusion. My fav is Isle of the Dead, but Bedlam's sweet@tomabernathy Sold!@iamchoppah @scottEweinberg I will say, pet peeve aside, that list is pretty good and the text is well-written..@tomabernathy She didn't have much of a filter and was probably the biggest flirt I've ever known.@SeanBHutchinson @erincmccarthy Hahaha. This is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen you two do.@SeanBHutchinson A naked Criterion-loving man stole my balloons.Zelda Rubenstein was a firecracker, to say the least. Always sassy, but always sweet. Miss ya', little Z! http://t.co/yLGdIG8uGcThat Win Lose or Draw clip makes me miss Zelda something fierce. Was privileged to have gotten to know her personally in her last few years@devincf @HQ10 @BrianWCollins Think the criticism is more about framing it as "Nobody's Ever Seen These" instead of "Cool Obscure Horror"So awesome: Halloween '88 Win Lose or Draw with John Astin, Linda Blair, David Naughton and Zelda Rubinstein! http://t.co/APDEm6LXaNWhoops just caught a horrible error... reposting previous tweet.@HQ10 @devincf @BrianWCollins Then pretty much any movie that's not Marvel, DC, Hunger Games or Transformers could be counted, yeah?@SeanBHutchinson I'm sorry I called you meatloaf, Sean.@Daniel_Eady @CarterNixon CGI Buck Flower.@CarterNixon @Daniel_Eady Said there have been things he's taken to John that John didn't feel was right and vice versa.@Daniel_Eady @CarterNixon For what it's worth, when I talked to Kurt he said the same thing. He's actively looking for that project.Call me crazy, but I swear I spotted a Short Round nod in @jasoneisener's sweet ass music video: http://t.co/F4u5JokTCo@CarterNixon I think there is one more all-timer great collaboration with Kurt in him.@bdgrabinski @MysteryCr8tve @garywhitta Dude, they're like $60. Or any next gen game console...@Cantuono it won't really spoil anything, but yes it's a snuck picture from the taping. :)@NordlingAICN whoa! Carpenter's first great movie... In my opinion. Not the biggest Dark Star fanSpoilers for tonight's Daily Show: http://t.co/vsnIc0s0LWHis reaction to tonight's Al Madrigal segment was the highlight of the taping.Biggest revelation of seeing a live taping of Daily Show was that Jon Stewart was watching the video segments seemingly for the 1st timeSamantha Bee just said it's time to turn off my cell. See you guys on the other side of this Daily Show taping.@sirmitchell http://t.co/NMPfKtjHyo
Retweeted by Eric VespeSweeet. http://t.co/Bbp2kSgIBt@NordlingAICN didn't read it the same way. A character believes that, doesn't mean that's the message of the movie@PeterSHall https://t.co/785EvIVkCx@PeterSHall I know the web-based Twitter sometimes switches the "view all replies" to "only those I follow" Maybe same with Tweetdeck?There are no strings on me. RT @THEBLACKWlDOW: @MarkRuffalo do you have strings
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@iamchoppah @KevinLehane Super fun. Very '90s thriller, but a great one. Kurt Russell as the everyman hero, JT Walsh being a creep, etc.@KevinLehane @iamchoppah Bummer that it threw Mostow into a tailspin. Very talented director.@missdoomcookie Jesus, those new cinematics are unreal.@iamchoppah @KevinLehane It's a twist on it, too. Same reason I dig BTTF 2. Takes expectations and subverts them, plays with audience.@iamchoppah @KevinLehane People give T2 shit for the kid dynamic, but it was handled smartly. Pop culture refs in T3 were next level bad@KevinLehane @iamchoppah Yep. The rest of it is awful, but it had a great endgame in mind.@iamchoppah No, there are 2 1/3 good Terminator movies.@StewbieDoo He was absolutely the best part of McG's movie.@davechensky Hear he's a nice guy... so... there's that?EW cover for TERMINATOR GENISYS looks like when they get celebs to recreate famous scenes in movies for a goofy photo spread.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@gholson Ding ding ding.For whatever reason I didn't know that Jai Courtney was playing Kyle Reese in Terminator: Genisys. I'm an optimistic guy, buuuuutttt...@Robogeek But that's cool. Just happy to see the show!@Robogeek My mom's gonna be bummed because she'll have no idea who the hell that is and was hoping for someone super famous.@Robogeek is it?@popmortem Ermagerd!@popmortem You got Wendy Davis! Don't think they've announced who the guest is today. Very curious.@popmortem So psyched!I kinda feel like going to a taping of The Daily Show today. So, I'm gonna do that.
@TheCurtisaurus Awesome!@devincf Spider-Man was the hook that got me into comics as a kid. I can't even imagine how great he'd be in the MCUPoor Spidey http://t.co/amSBScgJTW
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@DarthWhipple @firstshowing Hopefully it's a calming thought that the power of these movies can lead to the kind you want ala Nolan.@DarthWhipple @firstshowing Studios are always chasing the money. Always have been, always will. Right now that money is superhero movies.@DarthWhipple @firstshowing I'm super excited to see Interstellar, but having one doesn't mean we can't have the other.@DarthWhipple @firstshowing What was the most talked about/lauded Marvel announcements today? Black Panther and Captain Marvel. New films.@DarthWhipple @firstshowing Adaptations or original, the only thing that really matters is the quality of what's produced.@ManMadeMoon @firstshowing Eternal burrito is a kind and just god.@Borys_Kit For what it's worth, I think Mackie's gonna take over as Cap. My guess is that's why we're not seeing a solo Falcon movie@Daisukeshinobi You better believe it. I've had many today. #multiplegeekgasms@Rick_Bullard @devincf Especially this year. Some incredible adult drama out there.Marvel in full swing, DC taking its first steps into a wider cinematic universe and Star Wars coming back in a big way? #ageofthegeekLooks like Marvel's shifting to 3 flicks/yr starting 2017. Guardians 2, Thor 3 & Black Panther. 2018 = Infinity War 1, Cap Marvel & InhumansIt's strange that we'll celebrate 50+ episodes of many great genre/pop culture TV series... but 3-4 comic movies a year is killing cinema?
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@jhoffman #yowhiplash (actually works within the Marvel universe!)BTW, people whining about superhero movies: shut up. Use your breath to support the HUNDREDS of indies released every year instead.
Retweeted by Eric VespeIf there was any doubt we're living in the era of the Geek it should have been wiped out today courtesy of Marvel.@PICKLES_71 Wouldn't argue w/that on a lot of the films, but on the whole there's a creative vision on display in the MCU that's astounding@CarterNixon You so cray-cray. I might give you Daylight for sheer cheese, but I rewatched Volcano recently and that's a warm turd.@liberance Gonna take a few of these movies tanking big time to slow this train down. In the absence of that... they could outlive us all.@david_tincher many of the folks I'm talking to are critics, so they might have to. :)@mrmarkmillar Fine, I'll do it for you, then. You're such a slacker, I swear.@PICKLES_71 I don't necessarily agree. Thought Cap 2's finale was very much centered on character relationships among the spectacle.It's cool if you don't dig these Marvel/DC movies. You're going to have to live with them for a while, though.@PICKLES_71 Those Godfather movies are all the same. Well made, but they all end up with shooting and death and power struggles.
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