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Erin Faulk @erinscafe Hollywoodland

Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Twitter Commissioner. Director of #ffthefilm. http://t.co/k8rutNPKfM

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@elvenjen 5@elvenjen somewhere in between?@erinscafe That's an M.C. Eschevron
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@ljmilman @serial it's a podcast from the people who do This American Life and it discusses an old murder case in detail over the season.Okay Chevron, this sign is on both doors. I'm no door expert, but. http://t.co/JcFM5XyI0CI've listened to three episodes of @serial on this drive so far, and I'm totally hooked. It's utterly fascinating.Send @erinscafe "@nycsouthpaw: how do you get this job? https://t.co/KaLK7Z9Yio"
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@amk44139 ...I may have a type@KT_NS @MamaSwizL mine wasn't David's bridal. But it was dirt cheap.@cdiemnj @ogybuns @kathleenicanrah @mannapeden omg I wish. This picture makes me want to go running.@ogybuns @cdiemnj @kathleenicanrah @mannapeden omgThe weirdest byproduct of caring for children is being able to quickly dress someone without their participation.@cdiemnj @kathleenicanrah @ogybuns @mannapeden me asking my mom where the fuck she is http://t.co/5iEwRFKht3Yes, it was a tweet-up that took an odd turn. RT @cdiemnj: @erinscafe Adam has a name tag. Did you meet him at the wedding?@kathleenicanrah cc: @ogybuns @mannapeden http://t.co/CuS08CyoU7@kathleenicanrah we were children@robertecrump @perkyanda there was no alcohol@KT_Anna Mormons and Presbyterians don't mix often. It was an event.She was so sober. Dry wedding. RT @memefan2000: @erinscafe who is that girl she seems sober@geekofmedia ty :)@Jon_Eiseman you know me, precious is my jamNo, that would be silly. I was 20. RT @perkyanda: @erinscafe did you get married at 16???Omg these pictures exist on the internet. http://t.co/nkBw7jIZgH@memefan2000 no@MattNowak1 the Presbyterians and Mormons had not met before that day#tbt wedding rehearsal dinner back when I was a child bride http://t.co/o2ag7TDSiuwait what https://t.co/r9rCETDM2f@juliakatherine okay. I'll tell the six-year-old."One horse-sized duck. Erin. It's a duck. It just swims. I could kill it." Six-year-old has the best answer I've heard tbqh.@sykoticwit @GiniMartinez publishing their home address@mike_hllywa @rowast absolutely. He's from Texas. But also...cool it..@GiniMartinez this so so true. I am undoxxable. Also, if one of you guys who has a key to my place could walk the dogs that would be great.@GiniMartinez hahaha@jasonshevrin I think there's only weird elloYou guys, stop it with the Ebola jokes. They're not funny. Not because of Ebola but because your specific joke is not funny.omg I totally forgot about ello is that still happeninghttps://t.co/fnan34XOG2 <- seriously MT @ohheygreat: If you want to hire someone who is a fantastic writer and editor and human, HIRE ME.
Retweeted by Erin FaulkIf you're in SF this weekend, we should hang out at @presidiopicnic Sunday morning. 11 am. Food, beer, and also me. Come on.@michaelwhitney come on http://t.co/VXQdpMdrFh@michaelwhitney more often than you'd think tbqh@michaelwhitney you have not had many Mormon jello salads I take it@jesseberney do you even Mormon bro@Bachsflute driving because sometimes you gotta mix it uphey internet, some personal news! I just got laid off. If you want to hire someone who is a fantastic writer and editor and human, HIRE ME.
