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Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. I grok Twitter. Director of #ffthefilm. http://t.co/VtTudFjXyo

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@fher1286 omfg I'm glad I saw this as I walked past my laptopI put on running clothes around 7:30 am. I am now leaving for my run.@fbihop matthew@dcbigjohn we should start that association@franklinshepard @Ana1Sima @AnAnonymouse @EnergyBurrito @pcdunham @tjmpb I'll do it@Ana1Sima @AnAnonymouse @franklinshepard @EnergyBurrito @pcdunham @tjmpb whoa, this canoe tho tl;dr@dcbigjohn brb, applying for jobs there@dcbigjohn wait there is a national pork producers council what@jrishel well now I have@jasminemoy WUTThank you for your service, guys. http://t.co/Iocs3HTP8O
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@rachelkiley yeah, that'll workWe've probably all eaten dog at some point. #realtalk@dcbigjohn I thought of you when I saw that tweetRemains of MH-17 passengers are finally being handled with the decency and respect they deserve. http://t.co/cdFqLXcbIF
Retweeted by Erin FaulkAnderson Cooper's Face = The Middle East http://t.co/lNuUzLR9nG
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@AlexJamesFitz nobody else was asking that question. Nobody.what https://t.co/isuOu9TDpO
Retweeted by Erin FaulkNo, 41.5 percent of the earth's population did not read about Redskins training camp http://t.co/9Pl28xX8nW http://t.co/oYQNfnPIwL
Retweeted by Erin FaulkStrangely accurate. RT @nhatty_ice49ers: @erinscafe Your life is like a real-life average to good rom-com."Mommy... Where do startups come from?" http://t.co/dR0vgoZ7ki
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@13KP13 he didn't seem like a diet coke sort of guy"In California alone, there are 184 schools that still use offensive native mascots." #changethename https://t.co/4eMrUbSuGU#prayforscafe RT @oktysure: @erinscafe only about half have a key that will unlock your door, though.Shout out to the random repair guy who knew a "secret" code to get in, which I'm guessing every repair guy in Glendale knows. Awesome.@nycsouthpaw not really an athlete, puppy@erinscafe That's not me but this is a good time to say that I'm really bummed that your handle doesn't really mean "Erin's Cafe." #my2cents
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@montoyan WHICH ONE http://t.co/WZRaNNVzKA@erinscafe Or now's the time for them to break into your apartment.
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@RalstonReports dammit@SupersonicMikeD yesDiet Coke probably. RT @13KP13: @erinscafe What's for lunch?If I have any secret followers from my apartment complex, now's the time to reveal yourself and come to the front gate to let me in.To err is human. RT @funnymonkey: @erinscafe Why do people forget their keys when going about the day to day details of our lives?He loves it and appears to feel better. RT @drucifus: @erinscafe How is he liking the dirty hippie diet? Has hugging trees helped his hips?At least three times a week. RT @geekofmedia: @erinscafe How often do you do this?That's a good question, Andrew. But not applicable to me obvs. RT @PeanutMan_Andy: @erinscafe why do bad things happen to good peopleTook the dog for a walk and locked myself out of the apartment complex AMA.@dcbigjohn @OKnox twitter knows nothing johnTwitter should really go for it with the extraneous notifications. Like, I wanna see "@oknox and @dcbigjohn are talking about YOU HAHAHA."@drucifus twitter app for iPhone is the only place I see them.@geekfitgirl @cavaticat let's all go next year. I've never been.@Ms_Eight omg@drucifus no rhyme or reasonPrinciples have no real force except when one is well-fed.
Retweeted by Erin Faulkfinally, a podcast for white people
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@teebonemike7 that's beside the point@BuzzFeed you guys@hyteksgirl ooh good call@smrtmnky I've got some experience reading legal documents.@PTCruiserUSA Erin tired@smrtmnky that's for indoor smoking. Outdoor balconies are illegal for everyone.PEACOCK SERIAL KILLER http://t.co/0jx8t2WWaz@smrtmnky haha, I sent a complaint in to the city tonight. Now we wait.@smrtmnky I don't think this guy will care.@VinBioDiesel dedMy all time favorite meme thing https://t.co/s38Sb9I2fY
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@erinscafe Has anyone suggested visiting him in the night as the ghosts of smokers past, present, and future to get him to change his ways?
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@chrismoreno121 no. But I think you might be onto something there.
@ameeko oh god. good luck.@GlennF THAT IS AMAZING@GlennF I complained to the city. We'll see what happens. Landlord has been useless, no surprise.@ljmilman omfg@teebonemike7 I'll consider it.I could sign him up for all sorts of mail. Shit's about to get interesting.brb doing this RT @SarahKitty21: @erinscafe anonymously sign up for mailers for every stop smoking product available with his address.@VirtualBondGirl @SarahKitty21 I will see what I can doJOHN. RT @JohnStamos: #Itouchmyselfie. @mymanisaloser http://t.co/89plQHB3Hl@juanyfbaby ...what were the calendar reminders...@LimitedStop yeah, I think I'll text her again, but also contact that guy from the city tomorrow. It's been 3 years, I'm so done with it.@LimitedStop multiple times. They "talked to him about it."I complained about my neighbor in an online form. I bet this works. http://t.co/crWVLwBCrfTHIS idea ---> RT @insomniacslounj: @erinscafe You could ask him if you can bum a smoke; and then when he says Yes, take ALL OF THE SMOKES!@LimitedStop do I just call Community Services to complain? And worse, is this going to make my landlord hate me?@LimitedStop oh, I know. It's illegal. I've complained. Now what.@Brocklesnitch I don't even smoke and I want to quit smoking rn.brb, making as thousand copies of this to drop over the side of the balcony http://t.co/wWCijlfnZ2@Brocklesnitch DEAR GOD@stefdelev I just meant in the "pre-cancer scare encouraged him to stop smoking" sort of way.@Brocklesnitch I don't think so? I mean, I have no idea. I have literally never bought a pack of cigarettes.I may just started running the vacuum after his kids go to bed. WHAT THIS IS HOW GROWN-UPS RESOLVE CONFLICT.@geekfitgirl we're in a drought, that's for sure illegal.@breakingpoetry ...no.Honestly, I thought the cancer would have solved this problem for me by now.You guys always have the worst suggestions.@geekfitgirl seems illegal maybe@erinscafe perfume bomb his patio?
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@erinscafe You could yell "MORTAL KOMBAT!!!" out the window and hide. Won't help, but you'll feel better.
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@erinscafe Fake a shooting outside your neighbors door and then claim the perp accused everyone of smoking just before shooting them.
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@Michael_Rose no just regular cigarettes@erinscafe ex roommate used to yell PUT A BAG OVER YOUR HEAD!!!! and slam the balcony door...
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@erinscafe maybe you should get him a smokeless ashtray as a gift - they're under $20 on amazon..start a go funding thing to get it
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@erinscafe Make him a flipbook complete with every frame from every anti-smoking commercial ever and leave it in his mailbox/by his door.
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@lazerdoov leave the nose maybeNow we're talking. RT @PDeXpat: @erinscafe Buy like 200 car air fresheners. Tape them to his apartment door.This involveds trespassing. RT @SarahKitty21: @erinscafe retaliatory stinky incense just outside his window.God help us all. RT @latimes: Dodgers thinking of moving Yasiel Puig to center field http://t.co/nRqgPk0fgb@BenDashley @Phoenix138 wtf are you guys talking about...how does this help. RT @Michael_Rose: @erinscafe Blood curdling screams.@Mojitana patio. We have a fan that is on that side because of our bedroom. We need to pull air in, because we're upstairs and it's hot.
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