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@erinscafe I keep getting sent here when I try that address, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong: http://t.co/TuUEqSlAcx
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@rowast not yethas hunter strickland taken the pledge dot com@HalpernAlex TAKE THE PLEDGE TO STOP BEING MEAN ALEXThis will work. https://t.co/LEYiBEi9WB@darth hey @ASDem needs a note to get him out of work due to an incident in which he finally saw the end of Lost while riding a SegwayMy work here is done you guys. RT @nullrend: Whenever I read "you guys" I can't help but think of @erinscafeLane-splitting (with caveats) isn't dangerous! Lane-splitting isn't dangerous! Now everyone, please shut up about it. http://t.co/tjRHkM08MT
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@fher1286 ignored them for 12 hours. All's quiet now."Get in the dugout, boy." Come on. https://t.co/FuqyUTkmGg via @vine
And with that, I'm not checking my mentions anymore this evening. Peddle your crazy elsewhere.@ryanprociuk its complicated, also ugh whatever. Google it at your own risk.Gtfo of here with your "movement."Harassing and threatening people isn't a "movement." It's a crime. Grow the fuck up.If you think #gamergate isn't a bunch of misogynistic trolls perpetuating rumors to legitimize their own dickishness, you're an idiot.@rowast @jnmcrms that's already gonehappy fans ... https://t.co/OU83m8gMpb
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@abenomixx one thing at a time@rowast @jnmcrms *home@rowast @jnmcrms wait what I just got goneAdam: Is it really the World Series? Are there any other countries? Me: Of course there are. Adam: What countries? Me: Canada. *silence*@ryanfagan @EireannDolan @jessespector @hangingsliders ...and her answer was@ryanfagan @EireannDolan @jessespector @hangingsliders wait is this for real@edcasey really good of your team to guarantee a third SF game.@Lana sigh@Lana so you're saying Lincecum#WhoWoreItBetter http://t.co/02FfAQmg96Me: Omg Lincecum is pitching. Sean: Is that guy a serial killer.@erinscafe one of my professors told me logic *should* always pass the first-grader test. She was dead on.
Retweeted by Erin FaulkJust tried to explain daylight savings to a six-year-old and ended with "yeah I don't know you're right it's stupid."Can't always be #1 I guess. http://t.co/uAKXs9lRi5@jessespector dude. Missouri is like a giant buffet.@erinscafe see what you missed by not joining in the KC experience? this guy telling stories to me 'n @jessespector https://t.co/t37w4etfvS
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@ryanfagan @jessespector omfg@NotanElle but way less appropriate for childrenImportant: Brazilian waxes should cost some money. Never go for the cheapest quote when it involves hot wax and your privates.@renae_jones I just had a moment when I felt weird about sharing all that, but this made it better.@chang_koo so trueThe interviewer did her best to fix it.One time, the job interview ended halfway through because the woman was so terrible. I had half a terrible Brazilian wax.Always leave them wanting more. RT @joshs: @erinscafe how is this a story you have never told beforeOmg, so cool @EFCidade!! Thank you! http://t.co/h8QFI0UghO@MalkyTHE @ilovaussiesheps :(Fun fact: for a while I was a test subject for estheticians applying at a spa. Nothing like being the naked third wheel at a job interview.@LynsieLee omg. Can I be your first.@MalkyTHE @ilovaussiesheps omg come hang out. Want to stay here? We have baseball.@LynsieLee obvs I'll do itwait what RT @LynsieLee: when I am certified, we have to get @erinscafe to live tweet me giving her a Brazilian wax you guys!!@MalkyTHE @ilovaussiesheps yes for at least 24 hours why@ilovaussiesheps @MalkyTHE tell them you're already a memberwait that's not Renee Zellweger tho.@cmdrsue @nevesytrof my dad was on the forensics team, so@Lana @VinBioDiesel I was going to tweet about it but I don't want it to get views. But also it's kind of amazing. So torn right now.@cmdrsue @nevesytrof my husband was terrible at football. But then, I'm not sure I'm anything close to normal.@natasha2marie @IamErikRussel ain't nobody got time for that is my favorite. But apparently kid is close.I love you, @Amtrak, but I took the time to write a detailed email. This is a disappointing response. http://t.co/ety0sEeRnu
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